Kurt's Boy

Author: GleekShip

Spoilers: Future AU

Summary: Kurt's life with his sub.

Pairings: Kurt!Top/Sam!Bottom

Kurt's Boy

Kurt grins as he stares down at the sweaty skin below him. He can see the nervous and anxiousness full of the boys body. Kurt chuckles softly, knowing that the boy hates being ignored. He reaches out and lets his fingers ghost over the golden skin along the boys beautiful globes that are shaking from excitement and anticipation. Kurt smirks as he lets his fingers press against the legs of the boy.

The touch is instant and the boy stills for him. "That's my good boy." Kurt mutters under his breath.

His good boy lets out a shaky breath and moans lightly. Kurt moves himself so he's directly behind the boy He reaches forward and gently taps the black dildo that's sticking out of the boy. He knows it's stuck nice and tight now after hours of it being in there. Kurt taps it again and has to control himself from removing it and pounding the boy in front of him when the boy in questions moans and squirms.

It started out this morning, at least this particular situation. His boy had disrespected him when Kurt wanted to wake him up a bit early for a reward from the night before, but that ended when his boy snapped at him in anger. Kurt sits back and his eyes darken as he sees the leather handcuffs stretching his boy out. The golden body is face down on the floor, ass in the air, on all fours. The boy had been left in this position while Kurt had went off to run some errands for the day.

Kurt taps the dildo one last time before he starts moving again. He slowly crawls over the boys cuffed leg so he can get a nice view of the boy from the side. Even after so many hours, the boys cock is leaking and hard between his legs. Kurt leans forward and runs his hand quickly over the carpet. He pulls his hand back and frowns at the sticky substance on his fingers.

He places his hand firmly on the small of the boys back and tsks. "Sammy, Sammy, Sammy." He watches with a frown as Sam frowns and turns his face on the floor so he's looking away from Kurt's voice.

Kurt's hand is swift as he lifts it and brings it down on Sam's ass, causing the boy to yelp. "Look at me when I'm talking to you."

Sam whimpers as his head snaps in the direction of Kurt's voice. Kurt continues to frown as he stands up to observe the shaking boy. He steps over Sam's stretched out arm before he kneels down. As if Sam can sense him, the boy bows his head down in front of Kurt. Kurt growls before he yanks down the black blindfold that covers those green eyes. Sam's eyes flinch from the sudden light, but he keeps his eyes shut. Kurt reaches out and tilts Sam's head up.

"Sam." Kurt keeps his voice firm as Sam opens his eyes, but keeps them down. "Do you know what you did to be here?" Sam gives him a quick nod. "And when I left you this morning, did I tell you that you could cum?" Sam's jaw quivers against Kurt's finger before he shakes his head no. "I'm going to allow you to speak now, but only to tell me why you came. Now!"

Sam was one to never refuse a direct order from Kurt, even if he knew he'd be punished. "I couldn't help it." Sam keeps his voice low. "I didn't get to cum last night and it just came when I was thinking of you." Sam brings his eyes up to meet Kurt's. "I'm sorry, sir. I'm sorry. I just can't help myself when it comes to you. I"m sorry, sir." Sam looks down again.

Kurt sighs. "You were such a good boy last night." Sam lets out a relieved breath at these words as Kurt slowly moves his hand so he can cup the boys face. "And I was going to let you cum this morning, with my mouth too." Kurt adds and smiles when Sam moans. "I haven't done it in a while, but you were really good last night." Kurt's voice goes cold as he yanks Sam's face up again to look at him. "You're not cumming for a week now. You will be wearing the cock ring until then. If you even think of sneaking off and getting yourself off, I won't touch you for two weeks."

Sam whimpers as he thrusts his face further into Kurt's hand. "I'm sorry, sir. I'm so sorry. Please don't, sir. I need you're touch, sir. I crave it."

"Then you will listen." Kurt hisses as he drops Sam's face and Sam looks down immediately. "You know how we're going back home to see our families this weekend." Sam nods and Kurt smiles even more. "Well I am going to fuck you every morning and night. You're going to have your family wondering why you're limping so much." Sam looks conflicted between the many positives of this vs the side of his family knowing. "And then, you'll still be wearing the cock ring. If you can last throughout the week, then I'll do something special for you. Understand?" Sam's head barely twitches in a nod. "I said! Do you understand!" Kurt raises his voice.

"Yes, sir." Sam quickly nods.

Kurt leans forward and smashes their lips together. Sam quickly opens his mouth and lets Kurt take control of the harsh kiss. Sam had learned before that he's only allowed to take control of the kiss when Kurt says so. Kurt threads one hand up into Sam's sweaty blonde locks before he pulls away from the harsh kiss. He sits back on his legs and positions Sam's face so the boy has a direct view of Kurt's crotch.

The few people that know the goings on of their sexual relationship don't understand how Kurt or Sam get pleasure from this, but they both do. Kurt can easily see Sam's bouncing cock between those bronze legs as he palms his own engorged cock through his own jeans. Sam eyes his bulge with lust and need. Kurt chuckles as he leans back up and shoves his crotch into Sam's face. The boy shuts his eyes and breathes in the musky smell of Kurt's crotch. Running around all day had left Kurt sweaty and in need of a shower, but he knows that Sam loves him at his dirtiest. Kurt holds tight on Sam's hair and lets out a low growl as Sam licks and bites and moans into Kurt's crotch.

Kurt lets his other hand trail down the back of Sam's muscled and sweaty back. He reaches the small of Sam's back before he plants his fingers into the skin and scratches his way back up. Sam moans louder into Kurt's jeans.

Kurt chuckles before he yanks Sam's face away from him. The boy is struggling to keep his eyes open and looking up at Kurt as he tries to catch his breath. Kurt removes his hand from the golden back and cups the boys face. As soon as his thumb touches those big lips, Sam's mouth opens again and sucks down Kurt's digit immediately. While Sam is doing this, Kurt reluctantly lets go of Sam's hair with his other hand. The hair-pulling was a major form of control and a big kink for both of them.

Kurt uses his free hand and pops open the front bottom of his jeans. Sam's ears are tuned to that sound and he starts sucking harder on Kurt's thumb and now his index finger as his eyes try to take a sneak peak of the monster that will be entering him soon between his barely open eyelids. Kurt slowly drags his zipper down and enjoys the fact that Sam's eyes flutter open with excitement when he sees that Kurt is going commando.

Thank god for him being able to tuck his cock between his legs or otherwise everyone would be able to see what he hides in his skinny jeans. He has to drag the jeans over his plump ass and a few more inches down his thighs before his cock flops out.

Sam slows down sucking on Kurt's three fingers now to stare at the 11 inch uncut monster in front of him. The ratio between Kurt's cock and his body is beyond off. Sam can't even wrap his hands around the appendage, thank god for his mouth.

Sam groans as he sees a few drops of pre-cum fall from the sticky hole at the top of Kurt's head. Kurt teases Sam a bit by slowly pulling the skin back on his cock so the big head is right in front of his eyes. Sam tries to drop Kurt's fingers in exchange for Kurt's cock, but Kurt just presses his fingers deeper into Sam's mouth.

Kurt strokes himself slowly a few more times, mainly because it's a turn on to see Sam turned on, before he drops his hand from his cock, watching it bounce against Sam's cheek once. He moves back to his jeans and pulls out his balls. Kurt may have effeminate qualities about him, but he is all man down here. The musky smell hits Sam's nose at one he groans more and starts trying to deep throat Kurt's fingers. He loves the way that Kurt's big balls can swing back and forth.

Sam had admitted to Kurt that he had loved the idea of Kurt being his Dom when they first got together, but that was when he assumed that Kurt was just of average cock size. What a surprise that was. Kurt took care of it though and now Sammy Boy was his size queen.

Kurt moves his fingers from Sam's lips and threads his wet fingers into Sam's already wet hair. Kurt smiles as per usual whenever the normally blonde hair turns brunette the more that Sam sweats. And oh yes, he loves making his Sammy sweat.

Sam opens his mouth to accept Kurt's cock, but Kurt yanks on the blonde hair and stills him. "You're not sucking tonight, Sammy." Kurt chuckles at Sam's confused expression. "You were a bad boy this morning, so now you're just going to open your mouth and I'm going to fuck your mouth raw."

Before Sam can fall even more in love with the idea, Kurt shoves his cock into the gaping mouth and sinks his cock all the way , Sam's mouth is wide enough to take down Kurt's girth and his lack of gag reflex works even better. Kurt groans as he feels Sam's nose being pushed up against him, the hot breath feeling good against his skin. Sam starts moaning around his cock as Kurt uses Sam by his hair to slowly move the mouth up and down his cock.

Kurt arches his back and lets a breathy moan leave his lips. He licks his lips and can still taste his boy on them. He lets out another breath before he looks back down. He's still slamming his cock into the boys wide mouth at a steady pace and can only hear the faint sound of Sam choking. He frowns and starts ramming his cock further in. Again, other people won't understand, but both he and Sam get off on Sam choking on his big cock.

Kurt uses Sam's hair to tilt the boys head to the side so he can ram his cock in at a different angle. He smiles as he sees with every thrust of his cock, Sam's throat expands. He can see the outline of the head of his cock in Sam's golden throat. He takes his free hand and drags it through Sam's hair on his way to wrapping his slender fingers around the throat. He licks his lips as he feels his cock moving in and out of the throat. Sam himself is moaning at Kurt's touch. Kurt squeezes Sam's throat slightly and a jolt is sent through his cock and body at the tighter area around his cock. He only lets go when Sam's choking gets louder. That doesn't slow his thrusting down. He lets go of Sam's hair and brings both of his hands to the front of Sam's face. He only stops for half a second to hook his thumbs into Sam's cheeks and stretches the mouth as far as he can. Sam glances up at him eagerly and Kurt has to chuckle. The boy is sending him so much love, but Kurt's pretty sure that it's mainly hormones at this point.

Their eye contact breaks when Kurt slams his cock into Sam's stretched mouth and Sam has to shut his eyes. Kurt bites his lip and stops the stream of swears from his mouth before he removes his thumbs from the boys mouth. He slowly stops fucking Sam's mouth until they're at a steady slow pace. Kurt reaches down and grips the base of his cock and finds Sam's saliva all over it. He can see the saliva dripping off of Sam's face from the rough face-fuck. Kurt wipes some saliva from his balls and wipes it on Sam's forehead. The boy moans at his touch, but keeps his mouth open and allows Kurt to do the work.

Kurt chuckles before pulling all of the way out. Sam's head drops and tries to catch his breath. Kurt chuckles and wipes the excess saliva from his cock into Sam's hair and along the outline of his face. He waits a few more beats fro Sam to catch his breath before he hooks two of his fingers into Sam's mouth and makes the boy look at him.

Kurt grins with delight. "Face on the ground, ass in that air. Time for your punishment."

So this is my first completely smut-based and d/s fic. Let me know what you think.