Chapter 11- Secrets in the Wind

Tallon and I retreated off the arena together. I was sure we both we're feeling the same, we were free. We no longer had to keep our secret from everyone; we didn't have to guard ourselves from others. Our secrets were gone. We knew there would be a bit of an uproar at first but Cynthia and the elite four had assured us that it would go away eventually.

Sara and Claire were waiting for us in the hallway that lead out to the arena.

"You guys finally did it." Sara's face held no emotion, Tallon and I exchanged nervous glances. We hadn't exactly told our siblings that the cat was coming out of the bag today.

"We can expla-" Tallon started but he shut up when we were both tackled.

"You guys did it!" Claire squealed (very uncharacteristically might I add).

"So you don't have a problem with it?" I asked suspiciously.

" 'Course not!" Smirked Sara "Now we have bragging rights!"

I rolled my eyes, that was all they were concerned about?

"Well it also makes a lot more sense." Neither of us had noticed Brock, Ash, Dawn and Barry were with our sisters.

"What makes sense?" I ask Brock, wondering what had been puzzling him.

"How you and your rival were able to beat Lance and Clair."

"Oh, that probably was confusing wasn't it…"

Ash and Dawn nod their heads enthusiastically.

"I had no idea…" for once Barry was speechless. Someone needed to get a video of this while it lasted.

As the gang continues to tell us about how surprised they were, a solemn red head comes into the room.

"Silver-…" I start to greet him but the look on his face stops me.

I had never seen Silver looking hurt before. I had seen him angry, pissed, thoughtful and every once in a while genuinely happy. The look of betrayal in his red eyes instantly made me feel guilty. Somehow I had betrayed him yet I had no clue as to how I had done it.

"You never told me." He stated simply, his voice was as gruff as when I had first met him. I remembered when he told me I was a worthless trainer outside of Cherrygrove City, belittled me unlike anyone else ever had. Despite that we had seen each other again and again and he stopped using that voice, by the end of our journey we could work together and despite all odds we had become friends. Even if it didn't seem like it the two of us were close. But it had required a lot of work, we were two very different people.

I realized that he was talking about my title. He was mad that I'd hid it from him, something I didn't tell him even after everything we had gone through. "Silver, I'm sorry." I said with a voice so quiet that I could barely hear myself. "I didn't keep it from you on purpose. It's just no one was supposed to know…"

"I don't care for your excuses." His eyes still held betrayal but they were slowly regaining their original hardness, the cold look I had worked so hard to get rid of.

"Please Silver, just hear me out!" I cried as he turned to leave, my eyes starting to tear up. I cursed myself for being weak.

The red head shrugged it off and continued on his way.

The tears ran freely down my face.

In a few minutes I had gone from feeling free to guilty about lying to my friend. No, Silver wasn't just a friend. And somehow, like Gold had predicted when he saw us battle together against Lance; we just ended up hurting each other in the end.

This wasn't at all like the others said it would be.

I spent the rest of the afternoon with Tallon trying to comfort me. Despite the fact that we had been rivals since we could walk he was still like my big brother. We were always there for each other and he wasn't about to leave me alone with the reporters hounding us.

Espeon did her best to cheer me up too. She performed funny levitating tricks and even play fought with Tallon's bag like she had done as a young Eevee.

Nothing brought me out of this funk, and a small voice inside of me kept telling me that I wouldn't ever get better.

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