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It was only a month after the War and everyone's wounds were healing. Thankfully, Snape lived through Nagini's bite and was healing nicely- Fawkes cried for him. The Golden Trio was still going strong. Bill had a few werewolf tendencies, but was coping nicely. The twins used the opportunity to fake all types of fatal wounds that would appear out of nowhere, constantly causing shit storms. Yet, everyone had some sort mental wound they couldn't just heal with a spell or a potion. Especially Harry.

Everyone knew Harry was scarred worse than any of them, that he took every single death as his own. They saw when his hands would start shaking, no matter how he tried to hide them. They all knew he had nightmares, no matter how strong his silencing charms were. More than enough people have walked pass his room to hear him crying, when he thought no one was there at Grimmald Place.

They all knew this…all of them knew this. And yet here they were, telling him the last thing on Earth he ever wanted to hear. Hermione, Ron, Snape, Malfoy and his mum Narcissa, Professor McGonagall and Griphook, his goblin from Gringotts. All of them sat in the living room of Grimmald Place, looking at him in pity, some of them-Ron and Malfoy-in horror. Hermione looked at him like she wanted to dissect him.

Glancing down at his papers again, Griphook told him in the composed, professional voice all goblins seemed to have, "Mr. Potter, it would seem that you are not the son of a Mr. James Potter and Lily Potter ne Evans, but the son of Mr. Lucius Malfoy and Mrs. Lily Potter ne Evans. You, Mr. Potter, are the youngest heir of the Malfoy family as well as Lord Potter."

Silence filled the room once again. Harry gaped at Griphhook, trying to wrap his head around what he just heard from the little goblin.

Narcissa was the first to break the silence, "That's preposterous, Lucius was-is married to me. We were engaged since our days at Hogwarts." Her voice was soft, yet everyone heard the dangerous undertones.

Griphook began to look slightly uncomfortable. No doubt he heard the stories about the rage of Lady Malfoy. "I apologize beforehand Mrs. Malfoy." He squirmed under her gaze. "But it would seem that Mr. Malfoy and Mrs. Potter were having a…affair...leading to the…consummation…of…Mr. Potter…" he slowly dwindled off as Mrs. Malfoy's glare grew hotter and hotter.

Everyone in the room flinched as Mrs. Malfoy abruptly stood, towering over Griphhook. "Are you telling me," her voice shook with barely controlled anger, "that my husband cheated on me with a Mudblood and he is Lucius' son?" She said, pointing at Harry.

Said man was staring off in a daze, not even reacting when Mrs. Malfoy called his mother a Mudblood. His hands were clenched into fists and he was shaking. After years of hearing Remus and Sirius tell stories of his parents, Harry thought he had the perfect picture of what his parents were like. He already had a picture of them-thanks to Hagrid-and could imagine what it would be like living with them.

In his mind, Harry's parents were the perfect couple. They never argued and were always cuddling. They would smile at Harry a lot and spoil him endlessly, but never let him become like Malfoy. When he got his Hogwarts letter, they would've so excited that they wouldn't know what do with themselves. A little dog or cat to finish it off. Generally, one big happy family.

But now, Griphook here was telling him that his parents weren't the perfect couple he thought they were. In fact, Griphhook was telling him that his parents were so imperfect that his mother cheated on his father. With a Malfoy. But then how do I look like James?

"That can't be right. Harry looks like his dad-James. How could Malfoy be his father if he looks like James?" Ron's question pulled Harry from his reverie.

Hermione stopped staring at Harry to point a glare at Ron. "Honestly, Ron, sometimes I really wonder if you're a wizard. Obviously, someone used a spell on Harry. Most likely when he was still an embryo."


"An embryo. That's what you call a baby still in its developmental stages inside of the womb." Hermione said, exasperatedly.

Griphook looked at Hermione approvingly. "That's quite right, Ms. Granger. Mr. Potter does indeed have a spell placed on him, done so right after he was conceived by Mr. Malfoy himself-."

"Are you telling me that my husband purposely had a child with that woman?" Mrs. Malfoy interrupted her voice like ice. She was still standing; beside her, Malfoy was trying to get her to sit down. His face had slowly lost its horror look and now looked impassive; no doubt from many years of perfecting control over his emotions.

"Actually, no. It would seem neither had planned it, yet both wanted to keep the child. In secret, of course. This is where the spell comes in."

"How do you know this? I highly doubt Lily entrusted you in particular about her admissions." Entered Snape, voice tight with an unidentified emotion. He sat in the chair farthest from the goblin and, coincidently, from Harry.

"Not exactly, Mr. Snape. She did entrust me with a written journal to be given to Mr. Potter after his 17th birthday, after he came of age." Griphook hesitated, looking at Harry who was still unresponsive. "Mr. Potter?"

Harry was still dazed out, looking at something very far away from the room he was in now. His brow was knitted in frustration. Beside his chair, a table lamp began to shake and the paintings on the wall behind his chair began to rattle.

Hermione and Ron shared a look. They both knew when their best friend lost control, all hell would break loose. They stood at the same time, determined to console Harry, but stopped short as Professor McGonagall strode forward.

"Mr. Potter!" She said, stopping in front of Harry. She grabbed his shoulder and shook him slightly. "I know this must be hard for you to grasp, but you must pay attention. This is your life we're talking about." Harry turned towards her, eyes blank. McGonagall's eyes softened a bit. "Harry, please. This is important."

Slowly, Harry blinked at her. Then he blinked again. The lamp and paintings stopped quaking. "Professor?" His voice cracked slightly.

McGonagall looked relieved. "Harry. I know this is hard on you, but please listen to Mr. Griphook."

He nodded slowly and turned cautiously to Griphook. "Sorry. Could you repeat what you said?"

Looking relieved, the goblin nodded once. "Of course, Mr. Potter. Your mother left a diary for you to read after you came of age. It explains everything about what happened between her and Mr. Malfoy. She also personally requested that everyone in this room-with an exception of Ms. Granger and Mr. Weasley as she only requested your closest friends-were to be present during the revelation and to read a specific excerpt from the journal."

"I heard something about a spell on me? One that gave me my fa-." A look of pain ran across Harry's face, "-James' looks? Is there a way to break it?"

Griphook nodded eagerly. "A counter spell, indeed Mr. Potter. Your looks will return to you slowly. A painful process, I'm sure, as you will also go through your inheritance with no bodily preparations."

"Wait, inheritance? The Malfoys are purebloods." Hermione interrupted, confused. Malfoy and his mother looked uncomfortable.

Griphook raised one bushy eyebrow. "Not quite, Ms. Granger. A very old ancestor of the Malfoys consorted with a veela. In his time, such things as your back round were not an important thing to most. Only few people-such as Salazar Slytherin, his cousin-believed such admonition as today's society."

The sound in the room was deafening as everyone-save Harry,Griphook, and Snape-stood and began shouting.

"The Malfoys aren't purebloods?" Asked Ron.

"The Malfoys are related to Salazar Slytherin?" That was Hermione.

"How dare you give away our information like that?!" Lady Malfoy.

"All of that is absurd!" Malfoy yelled.

"Why, oh why did this have to happen to Harry, now?" McGonagall, ever the Gryffindor.

"SHUT UP!" Harry roared, voice amplified by his uncontrolled magic.

Silence washed through the room as everyone turned to stare at Harry, who was now standing. The lamp fell to the floor with a loud crash, the paintings not far behind. His glare swept across everyone in the room, scorching everyone in its wake-except maybe Snape, who was the only person known to make someone cry/wet their pants with one look.

Harry's voice was deadly quiet. "Griphook." The goblin jumped and looked up at Harry. "The excerpt. Read it please." Even angered, Harry was always polite.

"Yes of course Mr. Potter." The goblin reached down to grab a small, black book of the table. Clearing his voice, Griphook began:

Dear everyone,

I know what you must think of me. I know Narcissa in particular thinks I'm a whore, slut, bitch…name your worst, I'm sure she's thought it but is too proper to say them out loud. I know my actions are inexcusable and I know sorry is no way exception but I must say it: I'm sorry. Especially to you Harry, and to you Sev'. This type of betrayal is the worst and I am really truly sorry. But, alas, I do not regret my actions. The things I felt for Lucius were indeed my own and probably really untoward.

Harry, if Sirius and Remus aren't dead, I'm sure they have told you many stories about me and James and I hope they were wonderful tales. But, the truth is that James and I fell out soon after our marriage. Dating was fine, since we both could end it whenever. But once married-as we had a wizard's wedding-we realized we were bonded forever and didn't want that. I began to see other people and so did James. Please, Harry, don't believe I cheated on James-it was a mutual agreement. And don't think badly of your father, please.

Sev'. Oh, Severus I am so sorry. You don't know. Tears fall down my face as I write this. (a/n imagine a blotch right here: one of Lily's tears fell) You were my best friend and I messed up, thinking you changed just because you were in Slytherin. But in truth, it was I who changed. I grew infatuated with James. I admit, I also felt for Lucius at the time, though then I refused to acknowledge it. I thought of you all the time, Sev' and I regret breaking our friendship.

Narcissa, yes you bitch. Don't hate me or my son for what Lucius did. If you weren't such a prissy prude, he wouldn't have came to me in the first place. Harry-I'm sorry love-was an accident. A wonderful accident, in fact, and it was just a coincidence he was conceived only a few months after Draco. Get over yourself.

Draco, even though I am not your mother, I kindly ask you to treat Harry nicely-he is your brother. And if you won't do it for me, do it for your own pride. If you're anything like your father, you know what I'm talking about.

Professor McGonagall, please treat Harry the way you always have. He is no more or no less the person he was the minute before you found out he was a Malfoy.

Harry's friends, I ask you to do the same and give him the support I'm sure he needs, if he's anything like me.

Only a very strong Legillimens master can properly perform the counter curse on Harry. And there just happens to be a Potions Master present strong enough for it. Griphook has been informed of the counter curse. Harry, love, I apologize beforehand, but the process to reveal your original self is a very much painful, due to your father's veela back round.

I wish you all well, and again I apologize,

Lily Potter ne Evans

End of chapter one. Woulda ya know, eh?