Hello there, guys! I know that a bunch of you are like "Don't post a new story. Finish Hold!" And that… is a good point. However, sometimes I want to write other things, so let me introduce you to one of my side projects. This is a series of ficlets, ranging from drabbles to actual oneshots, prompted by words or phrases that don' have an English translation.

I'm sure this has been done lots of times before, but I still want to do it. If I never did anything that had been done before, I'd get too tripped up and wouldn't do anything at all. I don't know if that's motivational or me telling you to get over it. One of those. Let's try something more inspirational, then: It's not what you do, it's how you do it! Right? Something to that effect.

Now, I speak exactly ONE of these languages, and not quite fluently. Plus, most of these are idioms, so it makes knowing how true these are even harder. All I did was ask Google for some words, and the internet is only somewhat reliable. So, if you speak the language of the word I found and it's totally and completely inaccurate, I apologize. I have no doubt I'll run into that problem. Apologies to native speakers beforehand, and feel free to point out the inaccuracy in a review or PM, but I won't change the chapter if a word is inaccurate. A prompt is still a prompt.

Disclaimer: I'm not sure if these words are all correct, and I don't own Teen Titans.

Now that that's out of the way, I must warn you: expect lots of shipping. Not only because I personally like shipping, but because lots of the words were emotional or related to love. (Also the first one, though.) I stuck mostly to canon ships: RobStar, CySarah, BBRae if it can be considered canon. I also Dami/Mar'i'd, because I don't seem to be able to stop. One or two non-canon ships, but nothing heavy. Some chapters will be AUs, and I'm talking about Aus where one or all of the characters don't have powers, and possibly the dreaded high school AU. The kind of Aus I don't normally write but did this time.

Updates will be sporadic, since this is just a fun thing I'm doing when I hit a rut with a fic and need to take my mind off it for a while. If you're very interested, I suggest following to keep track. Buckle up and keep your hands in feet inside the car at all times, please and thank you.

Shemomedjamo (Georgian): To eat past the point of feeling full just because food tastes good.

Beast Boy gripped his fork in one hand and his knife in the other.

Cyborg calmly tied a bib around his neck and narrowed his eyes at his verdant friend.

"This is pointless," Raven groaned, pressing her palm against her forehead.

"I think it is a most interesting way to settle an argument!" Starfire said with a bright smile as she floated in midair.

"Whatever. I just want to get this over with so I can watch Supernatural in peace."

"Yeah, yeah, Rae. Whatever. You ready?" Beast Boy demanded, adjusting his grip on his fork.

"I think the real question here is: Are you ready, Green Bean?" Cyborg taunted as he picked up a fork.

"I was born ready," Beast Boy answered confidently.

Raven sighed and clicked the button on the stopwatch with her powers. "Ready, set, go," she intoned.

Both boys began pulling plates piled with food toward them, shoveling various soy and tofu blends for Beast Boy and meat and carbohydrate blend for Cyborg into their mouths.

"This is what happens when they both want to play Skyrim at the same time," Raven muttered, rolling her eyes. "Because we can't just share like adults, can we?"

"Oh, Raven, it certainly is amusing!" Starfire insisted with a giggle. "In fact, in this fashion many conflicts were solved on Tamaran, although it is a bit more in depth as one must hunt and prepare the food themselves before ingesting as much as possible, and generally weapons were—"

"Then, in your expert opinion, how long does stuff like this usually last?" Raven questioned disdainfully as she threw up a shield to keep food from spattering over her.

"Oh, well, Tamaraneans do have eight more stomachs than human beings, and our competitions would last hours. I do hope that neither of our friends become sick!"

"They'd deserve it," Raven grumbled.

Cyborg had made his way through the breakfast portion of his meal, leaving no more than waffle and pancake crumbs on plates as he pushed them aside, and Beast Boy was not far behind. Raven had pointed out that perhaps Beast Boy had the advantage, as tofu was easier to swallow whole than Cyborg's food, but as the only solution was to give Cyborg tofu, it was left at that.

Grilled tempeh was eaten almost whole, and if Raven hadn't known better, she'd say that Beast Boy transformed part of his mouth into an elephant's trunk to suck it all in his mouth at once. Not that Cyborg was eating much less disgustingly, licking the plate to ensure that he ate every last crumb on it.

Both boys were on their inner sections now. Good; that meant that they only had the dessert portion, which was an entire pint of ice cream for each of them, and then this would be finished.

"Oh! They are so very close! Perhaps they will tie!" Starfire cheered excitedly.

Raven smirked. The tiebreaker. If they did tie, maybe this would all be worth it. "You think?"

"They are not quite done, so it may be too soon to tell. But it certainly looks that way!"

They both grabbed their tubs of ice cream—chocolate for Cyborg, soy with vanilla bean for Beast Boy—and glared at each other before ripping the tops off. The dug in, not even bothering to use a spoon, licking ice cream from their hands and fingers in a desperate attempt to finish first.

"Done!" they both shouted at the same, their faces falling as they realize that they had, indeed, ended in a tie.

"Wait a minute. There's no way! I totally ate more than him!" Cyborg shouted, gesturing at his plates and Beast Boy's plates with flailing arms.

"No way! I totally won! You saw!" Beast Boy turned to Raven with puppy-dog eyes. "You saw didn't you?"

"You both finished at the same time," Raven said, scolding Beast Boy for trying to make her take his side. "And you know what that means."

The boys exchanged a panicky look. "Um, you know what? Why don't we just take shifts. We'll rock-paper-scissors who goes first and we'll play for an hour each."

"Good idea, BB," Cyborg agreed, nodding his head vigorously.

"Nope. You started this. You might as well finish it," Raven told them with a smirk.

"Do not fret, friends! I have done the preparations!"

"No, Star wait—!" Cyborg tried to stop her, but it was too late. She was already too excited, and none of them managed to ever say no to Starfire when she got excited about things like this.

"The glorp is ready for ingestion!" Starfire chirped as she pulled what appeared to be green jello that had brown dots in it and was alive. It wiggled on its own, waves running down the arced sides on their own.

"Whoever eats the most of this wins," Raven reminded the boys, grinning now. She gathered the dirty dishes with her powers and placed them in the sink. "Too late to back out now."

Cyborg and Beast Boy watched with growing dread as Starfire placed the glorp on the table, where it continued to wiggle. Raven was right. Their competition aside, Starfire was too pleased for them to back out now.

They sat reluctantly.

Raven levitated spoons to their hands and the boys gulped.

Saved by the sliding doors. Robin stepped into the room, eyeing the dishes in the sink. "What's going on in here?"

"Robin!" Beast boy and Cyborg shouted, happy for the interruption.

He raised his eyebrows at them suspiciously.

"They're having some pointless competition to see who gets to play Skyrim first," Raven sighed.

"Oh," Robin said, understanding evident in his voice. He eyes the green jello-like substance on the table. "You're settling the argument with glorp?"

"Well, this is the tie-breaker," Cyborg explained. "Whoever eats the most of this stuff wins."

Robin shrugged and took a spoon out of the drawer, scooping up a large amount of the glorp and popping it into his mouth. "I don't see what the big deal is," he said after swallowing the substance.

Beast Boy, Cyborg, and Raven stared at him. "Did he just…?" Beast Boy asked weakly before passing out.

"Oh man. I'm gonna lose it. Bathroom!" Cyborg shouted, on hand over his mouth and the other over his stomach as he ran out of the common room.

"You ate Starfire's alien food," Raven said slowly, making sure Robin knew what he was doing.

"I know," Robin said, lowering an eyebrow. "It's a Tamaranean vegetable. The brown spots are seeds," he explained, glancing at Starfire, who nodded happily.

"It's… alive…" Raven reminded him, pointing to the wiggling substance.

He shrugged. "Tamaranean plants do that. I guess it's kinda weird, but it stops wiggling like that when you put it in your mouth. It tastes like kiwi-flavored jello."

Raven glanced at the glorp. Which had reformed around the hole Robin's spoon made in it. "Right. Whatever." She glanced at the TV. "Supernatural?"

Robin shrugged and Starfire nodded. "I was gonna take a break anyway."

At least it would be quiet in the common room for a while.

So, right after I warn you there will be lots of ships, I give you a non-shippy ficlet. That's what I do. (Btw, that was implied RobStar and BBRae. Not that it matters much.) I know it says because the food tastes good in the definition of the word… but this is what I came up with. No teaser, because this is not that kind of fic.