Well I'm kind of going on a posting spree! I've updated Powers and wrote a new story and now I'm going to write another one! :) In this one the team are all LIONS! I know right cool…. Beyal will be a smallish white lion, Chase a big black lion, Jinja a….. you guessed it GINGER lioness, Dax a big Brownish, godly like lion with a messy mane of hair and Bren a smallish brown lion with white markings around his eyes so he looks like he has glasses. I know lions don't really get these colours but you know it works for a fanfiction :)

Dax gave a huge yawn and sat up stretching his limbs. He jumped off the huge rock he and the other pride members where resting on before slowly slumbering towards a tree and sharping his claws on it. "I've never seen you up this early before Dax" came the familiar voice of the only female pride member, Jinja.

Dax stopped sharping his claws and looked at Jinja, "Theres a lot of stuff you have never seen me do before princess" he yawned lying down in the grass. Jinja rolled her eyes and yawned before walking back to wake up the others.

Dax gave a smirk before rolling onto his back to look at the sky, it was a clear morning, a good day to find something to eat. "Morining Dax" came the voice of the pride leader Chase.

"Hey there little Suno" said Dax. Chase walked up towards Dax, "Ready to hunt yet?" he asked. Dax closed his eyes and shook his head.

"Still Sunning myself here, if you can't see" he said lazily. Chase smiled and cuffed Dax's head. "What was that for!?" growled Dax rolling over and shaking his mane. Chase grinned and strutted back to the others who where awake.

"It woke you up didn't it" he said shaking his big black mane. Dax rolled his eyes and stood up before slowly following his pride. Chase like usual took the lead, Bren was on one side and Beyal on the other, while Jinja and Dax up back. Bren alway's complained that he got one of the safer rolls in the pride formation, Chase always said that he put Beyal and Bren up close to the front so they could spot danger before the others, but Dax really knew the reason.

The two back rolls where always in more danger from attacks and they had to defend themselves, so thats why he and Jinja where always put there while the two weakest went up front with Chase.

As they ventured farther into the savannah, they where starting to see more prey, Zebra's, Gazelle, wildebeest and even Cape buffalo. "So what does everyone feel like right now?" said Chase sitting down.

"I do not really mind Chase" said Beyal who was to busy looking at an old tree. Chase looked at the others for suggestions.

"Buffalo sounds nice" said Dax. Chase looked at Bren and Jinja to see if they agreed with Dax's suggestion, nobody disagreed. "Buffalo it is" said Dax.

Chase nodded but a serious look came onto his face, "Cape Buffalo are dangerous guys so remember the usual plan, Bren, Beyal you two are the backup incase things get out of hand, Jinja your the fastest member of this pride so you go in scare them and then get out before leading the hunt, then we'll all join you and finish it off" said Chase. Bren rolled his eyes and nodded.

"Whatever" he sighed. Beayl then walked off towards a bush to hide, followed by Bren. Jinja slowly stalked off towards the herd, Chase and Dax went on the outskirts of the herd.

Bren sighed and lay down in the bush sighing, "Why do we always have to sit out!" he growled. Beyal sighed.

"I believe Chase wants to look after us Bren" said Beyal giving Bren a smile. Bren growled, suddenly a idea came to him. Bren looked at Beyal, "I'm not letting Chase, Jinja and Dax risk their lives for food without me!" he growled getting up and running off into the longs grass towards the buffalo herd.

"Bren!" roared Beyal standing up and running out of the bush, but it was impossible to tell where he went, his coat blended in to well with the grass. "Chase!" he roared.

Chase who was waiting for Jinja to start the attack, quickly looked around and saw Beyal racing towards him. "Beyal!, be quiet! You almost scared the herd!" he snapped, "Wait a minute wheres Bren?" he asked in concern. Beyal came to a stop.

"He is hunting Jinja's part!" he said quickly. Chase's eyes opened wide.

"No we have to stop him!" he said getting out of his stalking position, just as he said that Dax came running over

"Whats up? Is the hunt still on?" he asked, Beyal quickly explained everything to Dax while Chase tried to spot Jinja then he spotted her

. "Jinja!" he roared, trying to warn her to find Bren but it was already to late.


Jinja took a few silent steps towards the herd with cation, she wasn't making a sound. She was about to take another step when she heard roaring, the herd started getting spoked. Jinja turned her head and saw the small shapes of Chase, Dax and Beyal roaring something at her.

"Bren's trying to hunt!" she heard Chase roar. Jinja's eyes snapped open wide. *Crag!* she thought she looked up a bit and saw a small shape heading towards the herd, it didn't look like any of the Cape Buffalo had noticed Bren yet but Jinja saw trouble, a big male Cape Buffalo was snorting at Bren and looked like he was about to charge.

"Bren get the crag out of there!" Jinja suddenly roared taking off from her hiding place and running at her top speed towards Bren. The herd instantly scattered, Bren looked terrified, the male Buffalo was charging at him and the other buffalo where running all sorts of ways, Bren was glued to the spot in terror.

"BREN MOVE!" Roared Jinja.


Bren closed, couldn't move as he watched the buffalo get closer, he heard Jinja's roars but they seemed like the wind to him. Jinja powered on and then when she was close enough, she intersected the Cape Buffalo. The buffalo gave a snort of anger and tried stamping Jinja but she was to fast for him.

Chase, Dax and Beyal had started running over at their top speed and they soon reached Jinja's side. After a longish fight, the buffalo was dead. "Bren are you alight?" asked Jinja, who was covered in scratches.

Bren gulped and nodded his head, he was still shaking with terror. Chase glared at Bren but his eyes showed worry, "You really shouldn't of done that B" he sighed shaking his head.

"Yeah glasses that was pretty stupid" said Dax who had already started eating. Beyal gave Bren a sympathy look before bringing some meat to Bren's side.

"Eat up Bren" he said pushing the piece of meat towards Bren with his muzzle. Bren gave a small smile and started eating. Beyal lay down beside Bren and started eating it with him.

Jinja shook her pelt and stood up walking over to sit beside Chase, she sat down next to him and took a bite out of the big bit of meat that lay before him, "You shouldn't go that hard on him Chase, he only wants to hunt and be a real member of the pride" she scolded as she lay down in the grass.

Chase rolled his eyes and shook his mane before sitting down next to her, "I know but…" Chase didn't get to finish. Dax who had finished his food and had gone to be on first watch came running towards them.

"S.T.O.R.M, here now!" he roared while panting. Chase shot upright and looked at Dax, "Where and how many".

"Just over that hill and about eight of them" said Dax. Bren stood up and looked at Chase, "What do we do?" he asked.

Chase slowly padded towards the hill, it was getting dark now but he could still see the dark shapes of the S.T.O.R.M lions running through the long grass. "Jin, you up for a bit of tag?" said Chase with amusement glittering in his eyes.

"Am I ever"

Well that was the first chapter of "Pride" and I hope you liked it, the next chapter will be called Tag! :) Well please send in your reviews and requests you have all been very nice to me with your reviews and I would LOVE all you guys to keep it up, UPDATE SOON see ya!