Chapter Three.

It was time again for another Booty Camp session. We were about to start dancing when Santana walked through the stage door to the right. My heart pounded and I grinned.

"Santana what are you doing here?" Mr Schuester asked

"With the help of some advice from a good friend," she looked at me and smiled "I've decided to rejoin the Glee club, with full allegiance."

"Welcome back Santana." Mr Schue said and we all cheered Mike then said to me

"Hey, could you help Santana catch up?"

"Yeah, sure." I hastily agreed and walked over to where she stood "I see you took my advice."

"That's a rare occurrence from me Emily you should be happy." She used my real name

"Two pieces of advice taken, I'm impressed." We grinned and I added "Let me catch you up."

"What about Mike?"

"He asked me to teach you." I smiled smugly

"That good eh? Now I'm the one who's impressed." I chortled and helped her catch up with the steps; in now time she was as good as the others, even better than some of them. There was one move she was struggling with so I crouched down in front of her and pulled her leg towards me,

"I'll guide your legs; you know the arms so you should be okay." I guided her tanned leg and helped her a little more until she got the move

"Thanks Em." She said then suddenly Mr Schue announced

"Your late." And Mercedes walked in

"I know. I overslept." I furrowed my brows in confusion

"It's 4:30 in the afternoon." Quinn said

"My alarm clock went off 30 minutes late this morning, kind of shifted my whole schedule. Anyway, what's Santana doing here?"

"I've re-sworn my allegiance to the Glee Club, without telling Coach Sue." She spoke up

"Mercedes, I'll catch you up. Five, six, seven. Five, six…" They began to dance but when the turned Mercedes grunted and rushed over to the trash can

"Mercedes, you okay?" Mr Schue asked worried

"My stomach hurts. I think I'm gonna be sick." She replied

"Why are you babying her? I mean, she can't do three steps without puking 'cause she ate at Quizno's before she showed up in this joint." I thought that was slightly mean but Mercedes replied

"Mr. Schue, you have us scheduled to the second right now. With school, Glee Club and Booty Camp, when else am I supposed to eat?"

"When the rest of us do?" That was even meaner and I was about to say something but Mercedes lashed back

"Oh, like you eat!"

"It's not about eating. It's about attitude. Sectionals are coming up, and if we don't give it our all…"

"I am doing my best." Mercedes protested

"No, you're not. It's not about doing your best anymore. It's about doing better." Mr Schue said and we all pulled faces of the same emotion, surprise and confusion, M Schuester never spoke like that. He really was serious about us winning sectionals, so much so he was being mean.

I walked down the hall slightly behind Kurt and Rachel, I thought about catching up with them but thought I might seem annoying, I could only hear snippets of their conversation but from what I heard I gathered they were talking about the election. Brittany and Santana came round the corner and walked up to Kurt and Rachel so I decided to catch up anyway.

"Nice blouse, Hummel. Really brings out the color of your pink eye." Santana said and I tried hard not to giggle

"So, I assume I can rely on your vote, Rachel, and you Emily?" Brittany asked; Rachel and I shook our heads Rachel replied snidely

"I'm sorry; Brittany, but I've already pledged my fidelity to Kurt."

"Sorry Britt." I smiled apologetically

"Oh, so you're cool with flushing McKinley High's future down the magical poop-stealing water chair?" I did however chortle at that

"Did you know that in six years at this school, we've only exclusively had male student council presidents? And yeah, Kurt looks like Jimmy Fallon's butch daughter, but a vote for him would only empower yet another frank and beans." Santana explained and I nodded approvingly

"Yes. Where has that patriarchy gotten us? Double-digit inflation, economic free fall, oil spills, war in Afghanistan." Brittany seemed to be taking this very seriously

"I tweeted about Britt's flash mob pep rally in the gym, 2:48 and we're all showing up to support her with girl power." Santana smirked

"Yes, boys have made one helluva mess in this school, and there's only one way to clean it up." Suddenly Brittany started singing Run the World and I whispered to Kurt

"Does this happen often here?" he nodded but looked more shocked with Brittany rather than the fact she was singing. Britt picked up some Cheerios and danced her way to the gym where she finished the song and the pep rally. During the song Santana had taken over singing a little whilst her and other girls from the audience joined in the dancing, I was one of them; it was amazing and such a laugh. The song finished and a girl wound through the other assembled girls and handed Brittany a microphone.

"Hi. I'm Brittany S. Pierce, and I'm your next senior class president." She panted and everyone cheered.

I waited in the wings whilst Mike performed Cool for the part of Riff, his dancing was amazing and although I had never heard him singing in Glee club he was pretty amazing at that too. Someone suddenly came up behind me and said

"Hey." I whipped round and found Santana smiling

"God, you scared the crap outta me!" I exclaimed and she smiled

"Sorry, are you auditioning?"

"Yeah for Consuelo, you?" I asked


"Oh my God you're perfect for her!" I encouraged and she replied

"You're perfect for Consuelo too." I smiled

"Thanks, I've never auditioned for anything like this before." I admitted

"Really? Awh you'll be fine, and I'll be waiting in the wings to cheer you on." She smiled and I grinned

"So are we like friends now, because in my travels around McKinley High I heard you're a bit of a bitch, so why are you being nice to me?" I asked, honestly curious

"You gave me some amazing advice, which lead to me being back with Glee club and anyway you remind me of myself, soft inside but not afraid to cut a bitch." She replied off handedly and I couldn't help but laugh then Mike walked off and whispered

"Good luck." I smiled nervously and Santana gave me a quick hug

"You'll be fine" then I walked out on stage.

"Hi, you're Emily Andrewson right?" Miss Pillsbury asked and I nodded

"Y-yes and I will be auditioning for the role of Consuelo." I replied nervously

"Great, what will you be singing?" Coach Beiste asked

"Glitter in the Air by Pink." I replied and they each made approving and also slightly confused faces

"I know it's customary to perform a song from the actual musical, or from another musical but I have always loved this song and it really gets me through so I wanted to sing it today."

"Great, it's a change but not an unneeded one, whenever you're ready." Artie said professionally so I nodded and walked over to the piano. I had been practicing for hours over the past week at home and in my free periods to get the piano part and the singing perfect. I let out a deep breath and then sucked in another and started to play the familiar notes.

'Have you ever fed a lover with just your hands?
Closed your eyes and trusted, just trusted?
Have you ever thrown a fist full of glitter in the air?
Have you ever looked fear in the face and said, "I just don't care"?

It's only half past the point of no return
The tip of the iceberg
The sun before the burn
The thunder before the lightning
The breath before the phrase
Have you ever felt this way?

Have you ever hated yourself for staring at the phone?
Your whole life waiting on the ring to prove you're not alone
Have you ever been touched so gently you had to cry?
Have you ever invited a stranger to come inside?

It's only half past the point of oblivion
The hourglass on the table
The walk before the run
The breath before the kiss
And the fear before the flames
Have you ever felt this way?

La La La La La La La La

There you are, sitting in the garden
Clutching my coffee,
Calling me sugar
You called me sugar

Have you ever wished for an endless night?
Lassoed the moon and the stars and pulled that rope tight?
Have you ever held your breath and asked yourself will it ever get better than tonight?

I played the piano out as I held the last note. Then I focused again, out of the musical trance and heard the applause I looked up, shocked to find Coach Beiste and Emma standing and applauding, Coach Beiste was also crying! I stood up and bowed with a slight laugh.

"Amazing, amazing! It was so refreshing to get some raw music and power! I'm impressed!" Artie cheered

"That was beautiful, really beautiful." Coach sniffed and I replied hastily

"Thank you, thank you so much!"

"You're welcome but really I think we should be thanking you." Artie said and Miss Pillsbury clapped, I started to walk off stage but instead jogged and practically jumped on Santana

"I did it! I did it!" I squealed and she laughed

"You certainly did, that was amazing!"

"You really think so?" I asked and pulled back, but still had my arms on her shoulders

"I know so, now get off me so I can go kick some ass." She joked and I grinned as I let go of her after giving one last squeeze and then watched as she really did kick ass on her song. If she didn't get Anita it would be a crime against nature.

I lay on my bed reading The Hunger Games for about the fiftieth time and my phone buzzed; One New Message. I unlocked my phone, it was from Santana.

'Cast list goes up tomorrow, u nervous?' I typed a reply

'Terrified u?'

'No I know I nailed it.' I laughed, she was just so to the point and I loved that about her.

'You certainly did!'

'Thanks, you did too btw did u understand the Chemistry homework?'

'Yeah, why?'

'Could I maybe come over for you to run through it with me?' I replied

'Yeah sure, 6:40 OK with u?'

'Awesome thanks, u live a few streets over from Quinn right?'

'Yeah, Chester street.'

'Oh my abuela lives on that street! See u soon x' I recognised the Spanish for grandma and sighed as I put the phone down. Not a sad sigh that had been escaping my lips recently but a content one. I smiled to myself then looked around the room, it was a pigsty


I rushed around my room cleaning it up, straightening my bed sheet, realigning my posters so they were even and cleaning up my desk. It took way longer than I thought it would because my room was a hell of a lot bigger than the one I'd had in England. To be honest my whole house was bigger. It was one of the better things about the USA than sunny England. The weather was also much better, my mum was already sun burnt whereas I was working up a fabulous tan-if I do say so myself. I then pounded down the stairs and into the open plan downstairs. The walls were a clean white with pictures up of all our family trips and other paintings, when I looked at it all it was very English, as a joke we had put up a keep calm and carry on poster in the kitchen, which was where I was headed. I opened the large fridge/freezer with an ice machine- which I found far more entertaining than I should for my age- and grabbed a can of coke. I checked the clock 5:45. I still had a while so I made some snacks, just crisps and some nuts. I sighed and looked at my handiwork of the snacks laid out on the kitchen island, another awesome new feature. I walked back into the living room through a square arch that connected the rooms and crashed onto the sofa. I turned on the large TV and watched some MTV. After my dad was offered the job that made us move to America we had gotten a huge sum of cash and I mean huge, almost 1 million pounds which exchanged into even more American dollars! So he treated us to this massive house and kept some aside for my college fund. Surprisingly he kept his crappy old ford mustang but he did buy me a classic Mini for when I passed my driving test, something I was very pleased about, even though it looked really rather odd next to all the flashy American cars. Suddenly Bolt my Siberian husky barked and put his paws up on my lap.

"Hey boy, how are you?" I ruffled his ears and he yipped playfully "Sorry boy I can't play now." He whined and I smiled sadly at him "Later 'kay?" he padded off and I checked my watch, I had only killed twenty minutes so I decided to go back up to my room and do some other homework. I raced up the stairs, I always had run up stairs at home I have no idea why. I admired my room, even though we had only been in America for three weeks I had still made a great start on my room, I had painted the walls white and was working on a wall art above my bed which had a wold howling and stars, fluid strokes and musical notes flowing from its mouth. I smiled at my work; I still needed to paint the wolf head I was going to paint it like a night sky with purples and blues. I plonked myself down on the side of my bed, the purple starred covers crinkling and making a rustling sound. My phone buzzed and I leant over, stretching my arm to its limit to try and reach without getting up. I managed to grab it and unlocked the screen, One New Message. I checked and it was from Santana

'Hey you mind if I come over a bit earlier? Like 6:10?'

'Yeah sure, that's fine'

'Great thnx Em'

'No prblm'

I sighed; there went my plans for homework out the window. I decided to put on my apron and after checking the clock to find it was 5:50, began painting my mural. I pulled my hair back into a ponytail and rolled up my jumper sleeves. I worked on some of the fluid patterns coming from its mouth and then changed paint colour to a deep blue and painted the wolf head, the brush stroked over the smooth wall and instantly calmed me, I had always loved painting and I now realized how calming and de-stressing it was. I cursed as I went over the line of the wolf's ruffled neck fur and quickly grabbed a thinner brush and dipped it in the black paint to repaint the mistake. I stood back and admired it, the purples and blues were blending perfectly for the pelt and now I only had the muzzle to do. I was about to lean forward and begin painting when the doorbell rang throughout the house causing Bolt to bark loudly and me to splash paint on my bed covers.

"Crap." I brushed my fringe aside and rubbed my hands on my apron; I rushed downstairs and wiped my hands again to stop any paint getting on the door handle. I took in a deep breath and opened the door with a smile. Santana smiled back but then fully took in my appearance furrowed her brows

"Oh God sorry did I come at the wrong time?" I looked down at myself, paint had spattered everywhere and my hair was scruffy from the quick ponytail I had dragged it into

"Oh no not at all! I was painting my room whilst I waited for you to come round, the time got away from me." I quickly explained slightly surprised at her worriedness

"Oh right, can I come in?"

"Oh of course, make yourself at home, I'm still trying to." She chuckled as I gestured inside and steeped aside so she could get past. She was still in her Cheerios uniform and my eyes grazed over her body and how short the skirt was. My eyes widened and I quickly tore my eyes away

"Wow, this place is great!" she exclaimed as she looked round

"Heh, I suppose thank you."

"No problem." Santana replied and dropped her bag beside the sofa, she sat down and I asked

"Would you like a drink?"

"That'd be great thanks." Her eyes still travelled around the room

"Coke okay?"

"Yeah." I went into the kitchen giving Bolt a stroke as I passed him, I grabbed the cans from the fridge and dropped them when I heard a scream form the other room. I raced into the sitting room to find Bolt jumping up and Santana and her cowering in the corner of the couch. He got up on the cushions and I raced forward as she yelped again.

"Down, Bolt now!" I shouted at him but he wasn't listening so I rushed forward and reached my arms around his large body. I hauled him up off of the still cowering Santana and took him into the kitchen, slightly puffing with the effort. I picked the Cokes off of the floor and ushered him out the back door. He gazed up at me longingly but I ignored him and locked it the door anyway. I placed the cans on the table and Santana hesitantly took her hands from her face.

"I-is it g-gone?" she stuttered and I sat down next to her

"Yeah, I'm so sorry he's not used to new people." I said and gently put my arm on her shoulder to comfort her.

"It's okay; I'm just really scared of dogs, well big dogs." She sighed and I raised my lips in a one-sided smile

"Do you wanna keep this between us?" I asked "Not like I really have that many friends to tell." She chuckled and said

"Yeah, if you don't mind, not even Britt knows about that."

"No problem," I passed her the Coke and she nodded in thanks "So what you been up to?"

"Cheerios practice." She replied

"Yeah I noticed; does Coach Sue ever let you take that thing off?" I gestured to her uniform

"Not really." We made some more small talk and then I suggested going up stairs to go over the Chemistry, Santana nodded and I showed her up the stairs, I noticed her eyes gazing over the photos on the stairway, she stopped at one of me and my old group of friends. "Are these your friends back in England?"

"Yeah, I miss them so much." I sighed

"How long are you in America for?" she asked

"Until I graduate college, then I still won't have the money to move back; and anyway they'll have all forgotten me by then anyway." Tears sprung to my eyes and I sniffed she smiled sadly at me and I gave a slight smile back. We continued up the stairs and into my room

"Whoa…" she breathed and I followed her eyes to the wolf mural I had been painting earlier "Did you do this?"

"Yeah I did." I smiled proudly and she turned, eyes gleaming

"It's amazing."

"You really think so?"

"Of course I do! It looks like a professional did this!" Santana exclaimed and I grinned

"Thanks, it means a lot coming from you." Her brows furrowed

"What do you mean?"

"Well I've seen the way you look at people, or the way you insult them and you've never really done that to me. Only once in the cafeteria so why am I an exception?"

"I-I don't know…" she said "I think you remind me of me, or rather the person I like to believe I am on the inside. I walk around so angry with the world when really I think inside I'm a nice person and good like you," she gestured to me "I think maybe if I be nice to you you'll return the favor. I've already made an impression with everyone else at school and let's just say it's not the most dazzling report but with you I get a second chance, a chance to be a good person, to be who I really want to be without all the insults."

"Wow, that's…amazing Santana." I replied "For the record, you are a good person and I'm not meaning to pry but I can see there's something going on in your life, something you don't want people to know about that makes you angry, makes you defensive and causes the insults. I don't know what it is but I can feel there's something more going on here." Her eyes widened and her mouth twitched "I've been through a lot of shit in my life, if you want to talk to me about it-"

"No!" she yelled "There's nothing going on! I'm fine, I've always been this way and I always will! I'm not angry at the world, I'm angry at the people who inhabit this hell hole and I don't know why I didn't see it before…" she huffed and shook her head in disbelief "you're one of the worst. So happy, so nice so… perfect." My face crumpled "I should never have come here. It was my mistake and it was also yours." She stormed out of the room and I heard the door slam behind her as she made her exit.

I had asked Mr Schue if I could be excused from Booty Camp today because I really didn't want to see Santana, ever since her visit the other day I had tried to avoid the Latina. Now I was surer than anything something was going on with her but I didn't want to push the matter. I wanted to be her friend not some creepy stalker, so I was giving her space. I walked down the hall and into the choir room. I sat at the back and looked around the room, it was a quiet place, with the Glee club practicing in the auditorium and it was cold, it reminded me of the music room at my old school. When the Glee clubbers were actually in here it was nothing like it but now, cold, empty and silent it was exactly like the practice room over in England. I sighed and pulled out my phone. I tapped on the contacts and called my friend Chloe, it would cost loads but right now I didn't care. She picked up on the third ring. "Hello?"

"Hey, it's me."

"Emily! How are you?" she asked excitedly

"I'm good, what about you?"

"Meh okay, so what's it like in America?" I sighed into the phone "What's wrong?"

"Just, it's difficult, new school, new people, new problems." I replied

"You do like it over there don't you?" Chloe said worriedly

"Yeah and guess what?" I couldn't contain my excitement


"I joined a Glee club!"

"What the hell's a Glee club?" she asked and I could picture her face, eyebrows furrowed, mouth in a slight grimace and her nose scrunched up I laughed

"It's a singing club and I've made quite a few new friends." I explained


"Yeah, but don't worry they'll never replace you." I smiled

"Heh, I wasn't worried about that." But I knew she had been, I could tell it from her voice "So what're they like?

"Well first there's Kurt, he's gay but unbelievably awesome with great fashion sense, Blaine his boyfriend who uses way too much gel. Mercedes who can be a bit of a diva but cool all the same, Tina and Mike, Mike's an amazing dancer, Finn who really isn't a dancer, Rachel who's kinda intense, Artie, Puck, Quinn, Brittany and Santana, Santana's really cool but there's something up with her. I just don't know what…"

"What do you mean?"

"Well she's really defensive and can cut you with her insults but then other times she's really nice and sweet, I think something's going on with her and she's trying to hide it, that's what makes her so defensive." I explained

"Sounds possible…" She trailed off and I could hear someone speaking in the background "Listen, I gotta go now but I'll try and talk later 'kay?"

"Okay." I sighed

"Laters." She hung up before I even had the chance to say goodbye.

I sat in the audience on my own, two rows behind Mike and Tina and three seats over from Santana and Brittany, I was going to skip the Mercedes/Rachel face of but Kurt had begged me to come claiming we were going to be talking about it for years to come. Mercedes was up first and she was truly amazing but Rachel also pulled out all the stops, you could see how much they both wanted the part and would do anything to get it. I sighed as they finished and clapped along with the others but my heart wasn't in it. I walked out of the auditorium first and slowly walked to my locker; I had put up photos of my friends back in England and a couple I had taken with Kurt, Tina and Mercedes. I checked my phone, blank, no messages. I ran a hand through my brown hair and my pinkie got caught on a knot so I got my brush out and gave my hair a quick go through. I checked my makeup in the mirror and after a small amount of deliberation decided it was okay. I closed the door louder than I meant to be no one seemed to notice. I sighed and walked down the corridor to the main doors, I walked out into the warm air. 'I don't think I'll ever get used to it being warm nearly all the time' I thought to myself and made my way home.

Artie wheeled down the corridor and I noticed as he passed me the white sheet of paper in his lap, the cast list. I hurriedly followed him, my heart pounding in my chest. 'What if I didn't get the part? Or what if I did?' Thoughts raced through my head and he pinned it up. I let Mike go first, he cheered and hugged Tina tightly and I congratulated him, Santana was next and she smiled as she read she had gotten Anita. I stepped forward and above Officer Krupke was the name Consuelo…..Emily Andrewson "I did it… I did it!" I laughed and cheered as Tina gave me a hug and Blaine was next alongside Kurt who had gotten Tony and Officer Krupke, I had noticed Maria had been given to Rachel but I didn't care I had gotten the part! I turned and Santana was standing somewhat nervously next to me

"Well done, you deserved it." She said and I smiled

"Thank you, you're going to ace Anita."

"Thanks." She said and I gave her a hug, argument forgotten. Santana hugged back and we all laughed as we walked away, I noticed Mercedes walking into Miss Corcoran's classroom but thought nothing of it.

Mr Schue explained to us that he wanted us all to perform Fix You by Coldplay this week so we rehearsed and then got changed into the costumes he had assigned us; mine was a pair of white skinny jeans, white converse, white t-shirt with some faded flower patterns and a white cardigan. I stood right at the back in the middle, a tier higher than Finn and Mike. We sang the song well and I heard Mr Schuester sing for the first time ever, he was really good and I could see why everyone admired him so much. In the end we didn't laugh and cheer like we usually did we left in silence because it was a song that didn't need to be cheered just quietly respected, and we all liked it that way.