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During his time in Azkaban, Lucius always fantasized how it would be like to finally have both of his sons together, to be able to talk to them and love them, and spoil them to their heart's delight. But in none of his scenarios was anyone particularly anger or even slightly annoyed.

Lucius knew that it was nearly impossible to have a sweet reunion with his sons, not when both of them had every reason to hate him and then some. He was mildly surprised when Harry appeared in front of him, completely changed by both of his inheritances after the breaking of the spell. The boy looked a bit like Draco, who indeed looked like Lucius, therefore Harry looked like Lucius.

But Lucius could also see Lily in the young veela. The tilt of his chin, the lilt in his voice, the eyes that unknowingly analyzed and broke down anything in its gaze. Yes, Lily was definitely prominent in the boy, much to Lucius' delight.

He'd always loved Lily more than he could even muster to act around Narcissa. His marriage to the wench was simply out of tradition, no love, no particular importance. Not that he would tell anyone, but Lucius was always a bit more wary of the pureblood traditions. The stress others put on being a pureblood was in vain, since there was no living completely wizard pureblood left. Majority of 'purebloods' today had some type of Dark Creature blood in them, or had at least one muggleborn in the family at one point.

The futilely kept traditions become more prominent rubbish to Lucius after he met Lily. Before, he tolerated the traditions with a bit of belief, but meeting Lily completely changed him. She was so bright, so smart, so beautiful in everything she did…Lucius became smitten with her almost immediately. Once, he thought Narcissa was a well-kept, cool beauty, no problems with her being his betrothed. Seeing Lily's smile directed at him made Lucius made him want to almost kill Narcissa just to be free from the betrothal.

But he married her anyway, and managed to produce an heir. Draco. No matter how much he despised Narcissa, he could not bring himself to not love Draco. He was always such a bright, happy child. It sometimes tore at Lucius to know that, no matter how much love and care he gave Draco, the young boy would not ever stand in the light he held for Harry, the child of the woman he loved, worshipped. He tried, oh yes, he tried, but he always had some inkling feeling that Draco could tell that something was off.

And then, the incident with Voldemort and the Potters occurred and Lucius could do nothing but fall into despair. The woman he loved was dead, the son he wanted so badly was gone. Lucius feel apart then, closing off his emotions completely. It badly affected Draco, who began to spend more time with his mother. Oh, how Lucius regretted doing that. Draco was nearly just like his mother and he despised Lucius with every fiber in his being. Maybe that explained why the boy looked so furious at the moment, on the other side of Lucius prison, looking completely irate.

"Harry. Get. Out. Of. There. Now." A vein throbbed in Draco's temple and he clenched the bars of the cell in a painful grip.

Harry simply crossed his arms and glared at Draco, his jaw set in determination. "No, Draco."

Draco turned red, about to blow, when suddenly Severus appeared. Lucius had heard when Harry, for whatever reason, had called out to the Potions Master and it slightly confused him. But now, seeing the way Harry's face brightened at the sight of the man, Lucius began to have an understanding of the situation.

It was that Severus was possibly Harry's mate and Harry's veela knew it, even if it was possible that Harry didn't. Lucius was pleased; Severus was a good man and his long time best friend. If Lucius would accept anyone to be his son's mate, he was glad it was Severus.

"Harry, please understand. Draco and I were extremely worried about your well-being. Though I loathe to say it," Severus hesitated, glancing at Lucius. "Lucius is not quite the most reliable to be around at the moment-."

Draco pushed Severus away and Harry tensed again. "Stop sugar coating it, Severus. Harry, Lucius is a Death Eater. Loyal follower of Voldemort? The madman who tried kill you? Ring any bells? You. Should. Not. Be. Around. Him."

Harry scowled, Severus mirroring the expression. Lucius said nothing, not daring to interrupt should it be used against him. Draco and Severus already had such little trust in that they would not believe him no matter what he said.

"No, Draco, Severus. It's you who do not understand. Lucius was placed under an Imperious-."

"Harry, did he tell you that? You can't believe what that man-."

A blast of power surged through the room as Harry stepped closer to the bars and Draco, a dangerous glint in his eyes. "Have you ever been placed under an Imperious, Draco? Or you, Severus? No, you haven't. You don't know the effects it has on a person, on their minds. So don't tell me if he is lying or not. I have every right to my own opinion and I just so happen to believe what he says. In fact, he didn't even directly tell me he was under the Imperious; I figured it out myself. And until you two learn to trust me and my opinion…you might as well return home."

Though he didn't show it, Lucius was very proud of his son. The amount of controlled power he showed was immense and he had a backbone made of steel. Lucius never had to doubt that Harry would ever fall to someone else's machinations. He would believe that Draco and Severus felt the same, had it not been for the obvious lack of trust the two currently put in Harry.

Harry continued. "And you two act like I'm completely oblivious to where I'm at and what has happened before." He waved at Kingsley, who Lucius had previously forgotten was there. "I have back up, just in case. I am not as bubble headed as the actions of you two suggest that I am. It's really insulting, you know."

Kingsley stepped forward. "Indeed, young Harry nearly dragged me here. In fact, he blackmailed me with my own paperwork. In my opinion, Harry thought long and hard about this before coming to his decision. He has every right to visit his own father, and you have no right to stop him."

Harry nodded satisfactorily. "Thank you, Auror Shacklebot-."

"It's Kingsley, Harry."

"For your input." He turned to glare at Draco. "As you can see, I am fine. So get your knickers out of a twist and pay your proper respects to him. Death Eater or not, he is still your, our, father and as a Malfoy you are being utterly disrespectful."

Draco paled and his lips tightened into a white line. He glared at Harry. "But-."

Another blast of magic. "No buts! Get. In. Here. And. Do. It."

Harry whipped his head to glare at the guard, who squeaked and quickly moved forward to open the bar door. Draco hesitated for a moment before holding his head high with dignity and moving silently and gracefully into the cell. Severus followed not a second after, immediately moving closer to Harry, who beamed at him in return.

Once again, father and son stared at each other awkwardly. This time, it was due to a close relationship once broken that neither was sure how to put back together. Finally Lucius cleared his throat, his body trembling slightly with trepidation.

"Draco, I understand I have wronged you in the past, but please allow me to make up lost time. I feel that it would be beneficial for the both of us if you reconnect the previous bond we shared prior to the Da-…to Voldemort's return."

Harry snorted, cutting of whatever Draco was about to say. "Oh, please. You can't be close again if even the way you speak to each other is distant."

Draco scowled. "Well, how do you want us to speak?"

Harry growled. "Like how you talk to me. How you talk to Snape. Not that formal crap. You're family. We're family. Now fix it."

Lucius opened his mouth to speak to Draco again when his blondest, palest child burst out. "Family? I stopped being family with him a long time ago. He doesn't deserve it."

"Goddammit Draco!" Harry shrieked, his full veela form exploding out. His wings fluttered with his agitation. "Why are you such a fucking prick?! One thing, one thing that I have ever truly wanted I can't get! And because you can't get over your fucking pity party?!" Tears began to run down his face and his voice cracked. "All I want is a family. Never, never in my life have I truly had a family-."

He choked back a sob, growing pale rapidly. The air suddenly grew deathly cold. Lucius looked up in alarm. The dementors were coming, attracted by Harry's apparent anguish. Severus realized it the same time as him.

"Dammit. Harry, you have to get out of here now. Morgana knows how many dementors are going for you right now."

Distinctly aware of the abilities of the dementors, Harry nodded even as he continued to sob uncontrollably. Severus carefully led him out, stumbling away as quickly as possible while the guard released a Patronus to ward off the oncoming dementors. Kingsley followed quickly behind in concern.

Lucius felt his face fall with guilt as he watched Harry's retreating back. He was a bad father; he knew it. But what happened, happened, and there was nothing he could do about it. He glanced at Draco.

His oldest son also had a look of guilt on his face. He stepped forward, gaining Draco's attention.

Draco sneered. "What are you doing?"

Lucius only sighed. "Trying to talk to you. Even if you hate me Draco, we have to do this for Harry."

Draco blinked in surprise. "I-I know. I just-." He sighed and sat on the cot heavily. "You changed so much."

Lucius returned to his chair. "I know. I'm so sorry, Draco."


Harry shook in the warm room, wrapped in a blanket and sitting beside a crackling fire. He held a hot mug of tea in his hands, attempting to warm his body. A large packet of Honeydukes fudge sat next to him on the floor. A dementor managed to get close enough to suck a few of his emotions before the guard could stop it. The effects still lingered on his body.

Severus had immediately apparated him home once through the warp. He'd hustled Harry into the house, bundled him in many blankets as a house elf started a large fire and handed him his tea mug. Once settled, Severus left Harry with a promise to return shortly. That was about thirty minutes ago.

Harry sighed and took another sip of his tea before breaking off a piece of fudge and tossing it into his mouth. He still didn't know what to do with the dark-haired man. On one hand, he wanted to lock him up, preferably in a bedroom…chained to a bed, and shag until his dick feel off. That's what his veela wanted him to do.

On the other hand, taking it nice and slow appealed to Harry greatly. His whole life had been rushed, no matter what he had been doing. For once, he just wanted to relax and enjoy life, savor things he never had before. He knew the fast life was his life, but he felt that sometimes he should have the option to take it slow.

Which was why he was totally freaked about what happened in the library a few hours prior. He blushed deeply at the memory. His veela had definitely taken over at that lapse in control. Oh, but had it felt so good. And his veela had been giddy with happiness afterwards since.

At that moment though, Harry definitely preferred the simple comforting presence of the man instead of those more…sexual thoughts. It would have been enough if Snape just walked in and wrapped his arms around Harry, holding him close to his body.

As if drawn by Harry's thoughts, Snape walked into the library with the natural flair the man carried. Harry looked at him, unbeknownst to him that his eyes were filled with longing.

Snape sighed, giving Harry a half-hearted glare. Harry sat there on the floor, confused, until the Potions Master strode forward till he was behind Harry and promptly sat, pulling the lighter haired man to him.

If his body hadn't immediately relaxed at the contact, Harry would've tensed in surprise. The last time Snape held him that close was the other day when he had to restrain Harry. But he wasn't one to let a chance go.

He immediately snuggled deeper into Snape's lap, twisting slightly so that his head rested on Snape's lap and Harry could hear his heartbeat. Snape said nothing, just shifted to comfortably hold Harry in the new position.

Neither said anything for a long time, simply enjoying the others company-more like relishing for Harry-and taking in the warmth from each other and the fire. Draco hadn't came back yet and Harry was extremely sleepy. The rhythmic thump of Snape's heart certainly didn't help; Harry was asleep before he knew it.


Severus looked down at the sleeping man resting nearly on top of him with a sigh. Harry was so little, easily curling up into Severus' lap and chest. He looked so fragile, but Severus knew it was just the opposite. Yet that didn't stop him from feeling the need to protect the boy. He didn't know where the feeling came from, just that it was there. It was definitely there when he read the note Harry had left them.

The young veela shifted, moving impossibly closer to Severus with a small sigh. Unconsciously, Severus' arms tightened around the boy. It made no sense to him, these feelings of protection for the boy. If anything, Harry was stronger than both him and Draco; he could take care of himself better than they could.

Except…there was moments like then, when Harry was more vulnerable than he let on. It must be tearing him apart in side, the broken Malfoy family of which he only just found out he was a part of.

With a sigh and with more strength than many would believe, Severus gathered Harry into his arms and stood with ease. Trying not to jostle the boy, he carried Harry to the young veela's rooms and carefully tucked him into bed.

Satisfied that he wouldn't wake, Severus left the room and headed for his own. Draco still had not return and he would be damned if he would stay up all night waiting for the foolish boy.

Almost by chance, the two crossed paths in one of the many halls. Draco looked extremely tired and haggard; his expression a mixture of emotions, eyes haunted. Once his eyes laid on Severus, though, hope filled them.

"Is Harry still awake?"

Severus shook his head. "He fell asleep in the library; I only just laid him in his bed."

Draco's shoulders slumped. "Damn, I wanted to talk to him."

Though he was tired, Severus waved a hand in the direction of the library. "Would you like to talk about what happened?"

Draco shook his head. "No. We are both tired; it would be better to talk about it in the morning."

"Fine. I bid you a goodnight, Draco." Severus began to walk away, towards his rooms.

"The same to you, Sev." Draco called after him, doing the same.

Though he was tired, once he was in bed, Severus could not fall asleep. Every time he closed his eyes, an image of Harry's anguished, pale face filled his mind. It was almost irking, the way the boy was beginning to be the center of his everything. It didn't help that the boy reminded him so much of Lily, if not in appearance then in personality for sure…

A familiar laugh floated over to the Slytherin table, causing Severus to raise his head. His eyes automatically landed on the only person he would look at from the Griffindor table. It was easy to spot Lily's sinfully red hair among the darker haired Griffindors she surrounded herself with.

A look of longing crossed Severus' features before he carefully arranged them into a look of aloofness. Just on time, as Lily looked over at him. Bright emerald green eyes met deep onyx ones and held. It had been five years since that fateful day, since their first year. Lily hadn't spoken to Severus in that whole time span, opting to glare at him any time they came into contact.

But not this time. This time, Lily looked at him just as she used to with her own look of longing. But Severus knew better than to allow his façade to fall. She might've looked like that, but Lily had no immediate plans to rekindle the friendship between them.

So, as much as it hurt him to do so, Severus gave her a look of disdain and returned to his meal. He wasn't going to crawl to her; she was the one who broke off their friendship; all over a petty thing like House affiliation. One word from the Sorting hat and eight years of friendship, out the window.

Beside him, Lucius just happen to look up and catch Lily's eyes. Her problems with Severus now completely forgotten, Lily blushed and sent Lucius a small smile which he returned with a nod. Then Narcissa fluttered to sit beside Lucius and both of their smiles turned to painful grimaces. Lucius quickly schooled his features and allowed Narcissa to fawn over him, also returning to his meal.

Severus looked up just as Lily looked away. He once again allowed his features to fall into a look of longing before becoming stoic. Dinner ended on a painful note for the two Slytherins who, though were best friends, did not know of each other's digressions towards the Griffindor girl.

Immersed in his thoughts as he walked, Severus didn't notice until the last second, when Lily pulled him into a dark alcove and hugged him tightly. Shocked, Severus stood stock still until Lily pulled away, in which he stumbled back.

"Lily? What are you-?"

"I'm sorry Sev!" She blurted out. "I-I messed up bad. I want us to be friends again."

Inside, his heart soared at the notion, but a little bug in his head nagged. Outwardly, he sneered. "Oh, am I supposed to wait at your every beck and call? Am I only to be your friend when you find it is convenient?" He laughed darkly. "You made your choice, Lily."

Shocked, Lily stepped back. A look of sadness passed her features and tears appeared in her eyes. "Severus. I-I said I was sorry! Can't we please try again?"

"Maybe if it hadn't taken you five years," No matter how he tried to steel his voice, Severus spoke shakily. "I might've considered it. But now…you made your choice clear. I will not be toyed with, waiting to be your friend when your mood calls for it. You broke my heart, Lily, and there is no excuse for that."

With a dramatic swish of his cloak, Severus walked away, leaving behind a Lily, her petals wilted and crumbling…

With as sigh, Severus rolled over on the memory. He should've said yes. Maybe if he did, Lily wouldn't be dead and everything that has happened, wouldn't have.

A flash of one of Harry's bright smiles aimed at him. Would Harry have still been born? Would they have been mates? His heart twisted painfully. Severus didn't know what to feel anymore.


The next morning found Draco seated in his usual chair at the table, slowly eating his breakfast. His brow creased deeply in thought and he ate mechanically. He muttered to himself, brow creasing further.

After a moment, a sleep-deprived looking Severus walked in. Though his face was rugged, his clothes were as impeccable as always. As the older, darker man sat beside him, Draco looked up at him from his musings.

"Good morning, Severus. I take it Harry isn't up yet?"

"Not yet. He had a long day yesterday."

"I know." Draco hesitated. "I think it would be best to apologize to him, for our behavior yesterday. After I calmed down, I realized how idiotic we acted."

Severus nodded. "I agree. I thought the same yesterday, after returning to the Manor with Harry." Pausing to sip his tea, Severus glanced at Draco. "What happened, after we left?"

Draco sighed, shifting in his chair uncomfortably. His thoughts raced a mile a minute. He wanted to tell Severus everything, but there were some things he wanted Harry to hear.

"It was a bit tense at first. I felt extremely guilty for causing Harry to explode like that and I am sure Lucius felt the same. We talked for a long while, finally coming to the agreement to try and get along with each other for Harry's sake. Whether or not doing so will cause us to reunite as father and son will only be told by time."

Severus nodded. "It would definitely benefit everyone my doing so. No loses, except maybe for Narcissa."

"Exactly, but this all brings up one problem. Lucius is in Azkaban. Harry already pulled some strings just to get that one meeting and we had to threaten a lot of people. Visiting him frequently enough will be a problem."

"Which is why we are going to get him out." Harry marched in, looking sleep ruffled. To anyone else, he would have just looked mildly tired, but to Severus and Draco it was the stress of yesterday bearing down on the youngest veela.

Draco's veela urged him to go and smother Harry, but from his look, Draco could tell that if he even stood Harry would castrate him. He stood as tall and strong as he always did, though his eyes were red and poofy and he was much paler than normal.

Then Harry's words pierced through his concern and Draco sat up in shock. "What?"

Harry nodded once, taking his place across from Draco at the table. "He's innocent, Draco, no matter what you believe. You saw him; you saw how the dementors didn't affect him as much as it should have if he was guilty. He shouldn't have even been coherent. We have to get him out of there; even if he isn't guilty, prolonged time in there will mess you up in a bad way."

Draco thought of his long lost cousin, Sirius Black. The man had been innocent and yet spent fourteen years in Azkaban. When he came out, he wasn't exactly right. A pang of guilt passed through Draco. It must have been hard to be in Azkaban for Harry, and yet he still did it for their father.

Draco sighed and nodded. "I understand, Harry. Do what you have to and we will be right behind you."

Harry looked astonished, then his features morphed into a beautiful smile that stunned both Draco and Severus. "Thank you. Thank you. Thank you." He beamed happily, digging into his food. "It will be a lot of hard work, and I will have to go public with my new appearance and name, which will already cause a riot. We'll need as many as possible in the Wizengamot to back us up, but I think we can do it…"

As the darker blonde rambled on, Draco shared a look with Severus. That was the beginning of a extremely long, hard half a year of work and court to release one Lucius Abraxus Malfoy.