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DISCLAIMER: I don't own anything. The characters belong to Stephenie Meyer and the storyline has been inspired by Varsha Dixit's Xcess Baggage. All publicly recognizable characters, songs, objects and places belong to their respective owners.

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The entire story would be done in BPOV as Edward is a mysterious man. And in the immortal words of Barney Stinson, "Girls love an enigma." I hate EPOVs but that's just my personal opinion. Before I bore you to death with my rambling (I have been told that I am a VERY talkative person), without further ado, I present to you "Endless Existence"…

Cuffed to a pole, at the mercy of my killer, I wondered.

Barely twenty-three, do I want to die?


Did I ever imagine such a violent, grisly death for myself?


Did I have a choice?

Hell, no!

The self-interrogation cemented the thought-I wanted to live just as I was about to die.

I am Isabella Swan, a runaway from another state, currently in New York, and this is my story.

Sometimes in life we start right, yet end up diabolically wrong. And sometimes surging on the path of evil, one finishes good. In my case, neither holds true, for I sought nothing―not good, not bad, just…independence and anonymity. Sadly, my life now stands reduced to the most common of clichés, 'You never get what you want.'

On a seemingly mundane night, I unwittingly set in motion a chain of events. Events that have me standing tonight staring at a long, gleaming blade rushing straight for my heart. And holding it is the one I madly love. After all, loving your killer…is madness.

The story would consist of 'events' leading to this moment and what happened after it. Should I continue? Please review. It would provide me with much needed relief from the heat. If you are not aware of the extent of Indian Summers, consider yourself fortunate…