Fen and I must have fallen asleep on the couch while watching the reapings. When I wake up his hand is placed on my leg, and I am curled up under a blanket. I start to wonder who put the blanket there.

Remnants of a nightmare rake under my skin. All I can remember was that both of my brothers were reaped along with me, and some other girl. It was like the last quarter Quel, double the contestants.

After the reaping I only remember water, water, and my brothers drowning

A shiver rippled on my back, coursing through my arms and legs. Fen wakes up and rubs his eyes with one hand. He notices his other hand placed on me, and as if him holding my hand through the crowd was a dream, he was quick to remove it.

Finnick staggered out of his room yawning. His hair was wet from a shower. "Hello sleeping beauties, are you ready to get perfected today?" He asks as he pours coffee into a black mug. I let out a sigh.

Today is chariot day. Once the tributes from 11 and 12 arrive our stylists will pick and mold us until they think we are beautiful, which may take a while.

I don't eat breakfast with everyone; I eat my eggs on the window sill. The tributes from district 11 arrived an hour before the next train. The crowd was a third of the size as it was when I arrived. When the last tribute train arrived, only a few people came to watch them.

Their stomachs were plump from the food they ate on the train. Their bodies did not look as round. It was as if they were made up of lines, with triangles at their joints, and their stomachs were circles. I looked down and realized I looked obese compared to them.

It was hard to watch them in person, even from such a height. I stepped away when they were almost at the door. My plate was empty and my stomach was full, so I left to see if I could do justice of making myself clean, compared to the stylists' opinions.

The stylist workplaces were connected to the apartment building. We walked through a bridge connected to the fifth floor to get there.

The doors were labeled and I found the one labeled 'District four female'. Before I entered Finnick looked at me and said "You better look beautiful when you come out" I stuck my tongue out at him, classy right? and entered the room.

My stylist wasn't there, but one of the assistants was. He told me to take off my clothes and put on a bath robe.

"Oh, don't be shy honey," he said when I hesitated to take off anything but my shoes. "I will see it all anyway" even after his remark he turned away to give me a little privacy. I moved quickly so that he didn't get the chance to change his mind.

When he turned around I saw his eyes were altered somehow. Instead of a natural color the whites were yellow, and his pupils were purple.

I don't know how I didn't notice before; all I saw was the tattoos on his arms, the bright red shoulder length hair, which was shaved on one side. When he walked up to me I could tell he was about four inches shorter, and not muscled like I thought, but simply skinny.

"At least we don't have to start from scratch with you." he spoke softly.

In another minute my stylist came in, her hair was up like a bees nest, and green. Her skin was magenta and she wore a navy blue dress.

"Good job frank, you got her started." she said to her assistant. "Hello, I'm Ramona" she held her hand out, I shook it gently.

"Alright time to get started!" Ramona shouted.

After what felt like hours of waxing, scrubbing, and plucking I was finally deemed at beauty phase one. Ramona started to do something to my hair as Frank, and another assistant named Beth filed and painted my nails.

This phase took a while to do, between drying first and second coats of polish, and my hair practically being pulled out of my head. Eventually when my nails were dry and my scalp tingled it was time for the clothes. I was glad to get out of a robe.

"I am going to make you a mermaid" Ramona flustered out "but not just any mermaid." She topped her cliffhanger with a smile, like a cherry on a Sunday, but this cherry must have been sour, because her smile was creepy.

Once I was in my costume Ramona started to work on my makeup. He hands were gentle and quick over my skin. She was painting blue onto my skin. My skin started two shine highlighted with blue on certain parts. The next color was green; it shimmered and had gold flecks in it.

Ramona had me look away from a mirror until I was finished. When I was done with the makeup she turned me to the mirror. I took a deep breath when I saw myself in the mirror.

I looked like my skin was made of scales. The only part of me to not have so much makeup was my face "We need them to know who you are" Frank said, he must have noticed the look on my face. The makeup on my face was only tints of green where the light highlighted my bones, and blue eye shadow.

I started feeling uncomfortable going out in this outfit. It only had fake shells to cover my chest, my stomach was uncovered. My legs were covered at least. I wore a skirt that was wired at the bottom so it looked like a fish tail, like a mermaid.

"Last touch" Ramona cheerfully sang. She took out a trident from the closet,

I wondered if it would be considered a weapon, but when it was handed to me. I knew it was plastic. There were two hooked ends made to look like metal, and in-between was made to look like a wooden handle. If it was real, the craftsmanship would not ne considered good, the handle might rot, because the wood looked unfinished, and the ends would fall out of the handle easily.

I looked myself over one more time; my hair contrasted my blue-green skin. It featured a bun on the top of my head, with loose falling curls of hair flowing around my shoulders. The top of my skirt flowed freely, but looked strange and solid on the bottom. They gave me a light cape that somehow stuck on my shoulders, it reminded me of the one Eridan wore at the reapings.

I was ushered through the hallway into a huge room full of horses, chariots and people. We found Fen getting last minute touches done to his hair. He was also a mer-creature.

He was painted with scales, and wore a pair of shorts with flippers that were painted to match his skin. His chest was bare, and he had a cape much like mine. There were gills glued to his neck. He looked uncomfortable standing there being fussed over. His stylists' assistant was holding a trident much like mine.

The chariot reminded me of a parade float. It had been wrapped on what was supposed to look like seaweed. The back was taller than the front and it seemed like it was woven out of sticks. The horses we had were both black and strong looking, Finnick was petting them and feeding each of them something I couldn't see.
I heard babbling behind me. I turned around to see district 12 again, and their mentor, Haymitch Abernathy, staggering as he tried to tell them what to do. I wasn't sure if I should feel bad for them, it was like if I did, I would have to deal with their mentor, and I of course wouldn't wish that on myself.
When I turned around I saw that Fen had already mounted the chariot, and everyone was waiting for me. I took careful steps up to the stairs on the side of the vehicle. It was difficult to reach the stairs; my skirt was tight around my ankles, so I had to almost hop up each step.
The chariots start to move almost as soon as I'm on our. District one's chariot is the first to leave and we aren't far behind. I swallow what felt like a rock in my throat and clench my hands against my stomach. The nerves are bubbling in my stomach. This will be my first impression on not only the capitol, but the other districts watching. Even though we had a small crowd when we arrived, I can feel the pressure of how I'm supposed to act.
I looked up at Fen, he's standing tall and confident, but from this close angle, I can see the twitching under his skin. Our chariot inches closer to the exit, and I wish I could scream.
At the last second I loose my balance as the wheels run over a bump, my hand lands on Fen's arm, and I'm worried I'll take him down with me, but instead he steadies me, and takes my hand is his again. The cheers of the crowd are deafening, and the spotlights are blinding as we enter the stadium.
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