Authors Note: Forgive my song choice, I've been addicted to it since the last American Horror Story. But really, who doesn't love Stevie Nicks? So I'm not sorry.
Warning: Rating for language.

It was the late hours of the night. Raven, with her room's ceiling still damaged, was left to sleep in the medical bay that night after she had fallen asleep on Cyborg during his DNA searches. They had managed to un-clip Raven's cape and left it hanged over a chair next to the bed, covering her with one of the medical bay's blankets.

Robin had found it hard to sleep and in the early hours of the morning, tiptoed out of his room to check on Raven. Wearing sweatpants and a singlet, Robin though he'd just quickly check on her to ease his mind and did not need to wear anything else warmer.

Peering into the room, he managed to see her silhouette against the dim light coming through the window. Satisfied that she was still there and safe, he turned to leave.


He froze and turned, seeing Raven's head raised in his direction.

"Hey," Robin whispered, walking over and crouching on the floor next to her bed, "I thought I'd check on you."

In the dim light he failed to notice Raven's cheeks bloom red.

Changing the subject, she whispered, "are we going to look for him... Jared?"

Robin nodded gently, "Cyborg and I think it is best if we get on top of this before Jesse does."

Raven nodded gently and a silence hung between the two of them. Robin, thinking it was his cue to leave, stood to make his way back to his room.


Raven cut herself off, too embarrassed to tell Robin she still left scared by everything, especially to sleep. But Robin seemed to catch what she meant just by that. He instead made his way over to the chair beside her bed and sat down.

"I don't think I ever asked you about your cape," Robin began, picking up her cape behind him, "I see the people of Azarath in different colours. Why have you picked this colour?"

Raven smiled at him through the dark shadows of the night.

That morning when Raven woke, she found Robin asleep in that same chair. His head was slumped back and her cape was draped up over his shoulders like a blanket.

When Raven and Robin entered the living room that morning, Raven could already smell the bacon and waffles. She raised an eyebrow to Robin, confused as to why Cyborg would be cooking a breakfast this morning. Robin just shrugged, silently thankful to Cyborg for thinking ahead. His stomach felt like it was about to leap from his body.

Sure enough, Cyborg was setting up an elaborate breakfast at the Titan's dining table. Beast Boy and Starfire were already seated, with Beast Boy making jokes and Charlie Chaplin impersonations with the cutlery. The distraction was working wonders on Starfire, who cheerfully giggled and watched adoringly. She didn't even look up as Robin approached to sit down at the table. Raven lingered at the edge of the kitchen, noticing Fleetwood Mac's greatest hits playing loudly from the tiny stereo in the kitchen.

"Hey Rae," Cyborg greeted, laying down a plate of waffles with a pitcher of juice on that table, "I've been noticing you listening more to my music. Thought you might appreciate this."

Raven smiled small and shrugged, not wanting to admit this was one of Cyborg's CD's that she liked the most. She slid into a set, just as Beast Boy's clowning caused a clatter of cutlery from the other side of the table and a brief shriek from Starfire.

"Everything looks great Cyborg," Robin commented as Cyborg brought the last plates and sat down.

"Yea," Raven agreed, gazing across the table.

'Well don't just stare. Dig in," Cyborg grinned, his fork aimed immediately to the bacon.

The Titans began to dish out their meals, pacing the dishes around in a circle to each other. Raven, surprised by how much food she had piled on her plate and had managed to put away, couldn't help but smile when she put down her fork as Seven Wonders began to play. Cyborg watched the small smile on her face and was the first to connect the two together.

With a mouth full of egg, he began to sing loudly along, "so long ago, certain place, certain time. You touched my hand, all the way-"

Robin, catching on to what was going on, joined in with, "all the way down to Emmiline. But if our paths never cross, well you know I'm sorry but..."

And Beast Boy, who only knew the chorus, belted out with the rest of the boys, "if I live to see the seven wonders, I'll make a path to the rainbow's end. I'll never live to match the beauty again."

And then Raven quietly added, "the rainbow's end," to the cheers of the boys.

Starfire sat back, looking increasingly confused and unsure. Beast Boy noticing, piped up and cried, "come on Starfire, you can do it."

Standing up and acting as suave as he could, he mimed in time to the lyrics a mockingly 'sensual' dance. He reached out a hand, beckoning her to join. Although the alien didn't know the words, she'd never pass up the opportunity to dance. She grabbed onto Beast Boy with a squeal of delight, crushing the young green buy in her grasp. Cyborg stood and with an elegant bow to Raven, held out his hand for her. Raven shook her head at first, flat out refusing. But after a pleading eye from Cyborg and a nudge from Robin, she reluctantly took his hand.

Robin just sat back happy watching Cyborg and Raven slow dance like a father and daughter would, while Starfire and Beast Boy jumped around, both singing loudly now that Starfire had caught on, "if I live to see the seven wonders, I'll make a path to the rainbow's end. I'll never live to match the beauty again."

Beast Boy bumped into the table at the end of the chorus, causing a crash and a yelp from Beast Boy.

"Hey!" Cyborg called out to the scampering teen, letting go of Raven to make chase.

Raven stood for a moment, feeling slightly awkward now that she was deserted. She turned to sit back down, only to find Robin behind her and holding out his own hand. Her cheeks reddening, Raven only accepted Robin's hand once she had lifted her hood over her head with her black energy. He took her hand gently, placing his other hand delicately on her waist. He lead her very slowly, smiling shyly down at her own bowed head.

Robin could tell this wasn't like when her and Cyborg danced. There was something different brewing between the two of them. Robin, too proud and awkward to put a label on it himself, at least didn't fight it as he rested his chin on the top of her head. Raven could again smell the sent of her leader in close proximity to her and it took all her mental strength to make sure she didn't step on his toes because of it. She had placed her hand on his shoulder, involuntarily gripping the material there and afraid it might be too sudden to let go.

When Cyborg entered again dragging Beast Boy by the scruff of the neck, his eyes immediately flickered to Starfire while Beast Boy's jaw dropped to the floor. Her eyes were fixed on them with her hands clasped to her chest. A small warm smile was on her lips and her eyes were alight with hope and love.


"Shh," Starfire interrupted Cyborg, her eyes still fixed on them, "do not interrupt them."

They watched as Robin lifted his head and tried to peer under Raven's hood. She simply shook her head away, keeping it lowered. A look of concern crossed Robin's face and he brought her head up to look at him, lowering her hood just enough to see her scarlet cheeks. He pressed a cold gloved hand to her cheek concerned, making her eyes flicker away from his and for her cheeks to grow redder. The noise of the next song seemed to pass through them like an electric shock and the two jumped from each other to land eyes on their teammates.

"Uhh, we, er... should clean," Raven stuttered, pulling her head further up.

Cyborg stopped her with a hand on her shoulder, a devilish grin across his face, "Nuts to that."

With Beast Boy at the stereo, Seven Wonders began to blast again. Starfire squealed, grabbing Raven's hands to dance with her like she danced with Cyborg. Robin and Cyborg turned their attention to encouraging Beast Boy in his erratic dancing. And the Titans continued to dance for a good number of repeats before they stopped. Only once did Robins hand graze against Ravens as they danced with their team; with their family.

"If I live to see the seven wonders,
I'll make a path to the rainbow's end.
I'll never live to match the beauty again.
At the rainbows end."

It was later that afternoon that the Titans staked out Jump High, awaiting for their target Jared to walk out from school that day. Robin and Starfire were at the gates, dressed in civilian clothes and waiting as low key as they possibly could. After the incident with Jesse, it was decided that Raven should not be immediately present to see Jared. Especially with Jared's track record and Raven already being made a target, the Titans (to Raven's annoyance) did not want to put her in any extra danger.

Robin, in black sunglasses and baseball jacket, scuffed his red sneakers on the concrete while they waited. Starfire, wearing foundation an inch thick in an attempt to hide her orange skin, was attempting to keep her brilliant red hair concealed under her wide sun hat. Her own eyes were covered with dark sunglasses, in another vain attempt to hide her bright green eyes. But at such short notice, she was the only other one besides Raven that they could make look remotely human with what they had at their disposal.

The plan was simple; grab Jared as low key as possible and take him to a private area. Disclose enough to him so he knew what was coming and recruit him to the Titans side before Jesse could reach him. Raven, Cyborg and Beast Boy remained stationed in the T-Car around the corner, listening through a microphone under Starfire's shirt and looking through a camera pinned to Robin's jacket in the form of a peace symbol pin. While Cyborg adjusted equipment and Beast Boy got busy goofing off with an elastic band, Raven sat in the back seat of the car wringing her hands in worry.

'First sign of trouble,' she told herself, 'and you'll be there.'

Before the school bell could ring, Robin suddenly stood and straightened at the sight of a figure running down the school steps. With a styled black mohawk and pitch black eyes, he didn't pause to fish his pale hands into his hands to find a smoke. Plasters placed over his forehead seemed to also conveniently cover something in the center of his forehead. Tall but lanky, his clothing was decked out in punk leather and chains.

Lighting up, he took a drag before walking briskly toward the field of his school. Quickly and quietly, Robin and Starfire followed behind. They found him under the blenches, taking a long drag and leaning against the wooden supports.


Jared spun quickly to see Starfire and Robin standing behind him.

"Jesus!" he exclaimed dropping his cigarette in reflex and stamping it out, "who the fuck are you two?"

"We're the Teen Titans," Robin introduced as Starfire lowered her glasses to reveal her glowing green eyes, "we need to talk to you about something urgent."

"Oh?" Jared grinned, his eyes narrowing in pleasure.

Raven back in the T-Car tensed and before Cyborg and Beast Boy knew it, was out the car door like a rocket.

Jared reached to rip the plaster from his forehead, revealing the chakra gem underneath, his eyes opened willfully to four red demon eyes.

"You know what?" he said lowly, flexing his fingers, "fuck talking."

A blast of black energy absorbed the two Titans like flames before they could barely move away.