Amelia Shane was not one for bars or clubs. She stayed away from trouble. She was a member of the US Navy and her father was Admiral Shane, she had to uphold an image. Her sister, Sam, on the other hand, decided to drag Amelia to the closest bar to grab a bite to eat.

"Why can't we just grab some McDonald's or something else," Amelia (Amy) complained.

"Because I want food now," Sam whined.

"You know, I'm only here because Stone had to spend his brother's birthday with him." Amy replied. Her fiancé, Stone Hopper, was a fellow Navy officer and in her father's eyes, was the best man to marry his oldest daughter.

"Ya, ya, ya are you done talking about your fiancé so we can go eat.

As they entered the bar, both girls felt a handful of eyes cast their way. Amy really wished she wasn't wearing short shorts and a tank top and played with her dark brown hair that reached her upper back. They went straight up to the bar where Sam ordered a chicken burrito.

Amy became bored and decided to look around the bar to see who was staring. Her sparkling, green eyes met those Stone Hopper, her fiancé who was out celebrating his brother's birthday. Alex, Stone's brother, had started flirting with Sam, so, Amy took this opportunity to slip away.

"Amy? That you?" Stone chuckled.

"Ya, so this is where you brought your brother?" Amy asked.

Stone nodded and pecked her on the lips. "So what brings you here?" Stone asked Amy.

"Sam was hungry and this was the closest place," Amy sighed.

Amy turned toward where she left her sister and saw Alex talking to Sam before rushing out the door.

"If I have to bail him out of jail I swear," Stone mumbled.

"It can't be that bad, I mean, he's only getting her food, right?" Amy chuckled, hugging her fiancé. The police sirens that followed proved a different story. The whole bar rushed outside to see what was going on, only to see Alex get Tased. "Okay, maybe it is bad."

Amy looked over at her sister, who was holding a chicken burrito, and raised an eyebrow. "Uh, see you tomorrow, Stone," Amy rushed, kissing him on the lips.

"You too, Amy," Stone stated before heading over to the police cruiser to bail his brother.

Amy led Sam away from the mess and drove both of them straight home, and boy did they have to keep that incident from reaching their father's ears.