Ever since Jerome betrayed Sibuna, he's been in their debt. When Rufus has some information they need, Sibuna send Jerome to get it. How much danger waits, what will Rufus do? Kidnap? Torture? What will Sibuna do?

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Chapter 1


"No!" Jerome cried.

"Come on, Jerome." Fabian said.

"There is no way I'm meeting that creep again!" Jerome shrieked. Amber and Alfie had practically dragged him to Amber and Nina's room. Rufus knew something, something about Victor. He had texted Patricia:

I have information about Victor… You need it and I need the elixir. Meet me tonight 11:30, bike shed. Only one of you. Only Patricia, Nina, Fabian, Alfie, Amber or Jerome. –RZ

"I'm not going!" Jerome said.

"Oh yes, you are!" Nina said. She crossed her arms. "You owe us, remember?"


"You told Rufus everything!" Alfie said.

"You treated Alfie like a dog!" Amber yelled.

"You kept threatening to go to Victor!" Patricia snapped.

"You tried to steal the puzzle pieces!" Nina cried.

"And the elixir!" Fabian added.

Jerome bit his lip. "So you'll go?" Asked Patricia.

"I won't get hurt?" He asked. Fabian rolled his eyes and nodded. "Fine!" Sibuna smiled.

"Now you just need to sneak into the cellar and get the elixir!" Amber grinned.

Jerome kicked his bed. Why had he agreed to see Rufus? They had guilted him into it again. God. He had apologized a million times. He had only betrayed them because… he was jealous. Alfie was never there for Jerome anymore. Everyone said that he had ditched Alfie for Mara but he was being there for her, Alfie had always left him when Amber was upset and Jerome would of spent more time with him if he had just told him how he was feeling. Whenever Jerome tried to tell Alfie that he was feeling left out, Alfie would just coat him with guilt. None of them actually care about you. A voice inside his head said. They're just using you because they don't want to get hurt. "Shut up!" Jerome hissed at his mind. He knew it was true though. They didn't trust him to do anything anymore.

Jerome often said 'who has the time to feel guilty?' but he did feel guilty. He felt guilty about betraying Sibuna but most of all, Alfie, he had treated him like a dog. He had only treated Alfie like a dog because it made Alfie stay, he knew it sounded stupid but Alfie stayed with him when he treated him like a dog. "It's 10 o'clock! You have 5 minuets preciously then, I want to hear a pin drop." Victor. Jerome heard him telling off Alfie and Fabian and then going to his office, not noticing that Alfie and Fabian both came to Jerome and Alfie's room.

"You ready?" Asked Fabian.

"Ready for what? I'm not meeting Rufus till 11:30!" Fabian rolled his eyes.

"Are you ready to steal the stuff from the Cellar?" Jerome widened his eyes.

"I thought you guys had it."

"It was stolen by Victor." Jerome just stood there.

"Don't worry you big baby, I'm coming with you! Come on!" They left the room. Jerome heard Fabian muttering stuff about him to Alfie.

See, not even worried about you!

Shut up.

They couldn't care less if you curled up and died

Shut up.

They don't care about you!

Shut up. Shut up. Shut up. Shut up. Shut up. Shut up.

Jerome was arguing inside his head until they reached the kitchen. Nina, Amber and Patricia were already there. Nina nodded when she saw them and opened the bread oven. (Ahhhhhh! Not the bread oven) and Fabian shoved Jerome towards it. "Ok, so, grab it as soon as you and keep hold of. Jerome, you will go meet Rufus, leave around 11ish. Sibuna?" Nina said, placing her right hand over her right eye. Everyone except Jerome copied; he wasn't even a proper part of Sibuna… Just their… Canary. They lowered him down to make sure it was safe. Jerome went down into the cellar, shortly followed by Fabian.

They spent ages looking for it, but Fabian found it, he gave it to Jerome. "There, keep hold of it and keep it on you." They got out of the cellar and showed the elixir to Nina. She smiled and locked up. She smiled again, but Jerome knew it was for Fabian. "Text us when you leave." Nina said before Jerome went back to bed. He nodded.

Leaving now

Jerome had all of Sibuna as a group. He left.

Just run Jerome.

I can't

Why not?

They're my friends

Some friends!

Shut up.

Jerome didn't realise he had arrived till Rufus stepped out of the blackness. "Ah Jerome, I was hoping they send you!" Rufus grinned.

"Why didn't you just ask for me then?"

"I was fine with any of them."

"Ok, so what information do you have for us?" Jerome fought to keep his voice strong and without fear. He was quite good at hiding his feelings.

"Do you have the elixir?" Jerome showed him. "Now give it here!"

"What information do you have first?" Jerome could tell Rufus didn't like that idea, but Jerome knew if it was the other way around, Rufus wouldn't tell them. "You are in no place to make the arrangements Jerome."

"Neither are you." Jerome stood his ground. Rufus glared at him, maybe picturing away to gut him.

"Ok fine, Victor has another member, she is very close to all of you. She thinks she is helping you but she's not, Victor tricked her."

"Who?" Jerome thought he already knew who.

"Mara Jaffrey."

Jerome took some time to recover from the shock. He had to talk to her. "Now the elixir, Jerome." Jerome looked up at Rufus and chucked him the elixir. He turned and started to walk away… Suddenly, he felt rough hand grab him. "Sorry Jerome can't let this information get away." Rufus flung him into his van. He climbed in and drove away; Jerome fighting desperately to get away.

Leaving Now

Sent Saturday 11:01

The last text Sibuna got from Jerome Clarke.