I got the inspiration to write this after talking to a family member who went through it

7-year-old Erica woke up with really bad back and stomach pain. "Jacky? Are you awake yet?" Erica asked from the bottom bunk bed.

"Yeah. What's wrong? You don't look so good." Jack said as he looked down at her from the top bunk.

"My back and tummy hurt a lot. Jacky go get mommy or daddy. I don't feel so good." Erica replied weakly.

Jack did as told and ran to find Monica and Chandler. He ran into the kitchen to find Chandler making breakfast. "Dad something's wrong with Erica. She looks really sick." Jack told him with a sense of urgency in his voice.

"Did she tell you what's wrong exactly?" Chandler asked as he followed Jack upstairs.

"She said her back and stomach hurt a lot." Jack replied.

Chandler walked into the twins' room to find Erica curled up in a ball on her bed holding her stomach looking very pale. "Erica?" Chandler said as he picked her up and held her like a baby. He knew something was very wrong.

"Daddy I don't feel good. It really hurts." Erica said as she rested her head on him.

"Okay, we need to go to the hospital. Jack, go wake up your mom and tell her. " Chandler said while trying to stay calm. He grabbed Erica's blanket and her teddy bear. He carried her to the car, buckled her into her booster seat and covered her with her blanket. He got in the driver's seat and waited for Monica and Jack.

"Mom wake up. There's something wrong with Erica." Jack said as he shook Monica awake.

Instantly a look of panic appeared on her face. "What? Where is she? What's wrong?"

"Dad took her to the car. They're waiting for us. She's really sick I think. Her back and stomach hurt a lot."

"Oh my God!" Was all Monica could say as she quickly got dressed and went out to the car.

The car ride to the hospital was silent as Monica and Chandler's minds raced with thoughts of what might be wrong with their daughter.

When they got to the hospital they were immediately brought back to a room. "We're not sure what is wrong yet. We're going to run a few tests but you need to plan on staying here for a while." The doctor informed them.

Monica had called Ross and Rachel to come pick up Jack so he could stay with them. Ross was at work so Rachel came to pick up Jack. "Okay buddy, you're going to stay with Aunt Rachel and Uncle Ross for a little bit." Monica told Jack.

"But I want to stay with Erica! She needs me. Mommy what's wrong with her?" Jack asked. He wasn't very sure what was happening.

"I don't know yet. The doctors are trying to figure that out. I know you want to stay with her. But Aunt Rachel and Uncle Ross will bring you to visit at least once a day, right Rach?" Monica said.

Rachel nodded. "And you can call anytime you want." Chandler added.

"Okay..." Jack said sadly as he hugged both of his parents. Rachel then picked him up and took him to her place.