Dearest _,

I hope everything is going well back at Baker Street. I know I said I would be back today, but this case just got interesting and I don't want to leave without finishing it. I'm writing you this email on John's computer, and John is trying to choose a nice outfit for some date he's going out on tonight. He's trying to be sneaky about carrying shirts to and from his room and running around looking for his things, but he's obviously up to something. He's wearing his good pants, so it must be someone special. I think he's planning on having sex, so I may not see him tonight. Perhaps, if you open this email in time, we could skype later. It would be lovely to see your face again, darling, especially after so much time away.

I know I don't express it much, but I do love you. Most people interpret my actions the wrong way, but somehow you and John are just clever enough to know that I'm trying to say I love you when I do those things everyone hates. Now, neither of you are as clever as me, but you're clever enough. I wouldn't love you if you weren't clever, would I? Oh, I suppose I would. I don't think I could really stop loving you, when I put some thought into it. And I do put thought into everything, don't I?

I'm thinking about starting another book series to pass the time. Do you have anymore good ones for me to read. I liked Harry Potter and The Hunger Games. Perhaps that one I've seen you with about the dragons? I never thought I'd like anything about magic, but it is nice to see an author construct such whimsical places all from their own mind. And it's a better thing to do in between cases than sit and wait for Mycroft to hunt me down. Although, I am a bit of a sitting duck sometimes, aren't I? As long as he doesn't say anything about you or Mrs. Hudson again, I can tolerate his occasional visits. I still wouldn't mind if he moved to Japan, though.

Well, John is asking for his laptop back now. Well, not really asking, more like yelling. He's reading over my shoulder as I write this, so I'm simply going to type a few more words. John is an enormous pest and is always bothering me about buying mila fdsjai id mf but he's handsome and that's all that really matters.