Kuda (Luxray, Male) X Maya (Ninetales, Female) Some random request.

It was snowing outside, the heavy snowfall was seen on the windows, anluckily there was a blazing fire place and warmth and cosiness in a certain Pokèmon house. Luxray was napping by the fireplace, keeping him warm and the crackling of the burning wood was keeping him peace. After a few more minutes of lovely silence it was broken by the soft padding of paws. His best friend/ secret crush was coming through with her usually shiny white coat flecked with snow and grey from the slush was drying herself in front of the fireplace.

Luxray and Ninetales knew each other since forever; they grew up together, learnt, played and ate together. They were the oldest Pokèmon in the Pokèmon House. They protected, help manage, fetch certain things for the family that ran the Pokèmon house.

Ninetales came back from her patrol, not noticing Luxray trying to sleep next to the fireplace, she shook her fur dry, flicking the melted snow and water everywhere especially on Luxray. Now properly waking up as he felt 5 bits of snow/water on his nose, he growled in annoyance, but Ninetales being Ninetales she was oblivious to her angry best friend. Now self grooming herself she carefully examined her fur, and occasionally licking away the imperfectives. On the middle of her nine-tales there was a rather large bit of grey on it, and she was trying to reach it, but not bending over backwards, and if she tried, Luxray would get a massive nosebleed as he would see her… flower.

The carpet was quite old, so over the years it was quite itchy, you had to get used to it, as it scratched at your paws and body, if you fell on it, it would hurt even more than the push. So Ninetales was trying to reach to the back to get to her tail, but whilst doing this, she sat on her but determined Ninetales, but she did not consider the itchy carpet. The more she moved the more the itchy carpet was rubbing against her pussy. It didn't help that she was very stubborn, and would never ever give up. Not noticing her arousal she was ever more rubbing against the scratchy carpet…

He couldn't believe how oblivious she was… She was rubbing herself into arousal, her scent of arousal was heavy in the air and she did not seem to acknowledge that Kuda was there. The scent was so strong that it was so hard, to NOT smell her arousal, and it seemed to increase ten-fold. Oh god, she's using speed to get to her tail, and that means that is smoky with lust and arousal.

Maya (Ninetales) did know that Kuda (Luxray) was there, she was putting on a show. She was in heat after all and all the other males didn't appeal to her, but walking past the living room, she smelt the perfect smell: Smokey, ashy, musky scent of the forest. So here she was, rubbing herself into arousal, the carpet was perfect, she didn't have to do the awkward thing of touching herself up and making sexy noises so she turn on her to-be mate. It was an opportunity that she must seize.

He gave a guttural groan; he couldn't help but breathe in the air that was saturated in arousal instead of the deadly air beside the fireplace. He was being turned on by the smell; it was a spicy cinnamon smell, like Christmas and warmth. His eyes were changing colour, he couldn't help be more aroused by the smell, and the way her body was stretching looked so, erotic. But she was oblivious to his presence, so she wouldn't notice, wait was that a mischievous smile, that he loved so much. Well if she was going to play that way then she can have it, grinned Kuda.

Whilst reaching back then moving forward she turned back to see Kuda still sleeping but there was no sign of him, turning around, left and right she didn't see him, but she next time she turned her head she saw him, invading her personal space right up in her face. That smouldering and fiery look in his eyes that expressed passion, care and roughness, a rare but her favourite expression on him.

"Oh, you're awake, Kuda, I didn't realise, Sorry" cooed Maya.

"Don't worry, how was the patrol? My, my, your tail is dirty. Here let me clean it up for you. "He offered her, putting a paw on her tail and lowering his head to the dirty spot. His tongue flicked out moving in circles, up and down all so deathly slow. It was killing her, it was so careful and loving, but all she wanted was a rough fuck that satisfied her for the next 3-4 hours. Being in heat was such a bitch.

Licking her tail now, she was feeling so much hotter, a blush was working on her face, this wasn't going as planned, and she was planning for him to be so aroused that he would take her now and there.

He knew what she was trying to get at, but maybe punishing her was in order, she was making a racquet and a scene. His arousement was throbbing hard, all he wanted was to also fuck her senseless, until he was fully satisfied, and Luxrays were known for their stamina.

"Mhhmmm, let's stop playing this D-damn game and both fulfil our needs" Maya whispered seductively in his ear.

"Mhhmm, Maya what game? All I am doing is helping you clean your tail" Stated Kuda with a wolfish grin.

"Ugh, fuck it, I'm in heat, and we both wanna fuck each other's brains out!" screamed Maya with annoyance. Taking the first move she pushed him down and kissed him, running her tongue sensationally over his lips, opening them they wrestled tongues, moving their lower bodies up and down, grinding over each other's arousal. The friction of it was fuelling their desire. The harder they grinded against each other the more the moaned.

Know acting upon lust and desire, Maya moved her dripping slit up and impaled herself on his erection, she howled in contentment and love as Kuda moaned as her tight, hot, restricting walls were milking his cock. Needing more, she moved her hips up and down slowly, just to be a tease. Needing no teasing he grabbed her hips, at a certain angle and thrusted in and out so powerfully that he hit her G-spot with precision and force she came on the spot, her fluids flooding, down over their legs onto the scratchy carpet. Panting heavily with her chest moving up and down erratically, her legs were still spread out, her mind was a little jumbled after the wave of the orgasm, it re jumbled as her breasts were being covered and licked by a certain hot-canine mouth, His sexy sharp teeth were grazing against her taunt nipples and his paw on top of her clit, rubbing it tantalizingly slow, her hips bucking against his paw, but the rate he was going, he was going to kill her slowly and painfully. Hoping to move things faster she "Nnng" and moved her hips against his paw, but that was instantly stopped as he held her hips and tortured her by his breath ghosting over her heated body, that was jumping at every touch. It wasn't long till she orgasmed, she was making big puddles, licking her juices on his paw and he licked his lips at the taste.

Her expression changed with now dark, sexy and smouldering, she jumped on him, so he was pinned down, she was ruffling her fluffly tails over his cock, seeing his face contort with strained pleasure she carefully ghosted her lips over his, teasing him ever so slightly, and the pressure of her tails running up and down his dick was perfect, but he wanted it so much heavier, simply because he wanted the good feeling of releasing. Nope but karma was a bitch and that bitch was Maya. Hissing in annoyed pleasure he tried to move harder, but her hind legs pinning down his, and front legs by his head there was no way to get more. It took him 3 more painful minutes till his release, now both Pokèmon horny and over the edge, Kuda turned Maya so she was facing the brick wall and thrusted into her, without permission. Groaning was turned into sultry cries and screams as both were being satisfied to the brim.