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The two lifeboats bobbed gently in the calm, placid ocean beneath an endless sea of stars.

Artemis and Wally sat on the lifeboat they rode with Jack, looking around at the others. Tenenbaum was busy helping Sigma out of his Big Daddy suit. The former Little Sisters sat on the edge of the first lifeboat, staring up at the stars.

Jack and Eleanor sat closely together staring up at the night sky and talking in hushed voices.

It had been several hours since they had escaped the destruction of Persephone and Delta's death.

Wally used his communicator to contact Batman and Batman told them to wait there for a rescue ship.

As they waited, they debated on what to do about Sofia Lamb. They couldn't release her and Eleanor refused to kill her. Tenenbaum knocked Sofia out with a punch to the face.

As the therapist lost consciousness, Tenenbaum muttered, "That was for Sinclair".

The doctor began treated everybody's cuts and bruises. Once everyone was patched up, Tenenbaum began treating Sigma. She had promised to cure Sigma of being a Big Daddy, and true to her word, she did.

Tenenbaum had removed most of the conditioning and restored Sigma's voice. Slowly but surely, Sigma was becoming human again.

The Little Sisters tried to keep themselves busy while they waited for rescue.

Artemis remembered that some of them don't have families to go home to. Some were living on the streets when Sofia snatched them. Jack decided that he and Tenenbaum would take them in. The orphaned girls were overjoyed at the thought of a new home.

Eleanor had laid her father to rest earlier, as the sun sank beyond the horizon. Everyone paid his or her respects to Delta and Eleanor said her final goodbye to her father.

Artemis saw Eleanor laughing and she glanced over to Wally and asked, "What do you think?" she nodded to Eleanor and Jack.

The Speedster studied the two and said, "I think they're good together".

The archer nodded "Yeah. I guess they are".

Eleanor disturbed the glassy surface of the water with her kicking. She glanced sideways at Jack and asked, "Do you remember Amir?"

"Yeah" said Jack "Whatever happened to that guy?"

Eleanor shrugged "I don't know. Mother told me that he died in the civil war"

"Oh" said Jack, looking a little crestfallen. He shook his head a little muttering "So much for collecting that five dollars he owed me".

Eleanor chuckled and she stared to Jack for a moment. For ten years she was sedated and isolated from the world. All she had were memories of her childhood friends and dreams of the surface.

Now, she was free to do whatever she wanted and see the world. But Eleanor was afraid. She was a stranger to the surface and didn't know what to do or how to fit in. Luckily, Jack offered to accompany her and help her adjust to life on the surface.

Eleanor blushed and accepted his offer. After sever moments of silence between them, Eleanor spoke "Jack?"

"Hmm?" said Jack, glancing over to her.

"Thank you…for everything" said Eleanor.

Jack smiled a little "You're welcome". She leaned over planted a kiss on his lips.

Jack sputtered "W-what was that?"

"When I first met you, all those years ago, I…sort of thought that…you were cute. For a dog eater, as mother put it" said Eleanor, her face turning red.

Jack's cheeks turned red. He blinked a few times and he stammered, "W-well thanks…I guess."

Jack smiled a little saying, "You're not so bad yourself".

He suddenly burst out laughing. Eleanor frowned and she asked, "What's so funny?"

"My dad" said Jack as he tried to catch his breath "I'm sure he's spinning in his grave right now".

Eleanor thought for a moment then she laughed as well. If her mother were awake, she would probably be spitting venom over the fact that her daughter had kissed the son of her worst enemy.

Within a few hours, Batman arrived alone with a ship. The survivors boarded the ship and they sailed home.

A week after arriving back at Happy Harbor and returning most of the Little Sister's to their families, Batman debriefed Artemis and Wally.

After they finished their report, Batman mulled over the information.

Finally, he asked "Is it possible that this sort of situation would happen again?"

"I don't think so" said Wally. He explained that most of the major threats in Rapture were dead, either in the civil war that ripped the city apart or by splicers.

Batman inquired about Sander Cohen. The mad artist was a loyal follower of Andrew Ryan. The dark knight was concerned that the artist might take control of the city and try to avenge his former leader but the speedster shook his head.

Wally also explained that Sander Cohen was an artist, he was more concerned about his art than dominating a ruined city.

Batman asked about Sofia Lamb.

Wally and Artemis smiled and said, "She's been taken care of".

Sofia Lamb sat down on the cold, stone steps and sighed deeply. All that she has worked for had went up in smoke.

Her daughter was now with traveling with Ryan's son through this corrupt world, instead of trying to correct it and create a utopia.

Meanwhile, Sofia was forced to carry out her sentence in solitude.

Sofia rose from her seat and she trudged back into the Lighthouse.

After they were rescued, Wally, Jack, Tenenbaum and Artemis brought Sofia to the Lighthouse.

There, Tenenbaum had Jack lock the bathysphere off and was to only be accessible by a genetic key that responds to Jack and Tenenbaum. The doctor then had the two young heroes leave behind some furniture like a bed, a table and a chair.

Sofia was sentenced to live out the remainder of her life in the lone Lighthouse in the middle of the sea where no one could reach her and with no one to harm.

Wally told Sofia that a Leaguer would make food drops every once a month so that she wouldn't starve to death.

She said nothing and she watched as they sailed away.

Sofia sighed and trudged back into the Lighthouse and she looked up at the massive statue of Andrew Ryan. His cold eyes glared down at her judgmentally.

Sofia sighed and muttered, "I guess it's just you and me…old friend."

Jack and Eleanor sitting in a cab that was taking them to the airport.

After they reached land, Eleanor had immersed herself in modern culture and tried to learn as much as she can. After she got the grasp on the basics of modern society, Eleanor decided to see the world with Jack.

Tenenbaum encouraged them to go while she spent some time at home with her children.

As the cab carried them along to the airport, Eleanor placed a hand on her bag.

Inside was a small bottle of ADAM containing her father's memories, feelings and thoughts. Whenever she was nervous, Eleanor would think of her father and the bottle of ADAM. She felt that even though he was no longer with her, he was still whispering in her ear and guiding her.

Jack placed a hand on Eleanor's and he asked, "You ok?"

Eleanor grinned "Never better".

Back in Rapture, Sander Cohen yelled, "Stop squirming!"

The Splicers obeyed and held their poses. The mad artist was currently in a quiet section of Rapture, trying to paint a new piece for his collection. He used mostly paint but he when ran out of red paint, he started to use his own blood.

The painting depicted a happy scene beneath an orange sky where Jack, Eleanor and their friends were gathered around a long dinner table, dining, drinking and laughing.

Jack and Eleanor sat together at the center of the table in deep conversation.

On either side of them were Artemis and Wally. Next to Wally was Tenenbaum who was laughing with Sinclair about something. Next to Tenenbaum was Delta. There were some Little Sisters crawling out from under the table and running around, playing.

On one end of the table was Andrew Ryan carving up a turkey while at the other side of the table was Sofia who was sampling a bottle of vintage wine.

Sander dipped his paintbrush into the glob of orange on his paint palette and he began adding some more orange to the sky.

A few weeks ago, Sander saw Delta's body drift to the ocean floor. He was saddened by the Big Daddy's death and he decided to paint a piece dedicated to Delta and company. Sander added Andrew Ryan and Sofia to the painting just for fun.

Sander peeked out from behind his half completed painting, trying to see his models but he lost his concentration when there was a loud rumble and a screech.

The mad artist rolled his eyes and he pinched the bridge of his nose muttering, "For the love of…" he looked up and told the Splicers "Ok, take five".

The Splicers dropped their poses and sighed in relief. Sander turned and he marched off towards the sound of the screech.

When he reached the source of the sound, Sander paused for a moment.

Outside of the window was a massive, mechanical creature that reminded Sander of a Big Daddy.

Standing in front of the window was a woman dressed in blue and white. She was pale, had short raven hair and light eyes.

With her was a man who looked like he needed a shave. He had short hair, a stubble and light eyes. The man wore a grey suit and carried a revolver.

Lastly, there was a young man with red hair. He wore a grey suit like the man but he looked younger.

Sander didn't know who the man or woman was. They were obviously not citizens of Rapture but the redhead was familiar.

Sander approached them.

The man saw Sander approach and he leveled his weapon at the man growling "Stay back"

Sander rolled his eyes and he flicked his wrist. The man's gun went flying out of his hand. The man scowled and he looked ready punch Sander but the redhead jumped in his path "Wait! He's a friend"

The man looked at the young man then to Sander. He scowled and said, "You have a weird taste in friends".

The redhead turned to face Sander and he said sounding relieved "I can't believe I'm saying this but it's great to see you again Sander"

"Indeed" said the mad artist. His eyes drifted to the woman and the man.

Sander asked, "Who is the ravishing young beauty and the dour looking man?"

Wally pointed to the woman "That is Elizabeth Comstock" he pointed to the man and said "And that is Booker DeWitt"

Sander bowed saying "Enchanté" he glanced to the massive mechanical creature that was drowning outside then to Wally saying "Would you care to explain what is going on?"

Wally sighed "Where do I begin?"

The end.

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