Chapter Twenty Eight: Guerrilla tactics Part One

"Flight ninjas!" Tsume shouted, her voice echoing through the emptied village as it was just beginning to be hit with the morning sun.

She stood at the open gates of the village, watching as all of the ninjas from the aerial squadron of the ANBU took off over her head, Gaara and Fuu leading the first battalion.

She nodded before looking into the village through the gate, "Konoha Section One!" she shouted.

The entirety of the Hyuuga clan began to run from the gate, their eyes pulsating with chakra as they continuously swept the area for threats. Following the Hyuuga, the majority of the Chunnin began to run behind them, spreading out in ten rows before they began sprinting in formation.

Tsume watched them clear the gate before she spotted Hiashi and Kakashi run out behind them, the two Jonin easily running along the opposite sides of the group until they took the lead themselves.

Nodding to herself again, Tsume shouted once more, "Section Two!"

The ANBU that weren't fitted for flight ran out, forming the same lines of ten as the Chunnin in front of them. Tsume squinted her eyes to see that among the group, Anko was giving subtle hand sign orders, directing the group to follow after the Chunnin.

"Section Three!"

Flooding from the gates were the Jonin and elite Jonin of Konoha, not taking a proper formation but instead running in a way so as to eventually catch up to the ANBU and Chunnin before forming a perimeter around them. Tsume watched as her colleagues shot past her at high speed.

She sighed as she watched almost all of the ninjas flood from the village, but before she could head off herself, she had one more thing to do.

Tsume glanced back in through the gate, frowning in worry at the Hokage's specially selected groups, "Guerrilla Strike Teams!"

Shikamaru, Ino, Choji, Shino, Kimimaro and Kurayami sprang free of the gates, all of them coming to a stop in front of Tsume as they took a basic pentagonal formation with Kimimaro in the lead.

Behind them, Lee, Tenten, Neji, Hinata, Jirobo and Pikkon took the same formation, Neji in the lead as they bowed to Tsume.

Tsume glanced at the last group with a slight smirk to hide her worry. Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura stood standing out from every other ninja in the village. While everyone else had standard Konoha uniforms on, Tsunade had written a request for the three in particular to where something of their own.

Naruto stood in a standard Jonin uniform and flak jacket, but over the top he wore his multicoloured version of the Hokage cloak that his wives had given him with his headband resting on his forehead like a standard Shinobi.

But instead of his usual sword sheath, Naruto had his new sword along his back. Taking the traits of Kabutowari into account, the sword looked just like Samehada Bocho used to look, only that when chakra was channelled through the now hammer shaped handle, a large hammer appeared, connected to the original sword via a leather strap. If one was to look closely, the original blade was at least ten times sharper than its last form and on the hammer's 'face' was Samahada's grinning mouth.

Naruto's expression was blank as he bowed to Tsume. The Inuzuka nodded before turning her gaze to Sasuke.

Sasuke too wore the standard Konoha Jonin outfit, but over the top of it, he wore the long black cloak made famous as the cloak of Reaping Hunter. It's glossy black seemingly shimmering in the early morning light and the dark grey of the seals that had been stitched into it barely visible even as the orange sun rays bounced through the trees.

Sasuke's Sharingan shined through the darkness of his cloak's shadow, slowly twirling in anticipation as he bowed to Tsume, who nodded once more before turning her gaze to Sakura.

The pinkette had the least noticeable differences to her standard Jonin uniform. Her gold and red bands placed all over her body in the correct spots even though she already had her boots and Scouter Sight activated.

Sakura gave a bow before Tsume looked over the group once more, 'These kids are so young, I think Pikkon is the oldest and he's only just hit twenty one…' she thought before her eyes turned harsh and she spoke in her clan head voice.

"You know your missions. The plant men known as Zetsu have begun to pop up in the surrounding areas of the land of Lightning, trying to take down the nearby minor villages such as the Hidden Waterfall. That is what your teams are to get rid of; take down the Zetsu squads before they infiltrate the Land of Lightning and when you come across the minor villages ask them to join our cause. Do you know the three locations?" she asked.

Kimimaro nodded, "They have been attacking the Hidden Waterfall village, they have yet to penetrate the defences but they are getting close." He said for his team.

Neji spoke up, "They are scouring their way across the border lands of Lightning and Fire to try and locate the Hidden Hot Water village. With haste we will beat them there and set up a defence." He explained.

Naruto spoke up, shocking the others that it wasn't Sasuke taking lead since that was how they usually operated, "The north east island of the Land of Water, a horde of the White Zetsu have begun to try and overrun the entire island which is a major sanctuary for missing ninjas. We are to let the Zetsu fight the missing nin and reduce their numbers down to the hundreds before wiping whoever wins out." Naruto explained.

Everyone but Tsume seemed shocked at Team 7's mission, having to potentially take on either hundreds of high ranking missing nin, or over one thousand White Zetsu while the other teams were charged with a maximum of two hundred Zetsu and almost guaranteed to have help from the local ninjas.

But before they could contemplate further, Tsume nodded, "Good, Sakura and Sasuke get going. Naruto, send them off." Tsume ordered before stepping back.

Sasuke's cloak suddenly billowed out as he knelt, a smoke cloud appeared from underneath his cloak before he shot off at high speed, his board propelling him so fast he was gone from sight within a few seconds.

Sakura's boots began to bounce from pent up energy before she shot off after Sasuke, the pink and green blur she left behind disappearing at the same speed.

While everyone had been distracted by the duo's departure, Naruto had knelt to the ground, "WOOD CLONE JUTSU!"

Everyone turned to the blonde as wooden chibi versions of him popped out of the ground, leaping up to each person's shoulders before Naruto stepped up to Hinata.

He hugged her tightly before one by one, people starting disappearing in the golden flash of Naruto's Hirashin, before long, there was only Hinata and Naruto left.

They embraced their hug tighter before beginning a deep kiss.


Tsume watched the last flash leave before sighing and looking over to the gate, "One last run my friend?" she asked with a soft smile.

An aged dog walked from the shadows, it's muscles obviously strong and lean no matter how grey the top half of his thinned out fur appeared. His missing ear and eyepatch meant nothing since his nose was all he needed to know the battlefield inside and out, "Yes Tsume, one last time." Kuromaru's strong voice rang.

Tsume smiled as she held a hand seal, forming Kuromaru's chakra so that the wolf-dog grew to the size of a large horse. She leapt up onto his back as his fur shimmered black as if he was younger once more, "Let's go Kuromaru!" she said before the two of them shot off after the battalion.

As the rising sun lit up the clouds above the Leaf Village, the snow paused, letting the light hit the Hokage mountain as shine one last time before the gates swung closed, slamming shut and staying that way as every able bodied fighter went to war.



Naruto stepped away from the embrace with Hinata, "I love you." he said softly.

Hinata smiled and blushed, "I love you too, be safe and come back to me." She whispered.

Naruto placed a hand on her cheek one last time, "I swear, even if my plans fall through I'll come back to you. That's the promise of a lifetime." He said with a wink, reminiscent of his old self before the two kissed one last time.


The moment their lips parted, Naruto was gone and so was Hinata's fragility, she turned to face the squad leader – Neji – with her face set in stone, ready to fight.


Sasuke glanced to his side as he felt a seal on the back of his sleeve activate.


Naruto appeared in a golden flash, instantly activating his Lightning Armour and letting it supercharge his nerves so that he could converse with the Uchiha while running, "Where's Sakura?" he shouted.

Sasuke nodded to Naruto's other side, causing the blonde to turn to see Sakura appear next to him before keeping pace, "All clear up ahead!" she shouted over the winds they were moving through.

Naruto nodded before leaping up, deactivating his Lightning armour just in time as Sakura and Sasuke gripped his hands, "Let's go!"




The three Konoha ninjas landed lightly on the shore of the eastern side of the Land of Fire, all three of them coming to an instant stop as Sakura dug her boots into the sand and Sasuke stopped channelling his chakra.

Picking up his kunai, Naruto pocketed it before he and Sakura glanced at Sasuke, whose Sharingan had perfectly memorised the map of the shoreline and thus he was able to make an near exact estimate on their current location, "We're almost in the Land of Water Naruto, we need to head that way." he said, pointing out over the expansive ocean.

Naruto nodded, trusting Sasuke's judgement before he began making orders, "We'll take to the skies everyone. You lead Sakura."

The pinkette nodded before forming hand seals, "SUMMONING JUTSU!"


In a large plume of smoke, Amaterasu the Black Phoenix appeared, beginning to flap his wings immediately after arrival. The three ninjas leapt onto the massive bird's back as it took off, flying in the direction Sasuke pointed out to it.


"No way, I don't trust this man for a second." Mifune said with a hard scowl.

A shrugged, "Why not? He has readily answered everything we asked him and he's got an extremely high level of intelligence AND more combat experience then everyone here." The Raikage said with a grin.

Tsunade nodded in agreement but before she could speak up, the subject of the matter had his own words, "Look here, don't I get a say in what I do? Who says I even want to take part in this war? There is nothing in it for me." The brunette man said.

Tsunade took the chance to speak up, "Well, there is the fact that if you don't work with us you will have no sanctuary from your enemies. Also, you're still under employment of the Leaf village as well as your current lodgings in the sand village." She said with a smirk, knowing that the logic behind her words were inarguable.

The man sat in silence for a few moments before standing, "Alright fine. But I need to get practising once more, I'm not used to functioning with six hearts." Kakuzu said, stepping out of the shadows to show his ridiculously tall form.

Light raised a brow, "Six?" he asked, knowing that Kakuzu used to operate with a heart of each element.

Kakuzu nodded before some black tendrils morphed throughout his right arm, eventually showing a pulsating green heart, "I collected it a long time back when I was tested for Akatsuki. But it was thanks to studying with Elder Ebizo of the Sand that I was understand it's different mechanics." He explained as it drew back inside him.

A raised a brow questioningly, "What's so special about it?" he asked.

Kakuzu seemingly smirked under his mask, "It's the heart of a White Zetsu. With it I can always tell when one of them is nearby and in theory I should be able to morph with nature like he could but I have not figured out how to do it with anything but solid ground just yet." Kakuzu said.

Everyone seemed to take in the possibilities if they had a sensor at the heart of the battalion, "Well then Commander Kakuzu. You are officially ranked among us." Mifune said with a welcoming nod to the group who was in charge of the Alliance.

Kakuzu nodded as he glanced around, seeing Tsunade, A, Light, Mifune, Onoki and Jiraiya studying him for a moment before they turned back to the table in the large round room of the Alliance headquarters, 'This is gonna be so troublesome.' Kakuzu thought.


"WATER STYLE: SUBMARINE FORCE JUTSU!" A waterfall ninja shouted as he shoved his hand into the watery entrance of their village.

The White Zetsu had been trying to break in for a solid two days, but thanks to the village's naturally abundant defences, the small Shinobi force was managing to hold each and every Zetsu back. Unfortunately though, the Zetsu seemed to just keep coming, unrelenting and unforgiving as they survived each attack.

In short, it was a complete stalemate.

Shibuki sighed as he looked over to the other entrance to the village from his place atop a high tree, seeing that the four ninja there had set up the barrier seals that violently electrocuted anything with chakra so that the water could still pass through.

He nodded before looking at the chakra engine of the village. Kisame's Super Water Shark Bomb still was being held in midair by Naruto's Chakra Sapping Vines, the circulating of chakra running forever through the system and creating excess chakra that Shibuki had been able to channel into the waters of the village.

Now the Hero's Water was readily available to anyone above Chunnin level.

Shibuki frowned as he noticed a Zetsu get fried by the barrier, 'Then again, no matter how strong we get there is still nearly twenty of their ninjas to our one. If only there was a way to contact the leaf, with their training methods I'm sure they could come up with something.' He thought before feeling a semi-familiar chakra come from the main tree of the village.

He looked up to see the fading of a golden light, causing his eyes to widen, 'It's the teleporting technique!' he thought before he began leaping from branch to branch to try and see who had arrived at his village.

He landed on the open balcony as Kimimaro stepped out, "Shibuki-san, what is the village's status?" Kimimaro asked immediately.

Shibuki blinked in shock at the Jonin's stern order, but after a second of silence his brain caught up and he began talking, "We're stuck. None of us are strong enough to take them out for good and none of them are strong enough to get in and attack." He explained.

Kimimaro nodded, "How many locations are they attacking from?" he asked as his team formed a line behind him.

Shibuki pointed to the waterfall entrance, "They majority of them are coming through there." He said.

Kimimaro nodded, "Shikamaru, Kurayami. You go to the waterfall and begin to push them back until they can't come through at all." He ordered, the two ninjas leaving immediately as he turned to Shibuki once more, "Next location?" he asked.

Shibuki pointed the opposite direction, "The river that comes through the village, but barely any of them are actually coming in that way cause they'll die upon contact with a seal we have there."

Kimimaro nodded, "I will let you handle that entrance then," he said before turning to his team, "The moment Shika-san and Kura-chan get the water clear we'll move through and take the fight to them. Choji and I will take lead, Shino will handle anyone who gets past us and tries to reach the waterfall and Ino will stay on this side as our healer. Got it?" he asked.

The ninjas nodded even though Ino did so with a frown, causing Kimimaro to nod, "Alright, let's go." He said before the all leapt from the tree towards the waterfall.

Shibuki blinked with wide eyes as he watched a wall of darkness filter through the tunnel, pushing the area clear of water and Zetsu as Kimimaro's attack squad charged through behind the darkness, 'How do these leaf ninjas expect to make a difference?' he thought before going to see how he could help.


*Knock Knock*

"Come on in." a fairly young woman said as she looked up from her table.

Neji walked into the Hidden Hot Water Village's leader's room, bowing immediately before he began speaking, "My lady, I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news but your village will be under attack at some point within the next few hours or if we're lucky maybe this afternoon." He said, complete seriousness coming from his voice.

The woman raised a brow before grinning, "Those plant creatures right? The ones that have been trying to find us?" she asked as she stood.

Neji straightened up as his eyes shifted in thought, "You knew?" he asked.

"Yes I did mister Hyuuga. These things aren't that strong, so why is it that a foreigner is so bent on informing me of the attacks hm?" she asked.

Neji swallowed, "Because there are approximately ten thousand of them getting ready to march right over this land so that they can make it to the land of Lightning." He said nervously.

The woman stared at Neji with hard amber eyes before she nodded, "That explains all the person traffic that has been through the Lands recently. Has the Elemental Lands come to war once more?" she asked with a frown.

Neji nodded, "Yes ma'am, I request that we either set up a defence here or evacuate the town so that the civilians will be safe with those from the other villages and the ninjas will join our cause." He requested with another formal bow.

She nodded immediately, "Set up your defence. We will have to defend the town while we evacuate the civilians. Then we will march to your alliance." She said.

Neji smiled with a sigh of relief, "May I ask for your name so that my team and I know how to address you ma'am?" he asked politely.

The woman smirked as she took off her formal robes, showing a red skin-tight battle suit underneath that appeared like a full length scuba diving suit with hollowed three foot staff on her back, "My name is Misa Amayane. You might have heard of me, the Scolding Sea." She said, causing Neji's eyes to widen at the woman who managed to hold off the entire Bloody Mist Village's Kage Escort when the Third Mizukage tried to take the Hidden Hot Water Village for their own land.

Neji nodded, "It's an honour Misa-sama." He said.

She nodded while waving her hand, "No –sama, now let's go meet your squadron aye?" she said before strutting out of the room, making Neji follow behind her.


"I do not believe I would be the best choice in this Hokage-sama." The redhead said.

Tsunade shrugged and pointed across the room, "Not my idea, blame him." She said.

Gaara's eyes turned to Jiraiya questioningly, "Gaara, I literally don't know a single other living being on this planet that knows what to expect from our enemy. You've fought them twice, the first time losing and the second time winning with little difficulty. It's obvious you're not only a quick learner but also a truly strong leader and ninja." Jiraiya said.

Light smiled, "I must agree with Jiraiya-sama, Gaara is a tremendously powerful young man now. He used to be knocking our Jonin around when he was merely six, I can't wait to see his prowess now." Light said, nodding in acceptance.

A shook his head, "You guys sure? He looks like, fifteen."

"Sixteen." Gaara corrected with a completely straight face.

Onoki scowled, "Feh, his sand technique is too much like his father's gold dust. My ninjas will refuse to follow him. And I must say I'm not exactly a fan either." He said towards Gaara.

Tsunade was about to speak up for Gaara, but Jiraiya shook his head at her, causing her to be quiet as Gaara showed the first emotion since he had entered the room, disappointment.

"Lord Tsuchikage, I am ashamed to be following under someone who is so focussed on revenge that he would risk the best chance of his comrade's success. I know that if I was Kage, I would listen to all the advice I could get before giving someone a rebuttal." Gaara said softly.

Onoki seemed torn between anger and shock, "Now see here young man! I was raised in war I know how to survive one!" he shouted at Gaara.

Gaara shook his head, "War isn't about surviving or dying, if it was I would not be here to fight." He said, causing an odd quiet to fall over the room. Gaara was planning on staying quiet but Jiraiya nodded for him to continue, so he did, "I will fight this war because there are people I cherish who cannot fight like I can. I will die in this war so that my son can grow in a world of peace, or I will live through this war and continue to teach him the ways of suffering." Gaara said softly.

Mifune raised a brow, truly intrigued in Gaara's words, "Suffering?" he asked.

Gaara nodded, "Because I suffered, I have grown to appreciate all of life for what it is. The potential life that comes from our side winning this war far outweighs the cost of life if we lose it. I will teach this to my child so that he knows when to protect and when to attack, just as Naruto Uzumaki taught me." Gaara finished with a polite bow, "I am sorry if I offended you Tsuchikage-sama."

The room was quiet before Kakuzu cleared his throat, speaking for only the fourth time since he was asked to become one of the Commanders, "Screw becoming a Commander, Gaara should be the General of our forces." Kakuzu said.

Gaara's eyes widened at the proclamation, but even more so at the following men's words, "I second that motion. This young man is a perfect model for what the future needs to be." Mifune said.

"Exactly," Light said, "Just looking at him now, I can see the future. We can win this war for our villages, our families." He agreed.

Tsunade grinned, "All in favour of Gaara being the General of the Armed forces?" she asked as she raised her arm.

"Aye!" the whole room chanted other than Onoki, who seemed to be watching Gaara sceptically.

"You mess up and I'll find someone to take your place immediately got it?" he said sternly to Gaara.

The redhead nodded, "That would be your duty, I expect nothing less Onoki-dono." He said, accepting his role respectfully as the General of the army.

The group began to talk as Jiraiya walked up to Gaara, "I didn't know Hanabi was pregnant." Jiraiya whispered.

Gaara's lack of eyebrow twitched, "This is not the way in which I envisioned sharing the news." He said with a stoic look.

Jiraiya just giggled, "When this is over, you two feel like showing me just how your child was…conceived?" he said while wiggling his eyebrows.

Gaara scowled before his eyes seemed to burn into Jiraiya's, "You mention her once in your books and you will regret it." he growled as the loose sand and dirt in the room lifted slightly in the air.

Jiraiya just chuckled nervously as he went to step away.


Gaara turned at Mifune's voice, forgetting Jiraiya's actions temporarily to work on the war plan.


"Yes, they've already started." Sasuke reported as he looked down upon the large island, seeing the sparks of hundreds of different chakra signatures attacking thousands of copies of the same chakra signature.

Naruto nodded, "Alright, I know that Tsume-sama wanted us to wait and try and persuade the missing ninjas if they win, but frankly speaking that could cause much more trouble than do any good." He said.

Sakura nodded, "As much as I hate to say it, I think the best option would be to eradicate them all." She said with a frown on her face.

Naruto glanced at Sasuke and then Sakura, "Then we will do it as efficiently as we can. Amaterasu, thanks for your help." Naruto said addressing the bird.

It's massive head nodded before it disappeared in a large plume of smoke, all of which was blown away in the winds of the upper atmosphere. Naruto activated his wind funnels in the same moment Sakura's wings formed, the two of them flying in place as Sasuke's board appeared, letting him levitate between them as he stayed looking down at the island.

Naruto turned to Sasuke, "Communication seals?" he asked.

Sasuke nodded before his arms seemingly ruffled for a moment underneath his cloak, pulling out two smaller seals that he passed to Sakura and Naruto before pulling his sleeve up, showing a seal of his own stitched into the fabric.

Naruto nodded as he put the seal on the inside of the upright collar of his Jonin vest, "One." he said, testing the seal which let his voice echo through both Sasuke's and Sakura's.

"Two." Sakura said, finding the same result.

"Three." Sasuke said, hearing that the seals were working perfectly before Sakura and Sasuke turned to Naruto for orders.

Naruto was dead serious as he analysed the situation, "Sakura and I will go down to the perimeters of the island and make sure no one leaves it. Sasuke will tell us where people are getting free with his Sharingan spotting their signatures from up here." Naruto said.

Sakura raised a brow, "Get free? From what?" she asked.

Naruto smirked and nodded to Sasuke, whose eyes snapped open to reveal the spinning Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan, "AMATERASU: BLACK RAIN INFERNO!" Sasuke announced as the air below the three of them began to morph.

After a few seconds, a large 'cloud' of Sasuke's flames began to fall over the island, setting fire to everything instantly and burning through plant, animal and human alike.

Naruto deactivated his wind funnels, falling towards the southern coat of the island while Sakura dove towards the northern half. As Naruto flipped to slow his fall, Sasuke's voice rang out, "Two coming your way Naruto, both are Zetsu."

Naruto aimed his hands towards the treeline, the seal over his eyes glowing as he spotted the white figures aiming towards him, "EXPLOSIVE AIRWAVES!" he shouted as the wind chakra in his arm funnels were compacted with the explosive chakra from his hands.

Each blade of wind that hit the Zetsus and the area around them began to explode violently, destroying the two just as Sasuke's voice came through again, "Naruto, four targets three hundred meters to your left, Sakura, nine targets one hundred meters to your right."

Naruto dropped to the ground completely as his Lightning Armour activated, his nerves getting supercharged as he shot along the shoreline towards his targets, arriving just in time to hit the first man, "RAI-SENGAN!"


The crack of thunder erupted as the lightning bolt tore through another of the men as the first one died, and Naruto turned to the other two to see that they had launched two water jutsu at him.

Naruto blurred through hand seals as he channelled his own water chakra, "WATER STYLE: GIANT VORTEX JUTSU!" Naruto shouted.

The swirling vortex collected the two smaller water jutsu before throwing the two ninjas back onto the island and towards Sasuke's black flames, setting the two men alight in seconds as Naruto retreated back to the air so that he wouldn't be damaged by the flames.

"Naruto, Sakura, I have an idea. I will send as much of my fire to make a large wall in front of each of you and then you use your most wide spread wind attacks to move the flames over the entire island. Just be careful that it doesn't hit you okay?"

Naruto nodded at Sasuke's words, "Sounds good Sasuke. Do it." he ordered as he held his hands above his head.




Naruto's Air Missile drew in all of the flames nearby and upon contact with Sakura's jutsu, the missile exploded, showing the majority of the island in much larger bursts of fire and even some of the surrounding water.

Naruto smirked as he activated the Vocal Enhancement Jutsu that the Third knew, "ALL OF YOU WHO WISH TO LIVE GO TO THE EASTERN SECTOR OF THE ISLAND! IF YOU'RE NOT PART OF THIS GROUP THEN SAY YOUR PRAYERS!" he said, projecting his voice over the island.

After a few seconds, Sasuke's voice rang out again, "Nice work Naruto. Now all of the Zetsu are heading towards you, though there is only about a hundred left. The majority of the missing ninjas are running their own way but a few are going to the east like you said."

Naruto nodded as he sent chakra to activate the communication seal, "Sasuke, be there to meet the ninjas and ask them to join us. Any hint of a lie, kill them." Naruto ordered, knowing Sasuke's Sharingan would be able to pick out the liars.

"Got it."

Naruto then began to see white moving towards him through the trees thanks to the seal over his eye, "Sakura, wipe out those who are trying to flee." Naruto ordered.

"Really? Why Naruto?" she asked.

Naruto frowned, knowing that he was showing his 'savage' side to his team, "Because I am in charge and I ordered you to, now move!" he shouted before he had to retreat further onto the water as the Zetsu flood came from the trees.



Shibuki watched with wide eyes as Kimimaro and Choji lead the attack by themselves. Kimimaro's swift bone strikes tore through any Zetsu that came near while Choji had grown to the size of a house, kicking and stomping the Zetsu that came near to death.

Shibuki's gaze turned to Ino, who seemed to be ridiculously powerful. Ino was utilising her training with Tsunade to dodge everything before landing single punches or kicks that would cause whoever they hit to literally explode from the force.

Taking a look to Shino, Shibuki watched in awe as the man seemingly calmly pointed at a single Zetsu at a time. Each and every Zetsu he pointed at would drop dead a few moments later, as if injected with poison so potent that they were literally rotting from the inside out.


Shibuki looked up to see Shikamaru launching globs of darkness that become mini black holes upon contact, swallowing up Zetsu left and right, which made Shibuki's attention turn to the person defending the waterfall.

"Ha! You guys suck!" Kurayami shouted gleefully as whenever someone came near the Shadow Wall she had covered the entrance to the village with, shadows seemed to tear out from their insides, completely destroying the body.

Shibuki couldn't help but stare in awe, 'These people are amazing, I thought I was a strong Shinobi but they haven't even been touched yet!' he thought before seeing the first hit land on Choji, only for the oversized man to brush off the attack and unseal a giant club from a brace on his arm, crushing a large handful of Zetsu in the single swing.

Shibuki began to smile, 'We can win! The Waterfall will stay strong!' he thought before lifting a bottle to his lips, taking a sip of the Hero's water before charging into battle alongside his allies from the Leaf.



Jirobo's chakra manifested a giant Iron wall around the whole of the Hot Water Village, stopping only at a single small area where Pikkon was stabbing into the ground with two of his swords.


Pikkon's chakra made the earth move at ninja speed in a straight line, acting like an escalator across the two kilometres of land and over a few sand dunes before moving down to the beach where the two large ships of the village rested, slowly getting filled with supplies and people for the six hour boat journey.

Pikkon turned as he left the swords in place to anchor the jutsu as he turned to the civilians, "Just sit normally on the Quickslide and you will be fine, watch this man for the example." Pikkon said, pulling a man from the crowd.

The man looked nervous as Pikkon had him stand with his back to the ride, "Just copy my movement." Pikkon said standing next to the man on normal ground.

The two of them crossed their arms over their chests before crouching, slowly rolling back into a sitting position. The moment the man sat on the Quickslide, he began moving off at a fast sprinting pace, a nervous but surprisingly happy smile on his face as he began to move across the wide clearing.

Seeing that the man was unharmed, the civilians began to listen to Pikkon who delegated to the two Chunnin ranked Hot Water Ninjas, "Okay you two, get them in line and make sure one bag each maximum. Parents can hold their children's bags as well if needed." Pikkon said.

The two nodded before moving the civilians into line while Pikkon took the second person to the quickslide, they managed to do it themselves after watching the man before them.

Pikkon smiled, 'Good, this shouldn't take too long.' He thought before glancing over to the wall.

Jirobo lifted his hands off of the wall, "Now what Neji?" he asked.

Neji's Byakugan glowed, "Just as we suspected, they felt the massive amount of chakra and know it's in this general direction. And the first of them will all come from this angle so the civilians shouldn't be noticed." He said.

Misa raised a brow from her place next to Neji, "Shouldn't?" she asked.

Neji nodded, "Which is why I believe your lower ranked ninjas should go out to stand along the transport line." He said.

Misa quickly contemplated the idea before nodding, "Yes. Gomin!" she shouted, causing a Jonin to run up to them from another place on the wall, "Gather all of the Chunnin and gennin, have them watch the civilians." She said.

Gomin nodded before leaping off of the wall.

Neji glanced out over the wall, "Here they come." He whispered in anticipation before taking action, "If you would start us off Misa-san?" he asked.

She nodded and formed hand seals as she stepped to the front of the group, "STEAM STYLE: BOILING POINT RIVER!" she shouted before spitting out steaming water.

The water was so hot that half of it was already turning to steam upon its fall to the ground, but it served its purpose as it cleared a larger gap and began to burn the first group of approaching Zetsu.

Neji glanced at Tenten, "Go Tenten." He said softly.

Tenten nodded as she jumped down onto a platform that Jirobo had made about three quarters of the way up the wall. She took a deep breath as she pulled out a scroll, 'Two hundred Explosive kunai, ready for launch. If we're lucky then this should do the trick for all of them.' Tenten thought.

With one more breath, the Zetsu crossed the half way mark and Tenten's chakra was sent into the scroll.

"NINJA TOOLS: KUNAI RAIN!" she shouted as the scroll began to wrap around her.


Catching the first kunai, Tenten threw it with perfect aim, catching a Zetsu right in the face. The Zetsu around that one looked on at the sound of the kunai impacting flesh right before a searing noise could be heard from inside the kunai's handle.


Tenten smirked as all the Zetsu realised the sudden danger they were in, but for many of the first wave of them, it was already too late.

Tenten's arms blurred as she threw kunai after kunai from the scroll, not even taking a break for breath. The first twenty seconds after the initial explosion were quiet until the kunai began to explode again.




The other Leaf ninjas and the 'kage' of the Hot Water Village watched on as Tenten began to obliterate and eventually kill the entire first wave of Zetsu, "That girl's aim is amazing, she hasn't missed her mark once!" Misa exclaimed with wide eyes as she watched Tenten finish up her assault.

Neji nodded, "Not surprising. She is gifted in the area of weaponry." Neji said before glancing to Hinata, "What do you see?" he asked.

Hinata's Byakugan was watching over the rest of the village while Neji was focussed on the outside, "N-no potential dangers of any kind here Nii-san." she said, stuttering slightly at the nervousness of her first war mission.

Neji nodded as he pushed his sight to see the flanks of the village, 'Wait a sec…' he thought as he focussed in a single direction, looking for more specific detail.

Neji scowled, "Hinata, double check for me, active chakra inside the trees?" Neji asked.

Hinata's Byakugan flared. Although Neji was a prodigy in his clan, Hinata was gifted with eyes slightly different to her cousin's. While Neji's was perfect for combat, Hinata's Byakugan was able to see even the flow of nature chakra and things of the like if she focussed hard enough.

Hinata nodded with a frown, "Yes! They are going to sprout from the trees!" she gasped, watching as the Zetsu began to step out onto the grass.

Misa frowned, "But we have trees in here…" she said before her and everyone else's eyes widened.


In an instant, Lee had appeared kicking the white Zetsu away from the Hot Water ninja, "I will handle this!" Lee shouted before whipping his hands past the seals on his thighs.


Everyone stared in shock as Lee pulled out the Thunder Fangs, hacking the Zetsu into thirds in the blink of an eye before he moved over to the tree, "THUNDER PUNCH!" Lee shouted as the blade in his left hand turned into a reverse grip, the lightning crackling around his fist.

The tree exploded upon contact, showering the few nearby ninjas in debris, but Neji's voice rang out to everyone without interruption as Lee ran back to his teammate's side.

"Shinobi! Destroy every tree inside the village and protect the civilians!" Neji shouted.

The Hot Water ninjas hesitated before Misa's voice rang out, "Do it now!" she screamed.

The ninjas leapt into action, activating a Hot Water Special Technique, "HOT WATER STYLE: LIQUID BOILING EXPLOSION!" many of them yelled before slamming their hands into the trees closest to them.

The sap inside the trees expanded with the heat and the trees suddenly burst outward with the help of the ninjas' chakra.

Hinata smiled, "The Zetsus' chakra has stopped forming in the trees, they seem to be going back outside." She said in relief.

Neji nodded as Tenten leapt back up onto the great wall, "Listen up! Lee and Tenten will take the east side. Hinata and I will take the west. Pikkon will fight off any that get inside. Jirobo, you keep them from getting over this wall." Neji ordered before glancing at Misa, "Misa-san, would you please evacuate the area along with your men? We will be right behind you." Neji asked/demanded as he instantly turned away from her.

"Now hold on!" she said as she gripped Neji's shoulder, forcing him to turn to her, "What makes you think that I'll just go huh?" she asked.

Neji frowned before waving the others off, getting them to go and start the defence except for Hinata who was waiting for him, "Do you not care for your villagers? These are just buildings. They can be rebuilt if they're destroyed. Human life can't." Neji said seriously.

Misa's face twitched in annoyance before she relented, knowing he was right, "…Okay." She said before turning and running to Pikkon's quickslide, leaping on it in a moment.

Neji sighed, "She's gone. Let's start the operation." He said to Hinata, who nodded with a nervous smile.


*Knock Knock*

The group inside the war room looked up as the door was opened by Mabui, letting in Tsume Inuzuka and the Honoured Grandfather Ebizo, both of whom bowed slightly as their Kage came over to them.

Light nodded, "Thankyou for coming Grandfather." Light said.

Ebizo smiled lightly, "Of course, I can't sit back and watch my student in Wind Manipulation go to war." He said cheerfully.

Tsunade smiled, "So everyone has arrived then?" she asked.

Tsume nodded, a light sheen of sweat still on her body, "Yes ma'am, we have taken up lodgings between the Sand and the Stone ninjas." She said.

Gaara frowned, "Everyone is camping in their village groups?" he asked.

Tsume nodded, "Yeah, but what are you doing here Gaara?" she asked.

Gaara shook his head before sharing a look with Jiraiya and Kakuzu, "You will find out later Tsume-san." he said before turning back to the table.

Tsume frowned at the 'kid' but Tsunade and Light quickly ushered the two of them out of the war room.

Tsume paused before she left, "Tsunade-sama, one last thing." She said, pulling out the scroll Hiashi had given to her, "Hiashi told me to give this to you." she said.

Tsunade nodded, taking the scroll and making it magically disappear between her breasts for storage, "Thanks Tsume." Tsunade said before closing the door once more.

She turned back to the group, glancing at Gaara with a frown, 'Just cause I'm a medic doesn't mean I'll survive the process, though I could definitely do it to someone else.' She thought before glancing at Gaara and smirking, 'Well, he is part of the Hyuuga Clan officially now.' She thought before walking further into the room.


Naruto kicked off from one of the Zetsu, landing in the center of a large group of them along the beach. He began spinning as he channelled Fire chakra, "FIRE STYLE: ROTATION!" he shouted.

A normal Rotation formed around Naruto as he span, but the moment it was completed, flames began to arc out from the center, burning all Zetsu that were struck to death within seconds while clearing the area.

Coming to a stop, Naruto crouched as he let the flames disperse. He was facing down the shoreline as he channelled his wind chakra, "WIND STYLE: TSUUGA!" Naruto shouted before barrelling forward.

The green glowing tornado tore through the Zetsu, giving Naruto a clear line through half of the group as he came to a stop at the end of the hundreds of Zetsu.

Naruto took a quick breath before focussing ice chakra, "ICE STYLE: BLACK DRAGON BLIZZARD!" he shouted, launching the black dragons towards half of the group.

The half of the group that was on the shore still were either hit or they managed to dodge onto the water, causing Naruto to smirk as he reached behind him, pulling out Samehada Bochowari.

Naruto sprinted along the shoreline, using his blade to deflect the random weapons that were thrown at him. He came to a stop as he used a Zetsu as a shield against the other Zetsus as he sent chakra to the handle of his sword.


From the cloud of smoke, Naruto swung the large war hammer into the shield Zetsu's back, creating a forward moving shockwave which pushed the vast majority of the Zetsu out onto the water.

Naruto let go of his sword, the consciousness inside taking over as it landed over his shoulder safely so that he could form hand seals, but instead of doing any work in the jutsu, Naruto used the sword's chakra and moulded it through the water he stomped on with the last hand seal, "WATER STYLE: SUPER WATER SHARK BOMB JUTSU!" Naruto shouted as the chakra poured from the sword through his body and into the water.

With all of the water available, the shark was easily the size of the Zetsu army. It came up from underneath the water, it's large mouth eating all of the Zetsu on the water in a single gulp before it exploded violently, using the chakra torn from the many Zetsu to ignite and destroy the bodies.

Naruto whipped around, once more grasping his main blade in his left hand and the hammer in his right. The final thirteen Zetsu sprinted at him and his eyes narrowed as he saw three of them making the same hand seals as the other ten ran at him.

Naruto opened his hand-mouths, letting explosive chakra be blown over his hammer from one mouth while the other sent wind chakra over the blade, just as the Zetsus' jutsu activated.

"""NINJA ART: THORNY PROJECTILES!""" they shouted.

Naruto frowned as he saw nothing happen in front of him, but his heightened hearing alerted him to something coming from the trees and thus he turned in time to react, holding up his hammer in a reverse grip as they came near him, "EXPLOSIVE WAVE!" he shouted.

The controlled force of an explosion threw all of the thorns away from Naruto, who spun towards the first two Zetsu as they were about to hit him.

Naruto ducked under the first punch, lunging at the second Zetsu and piercing him right through the chest. Naruto spun back and collected the back of the first Zetsu's head with the hammer, causing it to be crushed.

He was about to continue the fight when a voice was heard.


The black flames shot from the forest, piercing a Zetsu in the center of the remaining eleven Zetsu before the spear exploded outwards, covering nine of them in flames as Naruto used the near corpses of the two he had killed as a shield from the flames.

Seeing the attention of the Zetsu being focussed on Sasuke's whereabouts, Naruto found it easily to form his Explosive bone bullets.

They drilled into the side of the two standing Zetsu before the chakra expanded.


Naruto took a deep breath and smirked as his sword returned to normal just as he rested it along his spine, "How'd it go Sasuke?" Naruto asked as his brother stepped from the tree line.

Sasuke turned back behind him and waved forward six people, "These men and women were being honest with joining our cause." Sasuke reported.

Naruto nodded, "Awesome. Now all we need is-"

"Mission complete." Sakura said as she blurred into existence next to Naruto, the rainbow glow around her body disappearing to show only that Scouter Sight was active.

Naruto grinned, "Good. Now listen up everyone," he said, gaining the attention of the missing ninjas as well as his team, "Sakura and Sasuke will be taking you all that way," he said, pointing back towards the main land, "You will fly over two ships that will be under attack from the same white plant men as you were, we need to make sure that they don't harm anyone on the ships got it?" Naruto asked.

One man who wore a ragged Mist Uniform with a slash through the symbol on his forehead, "And what makes you trust us so easily? How do I know if I can trust you?" he asked.

Naruto raised a brow, "Trust? That's got nothing to do with it." he said with a shrug.

The man in the Mist uniform frowned in thought before scoffing, "Fear then? You think we'll follow your orders under some threat." He guessed.

Naruto grinned and nodded, "Yep." He said.

Two ninjas with no distinct village marks openly laughed for less than a heartbeat as Naruto was suddenly standing in front of them, swirling Rasengans mere millimetres from their noses.

The group was quiet as Naruto channelled some of the Kyuubi's chakra through Zabuza's demonic aura, instantly scaring the shit out of everyone, "What's so f-f-f-f-funny?" Naruto asked, shaking his head psychotically as he pretended to stutter over the word.

One of the nearly Rasenganned ninjas fell back in shock as the other shook his head, "N-nothing boss!" he shouted.

Naruto grinned again as all of his chakra faded back to unnoticeable levels, "Really? Bummer, I was in the mood for a joke." He said as he casually walked back to Sakura's side, his back shown to the missing ninjas to show that he honestly didn't see any of them as a threat, "You good to bring back a phoenix?" Naruto asked.

Sakura nodded, "Yep, especially since I did the extra training you told me about." She said with a knowing grin.

Naruto blinked in thought for a moment before grinning, "You're done? Cool, let's see it." he said.

Sakura let Scouter Sight fade as she closed her eyes. After a few moments, feather looking marks began to appear on either of her cheeks and the back of her hands since her face and hands were the only parts of her body currently visible. She opened her eyes as the Nature Chakra stabilized to show her pupils covered her whole eye, "Sage mode." Sakura said in a ringing voice.

Naruto smirked and nodded, "Great work Nee-chan!" he said before turning to Sasuke, "Your in charge until we meet up again Sasuke." Naruto said as Sakura turned away from the group and slammed her hand on the ground.



As the smoke cleared, Naruto nodded, "Alright, see you guys soon hopefully." He said as he focussed his chakra.




Naruto appeared ready for combat as he leapt from the main room of the central tree, using his flight capabilities to look around with an aerial view.

He blinked in shock as he saw that the Zetsu army had been all but destroyed at the Waterfall that guarded the village, so he glanced around to see if there were any more threats.


His eyes shot over to the supplying river of the village, seeing a small group of Zetsu storm their way in after an explosive note attack. Noticing that they still had large amounts of water on them, Naruto dove towards them while forming hand seals, "LIGHTNING STYLE: BLACK PANTHER!" he shouted, launching the giant construct of lightning chakra forward.

Since the Waterfall ninjas had been blown away from the area due to the explosion, the Black Panther exploded with electricity upon hitting the first Zetsu, spreading the charge through all of them as they became paralysed.

Seeing an opportunity, the nearby Waterfall ninjas took action, throwing their own explosive notes that detonated the moment they hit the Zetsus.


Naruto landed as the smoke cleared, "Naruto-sama!" a female ninja shouted in relief and awe at seeing the man who saved their village.

Naruto nodded to her before asking, "Where are the other Konoha ninjas? All at the Waterfall?" he asked.

The girl nodded, "Yes, the fight is going well according to reports." She said quickly,

Naruto smirked, "Good, thank you very much" he said before his Lightning armour enveloped him and he blurred across the small village.

Coming close to the waterfall, he grinned as he saw the shadow barrier inside opening up for him to get through, 'Thanks Kurayami!' he thought as he swapped his lightning chakra for water chakra, diving into the water head first as the funnels in his legs used the water chakra as propulsion.

He shot out the other side of the waterfall, seeing as almost everyone was finishing off some of the last Zetsu, but thanks to Naruto's amplified senses, he picked up the smell of burning coming from above.

He landed back to back with Shino as the bug using ninja launched another venomous insect from his fingers, "I'm going up." Naruto said.

Shino nodded, "I'll cover you." he said as his sleeves seemed to bulge.

Naruto leapt up into the air as a Zetsu that was covered in explosive tags leapt from the highest nearby tree towards the wall of the village. Many other Zetsu saw that Naruto was about to stop their plan so they attacked him with thrown kunai.

Shino aimed his sleeves upwards around Naruto as he mumbled his jutsu, "ARACHNID ART: SPIDER WEB NET!" he said in his deep voice as strands of spider string began to shoot out of his fingers, grasping the airborne kunai with their stickiness before using them like chakra strings and knocking back the other approaching kunai.

With all the Zetsu looking up at Naruto, Kurayami used the opportunity to bend her shadow along the ground, connecting all of the Zetsu together before it attached to Shikamaru, who finished his own seals, "DARK STYLE: BLACK PIT!"

With the final group of Zetsu sucked into darkness, the remaining ninjas looked up as Naruto came free from Shino's guard, sending chakra to his hand as the Zetsu detonated early to try and take down Naruto, "GRAND RASENGAN!" Naruto shouted.

The rasengan expanded from the small size of a ball to the size of a fully grown man, slamming into Zetsu before it expanded even more due to the explosion.

A few seconds later, Naruto calmly fell to the ground and landed in a crouch in front of Kimimaro, "You ready?" Naruto asked.

Kimimaro nodded, "We are but the rest of the village is not." Kimimaro said.

Naruto smirked as he smelt a familiar scent, "Hey Shibuki! Get your men and women ready for war, I'll be back in two hours and if you're not ready by then I can't take you to somewhere safe." Naruto said as everyone surrounded him, placing a hand on his outstretched arms.

Shibuki nodded as he let his Water Sword fall into a puddle, "O-Okay, but what about-"



Chapter End

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