Kurt's Boy

Author: GleekShip

Spoilers: Future AU

Summary: Kurt's life with his sub.

Pairings: Kurt!Top/Sam!Bottom

Kurt's Boy

Kurt drops his fingers from the wet mouth and swollen lips before he slowly stands up. Since he didn't move Sam's head down, or call him a bad boy, Sam continues to look up at his lover. Kurt chuckles as he grabs the hem of his shirt and slowly slides the shirt up his body. He does a small body roll and hears his boy whimper at the sight before he tosses the shirt to the side. Usually he would gag the boy with his shirt, but he wanted to hear the boy moan and cry for him today.

Kurt stands up and watches as Sam's eyes follow him. He flexes his legs and his jeans call down and land on the floor. He steps out of them and slowly makes his way around Sam's body. He's at the boys side when he reaches out and pushes on Sam's shoulders. The boy drops his head to the ground and raises his ass further into the air. Kurt chuckles when Sam moves his chin out so he can snag it on the edge of Kurt's jeans and drag them closer. He must have thought Kurt wasn't watching his action so he continues to shove his face into the scent that Kurt left in his jeans.

Kurt chuckles as he steps over the last cuffed leg before he's standing directly behind Sam. He kneels down and a wicked smile spreads across his face. He reaches out and slowly traces a finger around Sam's red hole and the clenched dildo within. Sam lets out a whining groan as his ass starts to shake with anticipation of Kurt entering him. Finger or cock, he'd willingly take either. Tongue too.

Kurt decides to tease the boy so he trails his fingers down the boys ass and between his legs until his fingers dance along his favorite cock in the world, even more than his. Sure he can control what he does with his cock, but it's even more exciting when he can control Sam's as well. He wraps his hands around the boys cock and slowly tugs it back. Sam's cock is impressive on it's own, uncut and very meaty at 9 and a half inches with a thick build, but he's still below Kurt in that department. Kurt pulls the cock back far enough between Sam's leg where he can feel the vein on top of the long cock pulsing against his fingers and Sam whimpering into his jeans.

Kurt slowly starts pumping the boys cock, loving the warm appendage between his fingers. "You can be as hard as you like, Sammy, but you're not cumming tonight. In fact-" Kurt cuts off as he reaches back with his other hand to grab something off of the nearby table. "You'll be wearing this."

Kurt grins when he grabs the right cock-ring. In their room alone there are four separate mini-cabinets full of all of their sex toys amongst the normal stuff. It's just easier than having to move around all of the time to get the stuff. That and the fact that they're not always on the bed by the main cabinet. This cock-ring is both of their favorites. The black cock-ring has an adjustment setting on the edge to wear Kurt can control how tight it is around Sam's cock.

Kurt squeezes Sam's leaking cock before he takes the cock ring and straps it onto Sam. Kurt continues to tighten the cock-ring until Sam yells out in pain. It's a punishment after all. Kurt lets go of the boys cock and it flings forward, briefly hitting the muscles of Sam's stomach before moving back to it's twitching and leaking position between Sam's legs.

Kurt's eyes go to the black dildo that's poking out of Sam's ass and grins more. Everything that has to do with his preparations to fuck Sam gets him grinning and horny. He leans forward and lets his tongue quickly trace the edges of Sam's hole. The boy lets out a low growl and Kurt goes in again. The taste isn't that bad because he had coated the dildo with strawberry lube, but it's dry now. Kurt slides his finger in between the edge of Sam's hole and the dildo. Sam's groans urge him more to slide his finger in deeper, but he doesn't go by what Sam wants. Kurt curls his index finger so it pushes against the dildo, stretching Sam just a bit further. The boy is stretched enough to take Kurt's cock easily, but not all the way down. The dildo only goes in five inches, not even half of Kurt's length.

Kurt chuckles before deciding to just go with it and he twists the dildo within Sam. The blonde howls before gagging himself on Kurt's jeans, tasting the rough fabric. Kurt chuckles before pulling the dildo roughly out of Sam. He's left with the beautiful sight of Sam's neglected hole twitching and stretching itself out to gain something, to gain Kurt's cock.

Kurt ignores what Sam's body wants and goes for what he wants: to taste Sam. He takes his middle and index finger of each hand and slides them easy into the awaiting boy. He stretches the boy out extra slowly to make Sam wait even longer; this is punishment still. He leans forward and licks his way into Sam's hole, making sure to cover as much ground as possible with each lick. He may love licking Sam's skin, but he loves when his tongue enters the boy and taste's him. His boy always tastes good, even if the current strawberry lube masks that taste a bit.

His fingers give the occasional flinch and Sam gets stretched a bit further. He licks his lips before diving in, first licking the edge of the boys hole before plunging his tongue deep within. He can feel Sam wanting to clamp down on his excited tongue, but he's too stretched out.

He gives the boy one last lick before pulling his tongue and fingers back. He doesn't know if it's Sam or just the boys body, but the hole that he has just devoured is twitching and pulsing like crazy. It's supposed to be punishment, but he has to fuck the boy. He'll just make it last longer so the boy doesn't get his release and knows that he won't be allowed to.

Kurt runs his hands over the bubbled and his own personal ass in front of him. "Sammy, are you ready for me to fuck you?"

"God yes." Sam lets out a whimpering breath as he turns his head so he can see Kurt. "Please sir, fuck me. Fuck me sir. I'm so open and ready for you to take me."

Kurt smiles sweetly before smacking the boys ass. "So eager. How do you want it, Sammy?" Kurt asks as he rises his knees so his leaking cock is only inches from Sam's opening. "Should I do it fast and just cum in you? Or should I go extra slow and save my cum for a rainy day?"

"Fast, sir." Sam groans with annoyance and anticipation as Kurt's fingers slowly tease him. "Please dear god, sir. Do it fast."

Kurt chuckles before removing his fingers. "Slow it is. Shut up!" He quickly snaps as he can feel Sam wanting to argue. "This is your punishment for being a poor . . . pathetic . . . bad boy." He does hate the he has to say the words, but it lets his boy know that Kurt still has work to do with him and that he can be a good boy again; Sam will try harder now to prove his worth.

Kurt leans up and presses his body against Sam's, his hard cock sliding right between Sam's ass. an settling comfortably there. He leans his body down Sam's sweaty back until he can kiss the back of Sam's neck with a smile. He runs his hands gently up Sam's ticklish sides before he threads one hand into the blonde hair and shoves the face deeper into his jeans. He can hear Sam struggling to breath as he lowers his mouth and licks between the shoulder blades below him. He makes sure to let his teeth slip out every time we reaches a sensitive area of the boy that he has had mapped out for years now. He gives the boys face one last shove into the ground and his jeans before he retracts his tongue and sits back.

He grips Sam's ass and spreads the cheeks in front of him apart, savoring the moans and twitching hole that's presented for him. He reaches down and grips his cock before slowly sliding it down Sam's sweaty and bubbly ass and letting the head of his cock settle in the outer edge of Sam's ass. He gives his body a tiny thrust and the head of his cock is easily able to slide in. He lets out a quiet and quick moan as per usual when he's in that ass. Sam grunts and tries to push back, but Kurt grips the golden hips and stills him.

He narrows his eyes at the boy for not following orders before he rams his full eleven inches into the pink hole before him. "Stop!" He grunts into Sam. "Being!" Another thrust and another moan. "A bad!" He slams his cock as far as it can go inside Sam. "Boy." He makes his voice go soft as he leans over the whimpering and shaking boy to press his chest to the golden back. "You like being my good boy, don't you?"

"Yes, sir." Sam nods as he rolls his head over in Kurt's jeans to look at Kurt. "I'm sorry, sir."

"Then why do I have to keep punishing you, Sammy?" Kurt asks as he slowly starts fucking Sam again. "After all these years, I'd figure you'd know better by now."

"I can't help it, sir. You do things to me that I can't control." Sam whimpers as he shuts his eyes, a few tears leaking out.

"Do you not love me anymore, Sammy?" Kurt leans back and slowly caresses the tense muscles in Sam from him being nervous. "Should I go find someone else that wants my love in control?"

"God no, sir. Please no." Sam's voice gets weak as he continues to cry. 'Please don't, sir. I'm so sorry. Please."

Kurt just watches as the boy continues to cry. Sam needs this, and Kurt would comfort him later in bed if he decides that Sam gets to sleep with him. He continues his slow pace of fucking the boy, ignoring the cries. He slowly moves his hands up the slow moving hips. He lets his hands spread out to ghost along all of the sensitive spots of his boy, the ribs this time. His fingers slowly trace the edge of Sam's abs as his fingers move under the body.

"Sammy . . . are you going to start listening to me?" He asks softly.

"Yes, sir." Sam grunts out as Kurt thrusts into him faster.

"Are you going to do what ever your master tells you to? You know that I only want the best for you." Kurt brings his hands back up so he can grab Sam's ass.

"I know, sir. I'll do anything I can to be your good boy again." Sam's voice is weak as he pants from Kurt's increasing thrusts. "Please, sir."

"It's okay, Sammy." Kurt slides his hands forward and pushes down against Sam's shoulder blades. "Just take me cock, Sammy. Take your masters cock as best you can and you'll be my good boy."

"Oh god." Sam groans loudly before he starts thrusting his ass back on Kurt.

Kurt removes his hands from the boy and moves them to rub up and down his own sweating chest. Sam has taken Kurt's order to start fucking himself on Kurt. Normally Kurt would only do this if Sam was riding him, but this position works well.

Kurt shuts his eyes and starts panting as Sam's extra tight hole is impaled by his cock. He loves this feeling when he only has Sam as stretched out as the dildo. It makes Sam extra tighter around his cock and he can feel himself getting closer to shooting in Sam.

"Spread!" Kurt commands, his voice suddenly loud.

Sam lets go of Kurt's jean as he moves eagerly. He spreads his arms out as wide as he can in the cuffs and lets his face stay where it is buried. His entire weight plus the extra that Kurt is putting on him is all on his shoulders. It's painful, but he knows it's worth it when Kurt cleans him up in a long warm bath.

Kurt loves having Sam do all the work, but it's his job to make the blonde sore and to remember who he belongs to. Kurt's hands smack down on Sam's ass and the boy yelps. He grips the boy tight enough to feel the bone under the muscle before he starts ramming his cock deeper into Sam. He glances down and he can see a steady stream of sticky pre-cum oozing out from around his cock and Sam's hole. He watches with awe as the Sam's ass moves around his cock, the skin forming around his endowed size. It's such a beautiful sight.

Kurt shuts his eyes as he feels himself getting closer to that point. He can feel Sam already wanting to cum, but that won't happen tonight. However, the tightness of Sam's impending doom is creating a nice tight area around his cock.

"That's my good boy." Kurt grunts out as he thrust his final dozen thrusts into Sam. "Such a good boy. You love your master, don't you?"

"Yes, sir." Sam eagerly nods as his mouth stretches open with ecstacy.

"I love my good boy." Kurt squeezes one of the boys cheeks in his fingers. "You're the perfect and only boy for me."

"Please, sir. Yes, sir." Sam is grunting now.

Kurt chuckles, knowing that the boy would have already cum by now, with or without permission, if Kurt hadn't put on the cock ring. He knows exactly what to say to his boy. Kurt quickly reaches around and grabs Sam's leaking cock as he comes upon his own orgasm. Sam is yelping in pain as his neglected cock since he can't cum.

Kurt grunts one last time before he rams his cock into Sam as deep as he can. His fingers are digging into Sam's skin, the skin being soft from all the sweat. He feels thick shot after thick shot shoot into Sam. He knows better than to pull out now since he always cums by the bucket. He wraps his arm around Sam's propped up waist so he can hold the golden ass close to him as his body shakes from the delicious protein leaving his body.

He watches as Sam lets out a relieved sigh and smiles. "That's right. You're my good boy." He uses his free hand to reach up and run his fingers through the sweaty hair. "My perfect good boy."

"Thank you, sir." Sam's body slumps a bit more. "Thank you for giving me your cum, sir."

"Well that's what my good boys get." Kurt smiles before leaning back.

He grabs the base of his cock and runs his fingers a few inches up and down his shaft as he slowly pumps his cock into Sam, emptying the rest of his cum out of his cock. He gives his cock one last shake before slowly pulling out, making Sam moan loudly and clamp back down onto Kurt's cock. Kurt stops trying to pull his cock out and sinks back into Sam. This warm hall of Sam's ass is too good for him to pass up. He can already feel his cock twitching with anticipation of another round of fucking this boy into the ground.

"Damn, Sammy. You feel so fucking good." Kurt slowly starts speeding up his thrusts as he feels his cock grow again. "I could probably fuck you all night. Would you like that?"

"Oh god." Sam nods his head eagerly and Kurt frowns.

"You're going to hurt yourself if you keep rubbing your face against me jeans." Sam quickly stills under him. "You know I love you doing anything you can to taste me, or to smell me, but I will not let you ruin your perfect pretty face in doing so."

"Sorry, sir." Sam rushes to say as he lifts his face from Sam's jeans.

Kurt sighs before pulling his cock completely out, both of the boys groaning. Kurt leans back and lets his stiff cock twitch and leak against Sam's stretched out hole. He can see the damaged hole fluttering for attention. Kurt reaches out until both of his hands are gripping Sam's ass, his fingers on the edge of the hole. He very easily enters all eight main fingers into the hole and is able to stretch Sam all the way out. Seeing directly into Sam, it's enough to make him cum again. He can see his own cum stirring in there as well, ready to be licked and sucked out.

Kurt sighs as he lets go of Sam and watches the fluttering hole try to shut. "Stay here, Sammy." He grips on the boys hips only to help himself stand up. "This is part of your punishment. Thirty minutes, this exact position. I'm going to shower and get something to eat. If you move even an inch, no cumming for the next month and you get the couch for the week."

All he hears are whimpers of desperation as he makes his way from the room.

Hope you enjoyed round two. You'll learn some more rules of their lifestyle in the next chapter.