Have you ever heard the word 'fear'?

I grew up knowing the fact that a lot of people feared me. They worked hard for me to be pleased - I worked hard for them to suffer.

No one disagreed with me. Better yet, no one dared to. They were too afraid because I was born from a long streak of powerful people - rich, powerful, dirty people.

My mother worked as the CEO of a very prominent international fashion magazine company. My father, on the other hand, held the title of Japan's Youngest Millionaire. They both had such great professions that I couldn't help but wonder: Why on Earth did they still involve themselves with the mafia?

Yes, my parents were mafia lords. Shocker, isn't it? My father's family had long been involved with the black market and the mafia world. I even lived in a mansion guarded by mafia myself.

In my mother's early teenage years, she was already exposed to the underground society. She worked as the right hand of my grandfather - who was the head of the mafia at that time. And that was how my parents met.

Five years after I was born, Grampa was assassinated. And so, my father succeeded his dad. In the early years of my childhood, I was constantly reminded that intact secrecy was the only secret of my continuous life; that if ever my real identity was exposed, I'd sure be dead in no time.

Because of that I was forced to learn a handful of martial arts for protection and assassination and was taught to use, disarm and assemble almost all types of guns. In my mind, I had been training to be the female, criminal counterpart of Batman.

I didn't know much about the group because I wasn't allowed to snoop around the mafia. Once, I tried to slip inside a car that headed to a deal with someone in the black market and it ended up with twelve people shot dead just to conceal my identity.

Maybe that's why I love trouble a lot. Because I was born living it. Trouble was a constant companion in my life. And maybe that's why people hate me, too.

They say a lot of things about me. Namely conceited, arrogant, snob and even the b-word intended to be used only for she-dogs. I didn't care.

But that was until I met this group of people. And him.

I am Hinamori Amu and this is my story.


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