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Summary: It has been seven months since Skye shot Lucas, found and cared for him, let her relationship with him grow and eventually parted ways. Now with Lucas gone and Skye with child their story has to come out to the one man that it will hurt the most. The man that they both think of as Father.

Days and days


218 days since I met Lucas

217 days since I gave him his completed calculations

199 days since I gave myself to him to save Josh's life

196 days since I betrayed him again to his father after making him think that I was his

195 days since I shot him

193 days since I found him in the woods and decided to help him

161 days since I let him kiss me

143 days since I gave in to my passion

75 days since we said good bye

21 days since I found out

Days, everything in Terra Nova could be measured in days. 118, the number of days Commander Taylor spent in the past all alone. 2654, the number of days since his arrival. 987, the number of days Skye had been a spy for the Sixers. Everything had its number and there were more that she remembered that she had never shared with anyone in Terra Nova. But today that would have to change. Today she would have to tell the Commander just how much she had betrayed him. Today she would loose the respect of the man she had come to think of as a father. Today she would tell him about her relationship with his son.

Skye knew that he would try to understand. He would try to pity her and think that she had lost her way, that all she needed was some guidance back to the truth of things about his son. After all he thought of her as a daughter, he had even said so himself on occasion. After her parents had both gotten sick with synsilic fever and the rest of the colony thought that they had both died the Commander had been the one to take her in, to give her a home and the affection that she needed to overcome her loss. He had guided her into the woman that she was today and had let her go when he thought she was strong enough to handle the world on her own. But today she was going to shatter the trust that she had been working so hard to re build with him over the last seven months.

Skye stood in front of her mirror first turning one way and then the other, it was there. If she could see it then it would not take long for the others so start seeing it ether. She knew that she would have to tell the Commander everything now. There was no way that she could avoid this conversation for much longer. As it was this last three weeks had been hard enough. Skye also knew that once she told him the truth that he would ether hate her or fear for her and given the circumstance that she found herself in, she was not sure which one she would rather have. Sliding her hand over the slight mound she sighed, somewhat resigned to whatever the outcome of this conversation had in store for her. With that resignation she gathered her coat off her bed and left her home. A lot of things were going to have to change. She would need to get a bigger place for her and her mother, now that her mother was well and out of the hospital. She was not sure just whom all she wanted to tell the truth too yet. Slowly she walked over to the Commanders command center and after taking a few fortifying breaths she ascended the stairs and knocked on his door.

Skye was not surprised to see Mark open the door. She knew that Taylor had taken the young Lutenent under his wing since he had saved the Commander from a nest of Nicorapters a few months back. Skye like much of the rest of Terra Nova suspected that the Commander was training him personally so that he would take over for the Commander at some point in the distant future, just as he had been training Lutenent Walsh before her death. Mark greeted her with a smile and stepped aside so she could come in.

"Skye, why so formal? You know my door is always open." Taylor told her from his position behind his desk. Slowly he set aside the plexy that he had been reading and stood to greet her.

"I need to speak to you," she paused to refortify her nerves. "In privet if possible." She glanced in Mark's direction and gave him an apologetic smile. Mark smiled back and nodded before he exited the door she had just come in. Skye let Taylor guide her to the couch that he has recently added to his office and sat beside him. Both sat for a moment not saying anything. Taylor had learned a long time ago that if you didn't push a person if they had come to you willingly then you were more likely to get the entire story out of then if you were to prompt and expiation. Slowly Skye razed her eyes to look Taylor in the eye. She had to see his reaction to what she was about to tell him head on. "I'm Pregnant."

Taylor's eyes widened and his eye brows razed so high that they were almost lost in his hair line. This was not was he had expected. He had known for a while that Skye had something she had wanted to tell him. After all you didn't spend as much time around a person as he had with her and not learn their tells. Skye had been guarded around him for the last couple of weeks when they had played their usual games of chess but had just figured that she was stressed with all the time that she had been putting in that the infirmary. After all it had been only just yesterday that Dr. Shannon had been in his office requesting that Skye get a permanent posting in the infirmary so that she could get more of the training that she would need to become the next gen of doctors on staff. "How long?"

"Twelve weeks two days."

"And the father, does he know yet?"


"Is it the young Shannon boy?"

"Josh?!" Skye looked at Taylor in surprise. "No, though I can see why you might think so, but no, he is not the father."

"Then who?" there were not that many other young men that Skye hung out with and she had never shown an interest in any of them in a romantic way. Taylor knew that young Shannon had an interest in Skye that was why he had assumed.

"Does it really matter; you're going to be a grandfather regardless." She knew that saying this would catch him up and that maybe she could get out of telling him the whole truth. Maybe she would not have to loose his respect or trust after all.

Taylor sat stunned for a moment as the impact of her statement hit him. "Grandfather?" when Skye smiled at him shyly he could not help but return it in kind. "Skye I am honored that you would like me to be this child's grandfather, but Skye honey, don't you think you should tell the father? He is going to find out sooner rather than latter anyway."

"No he won't." She told him looking at her hands. She could almost feel the cogs working in his mind trying to piece together what she was not really telling him.

Taylor's expression darkened as he started to fit all the pieces together. Three months ago Skye had gone missing while OTG. She had been gone for four days before they had found her again. She had been slightly dehydrated, very hungry and withdrawn at the time that they had found her but Dr. Shannon had accounted that to fear and anxiety over having been missing in the jungle for the four days. No ware in her report had she mentioned that Skye had been attacked or held against her will in any way. However now it seemed that she had not been alone out there and his mind was working in over drive thinking the worst had happened. "Skye who is the father." This time it was not a request, he needed to know who had done this to her.

Skye could not look at Taylor this time however. She knew that the moment she told him the truth that there would be no going back. Breathing slowly for a few moments she finally said it.


Taylors face scrunched in anguish. He had thought it was one of the Sixers. That maybe they had come back from the badlands. After all they had found out later that many of them had been ex-cons anyway, who was to say that one of them not been a rapist. But to find out that it was his own son. It was surprising enough to know that his son was still alive, and the fact that Skye had known and not told them would be a discussion for another time but he had to know just what his son was capable of. "Skye, did he…?"

"NO! No, he didn't… he didn't do anything that I didn't… want." There she thought to herself. I said it. Both sat quietly for a moment before the commander placed his hand on hers.

"Skye I think you should tell me everything about what happened when you were missing." The explanation that he got however was not what he had expected and went back further then he had thought it would. It also painted a picture of a man, a man that Taylor had thought he had lost many years ago. A man that he could almost see as what his son should have been. A man who could love.

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