Theme : Because

Why does she love sports?

Because she grew up playing them. Maybe at first she didn't like them, maybe she even hated them, but now she's in love with them. Soccer, cross country, basketball. She'll play anything. (She strays away from cheerleading, if you want to consider that as a sport.)

Kairi isn't a girly girl, and she never will be. She doesn't want to be. All of her friends are boys, because she never really hung out with many girls when she was younger. Now all they did was spread rumors and gossip.

Nope. Kairi's not into that.

She's kept this oath with herself that she'll never be a girly girl. But she might break it.

Because now he's here.

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It's been kinda a while since I posted a new story. Too long for me, at least. Okay, so, this challenge is the 'Two of Us' challenge by The Last One Left 0. I give complete credit to them.

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