"Please." The Doctor's voice cracked. "I'm willing to do anything. Anything." The person who he had been addressing stopped in their tracks. The city around them smoked in ruins. The dust from the battle blocked out the sun's rays.

The only light was provided by the glowing golden figure in the distance. Her blonde hair radiating the strange yet comforting light. She turned on her bare feet and the wisps of golden light reached out towards him. The Doctor was on his knees, he was dirty and tired.

So tired.

Her eyes held an empty expression as they fell on him. "They keep taking me away from her. It is beyond my control, unless..." The Doctor forgot to breathe as he waited for the Bad Wolf to answer.

"Unless what?" He got out in a whisper. Bad Wolf walked up to his shaking form. Tears streamed down his face. A ghastly howl blew though the dead land as the Doctor held his breath until Bad Wolf answered him.

"Unless you find her."

The Doctor woke with sweat on his brow and shaking limbs. Her words echoed though his mind like a game of Pong. He's been looking for Rose, but almost all hope has faded. She's been missing for so long that he doesn't even know how many years it's been since they've last embraced.

He lifted his head from his paper ridden desk and rubbed his face. He must of fell asleep while doing research. The Doctor rose from his chair and exited the library. His head hung low, as if does often, as he walked along the corridor towards the console.


Today Rose felt different, like something was building in her chest that just demanded attention. Her fingers drummed anxiously on her leg. She was in her room at the moment, people seemed a little too busy for normal but she dismissed it in her mind. Rose pushed the call button on the side of the door for someone to come for her. She had to get out of this room and at least pace somewhere else.

But no one came.

She shrugged to herself and sighed. A change of scenery would have been nice. At least the blank, white walls would look somewhat different. Rose then resorted to counting the number of hairs on her head... again.

She screamed.

Loud alarms rang through the building, startling her. Her door suddenly slid open. She looked through the opening and saw no one on the other side, nothing but flashing lights. Walking through the door she looked in both directions. She saw a few people running around but no one stopped her or told her to get back in her room.

Slipping down the hall in her white clothes she turned left. Then right. Then right again. She didn't know where she was going, nor what good it would do her. She suddenly came to a large room that she's never seen before. And her eyes were as wide as an ocean.

The room wasn't white. Nor black. It was dirty.

People ran every which way. They were screaming words but Rose didn't recognize any of them. Wires hung from the ceiling and sparked. The ground shook with a force that was unknown. Papers flew. People screamed. And Rose hadn't a clue what was going on. Or what was about to happen.

Then something, or someone, caught her eye. "Dr. M!" Rose shouted to the woman. Dr. M's hair was down and she was covered in dirt. Her eyes met with Rose's and they showed fear.

"STAY AWAY!" She screeched at her. Rose furrowed her brows. Dr. M tripped over her own legs as she tried to run away from Rose. The loud alarms hurt Rose's ears. Small fires started around the room from the sparking wires and blowing paper.

Rose looked down at herself. She was glowing.

This has never happened before. The only time she saw this strange glow was in her dreams. But then again, she hasn't had a dream in forever. She held up her hands to examine them. The golden light swirled around her fingers almost playfully. The energy in her chest kept building.

Soon it was almost too much.

Her limbs flew out without control and the light exploded from her. Feeling the energy within her almost felt like fire. It burned through her veins and set her mind ablaze. Seeing nothing but everything at the same time Rose lost consciousness and fell to the ground.


The Doctor walked on the scorched ground. The TARDIS picked up an extreme energy flux in a near by galaxy and he quickly decided to check it out. The universe has been... quiet lately. It seems as if it was missing Rose as much as he was. No attacks. No Daleks. No invasions. Nothing. So with this being the first out of ordinary incident in over a decade the Doctor figured a little look wouldn't hurt anything.

He landed on a planet that he's never heard of before, but it was obviously man made. Which is probably why the TARDIS didn't recognize it as a planet. From afar the planet glowed a strange yellow color that the Doctor's never seen before with any other spacey wacey thing.

Landing on the solid metal orb the TARDIS didn't pick up any signs of life, which was strange. Usually there were a few space mice, but nothing showed up on the scanner. The Doctor stepped outside and it was almost like he stepped out into space itself. It was so dark.

The Doctor went back inside the TARDIS and grabbed a flashlight. He returned and turned it on. It did nothing. The blackness around him was so matte that it absorbed the light. He knelt down and ran his finger along the floor. It was covered in soot.

Nothing smelt of fire. It actually smelled a bit like vanilla... and lavender. The Doctor shook his head, blaming his imagination for the painful reminder. He shined the flashlight around the black room and then something in the distance caught his eye. Something silver gleamed the light back at him.

Walking across the spacious room towards the shiny object the Doctor grew more and more anxious. Once close enough he examined what was reflecting the light. It was a silver doorknob. Expecting the knob to be hot he patted it with his hand to test the temperature.

It was ice cold.

Gripping and turning it in his hand he entered another room. Blacker (if possible) than the one before he stepped into it. His eyes led him to the middle of the floor. There lie a person. They wore white. It was so bright against the blackness that the Doctor had to squint.

His footsteps and nervous breathing were the only sounds to be heard for miles. Coming closer he could feel something in his chest. Something that he hadn't felt in... in so long. The scent of vanilla and lavender was so real. It was right in front of him. The golden blonde hair spilt onto the floor from the figure on the ground. Their clothes strangely white considering that they were lying in a building full of nothing but ashes.

This was a woman.

The Doctor knelt down and gently brushed his fingertips over her shoulder. An electric shock pulsed through his body. It ran through his hand and up him arm, then traveled down his spine. He turned her over so he could peer at the face that he couldn't believe he was seeing.

Her rose red lips were like a color he's never seen before.

Her blonde hair was softer than any silk in the cosmos.

And her eyes.

They were open.

The deepest brown that no known object or being in the universe could ever replicate.

Her voice. So clean. So clear. "Doctor."

Some are lost.

But others are found.

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