Title: Break Me Down

Author: Wincesteriffic Kaz

Info: Sam wants to push Dean that last little step into truly owning him and has a plan. Dean/Sam 4th in the "BYC Verse"

Author's Note: Dean and Sam being kinky in a bar. Really now…does that EVER get old? I think not, so…a little kinky, public PWP just because. Mwahahaha

Graphic depictions within.

Disclaimer: I don't own 'em but if I did…they'd never get dressed. Heh heh heh

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Chapter 1

Dean glanced at Sam in the passenger seat and scowled. "You cheated."

Sam laughed. "Dude. You've got to stop throwing scissors."

Dean growled and put his attention back on the road. They'd finished their salt and burn the night before, and while Dean had been ready to blow town, Sam had other ideas. The little one-horse town boasted one attraction - a seedy little gay dive bar that Dean had sneered at driving past it, but his little brother had waited until they'd parked in the cemetery, climbed in his lap, and proceeded to frustrate hell out of him, wanting to go, until Dean had agreed to settle it the old-fashioned way…and lost…as usual.

"You lost fair and square." Sam smiled cheerfully and shifted in his seat for the tenth time.

"You got ants in your pants or what?" Dean demanded, pulling into the bar's parking lot. "You wouldn't be so damn antsy…" He parked and then turned, grabbing his brother by the shirt and biting along his jaw until Sam moaned. "…if you'd'a let me do somethin' about that earlier."

Sam lost himself in a heated kiss for just a moment and then pulled away, not wanting to ruin his plan. "Maybe I want you good and begging for it later on." He grinned as he opened the door know how Dean would react to THAT.

Dean watched him get out of the car and growled. "You're gonna be the one begging later. See if I give you a damn thing." He got out and eyed the bar. It didn't look any better at night than it had in daylight. In fact, just then, it's only redeeming quality was his unfairly beautiful little brother in blue jeans, boots, and a form-fitting black t-shirt that hugged every line of muscle leaning beside the door.

"Stop stalling." Sam laughed and waited for Dean before opening the door. "I promise you'll change your mind and enjoy this."

"Whatever." Dean strode inside and stopped, taking in the bar. It was as skanky inside as he expected it would be with neon and disco lighting and gay men everywhere, alone, together, grinding on what passed for a dance floor and more in dimly lit booths and even against the wall doing things he figured would get them arrested anywhere else. "Ok, we came. Can we go now?"

"No." Sam gave him a push toward the bar.

Dean went grudgingly and then noticed how many eyes turned toward them and how many of those began to roam up and down his little brother like he was a piece of candy and they were deciding who got to suck on him first. It always surprised him that, given Sam's height and well-muscled build, no gay man ever had trouble seeing that Sam was the sub when it came to sex. Dean scowled. He knew this dance, and if he didn't make sure they knew who Sam belonged to, he'd be peeling men off his brother all night. It was just one of many reasons Dean tended to avoid bars like this.

"You realize you're being eye-fucked by half the damn bar right now." Dean growled and turned, taking his brother's arm and shoving him into the side of the bar before standing against him, blanketing one side of Sam's body in a tacit, wordless announcement to anyone looking that Sam was spoken for.

Sam nodded and turned, putting his back to the bar so Dean was pressed to his front. He smiled, his eyes heating as he looked out through the hazy bar. "Unless you're next to me, they've got no way of knowing I belong to someone." Sam bent and mouthed along Dean's neck under his ear. "To you."

Dean shivered and angled his head, giving Sam better access. His little brother had hinted several times now that Dean needed to put something on him, and he knew Sam wanted a collar, a chain, something that they had seen on many men in other bars just like this one. It was a symbol, like a wedding ring almost. "Two whiskeys." Dean said when the bartender came and gave him an understanding smile. "Alright, Sammy." Dean turned and nudged Sam's face away from his neck with a laugh. "I'll think about it. Ok?"

Sam nodded, satisfied for the moment, and leaned back. He turned just enough to grab one of the shots the bartender set up before leaving them again. "You know, we're not just gonna stand here and drink all night."

Dean knocked his back, letting it warm his throat and rolled his eyes. "I was afraid of that. I don't get why you like these places."

Sam frowned, reminding himself to have patience. He knew his big brother didn't really see himself as 'gay' exactly. It was just Sam that Dean wanted that way, and it was somehow different in Dean's mind. But Sam wanted…needed…Dean to accept every part of their relationship. He tipped his own glass to his mouth, taking the whiskey in and then bent to Dean's lips. He smiled when his brother tensed for a moment and then opened his mouth. The heavy groan Dean gave him when Sam let the whiskey he'd held on his tongue flow into his brother's mouth almost undid him as Dean's tongue thrust into his mouth.

Dean licked the taste of the whiskey and Sam from his brother's mouth and moaned again before leaning back and gasping a few times to catch his breath with a soft laugh. "I think we need to drink like that more often."

"I like these places…" Sam caught his eyes and curved his hands around his brother's jaw. "…because we can be us here and no one cares." He said it softly to make sure Dean understood how important this was. "No one gives us dirty looks when I touch you. No one threatens us when you put your hands on me." Sam brushed his lips over Dean's and felt his brother tremble. "You could fuck me…right here…and no one would argue."

"Fuck, Sammy." Dean said breathlessly as his cock became painfully hard just from the sound of Sam's voice. "Ok…I can…I can see the appeal." He put his hands on Sam's hips and growled when Sam chuckled and slipped past him. "Dude."

"Come on." Sam pulled on Dean's hand, tugging him toward the dance floor.

"Aw, Sam. No way." Dean planted his feet. "I do not dance."

"You don't have to bust a move, Dean." Sam chuckled and pulled until Dean finally came with him, threading his way through the couples to the center of the floor, and then Sam slid up against his chest and wrapped his arms around him. "You can just sway to the music. Go with it for once, dude."

Dean rolled his eyes. "You're in a damn mood today." He did put his hands on Sam's lower back, smiling when Sam's breath stuttered a little. Dean pressed close into him, swaying gently with the music. He slid one hand under his brother's jeans and down to cup around one cheek of his ass. "I suppose this ain't all bad." Dean nipped at Sam's neck and his brother shuddered with need. Dean spread his fingers on the baby-soft skin of Sam's ass, reaching to brush a finger against his entrance, hoping to make Sam moan, and froze in shock as his fingers brushed something smooth, round, and well-warmed from Sam's body…it was a plug. Sam had had that up his ass all day…all damn day, and Dean remembered every time Sam had squirmed when he sat, avoided Dean's hands on his ass. Sam had been opening himself up just for Dean. The need that punched through Dean was so intense it curled his back, hunched him into his brother, and he nearly came just from the thought alone without even being touched. "Fuck!" Dean breathed it out and felt Sam's chest rumble with a laugh.

"Told you this place could be…exciting." Sam murmured into his brother's ear and groaned when he felt Dean push on the plug in his ass. It pressed deeper into him and he arched his back with a gasp as the point brushed his prostate. "Fu-uck, Dean. Yeah."

Dean straightened and tipped Sam's head back with his other hand. "You've been plannin' this all day."

Sam nodded, pushing back into his brother's fingers to force the plug deeper and he smiled. "Not my fault if you haven't been toppy enough for me lately." He knew exactly what he was doing saying that and saw the dark look fall into Dean's eyes. It made Sam shudder, half with need and half with fear, because Dean needed to be pushed this last little bit and he wasn't entirely sure what would happen.

"Not…" Dean sputtered to a stop. He glanced around the dance floor, noting that several pairs of eyes were on them already and decided more of them needed to be. He narrowed his eyes at Sam's smile and his eyes took on a dangerous glint that made Sam shiver with anticipation. "How many times have I told you not to poke the damn bear, Sammy?" Dean growled. He pulled his hand out of the back of Sam's jeans and took his hips, walking his brother to the back of the dance floor and pushed, thumping Sam's back into the wall hard enough to make him grunt.

"So what you're saying is, I need to remind you who owns your ass." Dean flipped the fly on his brother's jeans and shoved a hand down the front. He wrapped his hand around Sam's cock and stroked the already hard length quickly a few times until Sam was panting and holding on to his shoulders while his legs shook.

Sam whimpered with need when Dean yanked his hand back out of his pants. "Dean?" He frowned, still lost in a haze of pleasure when Dean pulled his t-shirt up to bare his chest.

Dean yanked the shirt off his brother and spun him into the wall. "Stay."

Sam put his cheek to the cold plaster and moaned when Dean grabbed his hands and he felt his brother using his own shirt to secure his wrists behind him. "Oh, fuck."

"Not yet." Dean promised darkly and turned him around again. He saw Sam's eyes look over his shoulder and go wide with anxiety. Dean looked and found that even though the couples on the dance floor still made the appearance of dancing, all eyes were hungrily on them, and a few men had even moved closer to see better. For a moment, he considered letting Sam call his bluff and dragging his pain-in- the-ass little brother out of there and finishing this particular lesson in private, but he felt the shiver run through Sam under the hand on his chest. Dean smiled instead and turned back, leaning into him.

"They're watching, Sammy." Dean whispered it into his ear and then bit the spot on his neck that turned his little brother into mush every time. Sam moaned and let his head fall back with a thunk. "And I'm gonna show them just exactly who you belong to. Let them see every inch of what is all mine." He tugged Sam's pants down his hips, freeing his cock into the air along with his ass.

Sam shivered, pulling at his hands, wanting to get Dean's shirt off as well, but the look Dean gave him was eloquent; if Sam freed his hands, this was over…and Sam needed this.

Dean growled possessively when Sam stopped struggling. "That's better." He crowded up against Sam's chest but carefully kept his hips away from his brother's cock. Sam hadn't earned that yet. "Think I need to hear you beg for me, little brother." Dean whispered it into Sam's ear so only he would hear it, and, as he planned, Sam shuddered against him with the 'wrong' of it while so many people surrounded them. Dean brushed his fingers over one of Sam's nipples, took it between his fingers and pinched roughly until Sam gasped, breathing heavily.

"Dean…Dean, please." Sam begged and knew it was nowhere near enough yet when Dean let go and gave his other nipple the same treatment. It sent little shocks of pleasure straight to his cock, straining between them and maddeningly untouched.

Dean grinned and bent his head to suck on Sam's left nipple. He pulled it between his teeth and clamped down until Sam bucked away from the wall and cried out. Dean slid down his brother until he was kneeling with Sam's cock in front of him. Dean looked up and saw Sam's frantic eyes following him with that flash of hope that said he thought Dean was finally going to suck his cock. Dean grinned. He leaned in, but went to the side and held Sam's hips still with a vice-like grip. He put his mouth to the hollow of Sam's hip, sucking the tender, sensitive skin hard until he could get his teeth around it. Sam was shaking, hips pushing under Dean's hands and the desperate, needy cries dropping from his lips were music to Dean's ears.

Dean released him and leaned back to survey his handiwork, leaving Sam openly on display for everyone to see, and there were hushed murmurs of approval from behind him. He looked up Sam's body and drank in the sight of his naked chest bowed out from the wall because of his bound hands and the way sweat gleamed as he strained for air. Dean moaned and blew a warm breath against Sam's cock, let it twitch once, and then moved past it to suck on the inside of Sam's other hip. He slid one hand up between Sam's legs to his bare ass and nudged the plug there with his knuckles. Sam shouted helplessly above, and Dean wrapped the fingers of his other hand around the base of Sam's cock.

"Not until I say, Sammy," Dean growled up at him.

Sam cried out again just from the loss of sensation as Dean pulled his mouth away and heaved for breath, trying to find control again. He looked out and saw a dozen or so men, wrapped around each other and eagerly watching him and his legs went weak. "Dean…"

"I don't think you can keep from coming," Dean said calmly, though inside he was burning with want. He looked around for something he could use and glanced up with a dangerous look when a man knelt beside him. Showing Sammy off was one thing, but another man suddenly so close to his so-vulnerable brother brought out an immediate protective, and territorial, reaction. The man raised his hands in a non-threatening gesture and Dean relaxed as the guy reached up to untie a leather thong from around his neck and hold it out almost reverently. "Thanks." Dean took the thin piece of leather and watched Sam's cock bounce expectantly.

"Oh…holy crap." Sam groaned it out over the beat of the music and watched, trying not to jerk away as Dean wrapped the cord around the base of his cock, looped it, and pulled it tight. Sam's breath came in short, sharp gasps because this was so much further than he'd even hoped. He'd thought he'd be able to get Dean to maybe grind against him, maybe the bathroom, but this…Sam looked out at the avid faces again and went faint with it.

"Easy." Dean rose up and pressed into Sam, letting Sam's cock rub against his through his jeans now that his brother couldn't come. Sam looked positively lost, strung out and ready to do any damn thing Dean asked of him if only he could come. It sent a rush of heady power through him, not only that he was able to take Sam apart this effectively, but that Sam wanted it…wanted it enough to push him into it.

Dean turned Sam back to the wall, making him whimper, and pulled the t-shirt from around Sam's wrists. He looked behind him and spotted the man who'd given him the leather thong. "I need someone to hold his hands." He felt Sam jerk against him and a needy moan shuddered out of his brother's lungs. Dean fixed the man with a glare. "His hands are all you get to touch."

"More than we could have hoped for." The man eased forward and brushed his fingers over the cheek of another man, clearly his partner, as he nodded him to Sam's other side. "We promise, nothing that you don't allow us."

Dean nodded, believing the sincere look in his eyes. "Sammy. Put your arms out." He ran his hands up Sam's side and then brushed under his arms as Sam stretched them to his wrists where he gave them over to the other men.

Sam moaned and whined as strange hands wrapped firmly around his wrists and pulled his arms out, making the muscles of his upper back go taught and ensuring that he knew who was in control; Dean. That Dean was letting others touch him, restrain him, while never letting go of that control over all of them was hotter than hell. Words were beyond him by that point, and Sam whimpered again when Dean peeled his jeans completely off his legs, kicked his feet wide and pulled his hips out from the wall, and again stepped back to admire his handiwork. Sam felt incredibly exposed and vulnerable with the eyes of every man in the place on him and it only served to urge his desire even higher.

Dean leaned in to the side of Sam's face and put his mouth against his ear. "I'm going to make you scream, little brother. These men are going to hold you down, and I'm gonna make you scream."

Sam hit his forehead against the wall as his whole body shuddered and he would have come right there if not for the makeshift cock ring. He felt Dean slide down his body again, kissing and biting along his back, over the rounds of his ass and down his left thigh. Sam shook because he knew what Dean was going to do and it drove him mad every time. Sure enough, a moment later, Dean's mouth closed over the tender skin behind his knee and Sam shouted when Dean sucked into the flesh and bit until the men holdings his wrists each had to slide a hand under his shoulders to keep him on his feet he was so lost in the pleasure.

Dean licked the back of Sam's knees and turned his attention to the plug glistening between his cheeks. He smiled. It was black and had a big "D" stamped into the end of it. "Nice, Sammy." It gave him a little warm thrill to see that. Only his brother could come up with a personalized butt plug. Dean pressed a hand over his own painfully hard cock and spread one of Sam's cheeks wide with the other. He looked up Sam's back as it rose and fell frantically and saw how the two men had changed their grip to keep his brother on his feet.

"Boys." Dean said in the gravelly voice sex brought out in him. He met the eyes of each of them. "You have my permission to mark up his wrists."

"Oh g-god." Sam's voice, muffled into the wall made it clear he was overwhelmed and enjoying every second of it."

"No blood." Dean warned and waited for a nod from each before they turned Sam's wrists and lowered their mouths as one. Sam's entire body quaked hard as he felt their lips and tongues and teeth exploring the sensitive flesh, and Dean groaned. "Fuck," he said softly and considered finding something to tie around his own cock. He grinned and shook his head. Dean took hold of the end of the plug and pulled it out quickly. Sam's hips jerked back as if to follow it and he cried out.

"Shit, Sammy. You're gonna kill me." Dean groaned loudly, looking at Sam's entrance, stretched wide from the plug's presence all day and glistening with lube. There was another round of appreciative moans from the people gathered behind him, but Dean tuned them out. He watched Sam's hips buck into the air as the man on either arm sucked and bit at the insides of his wrists. Dean knew it was another tender spot for Sam and one he loved taking advantage of in public. He slid the plug back inside his brother, pushed roughly, and angled it up so the point found his sweet spot and Dean earned his first choked scream from his brother.

Dean fucked the plug in and out of Sam's ass at a fast pace, brushing his prostate with every other thrust until Sam was a crying, begging wreck supported only by the men on either side of him. He reached around Sam and took hold of his cock, wet with come leaking from its head and stroked it in time with each push of the plug.

"Dean! God!" Sam knew he was crying. His entire body was one giant, over-stimulated nerve between his brother torturing his cock and his ass, the strange men sucking and biting at his arms, and the crowd he could still hear behind them over the beat of the music.

Dean pulled his hand away from Sam's dick and pushed the plug back home in a slow slide that left Sam whimpering and stood. He unbuckled his belt, unzipped his pants and shoved them down enough to pull his cock out. He pressed against his brother's back, wrapping his arms around Sam's fluttering stomach and bit up his neck. "You wanna stop, Sammy?" Dean asked and licked the shell of Sam's ear. "We can go home right now if it's too much."

"No!" Sam almost shouted it and pushed his hips back so he could feel Dean's bared cock sliding against him. "Please...please, don't stop. Dean, please!" There was no part of Sam that was willing to walk or crawl out of the club at that point without Dean finishing the job of owning him.

Dean chuckled in his ear and played his fingers along Sam's abs, making them flutter more frantically under his touch while Sam twitched and shuddered with the movement of the men at his arms. "You're gonna suck my cock, Sam and you're gonna make it good and wet."

"Fuck." Sam whimpered and pulled on his arms but the men didn't let him move. "Please!"

Dean smiled and took a step back. "Let him go for a minute, but don't go anywhere. He's gonna need you." Dean watched Sam turn and stumble when his support was gone as he went to his knees in front of him. He looked down into Sam's lust blown eyes. "He likes to have something to pull on and he's gonna need it." Dean took his cock in his hand and put the head at Sam's mouth. "Nice and wet, Sammy."

Sam moaned and sucked Dean's cock into his mouth. He wrapped his hand around the base and opened his mouth, loosening his jaw and pulled Dean into until he bumped the back of his throat.

"Shit!" Dean swayed and slapped one hand out to the wall as he groaned, and Sam went to work on his cock like a porn star. He saw the men to either side of him rubbing needily at their own cocks through their pants and understood; Sam falling apart was a damn hot thing to witness. Dean gave a feral smile while Sam sucked him, because he wasn't done just yet.

"Deeper." Dean tangled his fingers in the back of Sam's hair, pulled until Sam whimpered a moan, and then pushed all of his considerable length into Sam's mouth, slid out and did it again. He watched Sam's lips stretch around him, his eyes water even as he worked to suck harder and dug his tongue in the head of Dean's cock until finally Dean pulled himself free with a wet 'pop' and panted for breath. "Shit. Ok. Back on your feet, Sammy."

Dean pulled his brother up, holding him as he swayed and plundered his mouth with his tongue, tasting himself as he licked Sam's teeth. Sam's hands pawed weakly at his chest, catching in his shirt until Dean turned him around again and guided him to the wall once more. "Boys?" It was almost hypnotic the way they took up Sam's arms once more, each sliding a hand under a shoulder as if knowing they'd need the extra leverage to keep him up again, and if their hands slid appreciatively over the hard muscle of Sam's upper arms and shoulders, lingering for just a moment, while getting into position, Dean didn't mind. Dean reached down and took hold of the plug again. He twisted it back and forth, rocked it in and out of Sam's entrance until Sam made the needy sounds that made his cock ache. He slipped his fingers in alongside the shaft of the plug and took a steadying breath.

Dean didn't bother taking it out. He pulled the plug down, stretching Sam's entrance further and put the head of his cock alongside it. Sam sobbed out a cry and a curse as his whole body jerked like he was being electrocuted and Dean pushed. "Come on, Sammy. I know you can take it. All stretched out…so pretty for me. Fuck, Sammy. That's it." There was an audible intake of breath from the crowd behind them as they realized what he was planning to do, and then Dean slid the head of his cock in and dropped his forehead to the back of Sam's neck and took a minute.

Sam had his mouth open on the wall trying to breathe in around the sensation of being split in two. It was too much; the stiff form of the plug still deep inside him and now Dean's cock easing in next to it inch by inch. "Fuck!" He shouted it and turned his head. The teeth biting and sucking at his wrists added an extra layer to the pain/pleasure that just shattered his mind, and he gave himself over to the feeling as Dean pushed into him completely with one, hard thrust.

Dean had to keep the fingers of one hand wrapped around the base of his own cock or risk coming. "Oh, holy…son of a…jesus, Sammy." He panted into Sam's sweat soaked skin, overwhelmed by the tight heat of Sam's ass and the slick slide of the plug against his cock. He pulled out slowly, bracing the plug in place with his knuckles and slammed home again, earning another strangled scream from Sam. His brother was completely broken apart on the plug and his cock, the teeth of the men in his tender flesh, and Dean wasn't sure there was anyone home to talk to anymore. It was intoxicating.

"You feel it, Sammy?" Dean grunted in his brother's ear as he picked up his pace, pounding in and out of Sam and could see that the men were once more the only thing keeping Sam on his feet. He bit hard enough into Sam's throat to leave the mark of his teeth and licked over the spot. "Feel me splitting you in two, little brother?" Sam's litany of desperate, broken sounds went up another octave, and Dean bit him again. "You're mine, Sam. Mine. I own every…" Thrust. "…part…" Slamming home again. "…of you." Dean reached around and took hold of the tailing end of the leather thong. "Come for me, Sam. Scream." He pulled, loosening the strap from the base of Sam's cock and Sam came like a man possessed.

Sam screamed raggedly over and over, drowning out the beat of the music with his head thrown back, his body shuddering and come painting the wall in front of him. It felt like his insides were trying to escape out of his cock while Dean pounded into him from behind and the men held him tight and his world tunneled down into pleasure and darkness.

Dean slammed into Sam one last time while his little brother screamed and came so hard he let loose his own scream. He bit down on Sam's shoulder, yelling into his flesh as his cock pulsed inside Sam, and his vision blurred with the strength of it. He had no idea how long he simply stood there, plastered to Sam's back with his cock twitching inside him before he finally moved, shifted his hips enough to slide himself out of Sam and leave the plug in place. He kissed his brother's shoulder and slid his hands up Sam's ribs.

"Sammy?" Dean tipped Sam's head back on his shoulder and chuckled. Sam was either unconscious or so damn close to it, it didn't matter. He brushed his thumb over the pulse in Sam's neck, feeling it racing even as it started to slow. "I've got you, little brother." He whispered and looked to the men still holding him up.

The man who'd given him the leather thong had tears in his eyes as he smiled gratefully at Dean. "You two are fucking beautiful." He brushed a hand over Sam's wrist and Dean saw it was ringed in deep, purple marks from his teeth and mouth. "Thank you."

"We'll hold him up while you get his pants back on." The other man said softly and smiled just as warmly. "It's the least we can do."

Dean nodded in thanks and turned to find them. He was surprised for a moment when a soft round of applause broke out from the dozen or so people gathered close around them at the back of the dance floor. He grinned and tucked himself back into his pants, then knelt and pulled Sam's jeans over. He eased them onto his brother's limp legs, put his shoes back on and stood, bringing the denim with him until he could hitch it over Sam's backside. The men holding Sam gave him enough slack to tip Sam against his chest and carefully zip him back into his jeans. Finally, Sam stirred with a low moan and Dean brushed the knuckles of one hand over the side of his face.

"Sammy? You back with me?" Dean asked softly and shifted to the side just enough to watch Sam's eyes flutter open dazedly.

"Mmf." Was all that Sam managed to get out and then he smiled.

Dean chuckled and laid a gentle kiss at the corner of his mouth. The men moved and helped turn him and drape Sam's rubbery arms around his neck. Dean slipped his arms around Sam's back to support him. "Hey, buddy. You ready to blow this pop stand?"

Sam nodded, utterly sated and content and laid his head on Dean's shoulder. "Mmm hmm."

The man with the leather thong chuckled. "You want help getting him outside?"

Dean shook his head with a smile. "We'll manage. Thanks, boys." He kissed gently at the marks he'd left on Sam's shoulder. "Time to walk, Sammy. Just to the car, ok?"

Sam raised his head enough to look around and smile. "Yep. Can do that."

Dean shook his head fondly and began to move, easing Sam back out onto the dance floor. He watched in surprise as each person they passed ran a soft hand either over Sam's arm or his, each with smiles and looks on their faces that said they had witnessed something special, and, Dean supposed, they had. He nodded in thanks when someone handed him Sam's shirt and Sam was nearly walking on his own by the time they reached the door and stepped out into the cool night air.

Sam leaned into him again as Dean led him to the car and opened the door. "You're awesome." He said softly and planted a kiss on Dean's soft lips, brushing his own across them.

"I know." Dean smirked and guided Sam down into the passenger seat. He went around his car and climbed behind the wheel. Dean started the engine and then pulled Sam in against him, feeling him shiver from the night air. He rubbed a gentle hand up and down Sam's bare arm as he pulled out of the parking lot. "Sammy? You alright?"

Sam sighed, nodded and turned his head into Dean's neck. "Better than alright."

Dean was definitely in the 'better than alright' department himself. Owning Sam that way, in front of all those people…it had been cathartic and…freeing. He drove back to the hotel in a content fog, half-carried Sam out of the car and inside, showered with him until Sam was clean and then poured him into bed. Dean climbed in behind him, pressing up against his brother's back and wrapped an arm around him to pull Sam even closer.

"We're gonna go shopping tomorrow." Dean said softly into Sam's ear and knew he was still at least marginally awake. "I think we need to put something on you that says your mine." The happy shudder and moan he got from his little brother was all he needed to know it was the right thing to say. Sam relaxed completely into his chest and Dean pressed a kiss to the top of his head. "And we are so doing that again one of these days, little brother 'cause…damn." He shuddered, remembering how it had felt and smiled as he dropped into sleep, wrapped around Sam and content…at last.


To Be Continued...