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Ch. 1: Down Once More

Artemis and Wally were sitting in their home after a long day.

They had moved in together long ago after they retired from being costumed heroes. From time to time they would visit their friends at Mount Justice and even lend a hand but they were officially out of the superhero business.

As they sat down to dinner, they heard a knock on the door.

Wally frowned "Who could that be?"

Artemis shrugged and the speedster went to the door. When he opened it he quirked an eyebrow "Batman? What are you doing here?"

Batman stood on the porch with a grim expression on his face and he said to Wally "I need your help".

Wally let Batman in and they went to the dining room where Artemis waited.

Artemis was surprised to see Batman "What are you doing here?" "I need both of you" said Batman

"With what?" asked Wally.

Batman reached for his belt and he withdrew a small round device. He placed it on the table and he switched it on. A small holographic screen appeared, floating over the device. Artemis and Wally saw images of young girls on the screen.

Batman explained, "Over the past few months, girls of various ages from all along the eastern seaboard have gone missing. Some with families, some were orphans. Law enforcement have searched and search but found no trace of them"

"Ok so what does this have to do with us?" asked Artemis.

Batman pressed a button on the holographic projector and the image of the girls vanished and was replaced by a blurry figure moving at an astonishing speed towards an inky black sea.

The caped crusader said, "This photo was from an eyewitness account, taken just a week ago. The man who took the picture described the kidnapper as a person in an old divers suit. His description matches that of a Big Daddy".

Artemis and Wally looked at Batman in shock. A Big Daddy, the guardian of the Little Sisters and the creations of Andrew Ryan were now appearing on land. That doesn't bode well.

Wally asked, "You think that a bunch of Big Daddy's are kidnapping girls?"

"It seems that way" said Batman "If they are, than the only place they could take these girls is to Rapture".

Artemis felt an overwhelming sense of dread at the mention of Rapture. Even though it had been five years since they were in that horrible city, Artemis still had nightmares of Splicers, their twisted and distorted bodies.

Some of her nightmares brought back the images of Dr. Steinman's deadly pursuit of perfection, Sander Cohen and his grotesque art and the madness of Andrew Ryan.

Wally turned a little green "Your not thinking what I think you're thinking, are you?"

Batman nodded slowly "I'm afraid so. You must go down to Rapture and rescue those girls. You are the only ones who know the inside of the city and you escaped before"

"Just barely" said Artemis "we had help from Tenenbaum and Jack".

Batman sighed deeply "I know you don't want to go back down but you must. The League is busy with a developing problem on the west coast and the rest of the team is already on assignments."

Artemis looked at Wally in concern. Niether of them wanted to return to Rapture but if the Big Daddies were kidnapping children from the surface and taking them to Rapture, it's obviously bad.

Reluctantly, they agreed. Wally then told Batman "On one condition, we find Jack and Tenenbaum"

"Yeah, its practically Jack's city" said Artemis "And Tenenbaum has lived their for the past several decades, we'll need their help".

Batman nodded "I thought as much, I have already done a search for him before I came and I found a match"

"Where is he?" asked Artemis.

Wally, Artemis and Batman stood outside of Jack's place of residence.

The archer nodded in approval and said "Nice place".

Jack's home was a small, two-story home with white walls, a black roof, a green lawn and a small driveway. The house sat in a secluded area on the edge of a small town in Florida. Batman flew Artemis and Wally down there after they packed their things.

Batman told them that he found Jack after running a search on his name, Tenenbaum's name and on his face. Eventually he found a match.

Wally, Artemis and Batman approached the front door. The speedster knocked on the door. There was a muffled shout "Hold on!"

There were some clatter and the door finally opened, revealing a young man. He was tall and in his early twenties. He was dressed in a grey suit and blue tie.

At first, Artemis mistook him as a young Andrew Ryan but she later recognized that it was Jack.

Jack looked at Wally and Artemis in surprise "Artemis? Wally? What are you doing here?"

"We were in the neighborhood and we wanted to say hi" said Wally.

Jack looked to Batman then back to Artemis and Wally "Uh, is something wrong?"

"We need to talk" said Wally.

Jack showed them in. He led them to a small living room where a pair of girls sat on the couch watching television.

Artemis recognized that they were Little Sisters that Jack rescued and they were also the ones who helped defeat Fontaine. They looked a little older and healthier than the last time she saw them.

Jack asked them to leave. The girls grumbled a little but they left.

Batman watched as they left then he glanced to Jack "Little sisters?"

"Yeah" said Jack, shoving his hands in his pockets. He motioned for them to sit on the couch. Artemis and Wally sat down but Batman remained standing.

Jack asked "So what brings you to our neck of the woods?"

Wally gave Jack a quick explanation about the missing girls and the possibility that the Big Daddies are responsible. As Jack listened he nodded a little. Once Wally finished, Artemis asked, "Can you or Tenenbaum help us?"

"I don't think my mom can help" said Jack "She's missing".

The two blinked in surprise "For how long?" asked Wally

Jack shrugged "A few months. One day she was here, the next morning she was gone without a word"

Batman frowned and he said "I believe that whoever is taking the children is also responsible for her disappearance"

Jack nodded a little "Maybe" "Will you help us?" asked Wally.

Jack hesitated "I don't know, I got eight little sisters to take care of…"

"I think I can arrange something," said Batman. Jack thought for a moment.

Artemis pleaded "Please Jack, we need your help. If we don't go soon, who knows what will happen to those girls". Eventually, Jack sighed than muttered "Fine".

Batman, Artemis and Wally waited outside for Jack.

After a few minutes, he stepped out of his house. A small, blond girl gave him a hug and said goodbye. Jack patted her on the head saying something to her.

He walked towards the three waiting heroes saying, "Ok, we're good to go".

Batman nodded and he led them to his plane.

As the plane flew over the ocean at top speed, Artemis noticed that Jack was still wearing his grey suit.

The archer asked, "Why are you all dressed up like that?"

"I was on my way to a job interview" said Jack "I would've changed but since we're in such a hurry, I decided to keep the suit".

He then muttered, "If I die, I'll die well dressed".

A few hours later, the lone lighthouse appeared on the horizon. Batman carefully maneuvered the plane and he landed near the steps.

Jack, Artemis and Wally hopped out of the plane and climbed up the steps.

Batman told Wally and Artemis on the radio "When you find the girls, return to the surface and signal me"

"Right" said Artemis. Batman's plane ascended into the dark, cloudy sky and vanished from sight.

Jack shivered as a chilly ocean breeze swept through him. He muttered bitterly, "This brings back memories".

Wally and Artemis pushed open the massive, bronze doors. The doors opened with a loud creak. They entered the lighthouse and the lights flickered on.

The inside of the lighthouse was empty and had some dust layering the lamps. The enormous statue of Andrew Ryan was still there. It was covered in a thick film of dust and the banner it held was faded and dusty. Beneath the thick layer of dust, Andrew Ryan scowled down at them.

Jack waved at the statue "Hey dad, how are you?" there was silence.

Jack shrugged "I'm fine thanks for asking. Mom has been taking good care of us kids, don't you be worried about that".

Wally frowned at Jack "Why are you talking to a statue?" "No reason" said Jack shrugging.

The trio made their way to the bathyspheres.

Artemis and Wally saw the stone carving of the group of people staring down at Rapture. They recognized several figures.

One was Andrew Ryan, another was Sander Cohen, and one was Tenenbaum.

Jack glared at the carvings of Frank Fontaine and Yi Suchong.

Artemis saw the bathysphere waiting in the pool of ocean water as it did before the first time. Jack opened the sphere and climbed in saying "Déjà vu".

Wally and Artemis approached the sphere.

The archer's pulse began to quicken and she became short of breath. Wally squeezed her hand muttering, "We're going to be ok".

Artemis nodded slowly and they climbed into the sphere. Jack pulled on the switch to the Rapture Metro station. The door closed and sealed them in. The sphere rocked and it sank like a stone. Artemis, Wally and Jack began hoping that they will return to the surface.

As the bathysphere sank deeper into the ocean, a film screen slid down over the window and the hidden projector began playing the same film from before, explaining Rapture's origins.

Jack spoke aloud "Just what I need, another lecture from dad".

Artemis smiled and felt a little less nervous.

In Rapture, Sophia Lamb sat in her office tinkering with a new plasmid she was inventing when a Houdini Splicer appeared in front of her desk.

The Splicer hissed, "The Bathysphere from the lighthouse has been activated, just as you have foretold".

Sophia smiled "Good. Any sign of Tenenbaum or Sinclair?"

"None" said the Splicer.

Sophia shook her head and tutted "Disappointing. I don't like failures, the Family doesn't like failures. You know what we do with failures?"

"Y-Yes" stuttered the Splicer.

Sophia nodded "Good, now go find Sinclair and Tenenbaum and put an end to their meddling or else"

"Yes ma'am" hissed the Splicer and he vanished.

Once she was alone, Sophia glanced at the picture of her daughter Eleanor on her desk and she muttered, "Soon my daughter…just a little longer and we will have the utopia we have always dreamed of".

End of chapter.

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