Hermione Granger had just got back from her families annual summer vacation. Her parents and her had been going on a two week vacation since her first year at Hogwarts. This vacation had been extra special to Hermione not only was it the end of her sixth year but Voldemort had been defeated in May. The Wizzarding world was finally living in peace. She could actually enjoy the vacation without worrying about what or who was around the corner or if her friends were safe wherever they were. It was the best vacation she had been on. The first day back her and her parents had just relaxed, it was the second day back and her parents had gone back to work and Hermione was home alone

. At 10:00 she was already bored (shocking I know). She decided that she would go to the attic she used to play up there all the time before she went to Hogwarts. The attic was filled with boxes like most but one box she noticed she had never seen before or at least never noticed it. In big letters it said GABRIELLA BABY STUFF! She was curious…she sat down and opened the box. Inside was a pair of pink knitted booties with a snake on them, an adorable green dress, a G white gold necklace, and a baby blanket with a Z on it. She was confused who was this baby and why did her parents have it. At the bottom of the box were two envelopes none while the other one was addressed to Gabriella Amelia. She had never heard that name before.

She decided to open the blank one first. It read…. To Whom It May Concern, Please take care of our little girl. We do not want to give her away but it is not safe for her where we live. She means the world to a lot of people but we are afraid we cannot keep her safe. We are asking you to keep her safe until it is safe once again for her to be with us. Know that when that time comes we will look for her and we hope that she will want to be a part of our family again. Her real name is Gabriella Amelia Zabini, you can change it if you want to. Please understand where we are coming from and treat her as if she was your own. Also if she gets accepted (which we know she will be) please send her to Hogwarts. Thank you for taking care of her and we hope to meet you one day and to see our baby girl once again. Until that time Brielle, Grant and Blaise Zabini, Severus Snape, Lucius, Narcissa and Draco Malfoy, Xenophlilius and Levana Lovegood.

After reading the letter she was even more confused however she knew that she was Gabriella. She still had the letter that was addressed to Gabriella she didn't know if she really wanted to read it but knew that she would have to and at the same time she did want to know what it said.

Our Dearest Baby Girl, It pains me to write this at the same time a very dark and evil wizard is trying to control the world you as well as our family are Wizards and Witches. It is not safe for you in our world the evil Wizard insists that Pureblood families have only one child and you are a twin. That is why we have to give you away. Know that we do not want to give you away but had we not done this you would have been killed. We decided the best place for you was in the Muggle world. So that no one would be able to find you. We have also placed Glamour charms on you as our family has very defined features and someone would be able to tell that you belonged in our family. They will wear off on your 17th birthday or we can remove them if we find you before then. We have always loved you and we hope that you can forgive us for this. You are probably wondering about us. Well my name is Brielle Amelia Zabini I am your mother, your father is Grant Alexander Zabini, and your twin brother is Blaise Alexander Zabini. Your real name is Gabriella Amelia Zabini. Our best friends are Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy in fact Lucius is your Godfather. We hope that on your 17th birthday or maybe even before that you will want to meet us. We will not forget about you and will miss you every day. Love Forever Your Family, Mother, Father, Blaise, Lucius, Narcissa, Draco Levana, Xenophlilus, and Severus.

To say that Hermione was shocked would be an understatement she was adopted, a Zabini, Lucius was her Godfather, Luna's father and mother were somehow involved in her life and so was Snape. She needed to talk to her parents and the sooner the better. She put everything back in the box and took it to her room. It was now 11:30 and her parents would be home for lunch at 12:00 she would talk to them then. She had one more Charms essay to do but she knew that she would not be able to concentrate, she could read but then again she knew she would not be able to concentrate. She decided to just watch TV. She didn't know what she was watching and she really didn't care her mind was a mess everything from The Zabinis and Malfoys, Luna, Snape and Deatheaters were running through it. The thing that pulled her out of her trance was the front door opening.

She ran upstairs and grabbed the box as she turned around to head back downstairs she heard her mother calling. "Hermione we are home and have sandwiches from The Willow Café". (The Willow Café was Hermione's favorite place). She ran downstairs with the box in her hands, Her mother/ Kathryn's back was to her but her father's/Williams was not. "Where did you get that?" William asked with a little bit of a raised and concerned voice. Kathryn turned around and dropped the glasses she was holding they crashed to the ground at the same time she let out a scream. "I got it in the attic" said Hermione. "Did you go through it?" asked Kathryn. "Yes I did! "When were you planning on telling me?" asked Hermione. "We were going to tell you this weekend, but before you get mad let us explain". Said Kathryn. "Okay go ahead" said Hermione.

"Ever since I was a little girl I knew that one day I was going to be a mom that was really all I wanted to be. I started to volunteer at the local Orphanage when I was 16 and continued there until we opened our practice. One morning Estelle the coordinator found a baby in a basket on the doorstep as she unlocked the door one morning. The day before this we had found out that we were unable to have children of our own. The moment I saw you I fell in love with you and knew that it was meant to be. I called William and told him to come right away that I had found our baby. He came right away and fell in love with you right then as well. We took you home that afternoon

. The dress, booties and necklace were what you were wearing. The blanket was wrapped around you and the notes were tucked in. We had no clue what Hogwarts was and put it off. When you were three years old strange things started to happen you got mad at one day because I would not let you have a candy bar for breakfast and next thing I knew all the lights in the Kitchen exploded. We knew right then that you were different. Later that day a man knocked on our door saying that he was from Hogwarts and that he was a Wizard and you were a Witch. He said his name was Albus Dumbledore. He told us all about Hogwarts and the Wizard World. He also told us that he knew who you were but it was not safe for anyone else to know at the time. He went into a little more detail in regards to the Dark Wizard, he showed us a bit of magic and told us that when the Wizard was killed your real family would come looking for you.

When you told us that Voldemort was killed and then Dumbledore sent an owl saying the same thing we knew we had to tell you soon which is why we were going to tell you this weekend. We understand if you are mad at us, but know that we love you and we always will. Just because we do not share blood does not mean anything you always have been and always will be our daughter". Kathryn having said all that was in tears. "Oh" Hermione was also crying. "I can't really be mad at you guys you raised me and took me in when you didn't have to. So for that I am very grateful. But I do wish that you would have told me sooner. Do you know how I can get a hold of the Zabini's?" "Yes" said William "there is an owl in the shed on loan from Dumbledore." "Thank you". She gave them both a hug and kiss and rain upstairs to write the Zabini family. Kathryn and William decided to take the afternoon off after all they didn't think they would be able to concentrate at work after the truth had just came out.