Before they knew it it was the end of school and Gabriella was due in a month. If you had told anyone at the beginning of the year that on the last day of school you would find a group of Slytherins and Gryffindors sitting together on the grounds laughing with each other they would have told you were insane and have you admitted. However that was the case this year Dumbledore finally had his dream of House Unity. When he was in school they had came close to having it, in fact it was not until years after he left that House Rivals got bad like they had been. He knew that from now on the houses would be friends and he could not have been happier.

As they got on the Train one last time Gabriella laughed and then started to cry. Draco immediately put his arms around her. "Love what is wrong?' I was just thinking about the beginning of the year on the train and then I started to think that this will be our last Train Ride and..." She didn't finish as she was sobbing. "Ella come on lets go to the Heads Compartment I know a way to calm you down". Said Draco. Blaise glared at Draco as he just smirked and led her up to the compartment.

Everyone else found a compartment or a few seeing as they could not all fit into one. If you were to walk down the hall of the Train and look into the Compartments you would have seen that the older students were not the only ones promoting House Unity. All the compartments were mixed.

As soon as they got o their compartment Draco looked the door and started to kiss Gabriella at the same time he unzipped her dress she was wearing and let it pool at the floor, not leaving her lips he unzipped his pants and they fell along with his boxers next to her dress soon she was naked as well. He led her over to the couch and sat down setting her on his lap. True to his word she was calm after. They had a few rounds and were laying on the couch wrapped in each others arms when Ella heard her brother. "Ella what the Hell is going on? We are all out in the Hall knocking! Wait do not answer what you are doing. " Draco and Ella grabbed their clothes and got dressed Draco was buckling his belt when Gabriella unlocked and opened the door so they could all come in.

They all noticed and Blaise was the only one that said anything "Next time you open the door please make sure that everyone is fully dressed I know that you two are shagging each other I mean you did knock her up but I don't want to walk in on it". "We were fully dressed and you did not walk in on anything said Draco. " Dude you were buckling your belt as we walked in therefore making you not fully dressed at least in my opinion. Said Blaise.

They all sat in the Heads Compartment and talked the rest of the Train ride before they knew it they were at Kings Crossing for most of the group their Hogwarts schooling had ended. It was a bittersweet moment. They all hugged each other as they left they knew that they would see each other soon as they had promised to meet every week with each other.

A month later Gabriella woke up at 3:30 am in labor she shook Draco awake or least tried he had just got home not that long ago he had been out the boys. Thankfully he was not drunk but he was tired. "Draco" She yelled as loud as she could with that he woke up and looked at her. "Love do you know what time it is go back to sleep" "Draco Malfoy I can not and will not go back to sleep I am in labor you git! We need to get to St. Mungos now!" It took him a second to realize what she had said before he jumped up and started to get dressed. She slowly got out of bed and got dressed as well.

"Get the family and meet us at St. Mungos in labor" Gabriella said to her brother in her head. Draco called for Radley and Blue two of their owls and sent them with notes to The Weasley family, Harry and Ginny, Snape and Xeno as well as the Grangers. He then went and knocked on his parents door. His father answered looking a little upset to be woken up. "Gabriella is in Labor!" Was all he said as he ran back to get her they flooed to St. Mungos and told them who they were. They were led to a private room and just as they entered her water broke.

The staff at St. Mungos as well as the people that were there were shocked to see the waiting Room as it was quite the odd collection. They were all huddled together waiting for the news. They only had to wait about an hour before Draco came out with a smile on his face they all stood up not saying a word just looking at him. "Scorpius Granger Malfoy"was all he said. Naricssa and Brielle were the first to hug him followed by Kathryn and everyone else. He then led them all to the room where they got to meet the newest member.

It was a few hours later and everyone had gone home except for the Zabinis, Malfoys, Luna and her Dad as well as Snape. "This Brings back memories said Xeno, all of us in a room with a new little baby. "You are right"said Narcissa. "I just wish Levana was here" said Brielle. At that moment they all heard a voice they knew so well "Just because you can not see me does not mean I am not there. I am always here and am so proud of you all. I love you all and miss you all so much. Gabriella I always knew you would come back to us and Draco I told you so!" They all smiled and laughed. It was Draco that said We love and Miss you too Aunt Levana and that yo did!

Luna was holding Scorpius with Blaise looking at him over her shoulder. He could not believe that he was an uncle. "I would say that your kid was cute Ella but he looks to much like Draco!" He said with a smirk. "Well even if he does look like Draco I think he is the cutest baby ever!" Replied Luna. "Thanks Luna and we have something to ask you will you be his Godmother?! "Oh Ella , Draco of course I will be!" "Blaise seeing as you think that my kid who just happens to be your nephew is ugly we will just have to ask someone else to be his Godfather" said Draco. "What I did not say he was ugly I...!" Draco laughed and interrupted him "I am joking their is no one else we want to be Scorpius's Godfather!" "You know the answer man their is no one else I would rather be Godfather to."

It was a year later that they got married. The wedding was at the Church where William and Kathryn had gotten married. Scorpius was the Ring Bear, Levana Gabriella Zabini was the flower Girl they didn't know it but Luna was three months pregnant when Scorpius was born. Draco and Gabriella were of course her Godparents. Luna was the Maid of Honor, Ginny, Daphne, Lavender, and Pansy as Bridesmaids. Blaise was Best Man while Theo, Lee, Landon, and Harry as Groomsmen. They had asked Ron if he would do a reading. The wedding went off without a hitch even though Scorpius and Levana did not walk down the aisle but ran. Both Grant and William walked her down the aisle it was an amazing wedding.

Two months later Blaise and Luna got married with Gabriella and Draco as the Matron of Honor and Best Man and this time Scorpius and Levana did not run down the aisle. That year was full of weddings as shortly after them Ron and Pansy got married as well as Lee and Daphne,Ginny and Harry, Lavender and Theo and Landon and Astoria.

Nine months after the wedding Ara Hermione Malfoy was born. Two years after that Crux Alexander followed. Before they knew it it was time for Scorpius, Levana and Roslyn Weasley (Pansy and Ron's daughter who had been born one month after Levana) to attend their first year at Hogwarts. Ara and Crux waited with their parents as well as their sister and cousins. Lyra Gabriella was five and just like Lyra was Daddy's Little Girl. It was odd that every time either Luna or Gabriella would announce they were pregnant the other one would be as well. They both ended up with two more kids and Snape shook his head head when he great Nieces and Nephews acted just like their parents while in school and he was just thankful that their was no hexes in the hallways between the Malfoy, Potter and Weasley kids. Just a few playful nothing serious insults now and then, But at the end of the day they were all laughing and playing around with each other.

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