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'Oh God what did that playboy do now'

I got up from my room on the helicariar and made my way to the front of the air craft. Standing in front of many screens is Director Fury also known to me as 'Daddy'.

"Dad, what's wrong?" I asked as I walked up to his side

My dad was wearing his usually black S.H.I.E.L.D suit and his trench coat. As for me I was wearing a dark grey tight V-neck long sleeve shirt, black and grey boot-cut jeans and black boots that come to my knees. I have on a pretty sliver necklace with red and gold iron man medallion, that my dad gave to me for my birthday two months ago.

"Your precious Iron Man is what's wrong" my father growled

I face palmed myself, did he have to say that out loud in front of the entire staff. I have been in love with Tony Stark since I was ten, now that he's doing something good for some else I fell harder. If that's even possible.

"What did Tony do now?" I asked with a sighed

"Every since Mr.I am Iron Man announced that he is a super hero, it's my job to make sure he doesn't do anything stupid!"

I rolled my brown eyes and said "And?"

My dad looked at me and just pointed to muti-screens. As I looked at the screens I bowed my head. The screens was showing news reports of Tony Stark's Malibu home, how it's destroyed the drunken billionaire went to wild with his suit.

I sighed before looking at my dad and said "So...what are you going to do?"

"Me...nothing. Romanoff Is on it"

"Apparently, she's not doing her job right" I mumbled under my breath

But my dad heard it because he looked at me and said "What was that, Sherise?"

I sighed and said "Dad, please let work on this"

My dad groan and said "No! Agent Romanoff can handle it"

'I'm tried of him treating me like a baby'

"Dad! I'm not a child anymore! I'm nineteen years old! I can handle myself. I have Fury and Rogers blood running through me so there's nothing I can't do"

Dad sighed and said "Alright, but I will be coming to check on you"

I smiled and said "Thanks dad" as I hugged him before running off to my room to pack

It was a little before five pm when Natasha Romanoff was standing at entrance of my room with a smirk on her face.

"What is it Tasha?"

Natasha is like a big sister. She and Clint taught me all the neat fighting moves. Well most, I do have a spy as father and a super-solider for a uncle.

"Well I had got word from the director that his daughter is working with me with Stark" Tasha said matter a factually

I rolled my eyes before picking up my duffle bags and heading down the hall with Tasha following. When we reached the boarding docks we were greet by my dad and a large black and tan German Shepherd with a glowering collar.

"Dad, who is this?"

"This is Downey, a special dog that..."

"That what?" I asked with a curious look

Dad took a deep before saying "That Stark build for you...for your birthday"

My eyes went wide, he did what?

I guess he seen my face because the next thing he said was;

"Some how he found out I have a daughter and that you are a fan...and"

I cut him off

"Dad, you can lie to your staff, be me think again" I growled

He just stud there, I groaned

"Well what does he do?" I said with a sigh

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