Kurt's Boy

Author: GleekShip

Spoilers: Future AU

Summary: Kurt's life with his sub.

Pairings: Kurt!Top/Sam!Bottom

Kurt's Boy

Kurt waits until he's on the road out of the rental car parking lot with his own rental car before he reaches over and grips onto Sam's arm. "Sammy."

Sam raises an eyebrow as he looks over to Kurt, not hearing Kurt's commanding tone. "Eyes on the road."

"Well I want your mouth on my cock." Kurt grins as Sam's eyes practically roll back into that blonde head as a shaky breath leaves his lips. "You never finished me off in the bathroom. You should have worked faster, but no. You left me alone to walk back too our seats where everyone could see how hard I was. I was tempted to just get one of the guys that were staring at my cock to come over and suck me off."

"You wouldn't do that." Sam leans forward with a whimper in his voice. "Y-you wouldn't, would you?"

Kurt smiles, happy with the sudden change in his boys body as he submits to Kurt. "Well not now, but if I don't get good lip service before we go back home then I'll definitely be picking a new boy up."

"No." Sam pleads as he leans over and tucks his face into Kurt's neck, showering the pale skin with kisses. "Please don't, sir."

Kurt chuckles before pushing Sam back slightly. Sam opens his mouth to start complaining, but he stops himself when Kurt lets go of his arm. Kurt glances back at the road for a second before threading his fingers through Sam's hair and forces the boy down. Sam's face hits Kurt's growing crotch with a grunt, the breath taken from him. Kurt props his arm up on Sam's shoulders as he continues to smother his boys face with his bulge.

"You know, Sammy. I was really hoping that you'd be a good boy this trip. I was going to cum for you today but you were being too loud around my cock that you attracted some attention." Kurt sighs as he leans his head back onto his seat. "I could have fed you my delicious cum and we both could have started this week off really great. You'd even have a day before we left to tell me to do whatever you wanted, but you ruined that."

"I'm sorry, sir. I really tried." Sam whimpers as he tries to move his head to look at Kurt, but can't.

"I know you did, but don't worry. I'm not going to punish you for failure." Kurt hisses and his cock twitches when Sam lets out a heavy sigh of relief into the front of his jeans. "But I do expect something of you." Kurt pushes Sam's face down into his straining jeans now. "Get to it, Sammy."

He would let Sam be in control, but this is too much fun. He yanks Sam back up by the hair so the boys head is being held against his chest. Sam's hands fumble forward and hastily try to unbutton and unzip Kurt's jeans. Kurt can feel the eagerness in his boy. He's completely tempted to just find some place to park and then park his cock into Sam.

Kurt lifts his hips up as Sam gets him situated and the boy carefully slides Kurt's jeans down a few inches. As per usual, Kurt's cock flops out and smacks Sam in the face. His cock is so hard that it'll never stay against his body. As soon as he settles his body back down, Sam slides his lips all the way down and takes as much of Kurt's cock in his mouth as he can. That's the best way to get Kurt to cum after all.

Kurt groans and tries to focus on the road as he gets the best head that he's ever gotten from Sam, that particular fact being updated with each stroke of tongue and lips that he's ever gotten from the boy. Sam flattens out his tongue and only lifts the very tip to drag it along the side of his cock as he moves up and down. He brings in the side of his lips so his spit doesn't slide out; he makes sure he keep Kurt's cock nice and wet.

Kurt lets out a shaky breath as Sam lets the head of Kurt's cock graze the back of his throat and the tightness back there, only taking about half of Kurt's cock with each suck. Kurt moves his hands down Sam's head and wraps his fingers around the golden neck, slowly massaging the area. He always tries to do this once in a while if Sam's been a good boy and he's being mean just so Sam will suck his cock and make him hit that amazing orgasm. It helps Sam relax his throat for when Kurt starts the real face-fucking. His fingers slowly run up and down the neck as he licks his lips. He can't wait to taste his cock on Sam's lips.

Kurt jumps and slams Sam's head down by the base of his neck. Sam coughs and chokes on his cock, but Kurt keeps him down and forces a smile onto his lips as he looks to the police officer that's drove up next to them, only to stop and keep at their pace. Kurt grins and nods at the officer before he focuses on the road. He carefully pulls Sam up by hooking his fingers into the back of the boys shirt. Sam reluctantly lets Kurt's cock fall from his mouth before Kurt guides him down again to rest his cheek against the base of Kurt's leaking cock.

"Keep quiet, Sammy." Kurt mutters as the cop continues to watch him through the unfortunately non-tinted windows of the Jeep that he got from the rental company. "A cop just pulled up next to us and I am not going to jail tonight."

"But then I'd be able to be your bitch all of the time." Sam chuckles as his tongue dashes out of his swollen lips to taste Kurt's cock again.

Kurt kisses and stiffens his jaw. "You will stop that, Sam. Or I will make this week beyond painful to you."

Sam stills his movements and waits for Kurt to take the next action. Kurt reluctantly removes his fingers from Sam and gives a little wave to the police officer before placing it on the wheel. Even though he told Sam to stop, he never said to stop breathing and that warm breath was making his cock twitch like crazy and his firm face start to crumble.

Kurt goes back to stroking Sam's hair. "You know, you really have been a good boy for me. After all these years, you still know how to please me and make me happy."

This side of their relationship seems to be turning back to the normal one. Sam smiles and relaxes into Kurt's lap. This is how they are when they're around other people, including the police in this hick-town that aren't afraid to wrestle two gay men for any various reason. Kurt admits to liking this side as well, mainly because Sam still submits to him.

"And you know what?" Kurt grins as the cop speeds up and away and he starts preparing for the quick switch back to the fun side. "I may just fuck you for being my good boy."

Sam's eyes and ears perk up at the tone and words. "We don't have time. And we don't even have the hotel room."

Kurt grins before moving his hand to cover Sam's mouth. "Just wait, Sammy. I know what I'm doing."

Kurt grins as the boy relaxes under Kurt's hand. Kurt looks into all of his mirrors, seeing that the roads are clear and that the cop is far ahead of him and will be gone within seconds. Unfortunately there are no side roads, but he can't wait for this. With one last look to make sure that they're as along as can be, Kurt starts to pull the car off to the side of the highway. He he quickly gets his seat belt off and looks down to Sam. "Pants down and start fingering yourself. That's all your going to get."

Sam's eyes widen as he scrambles up from Kurt's lap and starts fumbling for his jeans. Thank god Kurt got the bench seat in the front of the large SUV. He knew he'd need it for something at some point this week. As Sam struggles to get his jeans down, Kurt leans over their seats for their main bag, the one that no one but them will be getting into. With one zip, he's eying up their lube and a nice plug with glee. He grins before picking up the lube and returning his focus to Sam.

The boy already has his pants down to his thighs and he's leaning back on his ankles, looking back at Kurt with a wide grin as his fingers are sliding with ease into his own hole. Even though Sam has never admitted it to Kurt, although he has asked many times, he's sure that Sam fingers himself whenever he has a chance in the hopes of a good fuck. That and the fact that it takes longer to prep Sam because Kurt's so big.

Kurt picks himself up so he can kneel on the leather bench seat. His cock is still hard and hanging out of his jeans, ready to fuck. He cups his hand and quickly fills it with a good amount of lube before he caps it and tosses it into the back seat. He pours it onto his stiff cock, waiting for it to spread and drip a bit before he grabs his cock and lubes it up. He takes his other hand and pushes roughly against Sam's back. Sam lets his head fall forward and rest at the base of the window.

Kurt pulls Sam's fingers from the boys stretched hole and brings them up to his mouth. "Damn, Sammy." He lets his tongue flick between each finger. "You taste fucking delicious." He chuckles and leans forward a bit to line his cock up with Sam's ass as the boy pushes it back. "So ready for me." Kurt glances back at the road again to make sure they're in the clear before he gently pushes his cock into Sam's hole.

He lets out a soft moan as his cock slides easily in. He wouldn't put it past Sam to have finger-fucked himself in the few minutes that he had alone after Kurt left him alone in the plane bathroom. He can't help himself when he quickly pushes his cock in all the way. Sam groans and bumps his head against the window. Kurt shares a look with the boy to make sure he's okay before he starts thrusting more.

Kurt moves his hands from Sam's hips and starts running them up the boys back, under his tight shirt. He digs his hand into Sam's back and picks up his pacing. With each breath under his hands, in Sam's body, the boy's tight ass gets tighter around hic cock. Kurt brings one hand back of Sam's back and slowly circles the small of the boys back before he slowly moves his fingers down. With each thrust, the skin around Sam's hole sinks in under Kurt's fingers. He slows down long enough to flip his hand upside down so he can slide two fingers in along with his cock.

He groans as he feels the warm body around his cock and fingers. He quickly flicks his finger up along the slow thrust, hitting Sam's inner ass several times. The boy moans under his fingers with each additional stretch. he quickly speeds up his thrusts as he looks down and opens his mouth, letting a trail of spit fall out. Sam groans as it hits the top curve of his ass before sliding down to slip in with Kurt's cock.

Kurt pulls his fingers out of Sam and reaches forward and holds them out for Sam. The boy slides his head along the window and takes in Kurt's fingers, moaning at the taste of so many things on the fingers: Kurt's pre-cum, Sam's ass, the cherry lube that Kurt made sure to be tons of, and Kurt's spit. Sam chokes Kurt's fingers all the way back that Kurt's able to tickle his throat.

Kurt brings both hands back to Sam's ass before he slides them down his legs and around. He lets one hand grip on Sam's thigh while the other slowly grips Sam's thick and heavy dick. He covers that hand with some precum before he starts stroking his hand up and down Sam's dick.

"Like a said earlier, Sammy. You've been a very good boy." Kurt bites his lip and groans. "And I can feel you so hard for me. You haven't came in what, three days?"

"Four." Sam grunts as Kurt starts speeding up his thrusts and pumps on Sam's dick.

Kurt chuckles. "Well then I think it's about time you came." He then grunts as he thrusts into Sam. "But wait until you feel me fill you up."

Sam eagerly nods as he pushes back onto Kurt and clenches down around Kurt's dick. He starts letting little whimpers leave his lips since Kurt hasn't gotten onto him yet for making noises this time, knowing that these little whimpers are drawing Kurt in. With each thrust, he feels Kurt's balls tighten up when they slap his.

Kurt's thrusts start coming irregular as he feels the cum building up in his cock, ready to erupt at any moment. "Looks like you have one day this week, Sammy." Kurt mutters before he shoves his cock one more time into Sam.

His grip around Sam's cock tightens and causes Sam to yelp as he cums. His other hand leaves Sam's hip so he can grab onto the seat for support. With his cock deep inside of Sam, he can already feel the pressure fighting to push him back out. Due to time constraints, he reluctantly pulls out slowly. His eyes go down to watch Sam's skin pull outward with his cock, clinging to him more. The edge of his hole is red and sore from use and covered with all sort of their combined liquids.

They both moan softly once Kurt's cock pulls out, but it still stands proud, only hovering a few inches above Sam's ass. Kurt slowly scoots back until his ass is pressed up against the drivers window. He gives Sam's ass one quick swat.

"Turn around and clean me up. Now."

Sam tries to move as quick as he can with his pants still up to his thighs, his cock hanging out, and his ass still propped up in the air. He still somehow manages to keep the same position, but with his body facing Kurt. Kurt holds out his left hand and offers it to Sam so the boy can eat his own cum off. Kurt nearly gets side-tracked by the long licks of the wide tongue, but he leans over the front seat to grab the plug from the bag. He waits for Sam to finish his hand and move to the thick cum covering Kurt's cock before he slowly moves his hands down Sam's back.

Sam moans as he takes Kurt's cock in. It's been a while since Sam's got to suck Kurt off after instead of Kurt stuffing it back into Sam for him to enjoy later. The fresh warm taste fills his mouth and he groans as he tries to take as much as possible.

Kurt strains to see Sam's ass. He can see the whole fluttering in the cool interior of the car, waiting and yearning to be filled. Kurt reaches down with his free hand to scoop up the few streams of cum from Sam's ass before he drags his hands back up the boy. He quickly shoves the cum back into Sam's ass, purring at the sight of how eager Sam's ass is. It reminds him of the entire weekend that he spent just rimming Sam and fingering Sam's ass. He wasn't one for fisting, but it was great seeing Sam's ass so open for him. He blinks his eyes out of the happy memory so he can quickly shove the plug in. There's still enough lube left that the plug doesn't hurt Sam. This one is the wide one so that it prevents anything from leaving Sam, but allows it to move freely within Sam.

Kurt sighs with relief as he sits back and relaxes against the window. "Make sure you clean up any cum that I missed from the seat from when you came. Don't want the family to know what we've been up to."

Sam hums before slipping off of Kurt's cock, letting the long flaccid dick flop from his mouth and swing between Kurt's legs. "Will . . . do." They both chuckle at their lack of breath before Sam reaches back to feel the plug. "Sir?"

"You're keeping that cum in you as a reminder for what you get to do at the end of the week. That and it'll make for an interesting dinner with everyone." Kurt chuckles as he pushes at Sam.

The boy quickly pulls away and lets Kurt slide down into his seat, his cock flopping down on his leg and jeans with a sticky flop. He sighs before carefully tucking his cock back in and pulling his pants up. He looks over to find Sam playing with some cum left on the seat.

"Clean up, Sammy." Kurt commands before he starts the car again.

I hope you've enjoyed. I know I certainly have. :)