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Behind These Hazel Eyes


"Please go to sleep." Kurt sighed, his throat holding back a sob. He was tired, frustrated, and his head was pounding. Watery eyes blinked up at him. All Kurt wanted was for the screaming to stop, all he wanted was for those dark hazel eyes to stop staring at him as though he had all the answers. Kurt wished he did.

"Devon. Please stop crying I don't know what you want from me." Kurt rubbed his own eyes, not surprised to find tears there. Kurt ran a shaky hand through the mass of curls on his son's head. He loved them, loved how if he tugged it straight it would ping back into the perfect curl. "Your daddy has hair like yours." Kurt whispered, his fingers threading through it slowly. "And your eyes. You look so much like him."

At the mention of his dad, Devon stopped crying. Kurt hated talking about Blaine; he felt like he was giving his baby false hope, but he couldn't stop telling fairy tales about him. Wishing out loud for the life they could have had. Kurt kept playing with his hair, glad that it was calming him down. Half an hour later, those hazel eyes were closed and Kurt leaned forward and pressed a soft kiss to his forehead.

"I love you, Devon." Kurt whispered. He stood up and walked over to his bed, curling up with the only thing he had to remember Blaine by; a stripy red and grey scarf.