The first time he dreams of him, he awakes with a terrified gasp with the image of piercing emerald green eyes etched into the back of his mind. His wife is sleeping beside him, not knowing her husband was awake to the world while she continued in her peaceful slumber.

He watched her a moment, breathing slowing until it's back to regular pace. Emanuel had never seen this man before, but he seemed so real. As if he knew him. The way this mans eyes pierced his own, desperation lingering in them as he called for him.

Who was this man and why was he haunting Emanuel so?

The next time he dreams of him, the man is speaking to him. Emanuel is standing inside a ring of fire, dressed in what appears to be a suit and trench coat. Strange.

"You did exactly what I told you not to do." the man exclaimed, his voice cracking, eyes full of hurt as he turned his gaze back to Emanuel. And that's when he spoke.

'Dean..' His voice was the same. The man - Dean - seemed to react, shaking his head and opening his mouth to retort when Emanuel awoke, a cold sweat drenching his skin.

Daphne's eyes aren't the precise shade of the man's. It seems wrong. Her eyes don't hold the same emotion his did. He knew their marriage wasn't like most. Daphne had told him that, but she also said it was fine. They didn't have to be like everyone else. He enjoyed her presence and being around her

But she wasn't Dean. Even if he didn't know who exactly Dean was, Emanuel liked the emotion his eyes when he looked at him or the way his body language had shifted when he spoke to him in the flash backs he dreamt of at night.

Hellfire was all he saw. Screeches of demons was all he heard.

'Stop him!' One shrieked.

'He must not get away!' Another screeched from the fire.

'Take the righteous man, Castiel.'

The last command rang through his skull as he raced through the Hellfire, searching for something. For something he had no idea, until he laid eyes on it. Through the fire he could see it - a human soul. The soul was twisted and cracked, bruised and broken. It shone dully, the light in it flickering as if it were just about to give up. With a cry, he seized it, hand burning into it before turning to make a desperate escape.

Daphne was shaking him awake, a look of worry shadowing her face as Emanuel awoke to her touch.

"Dean Winchester is Saved." Was all he said, mouth dry as he looked to meet her eyes.

It was a thirty second call.

A thirty second call that sent Emanuel reeling from the job he was currently working to run back to his place of residence.

A thirty second desperate plea of help from Daphne stating a Demon was holding her hostage.

He was running, breath coming in gasps as he willed his legs to move, hoping to God - if there was a God - that Daphne was alright. His house was in view, a loud crash and shriek could be heard as he neared it, the body of them demon landing with a dull thud at his feet. A man stood on his porch, knife clutched tightly in hand.

Emanuel looked up slowly, blue eyes meeting piercing emerald. It was his. The man from his dreams. He was shocked, utterly speechless as he stared in Emanuel's eyes.