After a few weeks the boys became best friends and they both left at the same time. It gave me more time to train the kids. Now It had been a year.

"Katie?" Ethan came through the door to my room. I smiled as he hoped on the bed next to me.

"What is it Ethan?" I asked. His big blue eyes stared at me.

"Could you tell us a bed time story?" he asked. I raised an eyebrow.

"Us?" I asked him. Violet, Heather, Aqua, Jared (Son of Mars about 10), and Jasmine (Daughter of Hebe, 'bout 10 too) came in. I smiled and they all sat on my bed.

"Okay, so there was once a girl who was so beautiful that-" I started.

"Ugh! Not this one again!" Aqua complained. "Can't you tell us one about a girl who isn't beautiful, it get old" she continued. I smiled sadly.

"There was once a girl no one payed attention to, she had dry stringy hair and thick eyebrows, her eyes were hidden because of how shy she was, she had baggy clothes because her family couldn't afford anything more, she was always played pranks on and people made fun of her for how poor she was, she ran away after she got sick of it and she ran away to a place no one would find her, she left a rose in her favorite place there, a year after she left, she came back to see if anyone noticed, she realized that no one noticed, she got in such an outrage she cursed them to remember her, no one recognized her because she had became beautiful, her hair became silky and her eyebrows became thin and didn't hide her eyes-" I was interrupted.

"Why the eyes so important?" Jared asked. His light brown eyes were big with anticipation.

"Well, the eyes have so much emotion in them and they're beautiful when different" I told them. Aqua smiled, she knew her eyes were different.

"So continuing, she got money and got clothes that fit her, she was so angry at them, she came back to her house where she ran away and started a new life she let nice people stay with her, those who didn't have a home and she fell in love with one of them, then a boy from her old life came and she fell for him too, she was forced to choose, she let it weigh out and they became friends and left her, the end" I ended. They were all staring at me.

"There wasn't a happy ending! There has to be a happy ending!" Jasmine yelled. Her bluish grey eyes were full of non-belief.

"In real life, there can't always be happy endings, that is the concept of fairy tales and real life, in stories they can do that, but in life, you've got to face the horribleness" I said. I knew it wasn't a word but I couldn't find the right one. They nodded and went to bed. I sat on my bed and thought for a minute. Now we had maybe 75 campers here, some were older than my 17 year old self. Most were younger, I was still single and had no idea where Travis or Ian were, they were most likely at half-blood, I don't think Jupiter would accept greeks, they were currently at war with each other still, most of the reason that we had so many people here, that made me think… I took out a drachma.

"Oh Iris goddess of rainbow, accept my offering, Travis Stoll, camp half-blood New York!" I chanted into the shower I had going and tossed the Drachma in. it shimmered and showed me Travis walking in the forest, alone, good.

"Travis!" I whisper-yelled at him. He looked at me, shocked. He got a little taller and he wore a calm expression on his face.

"Katie?!" he asked. I nodded.

"I wanted to ask you something" I told him. "Make sure no one's around, go somewhere private, now!" I demanded. He ran to the top of a tall tree and sat on a branch.

"Fine, now what is it?" he asked me. His blue eyes were calculating.

"Did you or Ian tell anyone about my camp?" I asked him. He looked at me sad.

"Katie…" he said. My eyes got wide.

"You told them! I will rip you to pieces! You understand! They will come for me! They know what I did, how I held you guys captive and they want me! They want me to answer every question they have! They want me to give up this place! I can't do that! Not to them!" I yelled at him. I made it so no one could hear me.

"Katie, I didn't tell anyone! Ian didn't get the chance! He ran away after a few days here and after he got a lot of questions, no one knows where he is!" Travis whispered back to me.

"Oh… but don't you tell them! The gods know, but get my reason and Aph has something on all of them, many things, things that scare the shit out of me, she's like Hades when it comes to knowing what happens, mostly because of that saying thing… gossip at a beauty salon or something like that… anyway, this is my family! If you or anyone at camp ruins my family, they will watch everything they love slowly ripped out of their life and it'll drive them mad and they will slowly die!" I said, so powerful, Travis looked like he would pee his pants any minute.

"Okay, Okay" he said. "By the way… after we left… did you find someone else?" he asked me.

"No, you?" I asked. He shook his head then nodded. I stared at him.

"What do you mean?" I asked him.

"I have-" he was cut off by the message ending, I had no Drachmas on me.

"Damnit" I said. I sighed and got ready for bed. I fell asleep and saw Aph sitting on a bench and we were at camp.

"Aph? Why are we here?" I asked as people walked around. Because of the time difference they were ahead of us.

"Can they see us?" I asked.

"Not unless they want to, in that case they would have to sense us then concentrate hard on us and they wouldn't be able to touch us" Aph told me.

"Oh, so why are we here?" I asked her.

"I wanted you to see how things were here, people are on guard in case something happens, I want you and your demigods to stay away from the war, I will let them handle everything while you guys stay hidden from them, they still don't know you guys are at the house, they know that they're not getting as many demigods, but they don't know why, Travis and Ian do, He's somewhere in Alaska, with two others, he fell in love again, Katie, they're expecting a little girl soon, she'll be a legacy of Tyche and Nike, the other they're with is a son of Iris" she told me. I let it sink in, he loved someone else in Alaska, away from all the monsters and gods…

"What about Travis?" I asked. She smiled and was about to say something, then a girl with curly blonde hair spotted us, she got wide eyed and told everyone, Annabeth came up to me.

"Katie! Where have you been!?" she asked me, trying to touch me. I stood up, I was an inch taller than her.

"With family" I answered. She struggled to get to me, she finally somehow got her hands on my wrists and tried to drag me somewhere. I didn't want to go, so I jumped up and kicked her arms. She let go and clutched her wrists, they were most likely broken.

"Katie! We need to know where you are!" Annabeth exclaimed. Percy tried to grab me. I jumped up to a tree above us and crawled slowly around, then hung from the branch, unsidedown, like a sloth.

"Don't touch me!" I screamed. They tried to grab me. But I was to quick for them. I finally had them all in vines tied down to vine chairs.

"Katie, people were hurt when you did that last year, we need to know how you survived without us finding you" Piper tried to charmspeak me.

"It won't work!" I yelled jumping down from the tree and landing on my feet.

"We need to know, it'll help our training" Jason exclaimed.

"Why? To use on the Romans, Son of Rome?" I asked. He shut up after that.

"They are kind people, who were attacked, by your flaming boy, the one who's trying to sneak up on me" I spun around and kicked him in the gut and then put his hands behind his back, he set himself on fire. Aph came over and threw water on him, keeping him in a vortex, that he could breath in and wouldn't be able to use his fire powers on.

"Thank you Aph" I told her.

"Mom?! Why are you helping the enemy?!" Piper exclaimed.

"How is she an enemy? What harm has she done?" Aph asked. Standing next to me.

"She hurt-" Piper tried but was cut off by her mother.

"No one, it did nothing, you know that, your just lying to get information out of her" Aph finished.

"He- What the hell?" Travis came in. He looked at me. I could tell everyone else was surprised I hadn't tied him up, he came over to me.

"Why are you doing this?" he begged for answers.

"You saw them! I have to protect them, they're innocent and they want to take them!" I screamed. He understood but no one else did.

"What are you talking about?" Clarisse asked.

"Tell them! Tell them what happened a year ago!" I yelled at him. He shook his head.

"He found me! He knew how to find me! He did it and found out why I was hiding! He'll never tell you anything, I made him swear to it! Don't try to push him, Annabeth! This is one thing you'll never know!" I screamed.

"Katie… your so hot for a bad flower girl" Austin, a son of Apollo flirted. I walked over to him and punched him hard enough to make him go to sleep.

"Did you just kill him!?" Annabeth accused me.

"You jump to conclusions! I met a girl exactly like you! She's the same as you, kinder, I know how you work, you'll force it out of him!" I screamed at her. "You're not going to do that! Got it!? Don't ask questions or else! He knows what goes on, I know what goes on, I was the quiet one! I knew what everyone did and what was going to happen before it did!" I yelled.

"Prove it" Piper said, she didn't use charmspeak this time. They were all curious on my powers. I went in a trance where my eyes turned white and I was levitating. I screamed in pain.

"Child of Dove! You ask a good question! But here's my answer! You secretly got in a fire when your dad was filming a movie, his assistant accidently set fire to your house and you almost died from the smoke, Percy still doesn't get why Annabeth likes him, Leo's dating Reyna, in secret, and the most important one, none of you can figure out where I am!"

I screamed again as it left me. Everyone was uncomfortable with me screaming. I fell to the ground and grabbed my stomach.

"I hate when that happens…" I said. I got up and took a piece of ambrosia Aph handed me. It tasted like pomegranate, my favorite.

"Katie…" Aph warned me. She spoke a language we made up for just the two of us.

"They're waking up, they're going to see that your gone, this whole thing right here has been a few minutes here but in real life, it's been a few hours, it's morning!"

"Aph, give me a sec with Travis, please" I begged her. I took her hands and pleaded to her. She rolled her eyes and gave in.

"Fine, but only because it's adorable, you two" She winked. I blushed. I walked over to Travis. I hugged him. Then pecked his cheek.

"You know where to find us, your always welcome" I whispered in his ear. He nodded. Annabeth was trying to figure out what we said to each other, Aph and me anyway.

"What'd you say?" Annabeth asked. "I know every language, but I can't understand that one" I sighed.

"It's a language that's dead now, Atlantian, people who lived in Fiji in ancient times spoke it" I told her.

"I should be going, bye, by the way, I do forgive you" I winked and let them go. Just before they got to me I took Aph's arm and we were back. I was on my bed. I felt like I had a full nights sleep. Claire and Alex came through my door. They started dating last year. Since it was about winter their faces were red and they looked like they just came in, she had a hot chocolate in her hand and he was holding a heat pad, Aph allowed it to get cold just here so we could enjoy it, the lake we had was frozen over.

"Hey guys" I said. Alex and her were laughing, they died it down though.

"Hey Katie, so everyone's going to go skate on the lake, since it's the weekend, Aph's going with us, she said you want to sleep or something…" Claire said. Her hand was entwined with his. I nodded and they left, I went to sleep again, in my dream I saw Annabeth and Percy talking.

"Do you know what she was saying? When did Leo start dating Reyna?" Annabeth asked.

"I think I know some, they said Travis's name, something about adorable and people waking up" They didn't notice me yet. I knew they could. But I let my emotions get to me.

"NO!" I screamed at the top of my lugs. "YOU WILL NOT TOUCH THEM!" I screamed again and tackled Annabeth. Percy tried to stab me or something but I took his sword and pointed it at Annabeth and flipped him down and put him to sleep. I held a sword at her nose.

"There's people with you isn't there!" She yelled.

"Isn't there!" she yelled after I didn't respond. She flipped herself on me. She held a sword to my neck.

"Tell me!" she screamed. I laughed then spit in her face. She stabbed my arm. I screamed. I heard someone come to us. Travis.

"Never!" I yelled back at her. She stabbed my other arms. I screamed again. Travis was trying to get Annabeth off me. He was yelling for help.

"Who?!" she screamed at me.

"You'll never know!" I screamed. I concentrated as she stabbed my leg. I began to disappear. Annabeth screamed no before I was completely gone.

I was in my bed my arms and leg were bleeding, I got up and stumbled to a table in my room and got some nectar. I put some on my leg and then my arms, they closed up soon enough. I stumbled out of my room and downstairs. I found Jenna, a daughter of Iris, sitting by the fire. She saw me and got up.

"Katie! What happened?" she asked me. I smiled sadly.

"I was tortured, for information" I told her the truth. You had to when you saw kids of Iris's eyes, most likely because they can detect lies like my uncle Poco could eat hotdogs.

"Where?" she asked me.

"Camp half-blood" I admitted.

"How'd they get you?" she asked me.

"Dreams, Aph sends me to camp in dreams and they try to get information out of me, they want to know where I've been, they somehow found out that there are people with me and they want to take you guys" I blurted out, I couldn't take it. I have hid so much from these people who have told me everything.

"Katie… Why would they want us?" She asked. Even if she was a camper, she was the oldest of us, 24, she was great at everything and liked to stay with us. She was really kind. That's why everyone loves her, she loves everyone, I wasn't going to let them take my family.

"There's a war between the two camps and both sides need more campers, most die, so I don't want any of you to get in that" I told her. She sighed.

"Always trying to protect us, come on let's sit down and let you rest" She helped me to the couch and leveled my head on the pillow. Jenna was an amazing gymnast so It didn't surprise me when she heard a noise and jumped to the ceiling and hung like Spider man. Whoever made the noise came through the door, he had blonde curly hair and blue eyes.

"Grant! You made Jenna go all ninja" I said to him. The son of Hermes sat next to me. He looked so much like Travis.

"Hey Katie-bell" he wriggled his eyebrows. I furrowed mine.

"Jenna's going to kick your ass" I laughed at him. He had a not-so-secret-crush on me. Jenna came down swiftly and picked him up with her feet by the arm pits and tied him to the ceiling. I guess Hermes guys had a thing for me.

"Jenna! I was just about to ask her out!" He yelled.

"Grant, that would never happen…" I told him. He stared down at me.

"Why not?" he complained. I smirked.

"I may be 17, but I have a long past that goes on for 1,000's of years" I told him. "Plus you like me for my looks" I added. "Only two guys have ever captured my heart, one now has a baby girl, I'm so happy for them…" I said. I hoped she'd get his brown eyes.

"What about the other one?" he asked. I looked at the TV, it was reporting that winter was ending, since it's March 20th, but we were going to have a storm again soon.

"Katie?" Jenna said. I looked back at her.


"Grant asked you a question" she told me.

"He… moved on… " I said remembering him not saying he didn't have a relationship.

"If he's not here then where is he? I mean you've only lived here… right?" He asked. I shook my head.

"I used to live at camp half-blood… he's there" I said.

"Katie, do you mind if I ask you something?" he asked. Jenna let him down and was standing next to him. Curious.

"Depends…" I responded.

"What was his name?" he asked me. I looked at him.

"Travis Stoll" I said quietly. So they couldn't hear me.