So...I want to say a HUGE THANK YOU! To every single one of you who has read this story, you have all inspired me so much... I'm sorry about the shit ending, I thought if I didn't end it now then it would be going on for ever and there will be a sequal up soon...I'm not too sure what it's going to be called so add me to your alerts and it will be up soon XD

I want to write a mini series on just Devon because I think you've all sort of fallen for my made up little man, and I was wondering how you would feel about a few stories about him in high school? I will be writing one with the twins growing up and Blaine adjusting to new babies and things, and more of Devon of course. But I was just curious to if any of you would read it... So would you?

So it saddens me to say that this is my last update for this and I might have a little cry about it because I LOVED this!


It had been almost five years since Kurt met Blaine at a party, it had been four years since he had his first son – Devon Finn Hummel Anderson, for three years Kurt raised him as a single dad, living in New York had been amazing and then he had found his soul mate, Devon's father; Blaine Anderson. They had a blissful six months together, Blaine realising that being a dad wasn't as hard as he thought, well that was until the twins came. Devon had been easy on Blaine, the curly haired man soon realised that Kurt had done all of the hard work. Blaine had never had to wake up to screaming in the middle of the night, never had to change diapers, or clean up sick. Blaine had it easy with Devon. Blaine had it easy with the twins too. Yes he woke up at ridiculous hours of the night, yes most of the time he let Kurt sleep, and yes he hated the diapers, and he especially hated the sick. But he loved the way they would look up at him, such beautiful eyes looking at him with such adoration and love. They depended on him and Blaine was determined to everything he could to keep his family safe. Ariella Beth and Cory Cooper Anderson had completed their little family.

Their friends and families had been over the moon when they finally were able to see them. Cooper had cried when Kurt and Blaine said Cory's full name, he had thanked them for the honour of being a God Parent and promised that he would throw the best parties for Cory and his friends so that he held cool points at school. Kurt knew that his little joke had only been a cover for how grateful he was. Rachel was chosen to be Ariella's God Mom, Kurt knew his little girl would need a motherly figure in her life and knew no one better than Rachel to be that for her.

Devon had taken to the twins well, at first the late nights and the screaming had made him rather grouchy, but he soon learned to sleep through it and decided as a big brother he shouldn't be able to be mad at them, so if he did wake up he would help Blaine or Kurt get them back to sleep, which normally meant he would fall asleep on the rocking chair in the nursery, and then he would get tucked in bed again by his daddy, and he liked being tucked in at night. Especially if he got another story.

Five years ago Kurt had been in high school alone, he had friends but he still felt isolated, he had no one to hold hands with and no one to kiss, but then he had met Blaine and everything had fallen into place, he was now married, he had three beautiful children and an amazing support system. Kurt was happy.

"Daddy, they're crying. Again!" Devon groaned, snapping Kurt out of his day dream.

"Let's go and give them some cuddles then." Kurt smiled. Blaine was at a parent teacher conference so it was just the four of them, not that Kurt minded, he knew Blaine would rather be at home with them.

"I know what will make them stop!" Devon said and scrambled into his room.

Kurt rolled his eyes wondering what his son would get for them, he headed to the nursery and smiled when he saw Cory screaming in his cot and Ariella laying so peacefully. Cory would definitely be the one to run the house when he's older. "Hey there kiddo, what's all the noise?" Kurt smiled as he picked him up, he rocked him softly for a few minutes and smiled, all he needed was a cuddle.

"I got it I got it!" Devon said as he ran in.

"What did you get?" Kurt asked looking down at him.

"This!" Devon grinned and help up a red and grey scarf; the red and grey scarf that had started it all.

Five Years Ago

"You look cold," Blaine breathed as he sat beside Kurt, their knees touching.

"I am a little." Kurt shrugged. "It's too nice out here to go inside though."

"It is. It's peaceful, it's noisy and there are too many sexual things going on." Blaine grinned, Kurt could really get used to that smile, it was beautiful.

"And you don't like sexual things?" Kurt smirked, an eyebrow raising in Blaine's direction.

"I never said that." Blaine hummed. "With the right person...sexual things are good." Blaine winked and Kurt was sure that he felt a blush run down his whole body. At least it was dark so Blaine wouldn't be able to see the horrendous shade of red he was sure he now was.

"Uh-huh." Kurt chuckled, because really what else could he say?

"Here." Blaine smiled, he unwound the scarf that he had on his neck and Kurt couldn't help but stare as more skin was revealed. Slowly, Blaine wrapped the scarf around Kurt's neck and Kurt shivered against his fingers. "Looks good on you." Blaine breathed, he was so close now and Kurt smiled shyly in return; knowing deep down that he would love this boy for the rest of his life.