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Note: Ygraine and Balinor are alive, Uther and Morgana are good. Magic is allowed but Uther and Arthur are weary of it.

Chapter 1


In the time of greatness, of Dragon's and Knight lived two souls destined to be one.

Arthur Pendragon never liked magic, even those he knew without it he would not have been born he still disliked it and what it did to kind and pure People, how it turned their souls to darkness, sometimes Arthur wondered what would have become of Magic if his mother, Ygraine had not be saved by her dear friend Nimueh, would magic still live within Camelot's walks or would it be destroyed?

Arthur would never wish to be a part of the world of Magic but he was the heir to the throne of Camelot there for a target to those who have been turned by Magic. Over the years Arthur has won ever battle against those who wished to kill him, he was the best in all of Albion but hidden in the darkness waiting was something far for dangers and far greater than just Arthur alone.

But Arthur's destiny didn't start till one faithful day when a young man walked into Camelot and threated the live if the young prince.

Arthur just about had time to move out of the way of the flying sword before grabbing his own ready to fight, but the young man just laughed.

"Come on, let's get this over with" Arthur demanded.

"So impatient for death, but it will come dear prince and then I shall have your destiny and your soul" The young man laughed.

"I'm not dying today, you are" Arthur growled waiting for the warlock to make the first and only move.

"You have it wrong sweet Prince, No one will die this day, but soon I shall have your soul and your heart, your kingdom will just be an unwanted reward" The young man smirked.

"You won't be getting either." Arthur yelled ready to attack first.

"Three moons from now I will come for your soul and you will die, a slow and painfully death not before watching everyone you love die around you." The young man informed him.

"If you think that then you must be stupid as well as having a death wish" Arthur replied.

The young man just laughed "I will change my fate; I will go down in history as man that Killed the Great Arthur Pendragon and destroyer of Camelot. Three moons from now and I shall dance in your blood as the fires of hell take you in my place" and then the young man disappeared right before their eyes.

In the great hall Uther tried to comfort his sobbing wife while their dear friends Gaius and Nimueh tried to find some way to destroy this threat before he come follow throw on his promise.

"I don't know why you're all so worried I'll defeat him" Arthur said from where he sat in the great hall.

"Sire you don't understand the greatness of this threat" Gaius replied.

"This is why magic should be out lawed, it's evil" Arthur snapped.

Nimueh slammed her book down on the table "This is why they wish you dead. Magic is not evil it is pure, the magic doesn't not corrupts people's souls, it is the darkness that is already there what turns the magic evil. You will do best to remember that"

Arthur just rolled his eyes and continued playing with his dragger.

"How long do we have?" Uther asked

"Three months at the best if he was talking about the moon cycles, two weeks if he was just talking about the moon" Gaius replied sadly.

"Well let's hope he meant the cycles then" Ygraine sobbed.

"I'll win, it will be him burning not me" Arthur snapped getting up and walking out of the room slamming the door behind him.

"There may be a way to save Arthur, but it will involve magic" Nimueh informed them.

"How?" Ygraine cried.

"We contact the most powerful of us all" Nimueh replied.

"Do you think Emrys will help us?" Uther asked worried.

"We are no threat to him I don't see why he would turn us away" Nimueh told them.

"Then we shall find him." Uther demanded.

"Uther that may be harder than you think, No one has really see him, for all we know he could still just be a legend" Gaius worried.

"No, he is not Gaius. He is very much alive and living somewhere" Nimueh said.

"How do you know?" Uther asked.

"The lady Morgause, she wished to turn him but she was destroyed. The spirits said it was powerful magic that destroy her" Nimueh informed him.

"Send word to the druids I wish to know if they can help us find this man" Uther asked.

"I will go myself" Nimueh nodded and disappeared.

"Gaius could you send word to Balinor that we are in need of his help" Ygraine asked.

"I will my Lady" Gaius bowed and left the room.

Ygraine sighed sadly "Do you think it will be enough?"

"We will find him my love" Uther replied.

"But will Arthur go for it? What if his hated for magic is to strong" Ygraine worried.

"Arthur will live Ygraine, he is our son but as you have told me many times he has my head upon his shoulders"

"That is what I fear the most" Ygraine sighed.

Uther pulled his wife into his arms and kissed the top of her head "I will make him safe my Angel or I will die trying"

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