Chapter One.

I wandered down the tiled corridor thinking the floor looked more like a hospital wards rather than a school's. I sighed heavily, I hated this school, I hated this town and I hated this country why the hell we had to move from England to America I will never know and not to LA or New York. Ohio. Freakin' Ohio! To the smallest crappiest town of all; Lima. They even had a name for people who live here. Lima losers. And then there was the school with a shitty grade average, shitty teachers and even shittier students. I was what the Americans called a junior, and I was here in Lima until I graduated college. Christ I hate my life. The only good thing about moving to America was that I got a fresh start, I was going to turn everything around this year. I stopped suddenly as I saw two football players throw some sort of icy drink at this guy. He threw his head back in shock and gasped as the coldness smacked his nerve endings. Everyone else just carried on as if nothing happened. The only acknowledgement to the ordeal was that the students stepped out of the way to avoid slipping on the red substance that had dripped onto the floor. "Holy crap!" I raced forward towards the boy "Oh my God, are you okay?" he looked stunned

"Why are you talking to me?" I furrowed my brows in confusion

"Because you just got smacked in the face with a drink!" I replied and pulled down my hoodie sleeve to wipe he red ice crystals off his face. He had light brown hair, pale skin, blue eyes and a slightly up turned nose.

"It's called being Slushied and is a daily occurrence here at McKinley High." he sighed

"Why?" I asked trying to scrape the Slushie out of his hair

"Because I'm gay." he said but I didn't falter

"That's terrible!" I said and rummaged in my bag for a tissue

"You're still helping me?" he asked nervously

"Yeah it's called common courtesy, something the English know about." I said and rubbed the ice away from under his eye


"Yeah I'm from England, just moved here last week." I explained and got the last of the Slushie off of his pale face

"Oh no wonder you're helping me, you mustn't know how things work around here." I stood back and raised my brows

"Even if I did know how things worked, I would still help you. Just because you're gay doesn't give people an excuse to through crystallised drinks in your face." he chortled and stuck out his hand

"I'm Kurt Hummel." I shook and replied

"Emily Andrewson." I smiled and he asked what lesson I had next I replied Spanish.

"Oh I have that too, the teacher's really cool. He also teaches glee club." Kurt explained

"What's glee club?" I asked and he stopped suddenly

"My girl you have not lived! I must educate you!" he linked his arm through mine and grinned as we carried on past the many rows of lockers. "Glee club is basically like a choir only it's a show choir. We sing much more upbeat songs and compete for the national championship. We also have a hell of a lot more fun. However..." he trailed off


"We also get a lot of stick about it, for example being thrown into lockers."

"Jesus that's horrible!" I exclaimed as we reached the Spanish room and Kurt lead me to the seat next to him, he waved a hello to a couple to other people.

"Yeah but being in glee is worth it. Last year we got to nationals but Rachel and Finn, the lead vocalists, kissed on stage because they had just gotten back together like halfway through the song. So we came 12th but this year we're determined to win." I nodded approvingly

"I'm sure you will." he sighed in response

"Trouble is we need more members otherwise we can't qualify, but considering how much everyone hates us I highly think it's possible we'll even get one person to join." I mulled this over as people filled up around us. Then the teacher walked in and Kurt whispered "That's Mr Schue, you'll love him. Most girls do." I shook my head slightly; nope he seemed nice but not really my type. The lesson continued with him reciting vocab for us to repeat and copy in our notes, the bell rung for lunch and I followed Kurt out.

"Hey can I sit with you, you're really the only person who's talked to me..." I trailed off

"Sure Emily." he smiled

"Thanks." I walked side by side with him to the cafeteria and grabbed a sandwich and milk from the canteen. Kurt then led me over to a table filled with a mix of guys and girls.

"Everyone this is Emily, she just moved here from England." Kurt announced to those gathered at the table. A tanned boy with a Mohawk spoke first

"England eh? How's the weather over on the white cliffs of Dover? Move here with the queen did you?" he used a very posh and stereotyped accent and I replied in a gruff and northern English tone

"No, get into a fight with your razor is morning? Because I'm pretty sure your Mohawk is lopsided." the table laughed and the boy smiled appreciatively

"I like your style, I'm Puck." he said, a short brunette girl with a rather large nose spoke up next

"Hi I'm Rachel and this is Finn." she motioned to the boy who sat next to her and I thought to myself 'the ones who lost them nationals!'

"Oh err hi…" I stuttered and the rest of the table introduced themselves, there was an Asian girl; Tina, a boy in a wheel chair called Artie and a black girl called Mercedes. I sat next to Kurt and smiled at each of them and found out more about them all. Artie was paralyzed from the waist down and I smiled apologetically at him as he explained the accident he had been in, Finn and Puck were both on the football team, Rachel was…intense, to say the least, Mercedes was pretty awesome and so was Tina, they asked me questions about England and what it was really like. I cleared up most of the stereotypes that they thought were true and in turn they taught me about America and the things that happened in Ohio. I grinned appreciatively at them as we walked out of the cafeteria to next period, English. The lesson passed quickly with me sitting in between Mercedes and Kurt. I may have just found some friends.

The bell rung for the end of school and I made my way to my locker. I turned the dial to unlock it and suddenly something smacked against the locker next to mine. I yelped in surprise and closed the door to see what it was. Kurt lay in a heap on the floor next to me, his legs were twisted, his books strewn around him and his eyes glazed with tears. "See ya later Gleeatch!" A ginger hockey player with a mullet yelled and high fived his team, Kurt gazed up at their forms that disappeared into the crowd.

"Oh my God, Kurt, are you okay?" I asked in sympathy and kneelt down next to him.

"Y-yeah I'm fine…" he whispered and my face crumpled with empathy

"Is it because of Glee? Or because you're gay?" I asked tentatively

"Both." He sighed and started to gather his books, I helped him. "Why are you here Emily?" he said suddenly "You're clever, funny, you have an amazing personality. You could be one of the popular ones, a cheerleader even! Why are you hanging out with me, Porcelain, the gay Glee clubber?"

"Because I want to be here, I hate the popular kids all they ever do is prey on the younger students, latch onto weakness and make us suffer for it. Besides you wouldn't catch me dead in one of those cheerleading outfits." I grinned and Kurt smiled back "And why the hell are you called Porcelain?"

"Oh that's Coach Sue's nickname, she gives all the Glee clubbers a name, Artie's Wheels, Mercedes is Aretha, Santana's changes but usually its Sandbags and Mike and Tina are Asian 1 and Asian 2."

"That's extraordinarily racist." I remarked and Kurt shrugged

"Sue doesn't care." I offered him my hand and hauled him up off the floor as we walked along the corridor. "I have Glee practise so I'll see you tomorrow." He smiled and I smiled back as he veered off down a different corridor and I walked out the main entrance.

It was my third day of school at McKinley High and as I wheeled Artie to the lunchroom I thought how in the space of 24 hours my life had gone from shit to pretty amazing. I had a small group of friends and Artie said he was going to introduce me to his other friends. We waited in the lunch queue and I grabbed another sandwich while Artie got meatballs and spaghetti. We sat at the table with Tina and the few people who I already knew sat down around me, Artie was at the head of the table whereas I was next to Tina at the opposite end. Puck, Mercedes, Kurt and Finn sat down next then a couple of other people who I didn't know sat down, Tina introduced me to her boyfriend Mike who was also Asian and she said he was an amazing dancer, I nodded approvingly. "I like to dance as well." I said and Mike grinned

"We should get together to compare moves sometime, I have new one I'm working on, it would be great to get an outsiders opinion."

"Sure, I'd love that." I replied with a grin

"If you like dancing you'll love Brittany." Mike said and gestured to a tall blonde girl who had just sat down on the opposite side of Tina, she wore a cheerleading outfit and I was slightly apprehensive. A cheerleader had pushed me over on my first day. I gulped and she said

"What'd I do?"

"Nothing, I was just saying how much you loved to dance." Mike said and she grinned

"Oh yeah I love dancing!" she turned to me and yelped "Ah! Who's that?" I recognised the vacant look in her bright blue eyes and knew she wasn't the brightest spark

"I'm Emily, just moved here from England." I explained she gasped

"Are you related to the Queen? I've always wanted a corgi!" she clapped her hands and I chortled

"No, sorry most people have never actually met the Queen." Her face dropped

"Awh, I was hoping you'd teach me how to make a cream tea…" I giggled

"I would be honoured." She grinned, lighting up her face, out of the corner of my eye I saw another girl sit down.

"Who's the new kid?" she asked gruffly I turned and was instantly captivated, she had flowing black hair and deep brown eyes, I recognised her as being Latina and her lips pursed as she waited for a response.

"Santana, this is Emily." Kurt said when he saw I wasn't going to reply anytime soon I shook my head to clear it, why the hell was I staring at her? She was girl! I couldn't look at her that way.

"Yeah! She's going to teach me to make a cream tea Sanny!" Brittany cheered, Santana gave me a WTF look and I sighed

"I'm from England." Her face lit up and the left side of her lips turned up in a smug smile

"So, England eh?" she mirrored what Puck had said yesterday "Bob's your uncle, Queens your aunt. What's the time Mrs Cameron?" she referred to the Prime minister, she opened her mouth to start another flurry of insults and my trance was broken and I raised my hand to stop her

"Okay guppy imma stop you right there." She looked shocked "Before you open your botoxed lips again and display how clearly stupid you are, no I am in no way related to the Queen nor the Prime minister, I do not drink tea every day, I do not constantly carry an umbrella in case it rains and I most definitely do not speak as if I have something stuck up my ass." I flicked my head to the side for emphasis and pursed my lips mirroring Santana's actions "I am sick and tired of all the stereotypes I mean Jesus, do you people actually know what happens in England?" I gestured to the whole table and they dropped their eyes "Didn't think so, It's almost identical to America, it just rains more often." I flipped my hair over my shoulder and Tina smiled at me

"So England, that's your new name now." Santana finally spoke and she leant forward to intimidate me but all it did was give me a stronger whiff of her perfume and a better look at her mesmerising eyes. "I have never met someone who so openly insulted me, I don't know whether or not to be offended or impressed. I'm leaning more towards impressed, I like your style, not afraid to stand up for yourself or as us Americans say' you got balls babe."

"Christ you must be good, you impressed Santana!" Puck said "I like you England, you're pretty awesome." I smiled and Santana grinned at me, suddenly Rachel slammed her hands down on the table

"Why are you guys ignoring Mr Schuester's assignment?" she questioned

"Wait, there's a purple piano in here?" Finn asked with his mouth full

"Wow, how did any of us miss that?" Mercedes said sarcastically and I chortled

"Hey, we have to do the number!" Rachel protested

"We have to survive lunch; it's not fair that Mr Schue put the piano in here. It's too much pressure." Artie said and I nodded, I had only briefly heard from Kurt the Glee club's assignment for the week

"I agree." Kurt said "That's like wearing a red dress to a bull fight."

"The point of the assignment was to find people who couldn't help but join, okay the more people we sing in front of the more chance we have of getting one okay? It's simple mathematics." Puck said something but I kind of zoned out as I looked over at Santana, she really was beautiful then Finn said they had to do the number because if they wanted to stand a chance at Nationals they had to believe in themselves. Rachel agreed and suddenly music started.

"Ohhh my God…." The whole table got up and started dancing Finn went to the drums and Brittany and Santana danced with the other members whilst Rachel jumped on top of a table and started them off, Holy crap she's good! I thought Santana grabbed Brittany's hand and lead her over to another table where they jumped up and danced in front of the people eating there. Their bodies' moved in unison and my eyes were drawn to Santana's toned legs, my eyes travelled up her body and fixated on her chest. I suddenly realised what I was doing and raised my eyebrows in shock. Why the hell was I looking at her boobs!? I was disgusted at myself, I couldn't just check out someone I'd just met, never mind a girl! As much as the song was good I agreed with Kurt, this wasn't a good idea, the Glee clubbers couldn't see people's faces but I could. They looked unimpressed and some openly angry. I hung my head and sighed. Then someone else took over the singing and my head shot up, they were amazing! I looked round and my eyes came to rest upon a Latina, it was Santana, forget Rachel this girl was extraordinary! Students shook their heads in dismay and irritation but I didn't care to notice, my eyes were glued to Santana. The others started up again for the chorus and Brittany jumped onto the table where Santana was. They danced together and I realised instantly that they were best friends, the way they moved together and grinned at each other I could see the connection. Brittany sung the next verse and she was really good as well but nowhere near as amazing as Santana she danced on the table occupied by the other cheerleaders. She slid along the table provocatively. The chorus came in again and my foot tapped along to the rhythm. People started to mutter amongst themselves and their words were harsh and demeaning. I sneered as I overheard someone talking about the fact that she'd never seen a gay dance as bad as that, referring to Kurt. The song ended and a cheerleader who looked as if she had Downs ran up and threw a Slushie at Rachel, it didn't reach her face of stick to her clothes but the effect was still the same someone else threw some spaghetti and Puck said in dismay

"God no…" A nerdy looking guy with a large afro screamed

"Food Fight!" My eyes widened and I ducked under the table as the Glee club was bombarded with food, Kurt fell to the floor and I forgot about my safety, I would not see him get hurt again. I rushed forward and handed him a tray to protect himself. I stood alongside the glee club and let all manner of food be thrown at me, everyone screamed but I heard Santana the loudest

"Brittany!" I dove down alongside Kurt as Brittany danced in the raining food. The raining food slowly died out and I helped Kurt off the floor. I smiled at him and he smiled gratefully back

"Thank you."

"No problem." I replied and took his hand and lead him out to the bathroom to help him get cleaned up. It was time for next lesson which in most of our cases was a free period but Kurt and the others were called to an emergency Glee club meeting and I sighed as they walked off together and I made my way to the library.

"Oh my God I have actually never heard anything so bad in all of my life!" Kurt gushed as he explained about the girl Sugar Motta who had tried out yesterday. I laughed as he explained the way she had tried to hit the high note but just sounded as if she had run a marathon.

"So anyone can join?" I asked

"Yeah, you just need to have some musical talent unlike our friend Sugar and try out." He replied, I mulled this over, I had never really sung before but I did sing in the shower and Mike had said he was dancer and didn't sing much either and I loved to dance so… It was decided. Kurt sprayed hairspray and I coughed but laughed all the same, suddenly a boy with gelled black hair, red Capri pants and a bow tie walked up beside us, he ignored me and focused on Kurt.


"Well aren't you a sight for sore eyes." Kurt shut his locker and the boy leant against mine I rose my arms up and flapped them down to my sides when I realised I couldn't get my books out.

"Bad day?" he asked and Kurt turned away I shrugged and followed them

"Bad week more like, anyway shouldn't you be at Warbler practise putting the fine-tuning touches on a new Katy Perry showstopper."

"Okay for someone who loves clothes so much I can't believe you haven't noticed I'm not in my Warbler outfit." They stopped and I teetered on my tip-toes as I tried to stop myself from tumbling into this stranger

"Wait-wait…" Kurt looked him over and threw his arms around him with a joyful yelp "Wait you didn't do this for me did you?" Kurt looked suddenly worried "Because if you did this for me it's very romantic for one but it could lead to resentment which could lead to anger which could to horrible, horrible nasty breakup!" He gushed and it clicked, this was Kurt's boyfriend! I smiled and the bad thoughts about the guy being ignorant vanished from my head.

"H-he-hey! I did this for me because I can't stand to be apart from the person I love." He said and my smile stretched wider

"Well we'll just have to find a way to ease you into the New Directions now huh?" Kurt said still smiling

"I already have that figured out." Blaine said and they linked arms, Kurt then realised my existence and gushed

"Oh Blaine this is Emily, Emily this is my boyfriend Blaine." I reached out my hand

"Please to meet you Blaine." I said with a fake English accent

"Oh err hi…" Blaine took my hand but seemed shaken by my accent

"Just kidding, I'm not posh, not in the slightest, although I am English." I grinned and he laughed

"Very convincing, I never believed all those stereotypes anyway."

"Finally someone who understands me!" I said as we carried on down the corridor and out onto the courtyard.

I sat with Tina and Mike and grinned as Blaine started singing to Kurt, he was really good as well. It was amazing the amount of talent in one small school. The dance routine was well choreographed and Santana leapt up and joined in with the other Cheerios –I had found out that's what the cheerleading squad was called- I laughed as Blaine threw off his yellow sunglasses and Kurt caught them exuberantly. Everyone was so caught up in the song that they didn't notice the Cheerios sprinkling a substance over the purple piano in the centre of the courtyard, but I did I tried to speak up but couldn't be heard over the music. A girl with died pink hair sauntered down the steps and flicked a cigarette butt in the direction of the piano; I instantly knew what was going to happen. The embers from the cigarette made contact with the liquid and it went up in flames. The New Directions stood shocked and so did I, I never expected the sheer force of the flames. I dashed to get a bottle of water and started to extinguish the flames, Mercedes and Tina helped whilst everyone else still sat shocked.

We filtered out of the courtyard and back into the school building, the fire had been put out and the Cheerios disbanded in giggles. It had put a downer on the mood and I approached Kurt.

"Hey can I ask you a question?" He nodded "I want to join Glee club." He smiled

"Really? Oh Emily you'll love it!" he gushed and threw his arms around me I laughed nervously

"So what should I do? Like how do I try out?"

"Well we're having a meeting in last period, you have a free slot right?" I nodded and he continued "Blaine's joining today too so you wait outside and I'll introduce you to the club." Kurt smiled and I grinned back, happy but nervous at the same time. He grabbed my hand and pulled my towards the choir room. "You wait here." He said and patted my shoulder as he went in with Blaine and sat down as Mr Schue welcomed Blaine into the New Directions. The conversation turned serious as Santana confessed to setting the piano on fire alongside the other Cheerios, Mr Schue then asked her to leave until she could be loyal to the Glee club and only the Glee club. Santana begrudgingly left the choir room and Kurt raised his hand "Mr Schue, a moment of your time if you please?" He nodded and Kurt got up and went to the front, my heart was pounding "After the resounding failure of Sugar Motta's try-out I also have a recruit." He motioned for me to come in and I smiled nervously at the New Directions, Tina and Mike waved and I raised my hand in response. "This is Emily and she's interested in joining the Glee club." Kurt patted my arm to encourage me to speak

"Hi everyone, you all sort of know me but I want to introduce myself properly. I'm Emily Andrewson and after moving to America only a week ago, hated it. Everyone ignored me and when they did talk to me made fun of the fact that I'm from England. I know Glee club isn't the most popular club in the school but after seeing the way you all stand up for each other and how you're all so close I would love to be a part of that."

"So what will you be singing today Emily?" Mr Schue asked and I replied sheepishly

"Adele's Someone Like You." Rachel smiled rather evilly, I had learned she didn't like competition within the club and thought I was going to wing it, she was sadly mistaken.

"Wow, well whenever you're ready." Mr Schuester said and I whispered loud enough for only me to hear

"I was born ready…" I took a deep breath "Hit it." The music wrapped around me and I was instantly at ease

"I heard that you're settled down

You found a girl and you're married now

I heard that your dreams came true

Guess she gave you things I didn't give to you

Old friend, why are you so shy?

Ain't like you to hold back or hide from the light
I hate to turn up out of the blue, uninvited

But I couldn't stay away, I couldn't fight it

I had hoped you'd see my face and that you'd be reminded

That for me, it isn't over
Never mind, I'll find someone like you

I wish nothing but the best for you, too

I looked at Kurt and he smiled encouragingly, I smiled back as I took in a breath for the rest of the chorus.

Don't forget me, I begged,

I remember you said

Sometimes it lasts in love, but sometimes it hurts instead

Sometimes it lasts in love, but sometimes it hurts instead

Nothing compares; no worries or cares

Regrets and mistakes, they're memories made

Who would have known how bittersweet this would taste?
Never mind, I'll find someone like you

I wish nothing but the best for you

Don't forget me, I begged, I remember you said

Sometimes it lasts in love, but sometimes it hurts instead
Never mind, I'll find someone like you

I wish nothing but the best for you, too

Don't forget me, I begged, I remember you said

Sometimes it lasts in love, but sometimes it hurts instead

Sometimes it lasts in love, but sometimes it hurts instead''

Kurt stood up and clapped with a ridiculous grin on his face, then to my surprise so did the rest of the Glee club. I laughed and jumped up and down like a little girl. I had just gotten a standing ovation, on the first time I had sung in public! I grinned like a maniac and Mr. Schue came over and clapped, he rested his hand on my shoulder and I turned to look into his happy eyes. "Wow, Emily, just Wow! I haven't heard a voice like that in a long time! Welcome to the New Directions!" Kurt and Blaine cheered and I bowed with a laugh, maybe America wasn't going to be so bad after all. Kurt motioned for me to sit next to him and I obliged, I noticed Rachel's face was contorted in anger, maybe I had proved her wrong a bit too hard. I plopped myself down on the chair and sitting amongst the Glee club I finally felt like a belonged. "Rachel you had an announcement." Mr. Schuester motioned to Rachel and her expression was replaced by one of joy as the attention was brought back to her.

"Yeah, after pushing the envelope last year I strongly believe we should secure the rights to a less, shall we say controversial show for our school musical? Wait for it…" she paused for dramatic effect and I rolled my eyes "West Side Story!"

"Is that the one with the cats?" Brittany asked quietly, I noticed she didn't look as cheerful as usual, probably due to the fact Santana had been kicked out of the Glee club. Strangely my stomach dropped and a sigh escaped my lips.

"It also has a lead role which showcases my talents perfectly, Maria."

"Which there will be open auditions right?" Mercedes interrupted "Because Mercedes is feeling very pretty this year." She smiled and I chortled

"Kurt you had something else right?"

"Yes." Kurt leapt up and I jumped in surprise "Kurt Hummel is venturing into McKinley High's political shark infested waters. I'm running for Senior Class President. I thank you in advance for your votes." I clapped along with the others

"Okay…So much excitement now let's rehearse."

"Look at what they did to us Mr. Schue, just like these purple pianos they ripped our guts out, threw crap all over us and burned us up." Tina said

"Yeah, they hit us pretty hard, but…" He walked over to the medium shade purple piano and played a few notes "These pianos are still making music and so are we."

"Mr. Schue, as always we are on exactly the same page." Rachel got up and I felt as if I wanted to hurl she started singing you can't stop the beat from Hairspray. We then began to rehearse the new routine for it and by the next day we were ready to perform it. We danced about the stage in purple costumes with the pianos. Mine was a pair of purple skinny jeans, matching purple tank top and a darker shade of purple hoodie. Mike and Brittany had a dance break and they really were amazing, Rachel and Mercedes sung the solos and I along with the rest of the Glee club sung the backing vocals, it was the most fun I'd ever had and once we finished we all laughed and tried to catch our breath.