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Harry defeated Voldemort in the department of mysteries in his fifth year due to the help of Lucius Malfoy who had been a spy for the order. After returning for his sixth year, Harry discovers he is the mate to Lucius, who is a veela and will die if they don't mate.

"Ok, let's go through this one more time" Harry said "Lucius Malfoy is a veela and my mate and if I don't except the slimy bastard then he'll die."

Dumbledore looked at the young man he thought of as a grandson sadly, "yes, that's correct."

Harry let his head fall forward onto the desk in front of him, "fate really does hate me" he groaned.

It had been a bad day right from the start, he had got up late and missed breakfast and he had blown up his potion, which had led to a fail and a loss of 50 house points; but things didn't start to get really bad until lunch. He had walked into the great hall and taken a seat at the table when Lucius Malfoy had jump from his seat (apparently he was visiting Draco) and started to walk towards him. Harry had frozen at the sight of the older man and Ron had put his hand on his shoulder and said "you alright mate?" which had cause a lot of things to happen all at once. Snape, who had apparently worked out what happening had jumped out of his seat, wand in hand, Ron had turned a funny colour and yanked Harry away from Malfoy, who had grown claws, wings and a beak and tried to launched himself at Ron. Snape and McGonagall had managed to restrain the angry veela, while Dumbledore had hurried over and instructed Hermione to accompany Ron to the hospital wing to get something for shock and Harry to follow him to his office. So all in all it had been a very bad day.

It had been two days since Dumbledore had called him into his office to discuss the new situation with Lucius Malfoy. He had told Harry to spend the time to think about what he wanted to do and whether he really wanted to make this commitment.

"Senile old fool." He snorted, like he could let someone die; even if it was a Malfoy. Ron and Hermione kept shooting him sympathetic looks as they made there way down to breakfast. Harry had honestly been shocked that Ron had taken the situation well, he had expected the other boy to be disgusted and not talk to him for weeks, like he had in fourth year, but Ron had told him that in the wizarding world being a veela's mate was a great honour. "Think about it mate," he had said, "its someone who's perfect for you, that can't hurt you in anyway and who will love you unconditionally." He then grimaced and said "even if it is a Malfoy."

Harry took a deep breath before walking through the doors of the great hall, Ron and Hermione flanking him while being very careful not to touch him. The hall went quiet as he walked in, but Harry paid no mind to it, instead fixing his eyes on the blonde sitting at the high table, who was staring at him in adoration.

Harry heard a voice from the slytherin table say "oh look Draco it's your new daddy." Harry's head whipped round and what he saw made a weird feeling rise up in his chest. Malfoy, instead of having his usual group of idiots surrounding him, hanging on to his every word, had a gap on either side of the bench next to him and those her word near him were sneering at him as though they didn't want to be contaminated. His face was paler than usual, his blonde hair sticking up and he looked like he hadn't slept in a week, but something snapped inside Harry when he saw the black eye Malfoy was currently sporting. He stormed over to the table. "Get up Malfoy" he said, staring at the boy who had spoken. Malfoy looked like he was in shock and didn't move; Harry sighed and gently pulled his arm. Malfoy finally seemed to get the hint and stood, staring at Harry in wonder. They exited the hall followed by Ron and Hermione.

Harry led the group down to the kitchens and ordered breakfast before looking at Malfoy and asking, "Ok, what the fuck was that?"

Malfoy sighed and said quietly "the mating bond affects you to. Your recognising me as the child of your mate and therefore of you." He looked at Harry fearfully.

Harry nodded slowly, saying "that make sense I guess." he sighed, "who did that?" he asked indicating Malfoys black eye.

Malfoy ducked his head and said "it doesn't matter."

Harry gestured to Hermione who pulled out her wand and pointed it at Malfoys face murmuring a spell. Malfoy flinched but calmed when Harry said, "don't worry, she just healing it. Now who did it?" He asked.

"Pansy" he admitted quietly

Harry growled "I'll be having words with her. Why has your father not done anything about this?"

"He doesn't know. I didn't want to make this harder for him, he's been waiting for so long to find his mate."

"You need to tell him Malfoy, this isn't fair on you."

"I cant" Malfoy moaned, "and would it be alright if you called me Draco, its just that it feels weird when you call me Malfoy."

"Of course it is, but you still need to tell him." He paused when he saw Draco's face. "We'll tell him together, yeah?"

"Thanks Harry." Draco smiled.

"Come on, I've got to be in Dumbledore's office in five minutes, you should come with me."

Draco nodded and Harry led him up to the most important meeting of his life.

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