Finding her

In this story Harry and Hermione are fifth years basically they are sixteen years old

Harry and Hermione were walking back to the castle from a class that they had outside when they hear a cry coming from behind a tree

"Hold up Hermione I think I hear a baby crying" Harry says when he goes and investigate the bundle

On his way to the bundle he brought out his wand to make sure it was a baby crying and not a magical creature

Upon looking on the small bundle he sees that the baby is a baby girl by the clothes she had on

"It's okay sweetie pie Harry has you now" he says to the little girl to try to calm her cries

"What is it Harry what did you find?" Hermione asks

"It's a baby I take it she no more than a two days old" he says looking at the baby as he carried the baby back to the castle to be looked at by Madame Pomfrey

"What are you going to do with her Harry?" she asks him again

"I'm going to keep her and raise her as my own" he says going up the stairs to the infirmary

"You really think you can do that Harry?" she says yelling at him

"Hermione please keep your voice down for her sake please" he asks her nicely

"Sorry" she says hanging her head down low

"Shouldn't you turn her in or something?" Hermione asks

"Hermione we are allowed to leave the grounds, but I can't leave the grounds unannounced" Harry says in a mad whisper as he goes up the stairs to the infirmary

"Madame Pomfrey you in?" Harry asks coming into the infirmary

"Yes Harry what is it" she asks him when she sees the baby in his arms

"Me and Hermione found a little baby girl outside on the grounds and it seems she has been abandoned or kidnapped" Harry says laying the little girl on the cot to be examined

"Okay let's take a look at her to make sure she is healthy and is okay" Madame Pomfrey says examining the baby that was on the bed

While the little girl was being examined Harry and Hermione did their best to calm the little girl cries while she was being examined

"Well you two it seems she is a picture of health all she is ready for is some loving, and I am going to report her to the proper authorities" Madame Pomfrey says with a smile

"Why what for?" Hermione asks

"To see if she has been kidnapped from her parents" Madame Pomfrey says going back to her office to call the wizard authorities to see if anyone has reported a child missing

"Until then we are going to care for her to make sure she is properly taken care of" Harry says scooping up the little girl from the cot

"Come on Harry we are going to be late for our class" Hermione says gathering up her books

"Okay coming" he says following her with his books and the baby girl in his arms

Harry and Hermione make it to Professor M. class with time to spare

"Harry what are you going to do with her during class?" Hermione asks him in a whisper

"Just hold her for now until she wakes up and wants either fed or changed then I am going to step outside and either fed her or change her nappy" he says looking down at the sleeping child in arms

During his class the baby girl doesn't wake up at all until the trio was headed to the main hall for lunch

"I take it she is a bit hungry I'll be back guys I'm going to feed her up in the common room" Harry says turning in the direction of the Gryffindor common room

(The common room)

"Okay sweetie lunch is coming" he says putting a bottle over the fireplace to warm up a bit

Once the bottle was heated he tested it on his wrist to make sure it was not too hot for her to drink

"Here we go sweetie drink up" he says feeding the bottle to the screaming baby

The little girl takes the bottle happily and begins drinking

"I have come up with the perfect name for you and that is Lily" he says looking down at the baby who was drinking her formula

She grunts in response

"Well it fits you like a charm baby girl" he says putting down the empty bottle and begins to burp her

"Hi Harry I snuck you up some lunch" Hermione says coming into the common room

"Thanks I am a bit hungry" he says burping Lily

"Did you come up with a name for her yet?" Hermione asks unpacking Harry's lunch for him

"Yes I have meet Lily Charm Potter" Harry says handing the baby to Hermione so he can eat lunch

"Hello Lily Potter I'm one of Harry's friends my name is Hermione it's nice to meet you" Hermione says when she is offered the baby

"Hermione right now she needs both a mother and a father in her life, so I am asking you as a friend if you will help me raise her?" Harry asks between bites

"Are you sure Harry?" she asks him

"Yes Hermione I'm sure we can do this together as a team raise Lily to either be half muggle half witch, or full blown muggle, or full blown witch

Hermione looks down at the baby in her arms and says yes

Next Chapter: Harry and Hermione tell Professor McGonagall about Lily