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Pairing: Arcanine(F)x Absol(M)

Warning: Stuff...

They had been friends for 17 years. Some friendly, lovable 17 years of friendship. Arcanine was a local in the forest, she had spent her whole life there. Although she was seen as one the most powerful, and fearful Pokemon in Kanto, it didn't stop the injured absol from fighting it's territory in the forest. That fateful fight had lead them onto 17 years of everlasting friendship.

Absol was a released Pokemon. His trainer had died, and his final wish was to release back into the wild where they should be. After being chased by beedrill and charged at by a rhyhorn, absol managed to keep alive. With his crisp, stark white hair dotted with crimson blood, and limping in the leg, he still managed to put up a fight with anyone that came into his territory. Well at least for that day before absol collapsed. Arcanine immediately came his help and helped him bind his leg up, and watch over his tired and battered body. And after that everything just simply fell into place.

They grew up together, arcanine taught the ways of survival to absol, and in return absol told his tales with humans and with the other Pokemon. And how it was like to be pampered, fed and watered without even trying to find these things himself. They had their bickers, rows and fights, this was a great additional factor to their wonderful relationship. However stereotypically asbol had a slightly more pessimistic, narrowed, sarcastic views, whereas arcanine was logical, and genuine, yet they got on extremely well. However they had their serious arguments when both sides were stubborn and would not admit defeat and take the blame. And this usual scenario for today:

"Absol I told you not to mess around like that. They kids in the village like to set up traps, it's just another one of those stupid tricks that they like to play on us Pokemon" arcanine scolded him like a child.

"Stop treating me like a child, I'n not a naive kid anymore. Why do you think you know everything?" absol whipped back, he felt these arguments were pointless, it was always the same. Arcanine would whine at him, then absol would retaliate, then arcanine would change the subject.

"Fine. Sorry I was looking out for my friend, who I did not want caught in the forest ground traps." arcanine pressed on with her point.

"Look I'm fine now and stop lecturing me. You don't look pretty when you're nagging" He diverted the conversation pretty badly, because he forgot that he just invited death on his doorstep.

"So you're saying I look god-awful to you, every time I see you? Fine I won't talk to you. If you find my face so horrible." arcanine turned around and paced away, her fluffy sandy coloured tail was already camouflaged in the trees. Absol groaned again, bowing his head in disappointment.

"Why do I always do this? I used to be civil to her, but nowadays I'm getting mad at her for no reason. She's so cute when she's angry, especially when licks her front canines."Absol shook his head at his stupidity, because he realised he chased away his friend, his long-time crush, his to be lover.

Absol stopped by a river bank, taking a long drink from the river. He had looked through every corner of the forest, from leaf to tree he still couldn't find her. You would've thought a black and orange striped canine would have been easily spotted but apparently that was not the case. He saw his reflection in the fast flowing river water. his jet black face, stark white fur and ruby jewel eyes. He looked across the water and saw the fragmented reflection of a striped black and orange canine. With her head down, rump up. He could also hear a high pitched sound, that was barely audible over the river water. Absol leaped over the river and padded softly towards arcanine. He sniffed the air, it was lightly perfumed by a sweet flowery scent.

He grew closer and closer, and found that the scent increased by tenfold. Then absol pieced it together, female in heat. How deliciously arousing, absol already had the elevating feeling in his lower half.

"Arcanine are you okay?" He didn't want to scare her, or make her angry again to make her run away. If she did in her condition who knows what might happen?

"Yeah I'm still mad at you." Trying to ignore her pulsating pussy. How it was begging to have a strong, dominant, possessive male to pound her into tomorrow.

"Really? Well you shouldn't have got me mad anyways. But arcanine what do you smell right now?"

"N-nothing." she lied, trying to ignore the male presence behind her.

"Liar, I'm hungry and I smell female in heat." His ruby eyes glinting.

"No-no, I'm not in hea-" Her voice fell as absol placed his claw across her weeping slit just dripping with readiness. Arcanine growled and whined, at having some relief of her crazy hormones, she was having a battle with her sanity and it was a losing one too.

"You feel pretty ready to me" his claw scratching her puffy lips, and dipping in the tip of his claw into her pussy. Swirling around the tip of his core on the very outside of her clit making her shake her head, and her hips jump around.

"I bet you want me to fuck you until you can't walk." He growled at her in her tiny ear, his cock rubbing against her cunt. It was already so needy and sopping. Absol only had to rub it once to have it completely drenched, his pre-cum come up too. he thrusted his claw and his dick into her, whilst her mind shut down, and her eyes roll back.

"Shit you're as tight as fuck I bet you love big cocks don't you?" Absol teased slowly pushing in his cock and his claw, his voice broken and almost hoarse. Arcanine was trying to pick up some pace but was stopped by him, as he bit her hip, quieting her down. "You love big cocks don't you?"

"I-I like big cocks" she admitted, her face cherry red, but her mouth agape as her pleasure rocketed. His thick cock thrusted up into her cervix. Arceus his dick would have been burnt off, but it was pretty good, the way her velvet channel squeezed on him like a vice almost made him cum.

"I just want to fuck you into the next oblivion. You love being fucked don't you?" He teased further, kissing her back, then making her yelp he bit it hard, almost drawing blood.

"No, no. I'm not that type of girl!" She denied, trying to stop her hips move further down his dick but that wasn't happening any time soon. Absol merely laughed and pulled out his cock, and started to slap it against her clit. Drops of her cum fell to the forest floor, as it leaked onto his dick and balls. Arcanine's swaying hips were trying to catch him back in, but Absol slapped her hips, almost bruising them with his claw.

"You're not that type of girl huh?" Absol grinned, trailing his cock up to her asshole, smacking his prick against it too.

"NOO! Please not there, please!" Arcanine pleaded, wanting the satisfying pounding that her pussy throbbed for.

"Since you said please" he drawled, and slammed his cock deep into her cunt, balls deep. Arcanine had tears leaking out of her eyes, they way he almost broke her made her come even closer to her release, he was so reckless but it was so arousing to her. "I still wanna hear you say it" His growled, as he was half way trying to pop his balls into her tight cunt too, but it was already drenched in her juices and it was kinky enough for him.

"I liked being fucked!" she screamed, as she came, her pussy squeezing on him. His cock twitched releasing his load deep within her, no other male could claim her now.

Seeing a rough old tree, absol kicked arcanine into it with him following. Her large bountiful breasts were pressed hard against the rough bark, scratches marring her fur and her nipples were chapped and roughened by the bark grooves. Absol's prick up once again was slipped back into her, he quickly bit her neck, and humping her until her eyes rolled back.

Absol was the complete master, ordering her around and commanded arcanine to lay on her back, with her ass, pussy and tail in the river, with a rock digging into her cunt, and the icy cold water rush into her core making her cum repeatedly into the river and whilst he shoved his thick prick into her mouth. Her sharp canine teeth scraped the side of his manhood, the veins pulsing on the side.

"Shit you're a good cock sucker too." He groaned almost choking her, hitting the back of her throat. Shooting his load down her throat.
Absol was addicted to her mouth, so he took her ass out of the river and slammed his cock down in her mouth. She sucked, nibbled on the veins, biting on the top, her pointed canine actually managed to get into his hole making him suddenly cum again.

"Tell me who's fucking you?" Absol gasped out, his dick in her sloppy, wet, hot cunt once more.

"Absooool." She whined, her head pulled up by his claw on her mane. He pressed their lips together, forcing hers to open and started to tongue wrestle. She could lick his lips and he would run his tongue along her sharp canines from gum to point.

"You love me fucking you, don't you? Little bitch!" He took out his dick in her pussy and plunged it into her ass, without permission, making tears leak out of her eyes.

"Yes, yes it feeells oh. God yes. Yes! Yes! So fucking good!" Her hind legs spread and her pussy drooling on the forest floor.

"I think you're starting to like this shit, don't you slut?" He increased his pace, she felt as if she was about to rip apart.

"Yes but I love your cock most master." Sweet, seductive and submissive. He came like geyser and she like a river. Like lovers, like friends.

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