Harry studied Neville as the older boy looked around his bedroom with wide eyes. He had already decided to make Neville his friend because he could see that the boy was lonely as he had been when he lived with his aunt and uncle.

"So what do you like to do? Do you like Doctor Who? Hermione and I do and my Papa does too." Neville had a bewildered look on his face as Harry tried to start the conversation.

"Um...I like to read. And I'm pretty good with plants. I help Gran out in the greenhouses sometimes. I also like to make up stories in my head, but I don't tell them to anyone or write them down or anything, they're mostly just to pass the time." Neville ducked his head as if embarrassed about that.

"Really? That's awesome. Maybe you can tell me and 'Mione one of them sometime! We like to read stories and then act them out. My Da is teaching us about how to do d'ductions too! He solves crimes with the police." Harry had settled in front of the toy box and Neville had joined him as he was talking.

"So um..who is Doctor Who? And what are deductions?" Neville still looked timid, but Harry could tell he was actually curious.

"Doctor Who is a character from a show on the telly. That's a picture of him on the wall. D' ductions are when you look at someone and learn about them from observing. That's how my Da solves crimes. My Uncle Myc'oft can do it too. Mimi taught them when they were little. Now they are teaching me and 'Mione. I bet you could learn too!" Harry had pulled out several toys and Neville had also spotted a few things in the box that he was curious about.

"My Gran told me about the telly, but we don't have one. Maybe we can watch on yours sometime? I don't think I would be very good at deductions, but it does sound like fun. I'd have to ask Gran though. So what is this supposed to do?" He motioned to the toy in his hand and Harry launched into his explanation. The boys became fast friends as they bonded over legos and other toys.

Downstairs at Baker Street, four adults were in serious discussion about several topics.

"How do you two know each other Dowager Longbottom? I wasn't aware that you spent much time in the muggle world." Snape was curious how Augusta Longbottom had coincidentally come to be at Baker Street.

"Oh! We've known each other since we were girls. I think it was back in '63 that we met. The height of Beatlemania. We bonded over our mutual love of Paul McCartney. He was quite dreamy I thought. Still is too. Oh don't give me that look Sherlock!" Mrs. Hudson swatted at Sherlock playfully as she answered the question for Augusta. Severus merely raised an eyebrow.

"Yes, I think that's right Martha. That concert at the Granada Cinema. We were standing next to each other in the crowd. Hundreds of us pushing and shoving to get as close as possible. We hit it off immediately even though we didn't have all that much in common. My parents disapproved of course, but we stood our ground. We've gone through quite a few ups and downs over the years, but here we are fifty years later." Augusta had a bit of a wistful expression on her face while she spoke before her look turned mischievous.

"Do you remember that weekend down in Devon? When we met those two boys who taught us how to..."

"Augusta! We swore never to talk about that! Hush you!" Both ladies had pinkened a bit, and now had a certain sparkle in their eyes.

"Oh please, do tell us what you learned down in Devon." Sherlock wiggled his eyebrows at the two.

A still blushing Mrs. Hudson swatted at him again. He noticed that the other woman had become a bit somber again. "Martha, you never did say how Harry ended up here."

"Oh yes. Professor Dumbledore placed him with his mother's sister's family, but they treated him horribly. When he found out what was happening and that John was back home from the war, he asked John to take him in. John, of course, did so immediately. Sherlock was still on his trip then, but it has all worked out in the end. Now that we all know about each other, I'm sure the boys will have time to become the best of friends again." Mrs. Hudson reached over to squeeze her longtime friend's hand in reassurance.

"Well back to your discovery then. What do you plan on doing next? This could be absolutely revolutionary. It will change many lives." Augusta had managed to shake off the melancholy of Harry's past situation for now.

"First, we must do more in depth research. I do believe we have an excellent chance to discover something extraordinary however. Our preliminary findings are promising. At the very least we can make the process less painful if not completely pain free. As stated, it could turn into much much more than that, but I am more inclined to be cautious with my optimism." Snape, who had been quiet until now spoke up.

"If all goes well, I will need to have a conversation with both Mr. Holmes and Dr. Watson before contacting Lupin in regards to his book and his possible participation in the clinical trials. I am loathe to involve him, but he is the only werewolf I know who would possibly be cooperative." Augusta nodded her understanding knowing the history between the two as well as Lupin's history with Harry's parents.

"I assume that he has not been allowed any contact with Harry, same as the rest of us. I'm sure that he would be happy to help if he was able to see his honorary godson again." Severus nodded, but Sherlock's eyebrow rose.

"Honorary godson? Not actual godson? I've been meaning to ask about that actually. How did Harry end up with the Dursley's in the first place? Surely his parents would have made provisions for his care, especially in a time of war?" Sherlock spoke quickly, once again pondering the circumstances that brought Harry into their care.

"Dumbledore, as head of the Wizengamot, had the will sealed just hours after the death of the Potters. While we knew that James and Lily's first choices of guardians were Alice and then Sirius, by the time I was able to recover from the attack and have care set up for Alice and Frank, Harry had already been gone for a week and Sirius was in Azkaban. I went to Dumbledore then, but he was adamant that Harry was safe where he was. I couldn't legally do anything as I am not his actual godmother. As much as it pained me to do so, I had to trust that Dumbledore was confident in his placement with family."

Sherlock sat with his hands steepled before him. "So what about this honorary godfather of Harry's? Where has he been all this time?"

Severus shifted, his thoughts immediately turning to the past. "Lupin is a werewolf, as I've stated. Part of the restrictions on werewolves is that they cannot take custody of a child. They are deemed to be too great a risk to be around children."

"Mmm….I'll have to speak to John about this then. In the meantime, Try to locate Lupin, Severus, and see if he is willing to help with the trials." The adults continued to make plans both about the wolfsbane trials and about playdates for Harry and Neville.

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