Peter Alan Whitney's POV

I walked along the side of the road, kids staring at me as I passed them with my wretched body figure. I smirk, as I see them wince at my dragon-like features that scare the heck out of anyone in this town. Though these kids are stunned, there are some, who are quite used to my green scales. Not even shocked to see my wings or my giant fangs. The only thing that bothers me, is the fact that every girl wishes to scream at my unfortunate, ugly appearance. Some call is "frightening" or others call it an "ugly mutation". It may hurt; therefore, my mind and body both get used to the words spat into our faces.

What they really never know is the fact I do have a life. That powers surge inside of me, besides this curse of my appearance. The acidic saliva is a threatening way to put the bullies aside; however, my mother does not want me to use it. Also, other than powers, I have a personality. I am not just an ugly, dragon-like human or just a mutant; for I am a nice guy if you'd ever try to get to know me. Since I am socially awkward, my only friends were Jackson and Janice, are loyal to me no matter what happens and how uncool they seem. Though I did have friends, I was still just a lonely kid on the streets of shadows and darkness, trotting the ways of Hell.

I had dreams, too. I had always wanted to settle down and have some kids; though, that might be nearly impossible to even FIND someone willing to take me on. Also, recently, I was getting into the politics, dreaming to be part of Parliament someday. See, this dreams will probably go to waist just because of what I look like and seem like.

While I walked on the streets, a child came up to me. She had a deformed face and red hair. Her eyes were a dark color, barely having any white in it. I knelt down to her as she pulled me, and she whispered, "I have to show you-you something." Her voice made a recorder noise, like a robot would sound.

Slowly, I got up and said, "Why? What is it?"

"My papa is dying," her eyes began to water. "I need-need help, b-but no one will help me. Some say I am strange, or weird. I do not know what to do! My papa is sick! Please!"

"Oh, alright," I got up. "What is your name?"

"Er- El-Elphada," she began to pull me towards an alley. In this alley, I could see nothing. Luckily, the girl was somehow strong enough to pull me through it. Since my legs didn't want to move, it was hard for her and I stumbled frequently.

"By the way, I am Peter Whitney," I told her. "You might need to know that."

"I don't need to," she continued to pull. Then, we went into a dark hole. Once we got in the room, I saw no father. Not another human species was in the room at the moment. Only I and the ugly, little, red-headed girl stood alone in the darkness.

As I was about to say something, Elphada gave a roar, her teeth turning into metallic fangs. She began to grow to the ceiling, her dark eyes growing along with her. Her red hair fell off onto the ground, disappearing as soon as it hit it. She turned into a metal beast, ready to strike. I watched Elphada's, or this thing's, head open to a three-eyed man. He laughed at me, and I could smell his horrible stench from his mouth from here. No wonder the girl smelled! The man with three eyes moved the machine towards me. In a sarcastic voice, he declared, "Welcome to the sweet home of the Villain's Treaty!"

I spat at him, literally. Allowing acid to fall out, I flew to the roof to find an exit. When I did, I flew out of it, the thing chasing after me with its jetpacks. I screamed and flew downwards, to confuse this beast out of its way. When I got back up, after it got down, I saw a silver car park beside the metal thing. A black man with an eye patch came out and confused the beast. I flew down, asking, "What are you doing? Get to safety!"

"No," he looked at me in the eye. "I am here to get you to safety, Peter." He grabbed my arm, pulled me towards the car and in the vehicle.

In the car, I felt sleepy. So, I ignored the loud booms and fell asleep.

Melissa Jane Jenkins' POV

As I flew my plane around the sky, I let the wind soar past my window, making barely any noises. I grinned once I heard the radio finally get service, obviously happy that I could hear other things, other than my ears popping. I looked at the window, staring at a blonde haired girl with aviators and leather jacket. That girl was me. The happy girl who left the SHIELD to join my natural hobbies back as a normal girl, who I want to try to be.

Before my normal hobbies, I used to work for SHIELD as "Power Woman", who was able to do almost everything. I used to use my superhuman strength, flight, invulnerability, shoot fire bolts of energy from my very own hands, and absorb energy that is shot at me. So, I could do about anything, which drove me crazy back in the day. So I decided to take a break, relax, and enjoy my life as I had it before. Well, I never really had a normal life. If it weren't for my father, I would not have had these shocking powers. Also, maybe I would have a boyfriend by then too!

I had a lot of friends, who are of course, very loyal to me. Robbie MacIntosh, my crush of all time and best friend. Jillian Curuso, my close friend, who loves me like a sister. Beatrice Bigby, a friend I met in shield, who is a mutant as well. Also, I met Captain America, which was my all-time dream. When I did, my crush on him grew again and it made me feel better about myself to like him. I never thought he liked me, so I knew it was useless to try and kiss him like I had always wanted to. But, I did kiss him on my poster anyways.

In my place, I smiled lightly at the pictures of my friends. There was one where we were younger, dancing at a little kid graduation party. Then, I looked at the prom night one. That night, I was working for SHIELD, so I couldn't date. Though, I was really happy for the ones who did date. Or, at least I thought I acted happy.

As I drove through the clouds, feeling air pressure beat into my ears, I rested my head on the chair behind me. On the radio, I hear a man say, "I am coming to get you. I am coming to get you. Hide before you ride, Power Woman. Hide before you ride, Power Woman. I am coming to get you. I am coming to get you. Beware. Beware. BEWARE!" The last part screeched it out, making me cover my ears in shock. I screamed as the squeaky noise continued, afraid of what was to happen next. Then, I saw thunder ahead. What did this mean?

An alarm sounded for no reason, making me panic. I knew I had powers, but I forbid myself to ever use them again! So, I tried to fix it, without using my powers. I told myself over and over, "Your gonna make it. You have to make it. C'mon Melissa! Ah!" The plane rumbled as soon as I got out of my seat. On the radar, it showed a giant red dot heading straight towards me. This meant bad news already. Someone was hacking into my plane and now getting at me for no reason! I tried to fix the planes alarm, so I could concentrate, but nothing would work. Absolutely nothing!

I sat back in the seat, breathing in hard. I put my hands on the controls, feeling the plane as it stumbled through the clouds. I heard the wind whispering from an open area. I began to feel tears rolling down my cheeks to my chin. I opened my eyes, moved the plane forward, and went for this red dot.

Once I found a giant plane that could destroy anything and anyone, I yelled to myself, "CRAP!" Then, I moved out of my seat and readied the parachute on me. I put on my oxygen mask, though I never needed it, and jumped out. The enemy plane followed me and I knew this was it if I didn't think fast. So, I began to fly. I flew up to the plane, grabbed it, and threw it away from me. Quickly, I went to the ground, running straight into a silver car that honked. A black man with an eye patch came out and told me to get in the car. Of course, I didn't listen.

Ignoring his scolds, I look up to the metal plane and fire an energy source. I smirked as it hit the plane, at least giving a tiny effect on it. Though, I knew I was doomed. Again, the black man rushed me, "We don't have much time!"

"Hey! Back off!" I shoved him away. Then, I looked back. This was someone I used to know from SHIELD!

"No," he came closer. "Get in."

"Fine!" I got in the back. Once the sleepy feeling came to me, I remembered who this was. I remembered the effect the car tamed. I tried not to sleep; but, its dreamy feeling swept over my body, surging through me.

Moxie Bright's POV

In the library, I stared at the news that stood before me. I took a bite of my banana and went towards it. The article that stood on the front cover shocked me completely. It wrote: PLANE LANDS THEN DISAPPEARS. I read it, feeling like none of it made sense or really existed. Why would giant planes be going all over the world and stuff? Then, some other articles looked the same. GIRL TAKES MAN AND NEVER SEEN AGAIN. Never seen again... MYSTERIOUS GIRL GOES IN FOREST AND NEVER COMES OUT. Did this really mean something? Was I just reading a spoof? A fable?

I put it down, a shiver running down my back as I did so. What if all of this happened to me? I shrugged the thought away, bringing my messed up mind off of it. I went over to the side of the library and looked out the window. Thoughts spread across my mind like a growing fire. The thoughts I never wanted to ever hear. Death and "what ifs".

The librarian came over to me, her wrinkly face pulling up to a smile, "Have you any need of assistance, ma'am?"

"No thank you," I grinned. "Well, I would like to look for a mutant book. A book of heroes."

"Like a comic?"

"Er- sure."

"Alright! I shall get you one," the old librarian moved towards the books marked with the letter "H". She was quick, as if she memorized. When she came back, the lady handed me a bendy comic book marked "Heroes". Then, she smiled again, pulled up her glasses and muttered, "I have seen you around, deary. I say, you are special. Be careful, because if I can see you, others might be able to. Careful, mutant. Always be on the look out for giant monsters like those things." Her narrow finger pointed to the picture of a ship that landed. The plane mentioned in the article.

Without an answer, I moved away from the librarian, who stared at me, frowning. I tried to smile; therefore, of course, nothing came out from my lips. I was too shocked to hear her say something about my powers.

Thunder roared as soon as the door closed from the library. Partly, I was really glad to go away. I ran to the back of the library, where no one would see me. I turned into a cat and stalked across the road. If I can see you, so can others. The words echoed in my head as if I had just been mocked or bullied. Stuck on me like glue. Glue that would not come off for a long time, that might even be forever.

As I entered an alley, a dog barking came from a certain area. I turned back into a human and watched the shadow stalk closer to me. I narrowed my eyes, looking for a sight of any danger behind it. Then, it leaped on me, knocking me to the hard, cement ground. I grumbled a curse and kicked him off. I readied my powers, turning into a bear. Then, the dog squealed and opened up its skin. Exposed to air, I saw metallic substances underneath the dusty brown coat he wore before. The eyes he had were blood red, and now, he was beginning to grow. The design looked just like the design on the plane.

This was happening to me.

I roared as my bear body and whacked the machine. A three-eyed man appeared, narrowing his eyes and chuckling evilly. I roared again, turning into a lion. I knocked his machine over, only to be pinned by his strong machine. I stood alone, fighting its wrath until a silver car pulled up. A black man came out with his eye patch on. He smirked and shot a gun at the machine.

"Argh!" the three-eyed man cussed as he backed off.

The man who pulled out took me to his car. Surprisingly, I gave no crap to him. I stood still, allowing him to lead me to the silver car he was riding. I muttered a curse when he pushed me inside. A sleepy feeling was killing my senses, making me feel knocked out and tired. So, I slept.

Bailey Fairle's POV

I ran from the cops, holding a bag full of food I needed for my family. Snickering and panting, I continued on the "normal jog" I took everyday. Fortunately, I never get caught on this "jog", like, ever. So, I moved onward through it. As I ran, sirens sounded and four police cars turned the corner and caught up with my speed. I laughed, letting it fall into a high-pitched scream. I let the sound echo to the windows of the cars and break. Then, the police freaked out, put their hands on their ears, and fell right into each other. I laughed again, feeling dominant and triumphant.

"Get back here-" just before the police could say the "b" word, I screamed and let him wail at its noise. Then, I jumped on a building, began to climb with all my strength, and reached the top. Luckily, all the cops were way behind me as I did this. So, my family and I would be able to eat the food on the top of an office building, together.

I brought the food over to a table, snickering at the cops' faces when I ran away AGAIN. It was hilarious, to me. Though, my mother, Avery, did not take it as well as I did. I put down the bag of food and slouched onto the couch I stole. I sighed, closing my eyes to a nice drift. Then, my oldest sister began to shake me, while I was actually, and finally, sleeping for once. She rolled her eyes, when I gave her a rude face with my marine colored eyes. Megan, again, shook me when I closed my eyes once more.

"Get up, slouch!"

"Slouch?" I snickered. "Who just ran away and fought cops, while holding stolen food for their family? Huh? Who did that for you?"

"You know what I mean, Bailey," she messed with my dark brown hair.

"What are you two doing?" my mother came out, cleaning her hands with a towel rag. She smiled as her eyes watched the food. I heard her stomach growl as she came closer to the delicious groceries I had captured that day. Her silver eyes lit up and she kissed me on the cheek with kindness and love. Then, her voice said, "I am so proud of you, Bai."

"I know right!" Megan sat on the chair. She held up a red solo cup and cheered, "To Bailey! For being the greatest thief ever!"

"To Bailey!" my mother grinned and drank the water. After that, we began to eat the bread, canned foods, and dessert I stole as well. "Anyways," my mother twiddled at her fingers and her fork, "how was the run? Did you get hurt? You better put a bandaid on any of those wounds, okay, Bailey?"

"I'm fine, Mom," I didn't look up from my black beans.

"Whatever," Mother mumbled through her chews.

As we ate, a helicopter was passing over our heads. I yelled at my family to get into hiding and they did. We could not be found, so we had to hide. Yet, for some odd reason, I decided that I should fight it if it dared to come near. Unfortunately, the helicopter landed. When it did, the helmet of it opened to a three-eyed man, who wore a black outlaw suit. As I stared in eye, he began to shoot me with his helicopter. I bounced to the side, avoiding the missiles that searched for my warmth to track me.

"Go away!" a black man behind me ordered. "Get away, I mean! Just get in the car!"

"What about my family?"

"Forget them!"


"We will get them! I swear, just get in the damn car!"

"Okay!" I shrugged and entered the silver car. When I got in, a sleepy, dreamy smell reached my nose. Obeying its orders, I fell asleep.