Pink and White


Niata sat at her desk in squad six just staring at her paperwork- it was another four hours until she was off and now she was BORED. She sighed and slowly started on her paperwork, her mind often wandering to other things; how much longer she and Yachiru were on punishment for the gender switch incident, what she was going to get her father for his upcoming birthday, and how was she gonna get out of doing paperwork without her captain finding out.

She groaned and banged her head on her desk. "Halfway done, and still there's more. Geez this is boring," she mumbled. A quick smack to the head made her jump, turning around to see Captain Kurosaki glaring down, "If you're gonna complain then do it after you're done," he warned pushing the papers in front of her. "I remember hearing stories from Rukia that you'd complain a lot whenever you had to do stuff you didn't want to do," Niata remarked earning another smack.

"Just finish up your work already. How the hell I'd end up dealing with someone like you for the last few years, I'll never fucking know," Ichigo griped. He sighed and scratched his head. When he turned back to her she was gone, the stack was somehow finished, and a note saying "Next time try keeping your head out of your ass, capt!".