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A Different Jutsu: Part Two.

Black book Missions:
Burning Speed

The three young adults looked up to their master, who sat on a chair calmly holding a manilla folder that he passed to the person to the furthest right of the trio.

"Burning Speed, the Hokage has sent your first solo mission." He said as Burning Speed opened the folder to take a look, "You have one week for it to be done. The three of us will stay here and wait for one week starting from tomorrow morning. You will be presumed dead after that. Understood?"

Burning Speed smirked as she stood, revealing her identity in the firelight. "I'll be done in three days Sensei." Sakura said as she suddenly disappeared in a burst of speed.


It was sunrise two days after she left the hut and Sakura stood on the outcropping of a stony river, waiting for her prey to come within distance. She needed two corpses from this village and that is what she'd get.

After waiting for a few more minutes, Sakura saw a team of three Hidden Waterfall ninjas enter the clearing next to the river. She raised the sleeves of her cloak as she listened to their conversation.

"Look, I told you the river was here! Since we've found it we can take the shortcut back to the village." One Hidden Waterfall ninja said to his teammates.

The other male ninja nodded, "Alright, but we have to hurry, I don't think Michiru-chan can hold on much longer." He said as he held the girl on his back comfortingly.

The first male nodded, "Well, I think everyone at the village will be happy we're back with injuries. I mean, this was supposed to be a suicide mission." He said as he stepped closer to the river.

Hearing a gurgling sound, the first ninja glanced behind him to see his male teamate's throat ripped open. He paused in fear as he saw a cloaked figure walk out from the tree line. The figure pointed at him and he saw the man's red eyes.

Itachi spoke in his smooth and threatening voice, "Where is your village's Jinchuuriki?"

The Waterfall ninja began to panic, 'Oh my god! The Uchiha murderer?! No way I can beat him! But I can't hand over the village's secrets!'

The injured girl forced herself to her feet and attacked Itachi from behind, "GO HOKI!" she yelled as she held on tightly, buying her teammate time.

Hoki began crying at his teammate's sacrifice before diving into the river behind him and forming hand signs, "WATER STYLE: LANDSCAPE WATERFALL!" he proclaimed.

The river began flowing like a sideways waterfall, pushing Hoki back towards the Hidden Waterfall and far away from Itachi and Michiru.

Seeing that they were now alone, 'Itachi' flipped the girl over onto her back and dropped the transformation, revealing Sakura standing with her foot on Michiru's chest.

The girl's eyes widened as Sakura finished her hand signs and held a hand to her mouth, "FIRE STYLE: SEARING FLAMES!"

Sakura's attack burned the screaming girl's head until her brain was cooked, Sakura held the jutsu until the girl's head was nothing more than hot bones and ashen muscle.

Stepping away, Sakura frowned at the way she killed her opponent, 'Accurate slice and super hot fire. Signatures of the Uchiha clan.' She thought as she turned away and set off to finish her mission as fast as she can.


A Few Hours Later


A fully cloaked Sakura walked calmly down the country road, looking around her as the leafy terrain started to become rocky. Feeling as though she was being watched, she sent chakra to her earrings. Within moments she could see power and threat levels in various spots around the stoney outcropping thanks to Scouter Sight.

She paused in her walking and turned full circle, 'Twenty of them. No one more than threat level three, must be a group of bandits.' She thought as she raised an arm and pointed calmly straight at the strongest threat.

Within moments, all the bandits had walked out, with her pointing directly at the one in front of her, "Well boys? Why have you been watching me?" she asked as she deactivated her shades.

The lead bandit grinned, "Ya see, we are the rulers of this here strip of road. Everyone who comes through here has to pay a fee, or lose a limb." He said with a supposedly intimidating laugh that was mimicked by all of those around him.

Not actually caring about the situation at all, Sakura kicked the ground with her earth chakra, using her now signature earth technique.

The bandits all fell away in shock as a single earth spear shot up from the ground and split the leader in half. She raised her arm which stopped them from screaming, "Listen, you all have two options right now. Option one, you are killed by me. Option two, you do me one favour and then get out of my life. If you accept option two, please stand to my left. If not…well you better start running." She said as she lifted one sleeve calmly, showing her blood red gauntlet.

Within the minute, all the bandits stood to her left. Sakura smiled as she looked over them, "Okay! I'm hiring you guys for a little distraction. Since you are people, I will pay you for your efforts. Any questions?" she asked excitedly.

One brave bandit lifted his arm into the air, "Y-yes ma'am, what exactly do you need us to do?" he asked.

Sakura grinned as she flipped her hood off of her head, "We're gonna attack the Hidden Star Village!"


That night, eleven pm


"Don't worry boys, they literally have only thirty ninja. And some of them are sick, so we can handle it easily." Sakura yelled over the wind as her and the fifty bandits flew on the back of Amaterasu, a huge black phoenix with black flames growing from his wings.

They slowed and came to a stop, hovering in the night's sky above the Hidden Star. Sakura stood on Amaterasu's head and turned to her followers, "Alright, remember your orders?" she asked.

"Yes Ma'am!" her bandits yelled, fully devoted to fulfilling Sakura's needs.

Sakura turned and knelt, placing her hand on Amaterasu's head, "Do it Ama-kun" she whispered.

To the shock of all of the bandits, Amaterasu suddenly flew up into the air and held upside down. All the bandits fell screaming, while Sakura stood on Amaterasu's head using her chakra.

Sakura watched as the rain of people fell upon the star village with a frown, 'If I didn't kill them, they would've hurt more people at that crossroad.' She thought before once again placing her hand on Amaterasu's head, "Thanks Ama-kun!" she said before he dispelled into smoke.

The people of the Hidden star ran out of their homes at the sounds of screaming, only to look up as fifty people seemingly appeared from a large white cloud and began falling to the ground. From every person's point of view, it was obvious that they thought they would fall to their deaths.

The few active ninjas leapt into the air and held the bird hand seal, "NINJA ART: MYSTERIOUS PEACOCK METHOD!" they yelled as their purple enhanced chakra formed.

Chakra limbs reached out to safely catch as many of the falling bandits as they could, while off to the side, the Hoshikage frowned as he looked between the falling people, 'What's going on?' he thought as he grew chakra wings and flew into the air for a better view.

His attention snapped downwards as he heard a scream. He grimaced as some of the bandits that weren't caught impacted the ground in a grotesque display of splatter, 'How did this happen? What's the point of this?' he thought before hearing a humming above him.

He looked up to see a cloaked figure with red and pink wings flying in the air just above his position, he was instantly on guard, realising that this person was responsible for the sudden deaths of so many people.

"Who are you? As Hoshikage I demand you tell me!" he yelled as he flew up and became level with the cloaked person.

Sakura smirked as she tore off her cloak, showing her new appearance. She had the body of a young woman, dressed in a white tunic over a light red singlet. Her lower half wore only black tights, though her body had numerous golden bands over it. She had two on each calf, two on each thigh, one as a belt, a necklace, earrings, her wrists, forearms, biceps, around her forehead both above and below her hidden leaf headband, and a red band on each pointer finger. On her back grew mechanical wings, seemingly a cross between the wings from Snow ninja armour and her own upgrades. They were framed with red steel and covered in a pink material.

The Hoshikage stared as Sakura's limbs disappeared in a rainbow glow, "I am Burning Speed." She said with a smirk before suddenly appearing behind the airborne Hoshikage.

Sakura floated tall in the air, her claws set ablaze with fire chakra and the soles of her feet protruding the same. She turned slowly to look at the Hoshikage as he fell into three pieces, hitting the ground in a bloody heap.

"NO! Third Hoshikage-sama!"

Sakura looked down to see a ninja with a rock imbedded in his chest, Sakura's eyes narrowed as her Scouter Sight glasses appeared over her eyes. She grinned, "Hello little star." She muttered as she stared at the meteorite in the man's chest.

The man held the bird hand seal as he gave out orders, "Shisou! Yotaka! This bitch killed the Third! We must be careful!" he shouted before the chakra in the meteorite flared.

The two Star village Jonin next to the one who yelled nodded, "Hai Akahoshi-sama!" the shouted in unison.


Sakura frowned as she watched Akahoshi send out an overwhelming amount of chakra which Shisou and Yotaka formed into three airborne lions. Sakura formed hand signs in response as the beasts charged up at her.

"PHEONIX STYLE: BURNING FEATHER RAIN!" she yelled as she sent chakra to her wings which caught alight.

Sakura shot literally thousands of feathers made of fire at the approaching beasts, her chakra battled fiercely with the chakra of the beasts but was slowly pushed back. The three star ninjas yelled as they pushed the beasts up to Sakura's previous position.

Note: previous position.

The beasts continued into the air uninterrupted, causing the three Star Jonin to look around in confusion.


Yotaka's chest literally exploded and a burst of fire destroyed the rest of his body from behind as Sakura stood in a high kick position. She was now surrounded by twenty or so Chunnin and higher ranked ninja who were staring at her in determination and fear.

Sakura slowly lowered her leg as he wings disappeared in a rainbow glow, reforming a golden ring that was sitting on her back surrounding an Uchiha clan symbol. She turned in a circle and analysed everyone with her Scouter Sight, 'With these guys working together, this may be a hard one.' she thought as her right gauntlet began to glow a faint red around the wrist.

Akahoshi took a step forward, "Everyone! We can beat her if we work together! Don't hold back!" he said as he held the bird sign once again.

Everyone began to follow his lead, though they stopped as Sakura calmly raised her left arm in the air, "Umm excuse me Ninja-san," she said cute and innocently, "Wouldn't it be more appropriate to find out why I attacked so suddenly? Because if I get what I want I have no more reason to waste you all." She said with a wink.

The ninja of the Hidden Star glanced at Akahoshi, looking for leadership. He lowered his chakra a little and nodded slowly, "It would be, but I'd rather not risk it since you just killed our leader." He said with a frown.

Sakura raised a brow, "What? You mean the old guy I hacked in three?" she asked as she pointed to the remains of the Third Hoshikage.

Akahoshi nodded, causing Sakura to raise a brow in shock, "But his threat level was almost twice as weak as yours. Why aren't you the Kage?" she asked.

Akahoshi frowned, trying to keep Sakura's attention on him while his comrades formed an attack at her from behind, he spoke, "By the looks of things I may become the Fourth now that the Third has passed on. Fine then, tell me what you came here for." he said, trying to keep Sakura's eyes trained on his.

Sakura shrugged with a smirk, feeling the ground with her earth chakra, she easily noticed Shisou walking up behind her as quietly as he could. "Well that's easy, I need the Meteorite." She said while pointing at Akahoshi's chest.

He took a step back, as did many ninja who suddenly leapt between Sakura and Akahoshi, "I have been named the Star's keeper! I am the ultimate weapon on the Hidden Star Village and I will not fall!" he said as he took a stance.


Sakura nodded in appreciation, realising that he used the major output of his chakra to cover up the minor output of chakra from behind her, "Nice try!" she said as she ducked under Shisou's hidden attack and spun around while on her knees.


Sakura's right arm shot out in a straight punch that was surrounded by a tornado of fire, the punch went straight through Shisou's stomach and out the other side, penetrating three buildings before her arm stopped and the fire compacted.

She smirked, "Boom."


The Hidden Star ninjas' eyes widened in fear as all the flames from Sakura's attack burst outwards, setting half of the village on fire as she turned back to face Akahoshi and his chakra dragon.

The star ninjas began charging their chakra to attack as Akahoshi took the lead. His dragon shot a sphere of chakra from its mouth straight as Sakura.

Sakura leapt into the air and flipped over the attack as her body was fully covered in the rainbow glow of Radical Good Speed. She landed and was enveloped in the smoke from the chakra ball's explosion, hiding completely.

The Star ninjas formed their attacks, a wide range of purple chakra based beasts appeared before the smoke cloud and attacked at Sakura with chakra projectiles, chakra claws and the occasion kunai.


Sakura shot from the cloud in a red blur, slicing through multiple beasts at a time with her foot, with every surface she 'rebounded' from, her speed increased. Within a minute, Sakura had reduced the forces of the Hidden Star to six people.

Akahoshi utilised his enhanced dragon to shoot a chakra ball in front of Sakura's blur, succeeding in forcing her to stop her carnation attack. She leapt back in a quick manoeuvre and landed back in her starting position, letting the remaining ninjas get a good view of her fully equipped form.

Sakura stood tall as she proclaimed, "RADICAL GOOD SPEED: WHEELS UNLIMITED!"

Sakura's bands manifested as a mostly metallic bodysuit with her normal gauntlets wrist guards, a new jetpack-like hind section, kneecaps and boots meshed with bright pink, red and purple armour sections covered her body. She had a full-face helmet with spikes surrounding the eyebrow region and a large fin jutting back and upwards from the head for maximum velocity speed cutting. Her wings were folded into two compact sections over her shoulder blades.

She touched her back foot on the ground before literally disappearing from view, she appeared next to the Chunnin to the furthest left of the group of Star ninjas, "HEEL AND TOE!"

She kicked his side and disappeared from view again, a half-second after her kick impacted, the force blew into the Chunnin's side, launching him into the air towards the airborne Sakura.

Sakura's foot set ablaze as she flipped forward, "PHOENIX STOMP!" she yelled as she swung her foot downwards, launching the Chunnin at one of his associates with a resounding sonicboom.

The Jonin tried to catch his comrade, only for Sakura to shoot past the falling Chunnin and use a flaming claw to slash the ninja in half. Sakura disappeared once again as the two corpses collided in a bloody mess.

All of this happened within five seconds from when Sakura proclaimed her upgrade's new form. She landed once again in her starting position and smirked as her full face helmet opened to show her face again, "You have one more chance," She said as she held out her right arm and let it form her executioner's blade, "Before I kill you."

The last three ninjas turned to Akahoshi, "Akahoshi! You must give her the Star! For the sake of the people remaining in this village!" the only female left proclaimed.

Akahoshi scowled, "No! We mustn't let her tell us what to do! We of the Star are powerful! We have strength from the heavens themselves! We h-HCK!" Akahoshi let out as Sakura appeared behind the group of Hidden Star Ninjas and his stomach exploded in a burst of blood.

Sakura quickly spun and hacked through the chakra shield of one ninja before they could react, leaving only two ninjas left. She deactivated her blade and ducked under the punch of one of the Jonin, she grasped the meteorite and ripped it from Akahoshi's chest before jumping over a sweep kick from the second ninja.

Sakura spun in midair as her feet began to glow red flames and she split kicked the two ninja on either side of her, "FIRE STYLE: ANNIHILATING SECOND BULLET! DUAL SHOT!" she yelled as the kicks impacted.

Because of the dual shot, the kicks were halved in strength. But thanks to the fire enhancement, the kick's explosive qualities were enhanced enough to still obliterate the ninja's chest cavities in the single hit.

Landing on her feet, Sakura stood tall and glanced around the area. Seeing no more life forms in the area of the village, she deactivated her armour completely.

Sakura sighed as she looked around the burning village, the flames lighting up the sky even though it was night time. 'Someone from the nearby civilian village will notice the flames soon enough. By the time anyone capable can investigate this situation, the clues will be set.' She thought as she lifted the corpse of one of her thugs over her shoulder and began walking to the outskirts of the dying village.

Sakura set the corpse down on the ground and formed a few hand signs, "MUD CLONE JUTSU!" she proclaimed.

The clone formed from the ground around her and lifted the corpse up, "You know what to do." Sakura ordered.

The clone nodded and began walking off, letting the corpse's blood drip down onto the ground in a way that would leave a trail as she walked in the direction of the Hidden Waterfall village. A few hours from then, the clone would be dumping the body in a bloody mess by a river near the corpses of the two dead Hidden Waterfall ninjas. Leaving evidence of torture and interrogation before stepping into the river and dispelling into a pile of stones.

Sakura turned back to face the center of the village and placed the meteorite in a pouch tied to her waist, she activated her Phoenix Wings and formed hand signs as the wings began to flap.


She spat a giant fireball which was turned into a blanket of flames from the wind jutsu launched from her wings. The jutsu began to burn the village to ash as Sakura turned away and leapt into the air, flying back to the mission hut.

"Mission Success."

################################################## ##

Black book Mission:
Reaping Hunter


"Reaping Hunter, the village has confirmed the possibility of an Uzumaki in the Hidden Grass village. Unfortunately, my spies in the sound village have confirmed that Orochimaru is seeking her out. All we know is that her name is Karin Uzumaki, she has red hair and a split personality disorder. Orochimaru is interested in her for a strange healing ability she has and her sensory abilities, which are apparently higher than his own while she has only just achieved Chunnin status last year." The master of the three young ninjas stated as he handed a folder to Reaping Hunter, a.k.a Reaper.

Reaper nodded and opened the folder to memorise it as the explanation was finished, "The Sound have located her, she is on border patrol at the Grass Village's northern lookout. The only problem, we don't know where that is located. Find her, save her from the Sound, and then if possible convince her to join the Leaf. Your time limit is a week."

Reaper nodded and stood as his eyes blazed with the Sharingan, "Consider it done Sensei." Sasuke said before fading out of existence.


Forty hours later


Sasuke stood on his hover board, darting through the trees on his way to a checkpoint of his own specification. His chameleon Genjutsu was active, giving the illusion that there was just a strong breeze passing through as he skated within two feet of some travelling civilians.

After another hour of travel, his Sharingan picked up the subtle signs of recent ninja activity. He rode his board vertically up a tree before stopping on a branch and analysing what he could see. 'This chakra, it is inflicted with the chakra of a curse seal.' Sasuke thought as he stared at the lingering chakra signature in the area.

He focussed and found two less potent chakras on either side of the first, 'A Sound team. Strength assumable from the chakra signatures: Jonin, Chunnin and Chunnin. One of the Chunnin has a Kekkei Genkai.' He thought as he focussed on looking further into the chakra tracks. 'Seems to be water based.'

Sasuke stood up and looked in the direction the chakra was leading as the signature was beginning to dampen, 'These men are the team after Karin-san by the looks of things. They are ahead of schedule, I will easily be able to catch up to them by tomorrow.' He thought as he took out his sealing equipment.

Sasuke wrote out his seal and held it up to the cursed chakra signature's stream, 'Reading… Recognised.' He thought as his seal fluctuated once. He wrote another seal and tied the seal matrixes together before placing the end result on the weight of his now unsealed Kusarigama.

He partially sealed the opposite end of the chain into the top of his hover board and lay down on it. He pulsed his chakra, activating all the seals needed in response.

Within moments, Sasuke's board was being carried through the trees at a constant pace, being dragged behind his airborne tracking seal that would only slow down if the signature got to large. Sasuke closed his eyes to catch up on his sleep while he tracked his prey to Karin's position.


It was early morning when he felt his seal's speed change. Sasuke woke up almost instantly and flipped around to stand of his board as he reengaged his chameleon jutsu. 'Must be getting close.' He thought as he blinked on his Sharingan.

He deactivated his seals and wrapped his weapon on like a belt while resealing his board back into its sealing capsule that he clicked onto his beltline, just below his chain weapon. 'I'll follow them manually now.' He thought as he leapt after the lingering chakra signatures.

After a few minutes, Sasuke stopped on a branch and used his Sharingan's extraordinary perception to see through near fifty metres of shrubbery to see the team of three sound ninjas packing up their tent. Sasuke read their lips to understand the conversation.

The Jonin turned to his Chunnin, "Hey, hurry up. I said we're leaving five minutes ago. It shouldn't take you guys this long to take down a tent."

The two Chunnin finally folded the last piece and one of them looked to their right, "Hey, I can hear people that way." He muttered.

Sasuke's eyes narrowed, 'So, being with the sound village has enhanced his hearing that much? He's the ninja without the Kekkei Genkai.' Sasuke thought.

The Jonin nodded, "That would make sense, we aren't far from the location now."

The other Chunnin yawned, "Man, I'm thirsty." He muttered before lifting a cup to his mouth and taking all of the liquid in a single go.

The Jonin sighed, "Suigetsu, save your water for now. We will be passing a river up ahead so you can restore you energy there."

Suigetsu nodded, "Sweeeeet." He said with a grin.

As the three stood to their feet and got ready to move, Sasuke's eyes widened, 'That Suigetsu guy, he's got one of the Seven Swords of the Mist!' Sasuke thought.

Indeed, just before the ninjas leapt off Sasuke got a good look at the sword. It was Nuibari, the sewing needle longsword.

Sasuke activated his chameleon jutsu and used his Sharingan to follow the trio, he managed to time his steps perfectly with Suigetsu so that as he grew closer he wouldn't be noticed by the sound enhanced ninja.

Sasuke stayed in the trio's shadow as he read over the three ninjas with his Sharingan, 'I can't bring attention to myself. I need to follow them to the tower and let them start trouble.' He thought before nodding to himself.

The Jonin rose his fist up, signalling for his team to slow down. Within moments, Sasuke was perched as he watched the three ninjas as they stealthed through the shrubbery towards the outpost.

Sasuke leapt to the top of the tallest tree in the area and widened his eyes while pulsing chakra through his Sharingan, recording everything into his memory perfectly.

Sasuke closed his eyes and brought up his memory of the tower's floor plan alongside what he saw. 'Outside guards: eight. Which means approximately twenty in total, excluding Karin-san's team and the Sound ninjas.' He thought as his infiltration plan came to the front of his mind's eye.

After a few moments Sasuke's eyes widened and he glanced downwards with his Sharingan, seeing through the Genjutsu the sound nins were using to hide. 'By the looks of it they're waiting for nightfall,' Sasuke thought before glancing at the setting sun, 'Forty two minutes, give or take a few seconds.'

Sasuke pulled out a large sheet of A2 paper and began writing a complex area seal. By the time forty minutes had passed, Sasuke had just finished putting his ink back in his pouch. He formed a few hand seals and placed his palms on the paper as he thought, 'SEALING ART: SELECTIVE AREA DESTRUCTION: ELEMENTAL HOLD!'


Kabuto glanced around in concentration, 'Was that a chakra pulse?' he thought as he glanced behind the two Chunnin accompanying him.

'Why am I here?! I wanna kill something!' Sinami thought with a sigh.

Suigetsu yawned, completely oblivious to either of his teammates, 'Man, I hate this shit. I already have Nuibari, I need to go find the other swords.' He thought.

Kabuto stood tall, breaking the Genjutsu he had around his team, "It's time. Suigetsu, take out these guards. Sinami, follow around to the back entrance and cause a large distraction. I will go find this Karin and capture her. When you hear my signal, we retreat. Am I understood?" Kabuto asked as he pulled out one of his medic kunai.

Sinami nodded and Suigetsu pulled Nuibari from his back, ""Hai Kabuto!""

Kabuto nodded, "Go then. You have three minutes until I'll move. Then I'll be done as quickly as I can." He said before throwing his kunai through the air.

It cut through a flag post, bringing attention to it by the two guards in front of it.


Suigetsu leaned calmly against the door the two guards were standing in front of, he held Nuibari in one hand with a smirk as the two guards turned to him, "LONGSWORD NINJA ART: WIRE CRUCIFICTION!" he said as he pulsed chakra through Nuibari and its string.

The two guards were ripped off of their feet and slammed into the tower wall as ninja wire that had punctured their sternums sliced through their hearts.

Hearing a loud explosion, Suigetsu grinned, "Now that's certainly a good distraction Sinami-san." he muttered.

Suigetsu gasped as Sasuke appeared in front of him with the blade of his Kusarigama stabbed right through his chest, Sasuke smirked at Suigetsu, "That's a nice sword. I'll be taking it for Konoha." he said as he yanked his blade from Suigetsu's body.

Sasuke watched as the liquid was sprayed from Suigetsu's body, but when the liquid entered the moonlight, his eyes widened when it was revealed to be water.

He turned back to Suigestu and brought up his Kusarigama in a block against Nuibari, "Konoha aye?" Suigestu asked with a wicked grin, "Mind if I tag along?"

Sasuke rose a brow at Suigetsu before breaking his guard and landing a solid kick straight into Suigetsu's face.

Suigetsu's head exploded into water, and Suigetsu fell to the ground as a puddle. Sasuke watched the chakra network in the puddle form and it stood up forming Suigetsu again, "You want to come to Konoha?" Sasuke asked before Suigetsu could fully form.

Suigetsu nodded, "Fuck yeah I do. That place has the Thunder Fangs: Kiba, and the Head Cleaver: Kubikiri Bocho. As far as I know, that's the largest amount of the Seven Swords in one location. Let me in." Suigetsu said as he became whole again.

Sasuke scowled, "You're readily abandoning your team and your village?" Sasuke asked, 'I can't trust him, although according to my Sharingan he's telling the truth.' She thought as she continued analysing his opponent.

Suigetsu completely dropped his combat stance and shrugged, "Well, I think I can convince Sinami to come as well if ya want. But I ain't goin against Kabuto, he has this serum that makes my techniques disappear." Suigetsu said with a grin while holding Nuibari out in front of him, "Good Faith." He said dropping the legendary sword into the ground.

Sasuke's eyes widened, 'Better use this to my advantage.' He thought as he grasped the blade.

Suigetsu frowned as he watched Sasuke seal the blade away, "So, what do I do now?" Suigetsu asked.

Sasuke tilted his head in thought, "That tree there," Sasuke said pointing to his perch from earlier, "There's a seal up there sitting on the branch, if you touch it you'll die. Stand between it and the trunk of the tree. When you see fire, get ready to run." Sasuke said before blinking on his chameleon jutsu.

Suigetsu glanced around and shrugged, "Whatever man, I want my sword back after this! What's your name anyway?!" Suigetsu yelled, unsure if he'd even get a reply.

Sasuke's voice echoed around the area, "I am the Reaper."

Suigetsu shivered, 'That was creepy.' He thought before leaping up to the specified location.


Sasuke blinked on his Sharingan as he stood calmly in the hallway, hidden in his chameleon jutsu as he watched the group of six guards and one ninja run over to the window and look out at some explosions.

Sasuke leapt up and stuck to the roof with his chakra as the inhabitants of the room ran underneath him, thanks to his position, Sasuke got a good view at grass ninja that ran past, 'That's not her.' He confirmed.

He dropped onto his feet and walked over to the window, he raised a brow as he glanced around the battlefield, 'For a Sound Ninja she certainly likes explosions.' He thought as he glanced around the battlefield, 'There are two ninjas down there. Neither of them are Karin-san. And by the looks of things, one of them is a Jonin and the other a Chunnin. The Jonin will finish that sound ninja easily.' He thought before turning back to the tower and noticing Kabuto's chakra signature running up the wall.

He frowned at how certain Kabuto's path seemed to be before glancing up, seeing no chakra signature. 'I thought he was after Karin.' Sasuke thought in confusion.

He sighed harshly and pulled out his Kusarigama as he began running forward, "May as well just follow him." He muttered as he ran after Kabuto while flipping his hood over his head.


Kabuto kicked in the glass window and dove in, he rolled to his feet and stared at his target with a smirk, "Hello, Karin Uzumaki."

Karin stood shaking in fear in front of the chest she was guarding, "W-what do you want!?" she demanded, trying to hold up a tough façade.

Kabuto opened his mouth only for it to be slammed shut as Sasuke appeared delivering a rising kick to the jaw. Kabuto impacted the roof with a crack as he substituted with a log, causing Sasuke to curse before leaping back to guard Karin.

Karin stared in even more shock at the cloaked figure in front of her, "W-who are you?" she asked timidly while taking a deep breath of Sasuke's chakra, 'It's soooo gooood!' she thought, suddenly having a sense of euphoria.

Sasuke glanced around the room, the only thing visible other than his cloak was his blazing red eyes, "I am…the Reaper." He said before darting at Kabuto.

The two engaged in a bout of Taijutsu, Kabuto smirked, 'This kid's pretty good, time to finish it.' he thought as he kicked out to give him room to activate his chakra scalpels.

To his shock, his kick was met by a punch. This had the little effect of pushing him even further back, right onto the umbrella of a second Sasuke.


At the impact, a huge shock of wind chakra exploded into Kabuto's back, launching him across the room and through the wall without losing any speed.

The two Sasukes stepped up to Karin as the one with the umbrella re-sealed it in his hidden belt. Karin took a step back in fear as the two Sasukes melded together to become the original.

Karin felt as Sasuke's chakra fluxed, making her feel welcomed by it as Sasuke crouched in front of her and lifted off his hood. Sasuke held out his hand to her as she finally got a good look at his Sharingan eyes, "Karin, I have been sent to help you by Konoha. Will you come with me to safety?" he asked calmly, while implanting the association of the words safety and Konoha.

Karin stared into his crimson eyes before slowly nodding, 'Wow…' she thought as they locked hands.

Sasuke pulled Karin to her feet and together, they walked towards the window as Sasuke pointed up into the highest trees, "Do you see that?" he asked.

Karin looked where Sasuke was pointing, but couldn't see anything. She felt outwards with her chakra and felt a damp chakra, "I feel it." she whispered.

Sasuke reached up and pulled off her headband, "Go to that feeling. Tell the guy there that I sent you. Make sure to sit as near to him as you can." Sasuke said hypnotically as Karin stared at his eyes.

Karin nodded with a smile, "Hai Reaper-san!" she said before jumping off to Suigetsu happily.

Sasuke smirked, 'Too easy.' He thought before flipping his hood back on and turning around.

His eyes widened when Kabuto re-entered the room via the hole his body created earlier, "How are you alive?" Sasuke asked as he rolled forward his shoulders, letting a metallic crinkling sound of chain links come from under his robes.

Kabuto smirked and activated his chakra scalpels, "I have the fastest healing rate amongst any human in existence!" Kabuto yelled as he charged forward.

Using his Sharingan, Sasuke was able to dodge all of Kabuto's palm strikes, though it was difficult. Sasuke stumbled over a loose floorboard and Kabuto seized the chance to thrust into Sasuke's chest with his scalpels.

Sasuke pumped his chest and focussed chakra to the hidden seal just as Kabuto's hit landed.


Kabuto was blown back the burst of flames that shot from Sasuke's chest as a last resort. Kabuto rolled to his feet and stood defensively while healing his burns while Sasuke rebalance himself and tore off his flaming cloak.

Kabuto's eyes widened, "Sasuke?!" he exclaimed in shock.

Sasuke smirked, "I go by 'Reaping Hunter' nowadays." Sasuke said as Kabuto looked over his new outfit.

Sasuke now wore a black bodysuit that covered up to his chin, the suit had white seals apparent all over it and white sandals. Leaving the only thing to be uncovered his upper face and fingertips.

Kabuto stared in confusion before a grin formed on his face, "You're much more valuable to Orochimaru-sama then this Uzumaki is. I'll take you to him now!" he yelled as he spat a cloud of poison smoke.

Sasuke raised a brow and let the cloud envelope him, causing Kabuto to smirk in victory until he felt a chakra pulse, "WIND STYLE: TORNADO!"

The poison cloud was dispersed and Sasuke stood on his board, hovering up above the growing tornado with his umbrella opened overhead, showing that he had pulled the collar of his shirt up over his mouth just like Kakashi's mask. Kabuto stared in shock as Sasuke pulled down his mask for a moment, reminiscent of his brother years before, "This is on me for a reason, moron!" Sasuke shouted before he sealed away his umbrella and flipped upside down above his tornado.


A seal on the bottom of Sasuke's board began glowing and it shot out a strong ball of chakra, which pushed Sasuke downwards while forming a perfect hole in the ceiling. Sasuke used chakra to hold himself to the ground as he quickly resealed his board and placed both hands behind his head.

Kabuto watched in awe as Sasuke quite simply pulled another cloak into position from seemingly nowhere. Sasuke waved before letting go with his chakra and being thrown into the air.


"Who are you?!" Suigetsu asked as he stood guard over Sasuke's seal.

Karin frowned, "Reaper-san sent me! He said to just sit as close to you as I can." She said breathing heavily.

Suigetsu scowled, 'Stay close to me? Oh right!' Suigetsu remembered clearly as he stepped behind the seal again, "Well then better come 'ere. Shit's bout to go down!" Suigetsu said.

Karin's frown deepened, 'I don't like his chakra.' She thought before sitting as close to Suigetsu as she could without actually touching him.

The two sat in silence for a moment before Suigetsu spoke up, "So…did he say how long it was gonna take?"

Karin shrugged, "No, all he said was-"


The two looked up in shock as a tornado ripped out of the roof of the outpost, but Karin gasped as she felt a familiar chakra. She pointed above the tornado, "Look!"

Suigetsu's eyes widened as he saw a cloaked Sasuke hovering in midair above the increasingly large tornado. Suigetsu wiped his eyes to clear them before asking, "What is he-"


Suigetsu and Karin looked down as Sasuke's seal glowed in front of them, a line shot out around the tower and the four corners of the seal, coming into a pyramid shape above Sasuke's airborne form.

They stared as Sasuke's silhouette was highlighted, his fully hooded form holding his kusarigama in the air, seals holding it in the shape of an elongated scythe, which he swung through the air.


The entire area up to mere centimetres in front of Suigetsu and Karin burst into white flames for a brief second before sucking back in to Sasuke's position.

The silence was palpable as Karin and Suigetsu stared in shock and fear of the amazing display of power. Karin finally left out a breath as she saw Sasuke casually walking from the site of the explosion. His scythe stabbed through Kabuto's right shoulder as he dragged him along behind him.

Suigetsu and Karin jumped down to Sasuke, who dropped a crispy Kabuto onto the ground harshly, causing him to cough up blood and cry out in pain.

Sasuke smirked and opened his cloak again, unsealing Suigetsu's sword and his board. "Suigetsu, attach yourself to my board in some way." Sasuke said before kicking Kabuto onto his back and kneeling over him.

Kabuto barely managed to open his slowly healing eyes as Sasuke glared into his eyes with his Sharingan, "You will tell Orochimaru everything that happened here. And tell him one more thing," he said with a dark grin, "He is the ultimate prize in the bingo book. I will be after him some day."

Kabuto's eyes widened as Sasuke turned and held his arm out to Karin, "You ready to go?" he asked.

Suigetsu sheathed his sword in its long sheath and held it in front of him similar to a wake boarding stance. Karin took Sasuke's hand and stepped onto the board with him.

Suigetsu raised a brow, "So, what now?" he asked.

Sasuke smirked as he and Karin rose into the air and a build up of chakra generated underneath it, "Now? Just hold on tight." Sasuke exclaimed before the three of them shot off in a blur towards the mission hut, Suigetsu screaming in fear all the way.


Black book mission:
Final Flash


"Alright, we've received word from Konoha. The village Hidden in the Waterfall has contacted the leaf requesting for help." The master said as he passed a folder to his last disciple.

"They want protection from the Akatsuki, they've found 'evidence' that Akatsuki knows they have the Seven Tailed Beetle, and that they will fight their way through the village just to get to it." the master explained as he leant forward, lighting his face up with the fire light.

He smiled and placed a hand on his disciples shoulder, "You will stage an attack, and then save the village. All you want in return is a green haired girl called Fuu. If they won't go for it, ask her directly." Jiraiya said with a grin.

"Got that Final Flash?" Jiraiya asked as Final Flash closed his folder and nodded.

"Hai Ero-sensei." Naruto said with an invisible grin.

Jiraiya let go of Naruto's shoulder, "Off you go then."

And with a Yellow Flash, Naruto was gone.


Fifty Hours later


Naruto approached the Hidden Waterfall with a smirk on his face. Once he came within view, a ninja dropped out, "Hey, I was sent from the lea-"

The Chunnin interrupted, "I know! The akatsuki are here! We need your help now!" the Chunnin cried in fear.

Naruto's eyes widened in shock, 'What? My clones shouldn't be here yet!' he thought before snapping into action, "Describe them to me, what do they look like?" he asked as he was led by the Chunnin into the hidden entrance.

The Chunnin didn't answer and dove into the water, forcing Naruto to follow him. The two came up to the sound of an explosion, Naruto instantly rose out of the water and stood on it as he glared at the two Akatsuki that stopped to watch him. "Hello Kisame, Itachi."

Kisame grinned, "Well well, if it isn't little Naruto." He said with a chuckle, "Itachi, why don't you go find the girl hm? I'll take care of this one." he said as he pulled Samehada off of his back.

Itachi stared at Naruto for a long moment, 'His chakra…it's completely different.' Itachi thought before nodding, "Be on guard Kisame, don't hesitate to go all out." He ordered, disappearing in a shunshin.

Naruto reached behind his lower back and pulled out Kubikiri Bocho, holding it in a reverse guard like one would a kunai, "Everyone! Take down the Uchiha! I will handle the shark!" Naruto yelled out.

People of the village followed his command, except for a young Jonin, "Why should we listen to you Leaf ninja?!" he demanded as he stood off to the side.

Naruto and Kisame disappeared in a blur, only for Naruto to appear in front of the waterfall ninja blocking one of Kisame's downward strikes. "I said GO!" Naruto yelled before forcefully pushing Kisame's blow aside.

As the Waterfall Jonin ran away, Kisame smirked, "Well, little Naruto you have certainly become stronger, and faster." He said as he and Naruto stood opposite each other on the lake of the Hidden Waterfall Village.

Naruto stood in his new sword stance as Kisame analysed Naruto's new attire. Naruto crouched low with Kubikiri Bocho resting across his right arm in a reverse one handed grip, his other hand forming a large grey claw that he held by his side. He wore a long sleeved shirt that was coloured black on his left half and white on his right. The colours met in the middle along a blood red zipper on his front and along the back the black faded through to the white. He wore classic black ANBU edition pants but with no ninja tool buckles on either leg. Though he had two different containment seals on his lower thighs, reflecting each other where ninja tool pouches usually would be. His rectangular sword sheath now sat across his lower back, the handle would be sticking out to his right. He still had the camouflage bulbs on his lower back, just below the sheathe. His feet were covered by black sandals with white straps.

Naruto smirked at Kisame, "Your swords sentient, right fishface?" Naruto mocked.

Kisame chuckled, "Very good brat, try to throw me off my game with insults." Kisame said before he pushed forward.

Naruto met his charge and the two clashed in a display of strength, Kisame's eyes widened as he was pushed back. Kisame was still very fast, and was able to fend off most attacks from Naruto.

After a full minute of pure sword art combat, Naruto managed to land a small slash across Kisame's shoulder. Kisame slammed his sword into the water below them, summoning a shark bomb that drove off Naruto for a moment.

Naruto brought his own sword up and slashed through the shark bomb before leaping back as it exploded. Naruto tilted his head in curiosity as Kisame's wound closed, "Say, I didn't know you were a medic." Naruto said.

Kisame grinned, "I'm no medic, this is what happens when you obtain as much chakra as one of the tailed beasts!" Kisame said as he began forming hand seals after throwing his sword into the air.

Naruto watched on with a smirk as Kisame pushed his arms into the water below him, "WATER STYLE: FIVE FEEDING SHARKS!"

Seeing the five sharks of water approach him, Naruto quickly tossed his sword up into the air and pushed his arms forward, "WIND STYLE: FURY BULLETS!"

Six bullets of wind shot from the palms of his hands, destroying a shark each and sending another directly at Kisame.

Kisame simply caught Samehada and let it absorb the chakra in the attack. Kisame lifted his sword aside and grinned, "Well, you are certainly more than I gave you credit for." Kisame said with a chuckle.

Naruto was about to reply when a large explosion occurred. The two swordsmen glanced at the giant tree to the left of their battlefield and both of their eyes widened at what they saw.

A simple boy was standing alongside Fuu, and together they were actually holding off Itachi. They watched as Itachi spat a fireball and the boy summoned a tornado of water to extinguish the flames easily. He dropped to the ground as Fuu spat an orangey mist over him and towards Itachi, who had to dodge just to stay alive.

Kisame was so awed by two apparent simpletons fending off Itachi that he didn't notice Naruto until his elongated arm had slammed a rasengan into his chest, "WIND STYLE: RASENGAN!"

The force of the attack was so powerful that it separated Kisame from Samehada and launched the water ninja across the lake and through a building.

Naruto began to walk towards Kisame with a smirk, 'Too easy.' He thought before feeling something bite his calf softly.

Naruto looked down, ready to attack. But he hesitated when his eyes took in what he was looking at.

Samehada had become alive, and was chewing softly on Naruto's calf, purring as he felt it eat a little bit of his chakra. Naruto blinked before reaching down and pulling the sword off by the handle.

Naruto held Samehada in front of him and it purred before licking his face, "You like my chakra?" he asked. Receiving a nod from the sword in return.


Naruto looked up into the air to see a giant chakra eating shark bearing down on him, he quickly threw Samehada to safety and formed hand seals before holding his hands forward as red lines grew underneath his eyes, "SAGE ART: WOOD STYLE: CHAKRA ABSORPTION!"

Hundreds of vines shot out of the ground and wrapped around the shark, stopping it in midair before starting an endless cycle. The vines would absorb the chakra from the shark, only for the shark to take it right back. Thus creating two jutsu that would run continuously on only a single portion of chakra.

With his 'Wood Style: Sage Mode' activated, Naruto could feel Kisame's chakra and in turn knew that he was about to grab Samehada. So Naruto turned to where he threw Samehada and launched five bone bullets.

The bones ripped into Kisame's unprotected ribs and he felt some penetrate even his lungs, he paused for a second and coughed up blood, 'Shit! I have no choice then, I have to finish this now!' he thought as he grasped Samehada's handle.

Kisame pulsed his chakra as his eyes shot open, "FUSION!" he yelled before he disappeared in a blue chakra flare.

Naruto's brow rose at the chakra burst, "Woah, now I understand your nickname." Naruto muttered as he went to pull out his sword and stand in a defensive stance.

Only to be slammed in the face by a fist.

Naruto was launched back at high speeds and would've slammed into the wall of the village, except that the lake of the water began to rise into the air and catch him.

Naruto held his breathe as he looked around, his eyes widened as he saw Shark-Kisame holding a hand seal, "WATER STYLE: GIANT WATER PRISON!"

Naruto was beginning to panic as Kisame suddenly shot at him. He could feel with every single strike that his chakra was being forcefully pulled from his body, 'FUUCK! OW! WHAT DO! OW! I DO?!' he thought as he finally managed to kick away from Kisame.

Shark-Kisame floated in front of Naruto and laughed, mocking Naruto as he began to lose consciousness. Naruto frowned, 'If only this damn water wasn't here!' he thought before coming to a simple and obvious solution, 'I won't have to refill for months!' Naruto thought as he pulled out Kubikiri Bocho and held it up above his head.

Shark-Kisame began to laugh, "Go ahead! Do whatever you want! You'll never escape!" Shark-Kisame mocked.

Shark-Kisame watched as apparently nothing happened, but slowly he started to feel himself get pulled towards Naruto. After a minute, he realised the entire water sphere was being sucked towards Naruto's blade.

Shark-Kisame swam at Naruto to break his concentration, he swung a sharpened fist at Naruto's chest only for the spikes to disappear and another to shoot out of his chest and move his fist to the side, 'What?! Samehada no!' Shark-Kisame thought in fear and shock as his sword protected Naruto.

Naruto quickly lashed out with a Full strength kick, enhanced by chakra propelling from the back of his calf, "PISTON KICK!" Naruto yelled as the last of the water disappeared into his containment seal.

The kick slammed into Shark-Kisame's side and launched him into the tree in the center of the village. Shark-Kisame fell out of it and landed on the ground before pushing himself into the remaining water.

Naruto hovered in mid air in the spot he kicked Shark-Kisame from as he deactivated his sage mode and spotted Kisame with his sight enhancement seal. He sheathed his sword and waved his hands past the seals on his thighs. In a poof of smoke, Naruto held in his left hand one of his battle shuriken and in his right…

…A tri-pronged Kunai.

Shark-Kisame glared at Naruto from his position as Naruto threw his Battle shuriken at full tilt, "NINJA ART: SHURIKEN SHADOW CLONE JUTSU!" he yelled, turning the single shuriken into a thousand.

Shark-Kisame held up his arms and formed a jutsu, "WATER STYLE: RAINING SHARKS!"

Exactly one thousand shark bombs formed from the water and met Naruto's shuriken in a clash of water explosions, Shark-Kisame's eyes widened as the final shuriken had a second in its shadow, 'The shadow shuriken technique?' he thought as he moved to the side, barely avoiding the blade.

He looked down at the blade as it impacted the ground, his eyes widened as he saw another ninja tool hidden in the shadow of the shadowed shuriken.

Shark-Kisame stared at the tri-pronged Kunai for a second too long, and paid for it dearly. In a yellow flash, Naruto appeared with one hand grasping the kunai and his other hand pointing directly at Shark-Kisame's unprotected chest.


With a mighty push of wind chakra, Shark-Kisame was lifted into the air and his sword used its remaining chakra to heal the massive gouges in Shark-Kisame's chest. Saving his life, but reverting him back to his normal form, Samehada lying next to him.

Naruto grabbed his battle shuriken and resealed it as he blew air onto his kunai, right as Kisame grabbed Samehada and stood on shaky legs. Naruto pitched his wind upgraded blade at Kisame, who blocked the blade with his own.

As the kunai fell from normal chest height to the ground, Naruto appeared in a flash inside Kisame's guard and threw a punch at his jaw, "UNIVERSE!"


The punch was powerful enough to launch Kisame so far into the air that Naruto could only see a dot, he lifted the running on empty Samehada onto his shoulder as he activated his sight seal to focus on Kisame, who was barely holding on to consciousness as he began falling through the air.

Kisame opened his hazy eyes to find himself plummeting to his death, 'So…this is it?' he thought as he looked 'up' towards the ground, 'Well, I hope the brat treats Samehada with care. At least she seems to like him.' He thought with a sigh as he closed his eyes.

Feeling a stabbing pain in a stomach, Kisame's eyes snapped open to see Naruto appearing in a yellow flash and placing his palm on Kisame's forehead, "NINJA ART: SOUL DRAIN!"

Kisame didn't even have time to scream as he was compressed into chakra and sucked into Naruto's mind.

Naruto flipped around and used his leg propulsion to come to a stop mere millimetres from the ground. He floated into a standing position and lifted Samehada in front of himself, "Are you crying?" he asked in shock as Samehada shook sadly in his grasp.

Samehada swung its massive head side to side, "Gigigi." It muttered before reverting to its standard size, still shaking as it cried.

Naruto frowned and ran his hand along the blade, "I'm sorry, but you can feel chakra right? Then you should be able to feel him still." Naruto comforted it.

Samehada opened its mouth slightly and bit softly on Naruto's shoulder, after a few moments it began purring happily again.

Naruto chuckled at 'her' behaviour, "I have to go help against Itachi, will you be okay?" he asked.

Samehada returned to her standard form again and spoke softly, "Gigigi."

Naruto raised a brow and shrugged, "Okay." He said as he lifted the sword over his shoulder.

Naruto felt chakra suction and suddenly, Samehada was holding itself on Naruto's back using his chakra like a grip. Naruto grinned as he twisted slightly, checking his manoeuvrability, "Perfect fit!" he declared happily.


Naruto span to face Itachi's battle just as Itachi stabbed a kunai into his male opponent's shoulder. He followed up with a kick that launched the guy towards Naruto.

Naruto caught the guy easily as Fuu landed next to him, "Shibuki! Are you ok?!" she yelled as she took a defensive position in front of Naruto and her wounded friend.

Shibuki shuddered in pain, "I'll be fi-AAH!"

Fuu glanced over her shoulder at his yell, which was caused by Naruto ripping the kunai out, "What the hell?! I thought you were on our side!" Fuu yelled as she turned to punch Naruto.

Naruto caught her punch easily with one hand and the three disappeared in a yellow flash as the area they previously stood on became covered in flames, they appeared next to a kunai lodged near the top of the huge tree and Naruto set to work healing Shibuki's shoulder. "Quiet Fuu! I will heal him quickly then the three of us will drive him off." Naruto ordered while splitting his chakra to form a wood clone from the tree.

The clone took over healing as Naruto stood up and looked down at Itachi, who was looking up at him calmly. "We won't beat him today." Naruto said before forming hand seals.

Fuu stared at him, "Why not? Shibuki and I almost managed to hurt him! With your help we can kill him!" she yelled in frustration.

Naruto shook his head, "No, he's not our opponent to kill." Naruto said as he clapped his hands together and his cheeks bulged, "WATER STYLE: EXPLOSIVE WATER SHOCKWAVE!

From Itachi's point of view, Naruto spat out a waterfall heading directly for him. Milliseconds before the attack landed, Itachi burst into crows.

Naruto frowned and turned to the two with him, only to quickly grab Fuu's arm and disappear in another yellow flash, his wood clone following after with fully healed Shibuki in its grasp.

The clone dispersed as Shibuki got to his feet, just in time for the three ninjas to leap up over the wave of water that Naruto summoned earlier. Naruto used his enhanced sight seal to look up into the tree, seeing Itachi there with a kunai stabbed into the wood where Shibuki was lying a few seconds earlier.

Naruto and Itachi made eye contact and Itachi tried to affect Naruto's mind through his Sharingan. Only to be hit with a rasengan from behind.

The wood clone pushed the rasengan as hard as it could, "GRAND RASENGAN!" it shouted as the normal sized rasengan became as large as his body.

Itachi was painfully launched across the sky of the Hidden Waterfall Village, he managed to block out the pain for a moment and open his eyes, only to see an airborne Naruto and Fuu launching a dual attack at him.



Naruto's horizontal tornado picked up Fuu's mist and moved towards the defenceless Itachi. Itachi realised that he probably wouldn't win against the two fighting together, so he made his escape.

Itachi encased himself in a glowing orange ribcage as the attack hit, causing a huge explosion that was forced along the neck of the tornado, thus pushing Itachi completely out of sight of the village.

Naruto smirked and turned to his left to congratulate Fuu, only to see her fainting and falling from the sky.

Naruto quickly dove down after her and caught her in a bridal grasp, her last view was Naruto's worried ocean blue eyes as she sunk into darkness. 'Thankyou…Kyuubi-sama.'


Naruto stood alongside Shibuki as they faced the Hidden Waterfall's Leaders, the one in the center slammed his hands on the table in frustration, "NO! We cannot give away our weapon! It is ours and it needs to be refined for war!"

Shibuki held out his hands pleadingly, "Stop treating her as if she's nothing more than a weapon! This is one of the reasons I think she should go with him to Konoha!" he argued.

The leader furthest to the right waved his arm, demanding attention and dismissing the leader who spoke first, "Logically speaking, what do we gain from this agreement?" he asked.

At a loss for words, Shibuki turned to Naruto, who had been silent up until then. He smirked as he took a step forward, "You get safety from Akatsuki for one. Also, an alliance with one of the five great nations." Naruto said.

The leader nodded as the others began to mutter, "That is indeed something precious. But without the demon here, we will be very weakened." He said.

Naruto nodded and held a hand over the seal on his leg, "How about a personal promise?" he asked rhetorically before unsealing a weapon.

The leaders all gasped in unison as Naruto threw his tri-pronged kunai into the long desk of the room, "I swear on the legend of my father, The Yellow Flash, that I will forever be on call to defend the Hidden Waterfall from invasion or attack." Naruto said before flashing over to stand on the desk, "I swear on my honour as the Final Flash of Konoha." he said with red slitted eyes and a smirk.

The leaders didn't even stop to think, "GO AHEAD! TAKE HER!" the leader in front of Naruto yelled in excitement, with the other leaders agreeing happily.

Naruto smirked and leapt back to land next to Shibuki, "We will leave tomorrow. Konoha is expecting your terms for the treaty sometime next week. If you ever need me just have Shibuki here send chakra into that Kunai. I'll be here in a flash." He promised before patting Shibuki on the back and flashing away.


Five Months later


The sun slowly rose over the mountain, shining morning light onto the Village Hidden in the Leaves, letting a sliver of light hit Izumo's snoring face.

Kotetsu sighed, 'Geez, I can't believe we're still here. I mean, it's like no one could even find another use for us. Just the damned gate guards of Konoha.' he thought with a sigh before frowning, 'What's stopping me from changing that? Maybe I should go for Jonin exams…' he thought before hearing footsteps approach them.

Kotetsu turned and instantly shot to his feet, knocking Izumo off of his chair, "Jiraiya-sama! Welcome back!" he said with a bow.

Jiraiya smirked as Izumo climbed to his feet, "Hello you two, how's the gate been treating ya?" he asked as he reached into his jacket and pulled out his ninja identification.

Izumo groaned, "It's gate guard duty. At this point I think I'd prefer to go find that damn cat Tora." He said before reading over Jiraiya's team information.

He passed it to Kotetsu and looked over the group, "Three Leaf Chunnin, a transferred tokubetsu Jonin and two accepted ninjas." He confirmed.

Kotetsu's eyes widened, 'But those three are in the bingo book! I wonder where Jiraiya got them from…" he thought before he nodded, "Can I have your identification please?" he asked.

Fuu looked up at the hooded figure she was hiding behind before taking a step forward and bowing, "I am Fuu, transfer from Waterfall."

Suigetsu just nodded, "Suigetsu Hozuki."

Karin ducked out from behind Sasuke, "I'm Karin Uzumaki."

The Reaper pushed back his hood, making the entire cloak disappear into the seal at the back of his neck, "Chunnin, Sasuke Uchiha."

Burning Speed's RGS helmet disappeared in a rainbow glow, "Chunnin, Sakura Haruno."

Final Flash flicked his head, letting his hood fall back. "Chunnin, Naruto Uzumaki."

Izumo and Kotetsu stared at the group in shock, before Jiraiya just laughed and knocked on the gates, "Open up!"

And with that, team seven was back in Konoha, ready to take the world by storm.


Chapter End.

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