Chapter I: Watching and Dreaming.

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All men must serve.

The red woman had freed him from the cage and from death, but not from danger. Bowen Marsh and his men were still patrolling the area surrounding the ice cells, making sure that Jon could not escape and that those loyal to him would not find out about his situation. He and Melisandre were now surrounded by them. He counted five men in between him and the door leading to the courtyard of Castle Black. Five men all carrying spears and swords that could cut Jon and the red lady down in half in a single motion.

Jon crouched to stay undetected and motioned for Melisandre to do the same. He tried his best to remember what Qhorin Halfhand had taught him almost 2 years ago. Stay low and stay quiet. Do that and you can keep your head. A man walked closer and closer to Jon and certain that if he did not do anything, he would be caught. The second the man turned his back to him, Jon grabbed him and covered his mouth and his nose with his glove. Jon pressed down, harder and harder until the man stopped struggling and eventually, stopped moving all together. The red lady smiled. "I did not know that my lord could be so ruthless." She whispered to Jon. Kill the boy, Jon Snow. Winter is almost upon us. Kill the boy and let the man be born. "It was him or me." Jon had learned to be ruthless, for that is what is required sometimes. Gentleness had killed his father, gentleness had killed his brother and gentleness killed his most beloved Ygritte.

Jon grabbed a sword from the man's scabbard and moved the body back into a corner. With haste, Jon moved toward the a pile of barrels, obstructing the view of other guards in the premise. The red lady followed closely behind him. "How do you propose we deal with the rest of them?" The woman asked softly in between breathes. Jon raised his head quickly, taking a quick peek at the guards near him. Of the five guards, one was dead and two had moved to another room. One guard leaned on the pile of barrels while the other was across him, standing in between a frozen pole and the door.

"Stay here." Jon said to the red lady. Jon stood up and in one swift motion he grabbed the guard by his long ponytail and ran his sword across the man's neck, slitting his throat. The man fell to the floor, all the while choking on his own blood. The second man screamed for back-up as he unsheathed his sword and pointed it directly at Jon. In a flash the man ran towards Jon, screaming while raising his weapon. Jon placed himself in a combat stance and prepared for the incoming charge when suddenly a knife flew from behind Jon and landed straight at the man's heart, killing him. Jon looked behind to see Melisandre smiling with a certain passion in her eye. This woman is mad... But I need her. "It was either him or you." She said as she unsheathed another dagger from her breast.

Jon was about to thank her when the door next to them barged open. Five wide-eyed, surprised men appeared, all of them wielding either a sword or a spear. At first the men simply stared at Jon and Melisandre, until one of them foolishly tried to attack them. He charged at Jon with all his might and swung his sword directly at Jon's face. Jon ducked and quickly thrust his own sword upward, penetrating the man's chest. He fell to the ground and before Jon realized it, his friends had decided to attack.

Melisandre let loose a dagger, aiming it directly at a guard's eye. The man fell, but his comrades did not waver. One charged at her and knocked her down with body and lunged at her with his spear. The spear was a mere inch a way from her and Melisandre started to fear for the first time since she was a child. But before the spear could touch her, it split in half and Melisandre saw Jon swinging his sword directly at the poor man's neck. Melisandre could only watch in awe from the ground as the head fell of the man's body and she looked up to see Jon parrying the blows coming from the final two guardsmen. He saved me, the prince saved me.

Jon blocked a blow from one of them and he parried a strike from the other. The two men were better fighters than their fallen comrades, probably because they were fumed by the passion of revenge. Jon ducked as one of them waved his sword at his face and jumped when the other tried to shove a spear down his crotch. The men were starting to get tired and Jon knew this was the time to strike. The next time a sword came at him, Jon blocked it away and pushed his own sword towards the man's chest. The man fell and his last surviving comrade gave a scream. Jon parried away the spear coming from the man and sliced at the man's chest. The man looked at him with hate as blood ran out from his chest. "For the watch." He said while blood filled his mouth then, with all his might, the man charged at Jon with his spear. Jon dodged him and stabbed him in the back, ending the poor old guard's life.

When Jon saw the last man fall, he dropped to his knees and prayed to any God that would listen. They were my brothers. Melisandre got up from the floor and went to the side of the brooding man. "They were going to kill you Lord Snow." She said with a firm truth to her words. "They were no more your brothers than they were your friends." The lady got up from the floor and pushed away the dust from her dress. Extending her hand. "Now come Lord Snow, there is more to be done."

All men must die.

Daenerys walked, almost marching, forward out of the keep in Meereen, totally ignoring the pleas of her most trusted adviser "My Queen!" Barristan Selmy called out as he chased after his Queen. "Your grace slow down! Where are you going?" Daenerys stopped and faced Barristan. "It's time Barristan. We leave for Westeros on the morrow." Dany turned her back on the old knight and continued to march away.

The old knight was confused. "Khaleesi you are not ready to take the crown. The Lannister army is still at full force and The Crown is raising levies as we speak." The old man ran to catch up with the young queen. He grabbed her shoulder to stop her from continuing forward. The young Queen looked at him with slight anger and the old knight apologized for his action. "Invading Westeros now will mean death your grace. Let the dragons and your army grow. The Iron Throne can wait." The dragon lady smiled and cupped the old man's jaw. "Ser Barristan, you are my most trusted adviser and great friend to me. But do not command me to do anything ever again." The old man looked at her sadly and gave a small bow. The young queen nodded and continued walking away. After a few steps, the lady stopped and faced the knight once again. "Besides, I am not leaving to wage a war. I just need to get something."

The queen left the dumbfounded knight and opened the doors of the keep to show herself to the people of Meereen. The crowd roared the moment she took her first step out of the mansion she took from a council member who had died. "Mhysa!" They chanted again and again. I am their mother. Should I just abandon them for a man on a wall? "My People!" Daenerys cried in Valyrian as she raised her hands to quiet the people down. "It is time my children! It is time for me to cross the narrow sea and claim what is mine." The people roared in approval. "To do this though, I must leave you behind." The crowd screamed and wept in anger and sadness. They love me. But I have to leave them behind. "I weep for you too my children but do not fret. The freedom I have given you will be yours until you die. Do not let anyone else take it from you!" The people cheered as loud as they could and began chanting "Mhysa" once again. Dany basked in the glory for a few moments before reentering the mansion to speak with her men.

Missandei and Daario greeted her with their presence as she walked through halls of the mansion. Daario smiled at her seductively as he bowed to greet her. Dany could not deny the attraction she felt for him. The second I enter his bed, I will be truly lost. The little lady next to him bowed to Dany with a wide smile. "Your grace, I heard news of us leaving?" Dany nodded and Missandei's smile faded away. The girl is scared. She will learn to be brave and strong like me. "Don't be frightened Missandei, Westeros is a beautiful and we have dragons to keep us safe and warm. The little girl smiled as she took her leave.

As Missandei walked away from Dany, she realized that she was alone with Daario for the first time. The handsome man got closer to Dany and she could feel the heat coming from his body. "Your grace surprises me. I did not expect to see the day you would reclaim your throne." Dany frowned slightly. "Are you saying you did not believe that I could conquer my homeland?" The handsome man laughed. "It's not that your grace, I just thought I would be able to convince you to stay in Essos with me." Before Dany could rebuke him, Daario placed his hand behind her bottom and pulled her toward him. Dany whimpered and tried to push him away but Daario was to strong. With their bodies touching each other, Daario placed his lips against hers and kissed her passionately. Dany found herself kissing him back, even though she really did not want to. He is too charming. I can't seem to stop myself. Dany was helpless, frozen, as Daario inserted his hand under her dress and groped one of her ample breasts. His hands and his kisses felt oh so good to her. "I knew you couldn't resist me any longer." He said as he broke from the kiss for a few seconds. Dany moaned as the handsome man continued to pleasure her with his hands and tongue. "Let us adjourn to the bedroom."

The man lead her by the hand to her chambers where he proceeded to undress. Dany watched as the man took of article after article of clothing. He is so handsome... But something is not right. Daario, with his full manhood revealed, pinned Dany to the wall and dug himself under her skirts. Dany could only whimper in pleasure as the man satisfied her using his tongue. She pulled on his hair as he dug himself even deeper, his tongue disappearing inside of her. His hair is beautiful, long and blue. But its... Its not black. His hair needs to be black. Dany realized then why this felt so wrong, the man in her dreams. He was out there somewhere and she knew that she would find him. It has to be him. He is on the wall I know it. "Stop!" She screeched as she tried pushing Daario away from her skirts. Daario looked up to her, confusion fully seen in his eyes, but he did not halt what he was doing. "Stop damn you!" The young queen struck the man in the face and he fell backward. "My grace, what have I done?" Dany turned her back to him, refusing to look him in the eye. "Get out." She said calmly. The handsome confused man looked saddened as he picked up his clothes and left her chambers.

I am alone again. Dany lied down on the bed, praying that she would dream of the Man on the wall again.

Jon and Melisandre exited the room to find that they were on top of the jailer's tower that overlooked the great courtyard of Castle Black. It seemed that the men of the Night's Watch had all gathered at the center of the courtyard, all listening to a man speak. They could hear the cheers and angry screams coming from the crowd each time the man finished a talking. "We must get closer."

Jon walked towards the stairs when he noticed that Melisandre had not followed him. The red lady stood still and breathed heavily with her eyes closed. "Well, come on!" Jon said to her. The woman raised her hand in protest and opened her mouth to speak. "You must do this alone Lord Snow. The Lord of Light tells me that only you can convince the men and make things right." "Convince them what?" Jon asked but the Red Woman gave no answer. "Fine." Jon said in frustration. "You stay here and talk to your precious Lord of Light." Jon left the woman and ran as quick as he could down the tower.

As Jon got closer to the center of the courtyard, he started to hear what the man on the stage was talking about. "Your Lord Commander has failed you!" He screamed at the top of his lungs. "He has left you! Abandoned you! He has turned his back on you and the Night's Watch!" A small part of the crowd cheered while the other part screamed in protest. "Where have you hidden him Thorne?" A giant man known to Jon as Grenn screamed. "We know you've taken the commander as prisoner." A soft-skinned boy named Satin cried. Alliser Thorne stared hatefully at the two brave friends of Jon. "How dare you accuse me of such things!" Alliser marched closer to face Grenn and Satin, their faces inches away. "Your Lord Commander was a coward and a traitor, who fled the second things became tough for him! Now it is time for all of you to vote for a new Commander and I say that Commander should be me!" Jon saw Grenn get move closer to the old man and Jon prayed that his old friend would not do anything stupid. "The others take you Thorne." Grenn spat at the old man. "I'd rather let the wall fall than let you become Commander." The old man punched him square in the face and Grenn fell backward. The stubborn young man quickly got up to his feet and unsheathed his sword and pointed it directly at Alliser Thorne.

The old man stood straight-faced in front of the sharp blade. "Put that away or I'll make you regret it." A group of Alliser's followers ran to him and pointed their weapons at Grenn's face. Grenn did not falter and the other men watching drew inspiration from his bravery. Satin, Pyp, Dolorous Edd and several other man rushed toward Grenn's side and unsheathed their weapons to point them at Alliser and his henchmen.

Jon rushed the second he saw swords being unsheathed. He tried pushing past the crowd and found himself in the middle of it. "Stop this Madness." He screamed at the top of his lungs but the men did not hear him. Jon felt helpless as he watched Alliser Thorne make the first move to swing his sword at Grenn.

Jon pushed even harder through the crowd as he heard the sounds of swords clashing. The crowd panicked and started to disperse giving Jon more space. Jon could see the wildling women and children run away in fear and craven brothers hiding in a corner. Many of the black brothers had started fighting one another and Jon could not tell a friend from an enemy. He tried screaming for them to stop, but no one payed him any notice. Looking around, Jon tried to find anything he could use to get his brothers' attention.

Then he saw something in the corner of his eye. A horn was dropped by a one of the rangers and it had fallen somewhere close to the fighting. Jon immediately ran towards it. Jon picked it up and inhaled deeply. Jon blew as hard as he could on the horn causing everyone to look at him in surprise. "Brothers!" He cried as he dropped the horn. Gasps and cries of shock came from the crowd as they realized that their commander was still alive. "We are not each other's enemies. The real enemy lies beyond this wall." Jon looked to see that all the men had ceased fighting. "I am still the Lord Commander and there will be no need for a new one as long as I live."

Alliser got up to where Jon was and gave him a push. "You men would trust the word of a man who left you! Who abandoned you to die! This man is a traitor and no longer any commander of mine!" Jon held back his anger and ignored the old man. "I was betrayed my brothers! The steward known as Bowen Marsh had stabbed me and left me to die in a cell! Yet I will not allow them to destroy our Brotherhood! We must unite for the good of the watch!" "Lies!" Alliser cried in anger. "This craven fled the Wall out of fear! How dare he besmirch the name of one our most respected brothers!" Jon clenched his fist as he heard men cheer and curse his name. "I am no craven!" Jon motioned to Alliser. "These men would destroy the watch and replacing me with Alliser will be as good as melting the wall down."

Jon's brothers cheered and cried out for him while Alliser's lackeys jeered. "Enough of this foolishness." Alliser spat. "Let's settle this now, you and me Snow. The winner becomes Lord Commander, the loser dies." All the men at cheered at the challenge. "Kill him Snow!" Grenn screamed at the top of his lungs. "End it Alliser!" A ranger howled from the crowd. Jon raised his hand to quiet down his brothers. "I will not fight you Alliser. Too many of my brothers have died today, i will not harm another." Jon said calmly. "You are no brother of ours traitor." A voice called out from the crowd.

A tall, round-headed man pushed his way out of the crowd and marched toward Jon with anger and authority. The man who betrayed me. Bowen Marsh. "Marsh you traitor!" Jon could not control himself and all the anger had to come out. "Let me fight him Alliser, I'll put the traitor away and make sure he never comes back." Alliser nodded and Marsh unsheathed his longsword and placed himself in a battle stance. For the watch. "Surrender now Marsh and I'll pardon your crimes against me." The round-headed man looked at Jon sadly, "I apologize Lord Snow, but it has to be done." The man raised his sword. "For the watch!" He screamed before charging.

For the watch. Jon thought one last time before sword clashed against sword.