Title: Break Me Down

Author: Wincesteriffic Kaz

Info: Sam wants to push Dean that last little step into truly owning him and has a plan. Dean/Sam 4th in the "BYC Verse"

Author's Note: I needed some more lusty kink and this seemed a like a good place to indulge. I'm sure you won't mind. :P

Graphic depictions within.

Disclaimer: I don't own 'em but if I did…they'd never get dressed. Heh heh heh

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Chapter 2

Sam whined greedily on his hands and knees with Dean's cock pounding into him from behind. He moaned when Dean's warmth settled over his back, his arm sliding across his chest and gasped out a breath when Dean pulled and brought him upright so he was sitting in his lap, speared on his cock. It drove him deeper inside Sam, and he yelled as Dean's cock pressed into his prostate and stayed there sending shocks of pleasure coursing through him.


Dean grinned breathlessly and held Sam to him. He fisted a hand in his brother's hair and used it to pull his head back, loving the way Sam whined, the way Sam loved the little licks of pain. "So fuckin' hot, Sammy." He took his hand off his brother's chest to reach out and pull his jeans over while Sam was distracted, rolling his hips and thrusting up into him slowly so that Sam braced his hands on Dean's hips while he cried out. Dean's fingers found what he wanted in the pocket of his jeans, and he bent to bite into Sam's neck. He dug his teeth in, sucking hard, and Sam trembled against him with short, whimpered cries escaping his lips.

Sam gripped his hands around his brother's hips behind him, loving the feel of his muscles bunching and flexing as he moved inside him. Dean was driving him to beg. He'd woken that morning with Dean pinning his arms above him and his lube-slick cock working into him so tortuously slow that Sam had cried with the pleasure of it even as it hurt. Half a day later, Dean had come back from interviewing a witness, pushed Sam into the wall, and here they were with Dean giving him the sort of pleasure that made his brain go fuzzy. He felt his brother's hand slid up his chest, frowning when he felt something heavy rubbing across his stomach, chest and then up to his throat. He couldn't look for the hand Dean still had tangled in his hair. "Dean?" He asked in a pant, feeling his brother pull something across his neck.

Dean took his teeth from Sam's neck and licked lovingly over the mark he'd created. He released Sam's hair and held up what he'd snuck into the room before; it was a choker. It was made of elephant hair dyed a rich, dark brown that matched Sam's hair and woven in an intricate, thick band. He felt Sam's breath hitch in his chest and smiled. Just a few days before, Sam had lured Dean to a special sort of club where he'd maneuvered his big brother into owning him in front of half the patrons. It had been possibly the hottest night of Dean's life. The sight of his little brother allowing two men to hold him down while Dean fucked him…he shuddered with the memory, and he'd promised Sam that he'd buy him the collar he'd been asking for. The job had gotten in the way for a few days, but he'd finally found the time. "You thought I forgot."

Sam nodded, speechless as he looked at the choker and raised a hand to brush his fingers over it. It was surprisingly soft and yet strong, felt warm to his touch, and he turned his head to take Dean's mouth in a kiss. He tossed his head back when Dean shifted his hips and pushed deeper into him. "Fuck!"

"Mmm hmm." Dean hummed and pulled the choker around Sam's throat, pushing his head forward just enough to tie it securely and he smiled. He'd known the moment he saw it, it was perfect, and it sat now hugging the base of Sam's beautiful throat as though made for it. He bent and brushed his lips over it with Sam quivering in reaction and growled possessively as he curled his fingers in the back of it. "You're mine, little brother." He snapped his hips up into Sam, earning a strangled cry.

"Yes! Shit…Dean!" Sam lost himself in the pleasure, in the feeling of Dean's thick cock splitting him open, his teeth in his neck, his fingers pulling the choker to tighten it around his throat, and he came with a scream when Dean's hand closed firmly around his cock.

Dean hung on to Sam as he bucked in his lap and pistoned his hips up again and again with Sam's come covering his hand and found his own orgasm. He shouted his brother's name as his cock pulsed inside him and collapsed them forward onto the bed, lying over Sam as he gasped for air and Sam heaved beneath him. "Love you, Sammy," Dean whispered into the back of his brother's neck, lips brushing the choker, and smiled as he wondered why he'd put it off for so long. He wrapped himself around Sam, who had yet to move, and let his face rest against Sam's neck and the choker while he thought about what he still had planned for later that night. Dean smiled wickedly.


Sam stood in the bathroom and stared at his neck with a smile, running his fingers back and forth over the elephant hair, admiring the color, the dark brown that the shower had darkened to nearly black, and shivered a little at the memory of Dean putting it on him while he'd been deep inside him. He closed his eyes and savored it and the weight of the thing around his throat. His smile widened when he felt the change in air pressure in the room, then Dean's heat at his back and his hands sliding around his hips.

"It suits you, dude," Dean said, looking at them both in the mirror with no small amount of pleasure. He put a hand up to tangle with Sam's on the choker and sniffed at his freshly clean, still damp neck; nosing into his wet, heavy hair with another smile. "We're going out tonight."

"Yeah?" Sam angled his towel covered hips back, pressing his ass into the semi-hard length of Dean's cock beneath his jeans. "Where to?"

Dean snorted. "My turn for a surprise." He pushed Sam slowly down to bend over the sink and tugged the towel from his hips. "Gotta get you ready first."

"Huh?" Sam frowned and looked over his shoulder. He closed his eyes and shivered when Dean ran a hand down the middle of his back and over his hip. "Ready for what?"

Dean breathed into his ear. "For what I'm gonna do to you tonight." He chuckled as Sam's whole body shuddered and he leaned back. He knelt behind his brother and pushed his feet apart while he cupped the cheeks of Sam's ass in his hands.

Sam dropped his head into the mirror with a thunk and groaned loudly as he felt the first swipe of Dean's tongue. It pressed soft and wet over his hole, and Sam angled his ass a little higher to make it easier. "Shit, Dean." He bit his bottom lip as another moan punched out of him. "Feels so good, man. Fuck!"

Dean pulled the cheeks of Sam's ass wider and stabbed his tongue inside him, holding Sam's hips still when he bucked and cried. He closed his mouth over Sam, pressing his tongue inside him and hummed, letting the vibration add to the pleasure as Sam all but collapsed over the sink above him. Dean leaned back with a satisfied smile and wiped a hand over his face before he reached into his back pocket and pulled out the bottle of lube he'd brought in. He coated his fingers and pushed two up into Sam without warning, knowing how Sam enjoyed the burn of being opened up. He hooked the thumb of his other hand just inside him and pulled Sam open wider while he crooked his fingers and brushed his prostate.

"Dean!" Sam shouted and had to clamp a hand around his cock to keep from coming because Dean…Dean was taking him apart like the master he was at it.

"Don't come, Sam. Not yet. You hear me?" Dean said quickly, seeing the desperate nod of Sam's head and grinned that wicked smile to himself again. He took out his fingers with Sam whining for the loss and pulled the plug Sam had bought from his pocket. He smiled again at the bold letter "D" stamped in the end of it. "You come before I give you permission and we're done for the night."

"No." Sam whined it helplessly, knowing how debauched he had to sound as he turned to look pleadingly down at his brother and didn't care at that moment. "I won't. I swear, Dean."

"That's my boy." Dean nodded and had to press a hand over himself in his jeans before getting back with the program. He coated the plug with lube and slowly eased it inside Sam, pushing past the muscles that weren't quite loose enough yet, and Sam whimpered and gasped above him as he tried to relax for the intrusion and yet pushed his hips back, seeking more. "God, so fuckin' greedy for it, Sammy." Dean said in awe and pressed a kiss to the underside of Sam's ass while he pushed the plug home.

Sam was left panting for breath and hanging on to the sink with white knuckles, and he keened when Dean took hold of his cock. "Dean! I…I can't…I'm gonna…"

Dean had been prepared. He pulled his other purchase from his pocket. He put it in his mouth while he stroked Sam to a frantic pitch and then pulled the ring out, warm and wet from his tongue and slipped it over the end of Sam's straining erection, pushing it down a little at a time while Sam shouted and writhed until he had the gold ring snug at the base of his dick.

"Oh…my god, Dean," Sam gasped, looking down at himself. The vision of his cock, the feeling of his orgasm choked off…Sam's knees went weak with the realization of just how well Dean had taken to his role as the dominant partner.

Dean chuckled and stood, supporting Sam on his weak legs with his arms wrapped around him until he felt him steady. "Easy, Sammy. You good?"

Sam grinned happily and let his head drop back to his brother's shoulder. "S'it possible to die from pleasure?"

"Oh, you think this is good?" Dean's chuckle was dark and full of so much promise Sam shivered again. "Night's not even started yet, little brother."

"Holy…holy shit. I'm gonna die," Sam groaned and let Dean turn him around and press him into the sink which had the added benefit of pushing the plug further inside him. "When…fuck…when exactly do I get to come?" Sam asked, breathless all over again.

Dean took Sam's bottom lip between his teeth and sucked on it, pulling until Sam whimpered and then let it go. "When I say so. And Sammy…" he closed a hand around his brother's cock again and stroked him until his back arched. "…it's gonna be a long night." He let him go and laughed when Sam staggered. "Get dressed."

"Get…seriously?" Sam stared, opened his mouth to complain and snapped it closed when Dean was suddenly back in his personal space with a hand fisted in his hair and pulling his head back.

"I bought a gag too," Dean warned and almost lost it in his pants at the shuddering moan Sam let out as his little brother's eyes closed. "Don't make me use it before we even get there." He kissed him, licking into Sam's mouth in a way that said he owned him and then stepped back again. "Get dressed."

Sam nodded and stumbled out into the room. He didn't argue when Dean took one shirt out of his hands and handed him another or when Dean snatched his boxer-briefs away with a shake of his head. Dean wanted him a certain way tonight and Sam was going to cheerfully give it to him…if he didn't pass out with the need to come because, frankly…Dean's whole demeanor just then was driving him a little insane with need.

Dean gave Sam a heated look, taking in the black tee that outlined every muscle in his chest and shoulders and made the collar stand out against his skin, jeans that did nothing to hide the straining erection inside them, and a look of such aching need on his face that Dean groaned. He went to him and smoothed a hand over Sam's ass, fingers finding the end of the plug and giving a series of rhythmic pushes that made Sam whine. "Last chance, Sammy. If this is too much, you tell me now. We can just stay in."

Sam shook his head and took Dean's face in his hands. "Don't you dare." He kissed his brother hungrily, shamelessly rubbing his cock against Dean's hip. "I want this." He bit Dean's bottom lip. "I want you." He smirked and put a hand down to his brother's jeans, pressing hard on Dean's hard length, earning a groan. "I can take whatever you've got."

Dean chuckled again and nodded. "Gonna make you eat those words, kiddo," He moved away and tossed Sam's jacket to him. "Come on. Time to go."


Sam climbed out of the Impala and looked up at the large house Dean had brought them too. He rubbed a hand over his cock, trying to give himself some relief. Dean had spent the entirety of the drive with one hand in Sam's lap, making sure he didn't lose interest during the trip. He was slowly killing him with pleasure, Sam thought and smirked. Good way to go. He raised a brow when Dean came around the car and slipped an arm around his waist to pull him in. "Where are we?"

"It's a private club," Dean told him and looked up at the house as well and the clearly darkened windows. "The kind of place you have to know someone to get in."

"And who do you know?"

Dean smirked and slid his hand down to Sam's ass again. "Remember the men who held you for me?"

Sam's legs stuttered to a stop and he nodded as Dean got him moving again. "Oh, hell yes."

"One of them slipped a card into my back pocket. Found it the next morning." Dean snorted. "I gave him a call."

Sam looked at the house with a new understanding and a certain amount of trepidation at what it held. "What kind of club is this?"

Dean felt the tightening of Sam's body with nervous energy and pulled his hand back up to squeeze the back of his neck and play with the collar around his neck. "The kind of club where they'll let me play with you," Dean said softly as they climbed the steps and the front door opened. Dean nodded to the man in the door, pleased to see it was one of the men who'd held Sam's arms, the one who'd given him the leather thong. "Hey, Steve."

Steve smiled broadly and raised a brow. "Oh, Dean. Perfect choice!" He gestured to the collar at Sam's throat and smiled again at the look on the young man's face. "I gave him a list of places to look for what he wanted. Come in, Dean. Sam."

Sam felt the man's eyes on him and shivered with the visceral memory of his teeth and tongue working at his wrist. "It's uh…nice to know your name."

"Joe's here too, just like you asked." Steve closed the door and went ahead of them.

"You asked?" Sam turned to his brother and stared.

"Well, I already know I can trust them to do what I say and nothing more." Dean gave Sam a heavy look, dripping with sex. "I needed someone I know I can trust not to get out of hand for this."

"I don't take orders from just anyone, you know." Steve said and turned to walk backwards down the hall so he could look at the two of them in the light and shook his head in admiration. "But to have your skin in my mouth again, Sam? I can happily make an exception."

Sam shivered with arousal. "Why is it everyone knows what you're gonna do to me tonight but me?"

"You'll know soon enough, Sammy. Here we go." Dean squeezed the back of Sam's neck again, feeling the slight tremble as the door opened and music and voices beat out at them. They walked through, and Dean realized someone had literally knocked out the center of the house to create a large, two story open space with tables and a bar, a raised floor at either end and lights flickering and shining from above. He whistled. "Damn."

Steve chuckled and touched Dean's arm lightly. "Follow me back."

Sam let himself be pulled through the small crowd of fifty or so and couldn't help but feel like all eyes were on them as they walked in spite of the loud music and conversations being shouted over it. It reminded him of the night in the club, and he decided he liked it. "Where are we going now?"

Dean just shook his head and slid his fingers under Sam's hair to rub at the back of his scalp soothingly because if he was going to balk at anything, this would be it as Steve led them up the side of the stage. He looked up and Steve's partner, Joe was already there. Dean gave him a nod.

"Tonight's entertainment is here folks." Joe's voice, rich and warm flowed through the room and over the music. "It's their first time. Be gentle." He chuckled and looked over at Sam. "But maybe not too gentle."

Sam's legs stopped moving at the base of the short stairs up to the stage, and he turned to look at Dean while a chorus of whoops and laughter erupted from the crowd. "Dean?"

"I've got you, Sammy." Dean told him firmly and smiled as he pushed until Sam went up the stairs. Joe came to them and Dean gave him a nod of permission before the man reached out and took Sam's hand.

"Hello again, Sam." Joe smiled and scraped his nails over Sam's wrist as a reminder, grinning when Sam shivered and his mouth fell open. "Christ, he's so sensitive." He looked over at Steve and smiled ruefully. "I'm never gonna last when he starts begging."

Steve slapped a hand to his ass with a chuckle. "Which is why you're wearing the ring tonight. Come on. This is their show."

Sam let himself be pulled out to center stage in a daze. He looked out at the crowd, all watching him and swallowed hard. His cock, which had started to soften with anxiety, sprang back to life in a burst of lust, and he moaned softly when Dean stepped in front of him. He smiled for him. "You really are trying to kill me with pleasure."

Dean slid his hands around his brother's neck, slipping his fingers under the collar and kissed him slowly, passionately until Sam was humming and pressing into him. He leaned back and took the hem of Sam's shirt, pulled it up and off and stepped aside so the crowd could see Sam in all his glory. There was a tide of appreciative whistles and quite a few loud curses when Steve and Joe stepped forward and took Sam's arms, pulling them out and making his muscles ripple.

Dean stepped back into his brother and took his face in his hands. "We need a safe word, Sammy."

"G-god," Sam stuttered a breath out with the implications of that.

Dean chuckled. "Don't think you wanna go with that. You're gonna be saying it a lot."

Sam breathed out a laugh that was more moan than anything and nodded. "Uh…cherries."

That got a full-throated laugh from Dean and he kissed Sam again. "Seems appropriate since we're gonna pop your bondage cherry tonight."

"My…" Sam's voice trailed off as two men wheeled out a metal frame. It was a tall, upside down 'U' shape with padded manacles at the four corners and he closed his eyes, pulling on his arms, but the men kept tight hold of him and that made him moan louder. "Oh, my god."

"I prefer Dean." Dean ran his hands down his brother's chest, splaying his fingers along his ribs and dragging his nails down to the waist of his jeans while Joe and Steve locked his wrists, adjusted the padding and then stepped back to wait. Dean took hold of the button of Sam's jeans let himself go to his knees with Sam's pleading eyes looking down at him.

Sam could barely breathe as Dean opened his jeans, one button at a time until his cock sprang free and he put his head back on a soft gasp echoed by the crowd. He felt Dean drag the denim down his legs and off his feet along with his shoes until he was naked. He jerked his head back up in surprise when he felt more hands on him and found Joe and Steve kneeling in front of him as well as they each took one of his legs and pulled them apart, placing his feet on the bottom of the frame until they could shackle his ankles as well. It left him spread open and bare and gasping for breath before anyone had even had touched him.

"Fuck, Sammy," Dean groaned and stood back up and took in the sight. He pulled off his own shirt and ran his hands down his chest, watching Sam's eyes darken and blow wide in lust and smiled. "Gentlemen? Sam needs a little teasing." He fixed them both with a stern glance. "The plug stays in."

"Oh, god," Sam moaned yet again as Steve and Joe slid their hands up his arms, one in front and one behind him, letting their nails scratch over his skin hard enough to make him whine. All the while, Dean stood a little off to the side so the crowd could watch and kept his eyes on Sam's.

Dean thought it was maybe the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen - his little brother restrained, tied out like a Christmas present just for him, wearing nothing but the collar Dean had put on him. He pressed a hand to the front of his pants to relieve some of the pressure as Sam threw his head back on a strangled cry of pleasure.

Sam sucked in ragged breaths as Steve slid down his chest, biting at his nipples and then eagerly sucked in the head of his cock. He cried out when he felt Joe pressed up behind him and his fingers rocking the plug back and forth, seeking until finally it found that spot in him. Sam cried out with pleasure. The cry turned into a whine when he felt Joe's fingers easing in alongside the plug, pushing and rubbing inside him as he rocked it.

"Ah…god…GOD! Please!" Sam begged helplessly. His cock was so hard in Steve's mouth and he choked on a cry when he felt the man swallowing around him. The cock ring made it almost unbearable and, without it, he would have come the moment they touched him.

The crowd was pressed tight to the edge of the stage while Sam strained in his bonds, chest heaving and glistening in the flickering lights with a sheen of sweat, and his cries broke over top of the music. Dean went around behind his brother and a groan punched out of him with the sight of Joe working three fingers inside him along with the plug. No wonder Sam was already reduced to begging. A small table sat off to the side and Dean smiled, seeing the items he'd requested lying on it. He picked up a gleaming length of gold chains with small clamps and went back where Sam could see him.

"Dean!" Sam's voice was wrecked with lust and the need to come even as his eyes feasted on the sight of his brother's naked, muscular chest and wished he could get his mouth on him. He watched Dean move to stand behind Steve, with his legs against the man's back and moaned a sob when Dean ran a hand through Steve's dark hair, holding his head for a moment and forcing him to take Sam deep before he let go.

"Sammy?" Dean asked with a raised brow; a silent question if he was alright with what was happening. The look Sam gave him was a desperate nod to not stop and he reached out to curl his fingers in the collar again. He smiled and held up the handful of chain, feeding it through his hands until he came to a clamp and smiled again when Sam's eyes widened.

"Fuck." The word punched out of Sam's chest, thrusting his hips forward into Steve's mouth with a fresh burst of lust. He threw his head back when Dean's deft fingers rolled one of his nipples and then gently closed the blunt clamp over it. At first it was only pressure, but then Dean flicked it with a fingertip and a spurt of pain shot through him, arching his back and making him cry out again.

"Son of a bitch," Dean groaned reverently. He hadn't been sure Sam would even enjoy them, though he knew his brother's pain/pleasure receptors were a little confused when it came to sex, just like his own. He hadn't expected Sam to react so strongly and, after a moment, his hazel eyes were looking into Dean's once more and begging for the other.

"Please, Dean. Fuck…please!"

Dean shook his head and had to swallow hard while his cock hardened even further in his jeans, becoming painful. He placed the other clamp on Sam's nipple and took the chain that connected them, giving it a tug. While Sam was gasping through the pleasure of it, Dean picked up the other length of attached chain that ran from both clamps to a small hook. He held it out in front of Steve's eyes who took it, never removing his mouth from Sam's cock and slipped the hook over the cockring.

Sam tossed his head back again but this time he felt the chain tug between his cock and his chest, pulling the clamps tighter and bringing the sting of tears to his eyes with the pain. He whimpered and rolled his head into the hand Dean put to his face.

"Ok, Sammy?" Dean asked again, brushing a thumb through the track of a tear on Sam's cheek and leaned in to kiss him when Sam smiled for him. "So good, Sammy. So fuckin' good. You want a reward?"

Sam nodded furiously, lost in the little bites of pain from the clamps, Steve's mouth, and Joe's fingers working him hard around the plug in his ass. "Yes! Please, please, Dean…please!"

"Shhh. We gotcha, baby." Dean soothed and dropped his other hand to Steve's head. "Let him come."

Steve moaned around the impressive length of Sam's cock and wanted to come himself just from listening to the guy. The sounds Sam made in the depths of his pleasure were intoxicating. He felt along the ring around the base of Sam's cock and was pleased to find a catch. It made things easier. He reached around Sam's side to touch Joe's hand where he was tormenting Sam from behind in a silent order. Steve flicked the cock ring open at the same moment Joe shoved his fingers in hard along the plug and stabbed into Sam's sweet spot.

Sam came screaming. His body jolted so hard, back arching so fiercely, that one of the clamps was pulled from his nipples while Steve drank down every drop he had to offer and his head swam dizzily. He came back to himself with Dean's mouth on his, Dean's hands holding his neck and brushing along his collar, and the feel of the cockring being closed around him again.

"Easy, Sammy," Dean soothed, whispering the words into his mouth and looked down to see that Steve had flicked the ring closed again before Sam's cock could soften. He nodded and gave a thunderous groan when Steve tipped his head back to rub along the length of Dean's cock in his jeans. "Fuckin' hell."

Steve gave a breathless laugh. "This is why you two are so damn beautiful." He rolled his head over Dean's cock again, feeling how incredibly hard the man was. "No one's even touched you and you're ready to come just watching him."

Joe leaned over Sam's shoulder, lips brushing Sam's skin and nodded. "The way you look at each other…fuck."

"Not yet," Dean promised and enjoyed the thrill of all three men shivering in response. He watched Sam's eyes blink open finally and kissed him again.

Sam moaned and pulled on his restraints as he kissed his brother back. "Wanna suck you," he said hoarsely into Dean's mouth and grinned when Dean shuddered. "Please? I wanna make you come, Dean. I wanna suck your cock."

"Son of a…" Dean put his hand on his cock behind Steve's head and pressed hard to stop from coming with just Sam's words. He looked at his face and saw the smirk that said Sam knew exactly what he was doing. Dean raised his brows. "Oh, that's gonna cost you, Sammy."

Sam shivered at the look on Dean's face. He was already close to boneless, the pleasure of his orgasm still running through him, and he hissed in a breath as Dean replaced the clamp on his nipple and moved away again.

"He's gonna need help standing in the shackles," Dean told the men and turned a smile to the crowd as they oohed and aahed with the display. He went back to the little table and picked up a flogger. It was relatively tame in comparison to some of the ones he'd seen, but, as he was still learning the ropes with Sam and his bondage kink, he wanted to take it slow. He turned back to find Steve and Joe on either side of his brother, holding him, and knew by the motions of their arms and Sam's undulating movements that they were stroking him back to a fever pitch. He grinned and stepped up behind Sam.

"You remember your safe word, Sam?" Dean asked over the music and saw his brother's shaky nod. He drew the flogger and its supple leather straps back and whipped his arm forward, letting them fly to just rake across Sam's back above his ass. Sam jolted with a harsh cry and slumped forward into the men's arms. Before Dean could even ask, Joe looked over Sam's shoulder at him and nodded.

"He says 'more'," Joe told him with a lusty grin. "I think he likes it."

Sam loved it. The flash of burning heat over his skin, the burst of pain and then the pleasure that went straight to his aching cock…he cried out again when Dean sent the flogger over his upper thighs, then his back and across the sensitive cheeks of his ass. Each strike was fuel for the passion tearing through him and he wasn't even aware of the desperate, needy mules and whines he was keening out clear over top of the music as Dean heated his skin over and over. He gasped when he felt his brother's hands brush his sides and moaned brokenly when Dean's lips caressed up his neck over the choker.

"I'm gonna make that sweet little ass of yours cherry red," Dean breathed it into his ear. "So I can feel the heat when I fuck you, little brother."

Sam's body quaked with the name in front of so many people, even whispered, and he thrust his hips forward into the hands so expertly stroking his cock and rolling his balls in a maddening rhythm. He felt Dean's hands leave him and shouted when the flogger hit him again, and Dean was true to his word, laying the leather straps across his ass over and over again until the pain became a steady of burn of heat and pleasure that made his legs weak. He sagged in the manacles and turned his head to brush his lips gratefully over the back of Steve's hand where it rested on his shoulder, helping to hold him up. He rolled his head into the hand Joe slid into his hair around the back of his head.

"Alright?" Joe asked and pressed his lips over Sam's shoulder because there was no way you couldn't feel affection for two men so desperately in love with each other. He saw similar expressions on the faces out in the crowd, the clear knowledge that they were witnessing something special and smiled.

Sam moaned and nodded, jerking with a cry when Dean landed another blow and then sighing deeply when he felt his brother's hands on him again. "Don't…" Sam started and had to swallow around the lump of emotion in his throat as Dean breathed into his ear. "…don't want it to end…ever. Dean…love you."

"Ah, Sammy." Dean buried his face in his brother's neck, biting just above the choker and kept his eyes closed so the tears wouldn't fall with the storm of emotion Sam's words sent through him.

Sam leaned his head back on his brother's shoulder, reveling in the feel of all the hands on him and sucked in a breath when he realized he could feel the heat of Dean's cock against his ass, pressing between his legs. Dean was naked. "Fuck!" Sam shouted with the sensation and jerked in his bonds.

Dean chuckled in his ear and took hold of the plug, easing it out slowly and then letting it fall as Sam whined and shook. He'd already slicked his cock and pressed the head of himself to Sam's hole. "Love you, little brother," He whispered and then shoved inside Sam in one long, hard stroke. He groaned and fought the urge to come with the feel of the flog-heated skin of Sam's ass against his hips.

Sam shouted and slitted his eyes open to see the crowd of people pressed against the stage, all eyes on him and Dean, all watching Dean fuck his little brother screaming, and the 'wrong' of it threw his head back again on another cry as Dean pulled out and shoved back into him hard enough to jerk his cock forward into Steve's hand. He didn't think it could feel any better, any more overwhelming. Then Joey dragged his nails over his ribs, around his hip and over his ass, making him writhe as he shouted each time Dean rammed home inside him. Dean's voice was a litany of soft curses and his name in his ear. Dean's teeth and mouth bit and sucked around his neck, and Sam knew he would have a ring of bruises above the choker. He felt Joey's fingers slide along the crease of his ass and then Dean growled in his ear as Joey's fingers pushed inside him along with Dean's cock. Sam screamed.

"Fuck!" Dean shouted into his brother's neck. Joey's fingers stroked him as they pushed into his brother and the sensation was a little mind-blowing on top of everything else. Then he felt Steve brush a hand over his ribs and down the curve of his back to slide along his ass and shouted again as he pushed a long finger into Dean. He snapped his hips forward harder with Steve's finger seeking inside him and Joey's fingers brushing his cock inside of Sam. He had only moments left and Dean put a frantic hand down to his brother's cock, felt for the clasp on the ring, and put his mouth to his ear again.

"Come for me, little brother. Come," Dean ordered and snapped the ring open. Sam's body convulsed and he howled a broken scream to the rafters with so many hands on him, in him, and Dean's cock inside him. Dean came on the edge of pain it was so intense and heard his own voice joining his brother's. His vision tunneled down with the feel of his cock pumping hard inside his brother, filling him up and then, for just a moment, the world went away.

Dean came back to his senses to a roaring cheer that filled the room and realized Steve and Joey were not only holding Sam up but him as well. He got his legs back under him and slipped his cock out of his brother with a wince, the skin was so sensitive. He actually whimpered when he felt Steve pull his finger out of him and chuckled breathlessly. "Holy…shit." He leaned his head around Sam's neck to look at him. "Sammy?"

"He's out." Joey said in an equally breathless voice and then blushed as he looked across to his lover. "We uh…we need a better cockring. This did not work."

Steve looked down at the wide, wet stain on the front of Joey's pants and grinned as he leaned his head into Sam's shoulder. "Don't blame the ring, baby." He reached out for Joey's hand and put it to his own crotch and the similar stain there.

Joey looked down in surprise and then laughed. "Damn. You never lose it." He looked up at Dean's sex-blown eyes and grinned. "You guys can come back anytime. I mean seriously. Any. Damn. Time."

Dean chuckled wearily and slid a hand around Sam's face to lift his head up from where it hung. "Sammy?" He smiled and pressed a kiss to his bruised throat over the choker. Sam was well and truly down for the count. "Help me get him out of this?"

'Gotcha covered," Steve said and slowly pulled away from them with a last, lingering draw of his fingers down Sam's arm.

Dean slowly moved around front with the crowd still hooting and cheering and wrapped his arms around his little brother. He caught his weight as the manacles on his wrists were removed and held him upright while the guys released his legs and grunted with the effort of supporting his dead weight. He chuckled and buried his head in Sam's hair. "Love you, little brother," Dean whispered in Sam's ear and didn't argue when Steve pulled one of Sam's arms over his shoulders.

"Got a room all ready for you back here." Steve smiled as they turned and started toward the back of the stage. "I don't think either of you want to be going anywhere soon."

Dean shook his head and hitched Sam a little higher. He nodded when they went through a door and into a large bedroom dominated by a king size bed with crisp sheets and soft lighting. They laid Sam down and Dean crawled in after him, curling around his brother and pulling him in with his head under his chin. "Thank you." Dean looked up at Steve and Joey, completely unbothered that both he and Sam were naked. They had earned it.

"Uh uh." Steve shook his head and took Joey's hand, pulling it around his waist. "Thank you." He spent a moment just taking them in and smiled. "Water on the table there and the shower's through that door. Take all the time you want. We'll make sure you're left alone. Come on, baby."

Dean watched them leave and put a gentle hand around his brother's face as Sam began to move and made a soft sighing sound. "Sammy?"

"Mmmf." Sam came back slowly. His body felt wonderfully, completely used. He could feel the dull ache on his neck from Dean's mouth, a similar ache on his chest and between his legs and slid heavy arms around Dean to hold him close without ever opening his eyes.

Dean chuckled and smoothed a hand up and down his brother's back; feeling each raised line he had lift in his skin with the flogger like a brand. "You alright?"

Sam nodded his head under Dean's chin and realized his face was wet. He'd cried, the orgasm had been that intense. "M'good." He smiled into Dean's neck and pressed a wet kiss to his skin. "M'not movin'."

Dean smiled and slid his fingers under Sam's choker. "Don't have too. Go to sleep, Sammy."

"That was…" Sam trailed off, having no words for it, for what it had felt like in front of all those people.

"I know," Dean said softly and kissed the top of his head. "You're amazing. You know that, right?" Seeing Sam like that, so willing to give himself up, all of himself up, to whatever Dean wanted, was a little humbling and even a little frightening. Sam was such an independent person in every other facet of their lives, but when they made love…he was Dean's, body and soul. Dean pulled him in even tighter and resolved to find a way to make sure Sam knew Dean was his every bit as much. His fingers brushed along the choker on Sam's neck and he realized, Sam already did.

"Love you, Dean." Sam kissed his neck again, enjoying the feel of just being wrapped up with him and sighed as he tumbled back into sleep with Dean's warmth around him and was, truly, content.


The End.