Kurt's Boy

Author: GleekShip

Spoilers: Future AU

Summary: Kurt's life with his sub.

Pairings: Kurt!Top/Sam!Bottom

Kurt's Boy

"God, you're fucking hot." Kurt hisses into Sam's ear as he grinds his aching cock against Sam's sweaty body.

Sam groans under his touch and tries to lift his body up to be in full contact with Kurt, but the handcuffs are keeping him stretched out on the bed. Kurt chuckles darkly as he bites down softly on Sam's ear before pulling away. He drags the point of one of his right canine tooth down until he reaches the boys shoulder blade before he sits back completely. He had only brought two sets of handcuffs with them so Sam's legs are now free, but the boy knows better than to even lower his ass from where Kurt had positioned it.

"I was thinking about fucking your face raw all night." Kurt says loud enough for Sam to hear as as he sits back and lets his eyes roam down to the clear plug that's pulsing within Sam. "You were sweet talking our waiter tonight."

Sam grunts against the gag in his mouth and Kurt chuckles before squeezing Sam's ass tight between his trimmed fingernails. "Don't lie to me, boy. I saw the looks. You even said that you guys could 'hangout' after he worked. Do you really think that he wanted to see your comic book collection?" Kurt stops squeezing Sam's ass while the boy continues to grunt. "Or maybe it was subconscious. What am I? Am I not paying you enough attention? Am I not fucking you enough? Fuck you." Kurt spits on Sam's back as the boy starts to struggle under the handcuffs. "You don't even deserve to speak to me. Still." Kurt commands, making the boy follow the command.

Kurt steps over Sam and off the bed, happy to stretch his legs out after kneeling behind Sam for so long. He moves along Sam's glowing body, barely lit thanks to the dimmer switch in his old room that they're staying in for the first night of their vacation. He stops and leans down by Sam's first handcuff that's cuffed to the strong post of Kurt's old bed. He lets his fingers trace softly around the metal handcuff, wincing internally at the cuts already starting in Sam's skin. He vows silently to give Sam a massage later on.

He moves his fingers up Sam's sweaty muscled arms until his hand stops on the boys shoulder. He grips his shoulder and leans down so he can see Sam's eyes. His eyes darken as he sees the ball gag tight in Sam's mouth. He reaches forward and taps the small black ball and chuckles darkly when Sam gags even more. He pulls his finger away with a string of saliva that's oozing from the sides and through the small holes in the middle. He makes sure Sam's watching before he licks his finger and savors the taste of the boy.

"Fucking hot." Kurt mutters as he moves his hand to the small strap in Sam's hair and pulls.

Sam groans at the extra force against his mouth, but stays still. Kurt leans in and puts his lips against the ball, breathing in. He can hear Sam choke literally at the breath leaving his mouth, but Kurt ignores it so he can taste all of Sam's saliva. He moves his lips away with a small 'pop' and licks his lips to taste Sam. He lets out a breathy moan before he leans away and lets his hands roam up and down Sam's body, always stopping his hands at the curve of Sam's ass to tease him.

"That gag is perfect for you. Otherwise we'll have to worry about you waking up the entire house." Kurt cocks his head suddenly as he lines his nude body up against Sam's, his cock hooking at Sam's shoulder as his chest moves down Sam's back. "My perfectly loud boy."

Sam groans as he turns his face, letting the stubble along his rub against Kurt's smooth leg that's in his face. Kurt skates his teeth back and forth down Sam's back until he comes up to the curve of Sam's ass, where his fingers have been teasing for way too long. Kurt moves his hand on either side of Sam's body to prop his body up as he leans his face down. Sam moans through the gag at the first touch of Kurt's tongue, swirling around to taste the golden skin.

Kurt groans before sitting back, not liking the angle. He reaches down to grip his cock, wiping the precum against Sam's cheek before he lifts his leg and body over Sam, straddling Sam backwards with his new position. He grins his own ass into Sam's shoulders before he leans forward, letting his cock slide up and down Sam's spine and into the small of his back, and lowers his lips. He props his elbows on either side of Sam and uses his hands to touch each globe of Sam's ass softly before he slides them into his crack and spreads his cheeks apart, giving Kurt an eyeful of Sam's fluttering and welcoming hole.

He leans down and gives the hole one soft kiss, to which Sam's groans and tightens his hole, before he sets his lips against Sam's right cheek. He sucks lightly, just enough for Sam to push into his lips before he pulls away. He repeats the motion on his other cheek, but sucks slightly harder. He pulls away with a small pop and licks his lips. He blows softly and watches as Sam's hole flutters at the attention.

"Fuck." Kurt mutters, unable to contain himself anymore.

He moves his fingers from both of Sam's cheeks and slides two in from each hand with a groan of his own. He feels the tight heat surround his fingers and eagerly swallow them down. He lets out a shaky breath before he leans in, spreading his fingers in Sam apart as much as he can. He opens his mouth first and lets a small string of spit fall out and watches it hit the edge of Sam's hole before it slides right into the warm cavern.

He shutters slightly before he leans down and lets his tongue twirl around the red rim, gathering the taste of the boy before he slides his tongue in. His tongue hooks right into Sam and moves lazily left and right, only a few degrees each time to feel the boy twitch under him. He tastes the smooth muscles against his tongue, tightening around his tongue to suck him in. He pulls his tongue back before lapping the edge of Sam's hole a few more times, each lick becoming slower and more drawn out. He licks his lips before matching them to Sam's hole and diving his tongue completely in as deep as he can get it. He takes long slow licks and savors the flavor as he does. He can feel Sam's warm hear pulsing around him, hungry for a bigger appendage of his.

Kurt laps a few more times before licking around Sam's rim and pulling away. He looks down to his cock and finds it hard, heavy, and leaking on Sam's back, being soaked up into the gold skin. He slides his cock forward until the head of his cock slides between Sam's plump cheeks. He only leaves himself in that position for another second before he lifts his legs and steps off of Sam.

He lets his feet hit the floor before he starts moving so he can see Sam's body from a normal view instead of being upside down. He grins before he hops down onto the bed, landing on his knees, and presses his body against Sam's. He kisses the golden shoulder blades before he lets his face rests by Sam's.

"Are you ready for me to fuck you?" He lets his lips ghost along Sam's jaw as he starts rocking his cock between Sam's cheeks. "Teach you that only I can do this to you."

Sam grunts and whimpers against the ball gag as he turns his head slightly so his pleading eyes can meet Kurt's. "Don't worry, Sammy. I'll take care of you."

He raises his hips slightly and glances down to watch his cock be pulled down by the gravity, pushing the big mushroom head slowly into Sam. Sam grunts when the head touches the rim of his ass, not entering yet. He continues to rock his body to tease Sam, but to also hold off his own orgasm.

He lets his fingers slide down Sam's body until he grabs Sam's ass with one and wraps the other around Sam's body to grip his cock with the other. He smirks and chuckles when he feels the cock ring tightly secured around the base of his cock, knowing that the boy won't be cumming that day. He strokes Sam slowly as his other hand pulls Sam's ass apart so he can see the greedy hole that's being teased with his cock.

As he grips Sam firmly around the base of his cock, squeezing hard to make the boy squirm under him, he slides his cock into Sam with relative ease. He only hits resistance about six inches in, but he continue to push slowly, his eyes fluttering shut as Sam tightens around him. He lets his thumb drag down to Sam's rim as he moves his cock in a bit more, slightly pulling at the hole and making it wider.

"Fuck, Sammy." Kurt breathes out as his balls finally smack against Sam's hard body. "So hot . . . and feels to good. I bet you love having my cock buried in you. Filling you up."

Alright, so I hate saying this, but this is the end of this story. And I know I didn't finish the chapter, but I can't bring myself to write smut without plot. I mean I write crazy plot, but it's still plot. Maybe I'll return to a smut fic eventually, or include it more, but it's not my main thing. Sorry for taking so long, but I did keep trying to write more and more to make it a good smut fic. And since this wasn't a story, it's not really incomplete. Just half a chapter that you can finish with your imagination right? . . . . Sorry guys. I go hide in a corner now.