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"Hey"- Human speech

'Hey'- Human thought

"Hey"- Jutsu/Demon speech

'Hey'- Demon thought

Let's begin

Another beating. Another day. Another question. Why me? What did I do to deserve this? I always thought I was a good kid. But these people seem to think differently. Maybe I did something really bad, and I forgot it, so that's why they hate me. It makes sense; I'm just a kid, what else could cause them to hate me so much?

As Naruto lay in another puddle of his blood and tears, he gazed at the sky through swollen/dazed eyes, asking Kami why He abandoned him. Again, he received no answer. He damned Kami; damned him and his brethren up in the heavens, peaceful and happy. Most would think him a heathen for thinking these things, but he gave up on believing in Kami, and caring about other people's opinions of his beliefs, a long time ago.

'And this is the part where I pass out from the pain.' Naruto recited the cycle of events he had found to be the norm in his head, as he indeed lost consciousness from the beating. This time, however, he didn't wake up in some place that reminded him of a sewer, or in the hospital, the Sandaime by his side fussing over him; no, this time, he woke up in what appeared to be some white desert, a decayed tree the only thing he could see for miles, a figure in a black cloak leaning against the tree, seemingly staring at him. "Where the piss am I and who are you?" Naruto asked flatly.

The figure chuckled silently, it's shoulders shaking as it pushed itself off the tree, walking towards Naruto slowly, features on their face coming into view. The figure was a boy; he looked at most 16, a mop of spiky black hair on his head, a red crown of thorns floating around his head, his skin as grey as stone, his red, pupil-less eyes staring at Naruto, hoop earrings with a triangle in them hanging from his ears, a red beaded necklace around his neck, the rest of his body obscured by the black cloak, a large fur collar just under the necklace. He was smirking down at Naruto. "Hello, Naruto-kun; this is Limbo, and I am Jashin." this 'Jashin' explained, his voice a woman's, for some reason.

Naruto's eyes widened at the word 'Limbo'; that was the space between life and death, does that mean he died?!

Jashin chuckled again. "Indeed, Naruto-kun, you are dying as we speak." He explained again, somehow reading Naruto's thoughts.

Naruto didn't have time to pay attention to how this person read his thoughts; he was more focused on the fact he was dead! Tears fell from his eyes as he fell to his knees. "So this is how I die, huh? Beaten in an alley on the side of the street and left to die in my own blood, never making a sound of pain or for help? What a pitiful death." Naruto commented bitterly.

"Now now, I'm the one who should be making the cynical comments, Naruto-kun. Now while I said you were dying, I never said you were going to die; I have plans for you." Jashin commented, chuckling again as Naruto snapped his head up to face him so fast, he thought he heard the bones in his neck snap, not that it would matter in this space.

Looking up at teenage boy, Naruto felt the need to ask a question he knew the answer to. "You're not human, are you Jashin?" He asked.

Again, Jashin chuckled his infuriating laughter, sauntering back over to the tree. "Now, whatever gave you that idea, Naruto-kun?" he asked, walking behind the tree, coming out as a completely different figure.

Jashin was now female, and noticeably taller and slightly older looking. Her mop of hair was now transformed into a smooth obsidian river from her scalp, hanging to just under her shoulders. Her skin remained grey and the crown stayed afloat around her head, a beauty mark appearing under her right eye, her lips turning black with dark lipstick. Her cloak now changed to suit a more tempting figure, the collar taking a radical nosedive down her luscious body, stopping just short of it working more like an open robe with nothing underneath, the fur lining just barely covering her massive breasts, the necklace of beads forming an extension down the valley between her breasts and continuing down where the cloak stops, causing Naruto's nose to spray blood at the insinuation of the beads continuing down her maidenhood. He officially lost it when Jashin decided to tease him and grabbed a hold of the beads and moved them up and down her body, dragging her tongue across her lips as she moaned sensually, causing Naruto to pass out from shock. She laughed at his misfortune and took a new form and sauntered over to him and woke him up.

"Let me take care of that, Jashin-chan~..." Naruto said dreamily until he woke up, wiping the blood from his nose and finding an intimidating yet arguably awesome-looking wolf pawing at his cheek.

The wolf was black as night, with white patterns in its fur shaped like bones, giving it a skeletal appearance, with red nails in its paws, and a terrifying scythe just floating at its back. A crimson spine formed the staff, with a ribcage above the center of it, a black orb in the center of the bones, extra 'ribs' made more like claws grasping at the orb; Naruto thought he saw some of them twitch. As the skull up top, red thorns were stabbed through the bone, creating a rather painful copy of Jashin's crowns from before, a large hole in the base of the skull just above where it connects to the spine, black smoke wisping out of the hole and forming the blade of the scythe, two progressively smaller blades under the main one also made from the smoke. Around the wolf's neck was the same beaded necklace that brought Naruto to his previous... 'condition', minus the extension, along with a fur lining connected to it, which was odd on a wolf. From the wolf's ears hung the same earrings Jashin wore. "Jashin? You're a wolf?" Naruto asked incredulously.

From the wolf came the same laughter Naruto became accustomed with from Jashin, then the same voice. "Oh, Naruto-kun, I am many things. A man, a woman, an Okami..." Jashin explained, getting up and walking back to the tree, walking behind it again, leaving a pale Naruto trying to banish the thoughts he had when Jashin teased him yet hearing she was a man as well! Now, Naruto was straighter than the pole Sakura's mom swings from, so he didn't need a trap of a person catching him off guard! He watched as the wolf changed into a four-eyed, three-legged crowd, a black orb in the third set of talons as it flew in the air. "A messenger..." Jashin's voice came from the bird. Transforming in midair, Jashin returned to his/her female form, causing Naruto to blush again, only for it to disappear in his paling features.

"Okay, for future reference: are you male, female, or amorphously androgynous?" Naruto asked, rubbing the bridge of his nose.

Jashin chuckled again, this time coming out as a giggle. "Oh don't worry Naruto-kun, I'm officially a woman; I merely transform to suit my needs, and to keep up my image for my worshippers. Why? Were you getting ideas?" Jashin cooed, leaning really close to Naruto; unfortunately, due to his short stature, her leaning caused him to be smothered by her breasts.

Naruto thanked Ka-... anyone for the reassurance that he wasn't being tricked. Blood dripped from his nose as she smothered him, and he stepped back, a question almost written on his face. "Worshippers?" He parroted questioningly.

"Ah yes, I forgot to mention; my full title is Jashin, God(dess) of slaughter and destruction." Jashin explained, the scythe from her Okami form appearing behind her and floating in the air parallel to her right arm.

Naruto's crimson face lost all form of color, almost turning pure white; he was dying and the goddess of slaughter has summoned him and was also currently just fucking around with him. If it were anyone else, he'd be furious, but this was a goddess so... shit. "O-oh, I meant no disrespect, Jashin-sama!" Naruto spouted off, falling to his knees and bowing lowly, as if begging for forgiveness for any disrespect he might have showed her and begging for mercy on his dying life. He idly mused that if this were Kami, he'd probably tell him to go fuck himself, so why did he care about showing respect to Jashin?

Jashin giggled at his sudden change in behavior. "Arise, Naruto-kun, I won't smite you for your behavior; that's one of the reasons I have chosen you for this process." She explained.

"What process, Jashin-sama?" Naruto asked, looking up at her, only for him to almost go blind with his blush at her close proximity combined with his eye-level, as he saw... Jashin apparently didn't care for underwear... As such, he snapped his head back down, trying to furiously rub the blood away from his nose.

"The process of becoming my Avatar in the Elemental Nations. An experiment I've conducted on another follower allowed them immortality, which I plan to give you once you are sent back to the land of the living, as well as even a couple Kekkei Genkai. I shall give you Chiton and Shikotsumyaku." Jashin explained, only to giggle at Naruto's blank face, a question mark almost visible over his head.

"The heck are those?" He asked.

"Blood Release; otherworld control over your blood to use it as a weapon, and Dead Bone Pulse, the ability to make weapons out of your bones." Jashin explained.

Naruto's face paled again; that sounded painful. "I assume I will need to build a pain tolerance for these gifts?" Naruto dared to ask.

"Of course." Jashin answered. "I also plan on giving you a new Kekkei Genkai called Flesh Release; you can augment your body by gathering nature chakra around you and you can use the former two Kekkei Genkai to augment it more so. It is originally the progenitor to the Kekkei Genkai of a clan that can just manipulate nature chakra; however, you will be able to do it to your entire body, as they focused mainly on the limbs and a full body transformation." Jashin added. "Now, Naruto, I should warn you that you'll face people with similar abilities as you in the future; they will know more than you do, and they might be stronger than you, but don't be afraid. I will be giving you my personal scythe as your weapon." She finished, holding out the deadly weapon she brandished as an Okami and giving her official title.

Naruto gaped at her as he shakily stretched his hand out to grab the weapon. Once he held it in his hands, his body began changing with the gifts Jashin promised. With the gifts came physical changes to his body and even his clothes. As a parting gift, Jashin walked up to young Naruto and gave him a chaste kiss for good luck as he soon disappeared from Limbo; what Naruto didn't know was that that kiss, while also for good luck, injected a piece of Jashin's spirit into Naruto, much like the bijuu he held.


In the dark alley where Naruto supposedly 'died', his body was flooded by an immensely bright light, which grew into a standing form, much taller than Naruto was. As the light faded, the new Naruto appeared.

At least a foot taller, now as tall as an 18-year-old, Naruto walked out of the alley. His tanned skin remained unchanged, his whisker marks were more feral, and his cerulean eyes gained a violent tint. His hair grew a bit, two bangs framing his face, turning him into even more of the spitting image of the Yondaime. But his outfit was the most drastic change; gone was the horrid 'kill-me' orange jumpsuit, only to be replaced by a pristine white cloak, a hood covered his head, gold trim all over the coat. Underneath, he wore a normal short-sleeved mesh shirt and black shinobi pants, but he also wore black steel-toed boots. The only change to his body that was visible was the crimson red lines all over his body, like a full-body tattoo; rings around the major joints on his fingers and at his wrists, a 'T' shaped line on the bottom of his palm, a slightly curved line above it, and red lines framing all the muscles of his body, from head to toe. From the drawstrings to the hood hung two Jashin necklaces, circles with upside-down triangles inside them. On his back was the evil scythe Jashin showed him, sticking to his back with chakra.

Naruto looked around, his face blank, as he walked towards the Hokage Tower, shoving aside or scaring away anyone in his way. This drew numerous glares from several civilians and shinobi, some that intensified when they saw his whiskered face, only to look away when his cold gaze was cast on them. Naruto chuckled mentally, amused at their new-found fear of him, as he ignored the protesting secretary, only to freeze when she mentioned the word 'demon' towards him. Feeling her smirk as his stopped pace, he slowly turned around, muttering under his breath. When she snapped at him to speak up, he grinned almost insanely. "Oh Lady Jashin, please accept this meager soul I give to you, and may you grant me bloodshed and despair on all in my path." He said, grasping his scythe as he walked towards her, smirking at her fearful expression. He let her scream before he separated her head from her body, then began butchering her corpse, blood splashing everywhere. Smirking ferally as the Sandaime seemed to not hear his secretary scream bloody murder, Naruto decided it was time for a wakeup call.

Walking towards the door, holding the woman's head by her hair, letting her neck drip blood beside him, he kicked the door open, smirking evilly. "Hey, ojii-san. Didn't you hear me ring your doorbell?" Naruto asked, holding up the secretaries disembodied head.

End Ch. 1

Well, whaddya think? :D I've always been fascinated by Hidan's abilities in the anime, and I've read a couple good Jashinist Naruto, so I decided to try my own take on it. With Jashinism, Naruto also has Blood Release (credit to Omnibender), Flesh Release (Omnibender), and Shikotsumyaku. This could make for a deadly combination, especially combined with his immortality. Now, in case you haven't guessed, the pairing is Naruto x Fem. Jashin... and Fem. Hidan. Yep, our favorite potty-mouthed mass-murderer is a woman! :D Won't that be exciting?!

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