Shizuo was pissed off.

And when Shizuo was pissed off, everybody knew that bad things happened.

When the teacher had walked into the home economics classroom the next day and seen the mess that Izaya and Shizuo had left behind, she was only slightly less than livid.

Okay, she was livid.

Naturally, she had assumed the mess was the product of another of the two boys' fights, and she mentally slapped herself, because she knew a project between those two wouldn't, no, couldn't end well. Broken bowls, flour, sugar, eggs… her eyes had widened as she took in the damage, and in a heartbeat, she spun on her heel to point a long thin finger at the object of her rage; Shizuo.

Izaya was, of course, nowhere to be seen.

So at this particular moment in time, as the other students pointedly avoided him and hurried off to break, Shizuo stood with brush and dustpan in hand, contemplating the mess.

"You will clean up not only the mess that you have made, but the rest of the classroom as well," the teacher had said in a dangerously quiet voice, sucking in a long, deep breath to calm her frayed nerves.

Shizuo had found it best to nod and not say anything as she left.

"Damn that Izaya," he muttered to himself as he bent down to sweep up some of the shattered glass.

"We are going to be in so much trouble,"

He remembered the devilish way the brunette had grinned when he surveyed the mess, and he flushed with anger.

Didn't he know it, thought Shizuo as he swept up the last of the glass. He stood up to check over the mess once again. He still had to sweep up the mess of sugar and flour, and mop up the broken eggs. His eyes continued to roam the work area, scanning over the dirty beater he still had to wash, the spilt cream he would have to wipe up, the bowl of melted chocolate he still had to-

The melted chocolate.

"Wh-what are you-Shizu-chan!"

Shizuo tried to stop himself from blushing when he remembered Izaya's face as he had sucked on his fingers and he remembered just exactly how the mess had been made in the first place.

"G-god Shizuo, what are you doing?"

Shizuo stared, transfixed, at the counter as he tried in vain to chase the mental image of Izaya gasping his name out of his mind.

"Can you stop putting that sticky stuff on me?"

Shizuo remembered raking his eyes up the lithe body in front of him. He also remembered the gasps and moans and sighs that had later erupted from that same body as he-


Shizuo gulped as he tore his eyes away from the scene in front of him, and he decided to go and clean up another part of the classroom for a while, just so that he could cool off a bit.

He began to wipe a counter on the other side of the classroom, at a work station where two of the girls in the class had ambitiously been trying to make a black forest cake. They had managed to get icing sugar everywhere, much to his annoyance.

He went back to fuming angrily in silence as he wiped the counter so hard it squeaked.

He stopped when his hand came into contact with something cool. He picked it up. It was a canister. A long, thin, cool canister.

Of whipped cream.

He picked it up and turned it over in his hands, blushing anew when he remembered what he had been using whipped cream for the previous day.

"I didn't know you were-hah- into this –hah– kind of thing,"

He pressed the cold aerosol can against his face in an attempt to cool his blazing cheeks.

He set the canister carefully down on the counter and tried his hardest not to look at it as he swept the floor. However, he couldn't stop himself wondering where Izaya was.

Lazy bastard, leaving all the work to me.

Shizuo continued his sweeping while thinking black thoughts in Izaya's general direction. After a little while, he straightened and leant against the counter. He sighed. Cleaning the classroom was not only hard work, but it was also boring as hell.

He glanced at the whipped cream.

Shizuo found himself whishing Izaya was there. He had to admit class was boring without him. If Izaya was there, he would have lost it ages ago and broken some more things. If Izaya was there, the classroom would be filled with his snide comments. If Izaya was there, it wouldn't be so quiet, so lonely. If Izaya was there, he'd by now have found something far better to do with that can of whipped cream…

That was it.

Shizuo dropped the broom he was holding and grabbed the whipped cream off the counter. He quickly walked across the room, slipping the canister into his school bag before slinging it over a shoulder. He glanced out of the door, checking for his teacher, before slipping out of the classroom, and down the hallway.

When Izaya peeked through his front door, Shizuo roughly pushed his way inside. He stood awkwardly, taking in his rather expensive looking surroundings while Izaya shut the door.

"Ahh, Shizu-chan, to what do I owe the pleasure?"

Shizuo took a moment to seriously consider the question. Why had he come?

"You're a bastard, that's why."

"I don't follow your logic." Izaya smirked.

"Did you ditch school so that I would have to take all the blame for the mess we made yesterday?"

Izaya's smirk disappeared and he blushed hard.

"Actually," Izaya looked accusingly at Shizuo. "I ditched school because my back hurts. A lot."

It was Shizuo's turn to blush, and to Izaya's satisfaction, he even looked slightly guilty.

"But for the record," Izaya smirked again. "I was kind of hoping you would take the blame at the same time."

"That's what I thought," Shizuo grumbled.

"So? Is that the only reason you came? To tell me I'm a bastard?"


"Then what?" Izaya tapped his foot impatiently.

"I think I deserve some sort of compensation for the shit I had to put up with from our teacher," A sugar-sweet smile carved itself onto his face as an idea crossed his mind. "And you deserve… punishment for being such a bastard."

Izaya bit back a snarky comment as he noticed Shizuo's hand dip into his school bag. He didn't like Shizuo's tone of voice. He didn't like it one bit.

"What is that you've got there?" He asked, uncertainty that was miniscule compared to that which he actually felt crept its way into his voice.

"Whipped cream."

"And what is it," he took a step back as Shizuo advanced menacingly, cream in hand. "That you plan on doing with that whipped cream?"

Shit, Izaya thought, as his back made contact with the kitchen counter. This is like a repeat of yesterday.

Shizuo simply grinned and shook the canister.


Izaya didn't like the feeling of the cold cream being squeezed into the dip above his collarbone. But he did like the feeling of Shizuo's tongue lapping it up.

He'd never admit it out loud though.

"If you keep eating all this – hah – sweet stuff," Izaya complained as Shizuo fiddled with the zipper on his jeans. "You're going to – hah – get fat."

"Shut up," Shizuo closed his eyes as his tongue found the remains of some cream earlier streaked across Izaya's cheek.

"If you get fat – hah –"Izaya persisted, his panting growing heavier when Shizuo roughly ground against him. "I won't hook up with you – hah – anymore."

Shizuo kept quiet because it was an unspoken promise of future hook-ups on other occasions.

"I don't get why you- "He paused as Shizuo's tongue found a spot on his neck that rendered him speechless. " – like this stuff so much. Hah. It's sticky."

Shizuo pulled back and looked him in the eyes.

"Wanna taste?"

"No I-"Izaya was cut off by Shizuo's mouth descending on his own.

Izaya's legs wrapped around Shizuo's waist and his hands twisted through blonde hair. Shizuo's arms wrapped tightly around the brunette's small body and crushed it against his own, one hand snaking around the back of his neck. The taste of sweetened cream sickeningly filled Izaya's mouth as Shizuo's tongue entered. They were both so caught up in the kiss that neither noticed as their breathing became startlingly heavy.

They parted and Izaya closed his eyes leaning heavily against Shizuo, resting his forehead on his shoulder.

He picked his head up, relishing in the way it spun.

"Oh, god. F-fuck me, Shizuo," he breathed heavily into Shizuo's neck.

Shizuo's stomach stirred pleasantly.

"With pleasure."

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