With the wind battering against the window pane, trees casting their eerie shadows across the carpet, Raven couldn't have felt more relaxed. She always found it relaxing; something about the silent gloom made her feel secluded and in return, safe.

That late at night, Raven felt the calm in her sleep. Her breathing was slow and steady to the time of her heart. After the lull in crime since the capture of so many criminals in the downfall of Brother Blood, this relaxation had been a common feature to all of the Titans in the last three weeks. For Raven it was one of the most relaxing weeks of her life. Her whole life, pent up with the inevitability that she would destroy lives to stopping the cities never ending list of criminals, was full of responsibility. And suddenly, with nothing to occupy her time or that silent worry in the back of her mind, Raven was on the best holiday of her life.

In her dreams, she dreamed of a never ending field. So foreign to her in her city life, she lay on her back in mediation in the tall grass. It brushed her cheeks, waving delicately in her line of view. It however did not block her view of a brilliant blue sky. Every so often, she would open her eyes, examine the light clouds as they lazily drift by. In her chest, she felt the swell of content and happiness at being in her new beautiful sanctuary.

In the room next door, Robin lay awake. In the quiet of crime he felt bored and restless with nothing to search, nothing to hunt or find. He didn't mind too much at first; the relaxation was a nice holiday. In the last week however, he felt the energy usually exerted on the cities crime build up in side of him. With little release, he found it keeping him up at night. Not that he complained too much at a time like this.

In the last weeks, Raven's relaxation had caused less and less of a grip on her powers. She hadn't felt particularly angry or upset or elated. She had just felt a relaxed joy, a sort of peace. With Robin's room next door, he felt her unrestrained happiness radiate through. He lay away, contended as she, almost feeling the brush of grass against his own cheek.

Late at night, both Titans enjoyed the quiet air of peace around them. Raven, oblivious to the boy next door. Robin, feeding from and enjoying the life coming through to him. In a way, he felt closer to Raven. Through their bound with Raven being inside his mind, she already knew so much about him. Yet he felt he knew nothing about her. This small window into her happiness made him feel like he knew her a little better and, in a strange way, a bit safer. Being so private, he always felt it uneasy to know so little about someone who knew so much about him.

Robin eventually drifted to sleep, comforted by the happiness of his friend. Two Titans tied together by happiness. That was until the early hours of the morning, where the happiness of Raven would be shattered like she never expected it to.

In the meadow of her dreams, hours before daylight, the sweet air of near by flowers danced by her nose. Opening her eyes, she gazed across the vast field to find a near by ornamental pear tree. How had she not seen that before? The mysterious new tree blossomed petals before her eyes, covering every inch of its thin branches with tiny white flowers.

Slowly standing and approaching the tree, she tilted her head slightly and narrowed her eyes. Something didn't seem quite right. She had only seen these trees a handful of times before, but never in such an untamed field. Only in parks and among the houses of suburbia. Never the less, it's beauty drew her. Her misgivings were only because of its unfamiliarity.

Walking underneath it, she stared above her at the dozens of tiny flowers like a canopy over her. Fragments of sun and blue pecked through like stars, shimmering. As a gentle breeze swept through, catching her hair and floating petals, she let out a laugh. How wonderful these trees were? Trees she had until then never bothered to pay much more than a passing glance at.

She reached a hand out to gently stroke the soft petal. Stroking it gently, a light trial of smoke appeared from under her fingers. Pulling her hand back, the black flower sparked into fire, racing up the branches. Raven stumbled back and feel backwards onto the grass. The once beautiful tree was a fire above her.

The fire raced through the grass, enclosing her. Smoke covered the blue sky. All around her was fire and grey. Stumbling to her feet, she gasped and turned to examine the scenery around her. Burning, dying. Screams emerged in the distance. She spun in their direction, unaware that there had been anyone here.

Screams and burning. Smoke filling the sky and her lungs.

Her beautiful world dissolving into hell.

Raven screamed.

As she snapped awake, her scream dissolved into deep coughing. Her coughs rattled deep in her chest and her sweat soaked her hair and sheets close to her. Clawing at her throat, she struggled to grasp any air into her lungs. Fighting through the tangle of sheets, she feel out of bed with a heavy thud. Gasping she crawled across the floor until the pain in her chest could take no more.

Lying in the middle of her room, Raven dry reached in between racks of coughing. Finally, as the dizziness in her head blurred her vision, Raven managed to grasp a mouthful of air.

It wasn't enough to stop her from unconsciousness.