Island 2

Hawaiian sun and sea. Normally Deeks would love this, but not so much when he gets kidnapped on a bad op and is shipped off to Hawaii being sent to the highest bidder! When 5-0 comes into the picture will Deeks ever get back to LA in one piece? 7Th in my Deeks back-story series. NCIS LA and Hawaii 50 Crossover!

Disclaimer: I do not own NCIS LA or Hawaii 50; I am merely borrowing them for some action and angst. I will return them for their shows on Monday and Tuesday I promise.

Island Chapter 2


"Everything is so quiet here without Deeks." Callen commented to his partner looking up from some paper work.

"Not at my house, his flea bag of a dog is keeping me on my toes. It was like Deeks trained him to annoy me." Sam grunted and Kensi covered her mouth with her palm to stop the laughter from bubbling over her lips.

"With Deeks you never know, he may very well be the evil genius of the group." Callen said completely straight-faced and Kensi hide her face in her elbow to stop the huge laugh in her throat from coming out.

"Guys, you uh need to see this…" Eric called from the stairs before shuffling back up them.

"No whistle? Something isn't right." Callen said as the trio rose up from their seats and made their way up the staircase to OPS. Nell was gripping her tablet tightly and Hetty was staring at the screen gravely as Eric fell into his chair.

"Miss Jones, please bring up the photo's." Hetty ordered softly, moment's later images of a burnt down warehouse and three burnt beyond recognition bodies popped up on the screen.

"Whoa, what happened there?" Kensi asked in shock.

"Someone torched the place, but why?" Callen's brow furrowed together.

"As you all know, Mr. Deeks was doing one final undercover op for the LAPD. It was a simple buy with some Russians, but something went wrong as you can see…Mr. Deeks is currently MIA and the remains of his gun were found in the wreckage, but we do not know if any of these bodies are his as of yet." Hetty reported to her team gravely.

Silence fell over the team as they stared at the bodies, praying none of them where of their teammate. Sam's ringtone cut through the silence, the large man pulled it out and a small strained smile flitted across his face as the name DANNY WILLIAMS 5-0 appeared on it.

"Hey Danny, miss me that much?" Sam asked as cheekily as he could considering the news he had just gotten, but he didn't hear Danny's voice instead a vile one hissed.

"What did you see?"

"Marty Deeks being rolled into that building in a cage." Danny's voice reached the phone and Sam's eyes widen.

"Danny found Deeks, listen." Sam quickly put it onto speaker and the team crowded around the small phone.

"Damn, boss isn't going to like this. Why are you here." The vile man's voice spat.

"I am helping the HPD stake out some buildings." Danny said calmly.

"HPD, Deeks is in Hawaii?" Kensi mouthed and Sam nodded as Eric started a trace on Danny's phone over on Oahu.

"You are going to radio in and tell them there is nothing to see here and you are moving on. Then you are going to call your little 5-0 buddies and tell them your taking a vacation. Understood?" The man hissed from the other end.

"Yes I understand. Hey Danny Williams 5-0 here, nothing to be seen in sector 12, I am going to move on." Danny reported in a tense voice.

"10-4, thanks Danny." The HPD cop answered dully. Before a click was hear followed by the dial tone of Sam's phone.

"He managed to get us a lot of information while under threat. He would make a good NCIS agent." Kensi muttered to herself, she planed on giving that blond a huge hug after she gave her own one.

"Miss Jones get us in contact with 5-0 right away. Mr. Beale, get me more information on who Mr. Deeks was going to meet in this warehouse and track their movements." Hetty ordered and the two techies got on their tasks quickly.

-Hawaii 5-0-

Steve was sulking behind his desk that held a mountain of paperwork; it was unfair that Danny was out and about working with the HPD while he had to do paperwork in his office. Steve's phone vibrated on the desk showing DANNO on the screen, Steve sighed heavily before answering it.

"I'm doing my paperwork Danny I swear." He whined a bit.

"I don't care about that Steve, I just wanted to let you know that starting now I'm going to go on vacation. When I get back we should watch the game with Chin and order a Hawaiian Pizza with EXTRA pineapple and drink some margaritas. Bye Steve." Danny's voice was tense and right away Steve knew something was wrong.

Danny not caring about paperwork? Going on vacation without filling out said paperwork? Hawaiian pizza with EXTRA PINEAPPLE and margaritas? He had no idea where that last part came from but something was definitely wrong.

"Danny, wait!" But all that greeted him was a loud banging and then dead air. Steve rushed out of his office and banged on Chin and Kono's offices and they ran out to join him at the table.

"Something is wrong with Danny, I don't know what exactly but something is really wrong, listen." Steve hit a few buttons and Danny's message filtered out of the speakers.

"Yeah you're right boss something really bad is going down." Kono nodded once the message ended.

"I wonder why he threw in the margaritas…I didn't think that Danny drank those…" Steve said confused before Chin whacked his fist against his palm.

"I understand that reference! Nacho's and margaritas, it was a remark from Danny from our time on the mainland… That means the LA team is involved…" Chin wondered over this.

"Hold on, what LA team?" Steve asked confused.

"Do you think it has anything to do with Sam or Callen?" Kono asked.

"Sam? Sam Hanna?! How do you guys know him?" Steve was getting even more confused.

"Or Kensi or Deeks. Whoever it is it doesn't bode well. We need to get in contact with them." Chin offered.

"Seems like Danny got a message to them as well since they are requesting a video call." Kono said chuckling as she opened the call. Eric, Nell, Sam, Callen, Kensi and Hetty all stared up at them from the OPS center in LA.

"Ah Mr. Kelly, it is a pleasure to see you again." Hetty smiled briefly at the man.

"Same to you Hetty." Chin smiled.

"There he is! What about my steak dinner?" Sam questioned Steve who blinked.

"Sam… Someone needs to brief me." Steve rubbed his forehead.

"Later, Danny is in trouble." Kono brought the SEAL's mind back to the case at hand.

"And Deeks." Kensi added in.

"That solves at least one mystery." Chin mumbled. "Time to compare notes, did Danny contact you?"

"Indeed he did." Hetty took a deep breath and the next minutes were spent exchanging knowledge of what happened to Deeks and what Danny managed to get through to each side. Once Sector 12 was mentioned, Kono was a blur as she worked on the computer screen and brought up.

"Okay so sector 12 is a barren wasteland other than a few deserted warehouse's that the HPD had suspected of being used as drug dealers and gang hangouts." Kono reported.

"I traced Danny's phone when he called Sam. I'll send you the coordinates." Eric spoke up and tapped on his tablet. Moments passed before the email reached Kono who quickly matched it up to one of the smaller warehouses.

"Got a hit, this place used to be a auto part's factory before an explosion caused it to be shut down a number of years ago." Kono told the group on her side and the ones on the mainland.

"Okay so I have an idea on where Deeks might have been taken after the warehouse was torched… You guys aren't going to like it…" Nell stood up.

"Just tell us." Kensi said tightly, fair enough her partner had been taken. Steve wasn't doing too well either, he was leaning heavily against the table's edge with his arms crossed and fists balled up tightly.

"So I found a black market auction hidden in the depths of the Internet under the protection of some heavy coding. Once you get past well… To save you all the horrible details I'll just sum it up. The man Deeks and the other cops were supposed to be meeting is the same man runs this auction. He sells off many different things of value, but his latest auction was filled with people… His highest selling 'item' was LAPD Detective Martin Deeks for $35,000." Nell reported and let the news settle in. "There are photo's of the 'winner' and his 'prize.'" Nell shook her head in disgust as she brought up the image so both 5-0 and they could see it.

The photo showed Marty still in half burnt clothes, a dirty, bloody piece of fabric wrapped around his thigh, blood dripping down the sides of his leg. His arms were above his head, handcuffed to a bar that went around the circumference of the metal barred cage. His eyes were closed and head hanging to the side as a man grinned cheerfully beside the cage like he had won the lottery.

"Oh Deeks." Kensi breathed falling into a chair beside the one Nell had taken before.

"Bastards." Callen gritted his teeth.

"Run facial rec on him Eric. Find out who this man is and his connection to Deeks." Sam ordered in his no time for back talk tone of voice.

"I want you all on Oahu as soon as possible." Hetty turned to her team. "Bring Mr. Deeks home to us and return Mr. Williams to his team. I hope you will wait for my team to get to Hawaii before you storm the warehouse." Hetty turned turning to the 5-0 team.

"Wouldn't dream of it Hetty." Chin spoke up since Steve seemed to have gone silent.

"Thank you Mr. Kelly, good luck." With those words the feed was cut, Chin and Kono turned to look at Steve who had his thinking face on, it looked like he was going to pop a vein.

"Ask away boss, we have time before the LA team gets here." Kono said leaning against the table.

"When did this happen?" He asked rubbing his forehead.

"Right after you left with no note looking for Shelburne." Chin explained.

"Why was Sam here?" Steve asked startled that something this huge happened the day after he left.

"Our perp was red-flagged on the NCIS Special Operations Unit watch list in LA, Danny gave Sam and Callen a call and they were on the island the next morning." Kono took this one.

"Okay… What did the perp have that was so hard to beat that you guys couldn't handle without their help?" Steve asked thinking his team was the elite, which they were.

"Callen and Sam had dealt with this guy before, it was personal and we needed all the power we could get since the perp got his hands on the smallpox virus. After taking a page from your handbook or as Danny stated we took the handbook and burned it we got some information from the driver in the hospital leading us to a doctor." Chin smirked thinking back to what they did to the poor guy since Danny really had him panicking.

"Smallpox…Smallpox…God I leave for a few weeks and the world almost ends." Steve moaned.

"Yeah that should teach you not to go off on your own anymore." Kono told her boss cheekily.

"Yeah, yeah keep talking rookie." Steve shot back before looking back to Chin expecting him to finish the story.

"So we got the perp and his buyers but it seems he was double crossed and the doctor got onto the mainland with the virus. So Danny and I hitched a ride with Sam and Callen on Air Force One to the NCIS HQ and working together we got the mastermind doctor behind everything and as Danny said 'saved the world'." Chin summed up.

"Okay I'm gonna go sit down…" Steve rubbed his eyes and stumbled back to his office to process all the information.

"That's what he gets." Kono grins at her cousin who rolled his eyes before they started to work on getting some eyes on the warehouse and maybe a layout from public records so they weren't going in totally blind.