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My first all human Klaus and Caroline story!

I have had this one on my desktop for a while, but have been too busy to publish it.

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"Owe," A voice from the hall said. Kol went to see who it was and he saw a pretty blond girl carrying boxes into the apartment across the hall. Jackpot. The people who had lived there before was a married couple who fought all the time. Well it was time for Kol to meet the neighbor.

"Hey, let me help you with that," Kol said taking the box from the girl. She smiled.

"Thank you," She said and handed him the box. Kol's eyes went wide. Her stomach was huge and it looked like she was about to burst any moment. She caught him staring and smirked. "Still want to help me with my boxes?"

"Of course, I just wasn't expecting the..." Kol stammered.

"Pregnant part of it?" She finished. "Yeah only a couple more weeks to go."

"Oh, good, that's good," Kol said in lack of anything else. The girl laughed and opened the door. Kol walked into the mostly empty apartment that was about the same size as his.

"Just put it anywhere," She instructed. "I'm Caroline."

"Kol," Kol told her, "Live across the hall. So is there a boyfriend or husband..." Caroline's cheeks went pink.

"Um, no, just me," Caroline said rubbing her belly.

"Like I said I am across the way if you need anything or whatever," Kol said rubbing the back of his neck. He didn't really know what to do around pregnant women. Thankfully Caroline just kept smiling.

"Thanks Kol," Caroline said.

"Kol!" Caroline yelled when once again Kol let himself in without knocking. "I didn't give you a key so you could just barge in."

"You don't seem to have any problem with it when I come in and kill the spiders," Kol said and Caroline glared. "Where is my best girl?"

"Bonnie took her for ice cream," Caroline told him. "They should be back soon."

"I need a favor," Kol said and Caroline groaned. "What?"

"The last time you needed a favor you asked me to pretend to be your clinger girlfriend to scare away a chick that wouldn't leave from your apartment." Caroline said and Kol smiled. Caroline had played her part well.

"Well it is sort of the same, see my brother is getting married next weekend and I need a date," Kol informed her. "Be my date?"

"Sure, no problem," Caroline said and Kol shifted his weight. "What is it?"

"My family has been going on and on asking me when I am settling down, so I sort of lied and told them my girlfriend was named Caroline and we met when she moved into the apartment next to mine," Kol said in a rush and Caroline rolled her eyes.

"How long have have you been telling them this?" Caroline asked, "Kol!"

"Over a year," Kol said looking at the ceiling.

"A year!" Caroline exclaimed.

"I promise after you go to this wedding with me I will dump you," Kol promised.

"No, if anything I would dump you," Caroline countered. "I wouldn't go out with you remember?" Kol grinned.

"Yes," Kol said, "I asked you out and you said that you don't date men with accents. You never did tell me why."

"Does it matter?" Caroline said, "And aren't you glad I said no? We wouldn't make that good of a couple."

"True, you were just so convenient because you lived right there..." Kol said and Caroline laughed.

"Fine, I'll go and be your pretend girlfriend." Caroline said giving in. "You have done a lot of favors for me over the years."

"Fantastic," Kol said, "One other little thing..."

"Oh god what now?" Caroline asked.

"The wedding is back home in England," Kol replied.

"England!" Caroline said, "I can't go to England. I have..."

"I know," Kol said, "But I don't have anyone else to ask."

"Uh, Bonnie," Caroline reminded him, "You know the girl you really love but don't have the balls to tell her. You could just ask her to go and all your problems would be solved." Kol glared and opened his mouth to say something but a voice interrupted him.

"What problems?" A voice said from the doorway. "You really should lock your door."

"Mommy!" Another voice said loudly and a little girl ran to Caroline with her blond curls bouncing as she went.

"Hi Baby," Caroline said catching her and kissing her cheek. She turned to Bonnie. "Kol just asked me to be his date to his brother's wedding. In England."

"Are you going to go?" Bonnie asked.

"Down please," The child in Caroline's arms said. Caroline put her down only for the girl to run to Kol and insist he play airplane with her. Caroline smirked as Bonnie watched Kol play with the little girl. She totally liked him. Why they wouldn't admit it was beyond her.

"I can't go," Caroline said, "I can't leave my baby."

"Ella is four, Caroline," Bonnie said with a smile. "Listen I can take her. It will only be for a few days right?"

"Yes," Kol answered putting Ella back down. "No more than three days. Just enough for the rehearsal dinner and the ceremony. I want to spend the least amount of time with my family as possible."

"Come on Caroline when was the last time you went on vacation?" Bonnie asked.

"I can't just leave her!" Caroline protested again.

"Hey, Sweetie," Bonnie said leaning down so she was eye level with Ella. "How would you like to come stay with me for a couple days?"

"Oh, yes! Can stay with Aunt Bonnie, please?" Ella said excited and Caroline frowned.

"Should I been offended that my own child is so eager to get away from me?" Caroline asked. Her daughter grinned her dimples coming into view. Caroline ran her hand through her curly hair. It was only for a few days.

"Be good for Aunt Bonnie, okay?" Caroline said to Ella a couple days later. Caroline was all packed up, got the time off from work, and now came to worst part of saying goodbye to Ella.

"I will," Ella said and Caroline had to hold back a laugh. Her daughter talked like such a grown up sometimes, a trait she did not get from Caroline. "I love you Mommy." Caroline pulled Ella close, her daughter's tiny arms went around her as tight as she could. It was unbelievable how much Caroline loved this girl. Caroline had been scared about raising a child by herself, but the moment the doctor put Ella into her arms she knew there was nothing to be scared of.

"Bye, baby," Caroline said getting up and taking her bags. Bonnie and Ella waved from baggage claim as Caroline and Kol walked to the terminal on their way to jolly old England.

"Oh god, I can't believe I am doing this," Kol groaned as he and Caroline sat in the plane. "I moved to Chicago to get away from my family. Literally moved to halfway across the world."

"Your family can't be that bad," Caroline said as she flipped through a magazine. Kol didn't talk about his family much. Caroline hadn't even seen any pictures. All she knew was that he had three brothers and one sister.

"Yes, they are," Kol argued. "One brother who is the morality police, another who is a complete Mama's boy, Mr. Grumpy, and my bratty sister."

"Rebekah isn't so bad," Caroline said. She was the only one of his siblings she had met. "I like her boyfriend."

"Beka is alright, even if she is dating that common American boy," Kol agreed and Caroline rolled her eyes, "Even so, you can only take so much of her."

"She won't buy that I am your girlfriend," Caroline said and Kol shrugged.

"I have enough dirt on that girl, she will keep her mouth shut," Kol said with a smile. Caroline squirmed in her seat. "What?"

"I miss Ella already," Caroline said, "I have never been away a night from her."

"I know, thank for doing this for me," Kol said.

"Well you have been a very good friend to me," Caroline said and Kol smiled at her. Caroline rested her head on his shoulder and the two friends fell asleep.


Kol was watching football, the good kind of football, when he heard it. It sounded like something crashed to the ground. It was coming from Caroline's apartment. They had become pretty good friends these last couple weeks. Caroline was a good cook and always brought him leftovers. He helped her baby proof her apartment. Kol got up and knocked on her door.

"Caroline? Are you alright darling?" He asked through the door. It opened revealing Caroline who appeared to be all wet. "Uh...bad time?"

"Nothing, my water just broke," Caroline said as calmly as she could. Kol's eyes went wide.

"Oh bloody hell," Kol said and Caroline laughed put then clutched her belly. "Can I do..."

"No, but thank you for offering," Caroline said with a smile.

"Okay I am here!" A voice said and they turned to see a pretty girl walk over. Kol had to keep from staring.

"Kol this is my friend Bonnie, Bonnie this is my neighbor Kol," Caroline introduced.

"Nice to meet you," Bonnie said.

"Pleasure, darling," Kol said taking her hand and kissing it. Bonnie looked at Caroline.

"He is actually very sweet," Caroline told her. "My bag is right there if you could grab it. I am going to go change really quickly."

"Got it," Bonnie said taking the bag and waiting by the door.

"It's nice...that you are helping her I mean," Kol said to Bonnie who smiled.

"I have known her since we were kids," Bonnie informed her. "And thank you, for being a good neighbor." The two smiled at each other.

"Okay enough of that, I am having a baby here," Caroline said breaking up the moment.

"Oh, right," Bonnie said with a nervous laugh, "Let's go." To their shock Kol followed them. The girls stopped and looked at him.

"What? Do you honestly think either of you are going to be able to drive right now?" Kol asked.

"Thanks," Caroline replied.


"Stop standing there so stiff," Caroline said as they walked through the airport.

"I am just a little on edge," Kol said and Caroline took his hand. He looked down at them.

"Girlfriend remember?" Caroline reminded him, "We have to sell it, right?"

"Oh, yeah," Kol said, "Sorry. It just has been so long since I have seen anyone. I mean the last time I saw Tatia she is going out with my brother Nik."

"Wait, I thought your brother Elijah was marrying her," Caroline said confused. She had been briefed more about his family on the long plane ride, and it was quite a tale.

"Oh he is," Kol said, "Big family drama. Elijah is marrying my brother's ex girlfriend and apparently they started seeing each other before Nik and Tatia broke up."

"Wow, no wonder you said that Nik was your grumpy brother," Caroline said.

"Oh he was grumpy long before this went down," Kol said, "Now he and Elijah despise each other. To make matters worse Elijah asked Nik to be best man."

"You are not serious," Caroline said but Kol nodded.

"Growing up Elijah and Nik were closer then any of us," Kol informed her. "Elijah is trying to mend the fence, just going about it the wrong way."

"But Nik didn't agree to it, right? Please tell me he said no," Caroline said but Kol smiled. "Wow."

"Yeah this is going to be interesting," Kol said, "Thankfully you are here to stop me from drowning myself in the bloody channel." Caroline started to laugh but was interrupted by the sound of someone saying.

"Kol!" The two turned around and saw a women who looked a little like Rebekah standing there.

"Hi, Mum," Kol said walking over and hugging his mother. Caroline watched in envy as Kol's mother kissed his cheek. It had been so long since she had been kissed by her mother. "This is Caroline."

"Pleasure, and please call me Esther." Esther said with a smile.

"Nice to meet you," Caroline said smiling back. His mother seemed nice enough. Kol told her that his father was a real bastard, but died sometime ago.

"Come on, everyone is waiting at the house, well except Niklaus," Esther said, "Always has to make an entrance."

"How has he been with all this?" Kol asked and Esther sighed.

"You know your brother, he doesn't open up to anyone," Esther replied as they walked. "Jonas get their bags please."

"Yes, ma'am," A man to Caroline's left. She hadn't even noticed he was there. He took her bag from her and gave a slight nod. Huh? Kol took Caroline's hand again as they went outside. A very expensive looking car pulled up and Jonas took the keys from the valet. After putting all their bags in the car three of them got into the car while Jonas went to the drivers seat. The seat was on the wrong side of the car! Soon they were driving on the wrong side of the road. Caroline knew to everyone else it wasn't the wrong side, but Caroline had lived in the US of A her whole life. She couldn't help but close her eyes as they turned another corner.

"Oh dear are you alight?" Esther asked.

"I'm fine," Caroline said, "I am not used to the way people drive over here, it is a little unnerving."

"Well if Kol had brought you home before it wouldn't be so new would it?" Esther said directing the comment to her son. Kol shrugged.

"It's my fault," Caroline cut in. "I was a little nervous to do the whole meet the parents thing."

"You shouldn't have," Esther said, "You seem like a real dear."

"Thank you," Caroline said blushing.

"Too good for my troublemaker son," Esther said and Caroline giggled.

"Hey!" Kol objected.


After what seemed like a really long drive the drove them past the city and into the country Jonas finally pulled up a drive and past the gates. Gates. Caroline's eyes went wide. This was Kol's house? More like mansion, or estate. Why in the hell was Kol living in a crappy apartment in Chicago? Jonas parked and got out and opened the door for them. Caroline worked to keep her mouth from falling open.

"This way Caroline," Esther said waving her hand. "Welcome to our home."

Caroline gulped.


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