So I know I've been kind of absent this past months, but I had some personal issues with family and stuff. I'm really sorry. Also, I will continue with my other stories. Hope you enjoy this new story I just came up with, it's something I thought after seeing the movie 'Tomboy' and a Korean dorama named 'To the beautiful you'. Enjoy!

When I was 10 years old, a new family moved into my neighborhood. It was a young married couple and their children. At that time, it was very hard for me to make new friends and I spent most of my time wandering and exploring in the woods next to my house. My best friend was my brother Emmett, who is a year older than me, and he would always play with me in the woods.

I remember that the first time I saw the Swan kids was next to my tree house, they were playing with a football; it looked like fun, but I was too shy to talk to them, so instead I returned home. Two weeks after that I met one of the Swan kids again. I was on my tree house reading a new book that father had given to me, when I heard someone crying. I peaked my head out from one of the windows and saw him. He was sitting at the bottom of the tree, head between his knees and crying his eyes out. I was worried that something bad had happened to him so I immediately climbed down and asked him what was wrong, when he lifted his face and met my gaze I felt something weird inside me, my chest tightened and I felt butterflies in my stomach. I pushed the feeling aside and concentrated on the kid before me. I asked him if he was okay as I sat down next to him, he shook his head and threw his arms around me, hugging me from the middle and sobbing in my chest. After he calmed down, we talked. He told me that his parents were getting a divorce and that they were going to separate him from his brother. I didn't know what to say, so I just stroked his hair as tears felt silently down his cheeks.

I blushed as we sat there, hugging each other. I remembered that he had such a nice face. He had big brown chocolate eyes with brown hair. His features were very girly, like his nose; It was so perfect, and his lips, they looked so soft, I have to admit that I wanted to kiss those lips, and that scared me. Why did I want to kiss a boy?

After our meeting that day, we met up almost every day at my tree house. We would play hide and seek, or read books, we even tried to write our own book, it is called "The magical adventures of Tim and Tom", it was about two boys that met in the woods and went on adventures using their magic powers. It was pretty cool.

The last day I saw him was on November 18, he came running towards me with a camera in hand, he told me that tomorrow he was moving to Phoenix with his mom and that he wanted a picture to remember me. The camera was old, my father had one similar. I agreed on taking the picture and we sat down on the same spot where we first met. I was taller than him; therefore I have longer arms, so I took the photo. Then I took a second one for me. The camera printed the photos and we waited for the picture to develop. I smiled down at the photo. After that we hugged goodbye and swore with our secret handshake that we would meet up again when we were older.

He never told me his name, but I knew that I would never forget him.